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From SIG SAUER . . .

Introducing ROSE by SIG SAUER. Developed by SIG SAUER in collaboration with Team SIG Professional Shooter and 8-time World Champion Lena Miculek, the all-new ROSE brand by SIG SAUER was created to help encourage and inspire women to take on the responsibility of their own personal safety through education, training, and community.

ROSE by SIG SAUER is a complete firearms education program that begins with a custom ROSE P365 kit including a special edition P365-XL COMP ROSE pistol chambered in 9MM or P365-380 ROSE, a custom ROSE Vaultek safe, and instant access to a complete step-by-step video training series with Lena Miculek that is supported by an online community to encourage, inspire, and grow female shooters to become more confident and comfortable.

“For the past ten years I have been exclusively a professional competitive shooter. While I worked hard for my titles, and am proud of all that I have accomplished, the most rewarding part of my career has been to help women overcome fear and get into firearms ownership.  You could say that ROSE blossomed through these experiences and is now made possible by the power of the SIG SAUER brand,” began Team SIG Professional Shooter Lena Miculek.

“ROSE is not only a pistol, it is a kit you take home with you to start your firearms journey and become part of a community where you are supported and can learn at your own pace in an environment you are comfortable in. I have heard countless times from women that they leave the store with more questions than answers and they want to learn. This is where ROSE by SIG SAUER comes in; the heartbeat of this program is education and getting you from the retailer to the range so you can start your lasting journey with firearms.”

SIG Rose

ROSE by SIG SAUER is a complete program that helps women take the first step towards responsible firearms ownership. The program begins with the purchase of ROSE by SIG SAUER P365 kit that provides you with all the tools you need including the pistol, safe storage, and dummy rounds to begin your firearms journey and start your training program. Whether it is your first firearms purchase, or you are just looking to improve your skills, the full online training course, guided by Lena Miculek allows gun owners to get comfortable handling the pistol and ready for the range. The educational component is further complimented by an online community to support and share the journey as you learn and grow.

“ROSE by SIG SAUER is based on Lena’s years of experiences as a career competitor and in teaching women at every skill level, all over the country. ROSE was developed to be a complete system, that’s easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to use,” added Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER Inc. “For all that ROSE has to offer including the kit, the program, and the community, the entire package is a tremendous value that will pay dividends from the day you purchase and well into the future as both the ROSE by SIG SAUER brand and program grows.”

SIG Rose P365 kit

The SIG SAUER ROSE kit includes either a custom P365-XL COMP ROSE in 9MM or a P365-380 ROSE with (2) magazines, a signature ROSE Vaultek Lifepod™ pistol safe with built-in lock system and TSA approved, (5) polymer dummy rounds for safe dry-fire practice, a magazine loader, a personal note from Team SIG professional shooter Lena Miculek which includes access to the QuickStart guide and online training series.  Additionally, custom ROSE by SIG SAUER printable practice targets are available for download at

SIG SAUER Rose P365 P380 Pistol

Both P365 ROSE pistols feature custom ROSE accents including a laser engraved ROSE polymer grip module, optics-ready slide with X-RAY3 Day/Night sights, and matte rose gold-colored controls including trigger, manual safety, slide catch, and takedown lever. Additionally, both pistols are optic-ready for direct slide mounting of the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEOZero Elite optic. The P365-XL COMP ROSE includes an integrally compensated slide, flat XSERIES trigger, and ships with (2) 12-round 9MM magazines, while the P365-380 ROSE comes standard with a curved trigger, and (2) 10-round magazines.


Caliber: 9MM / 380 AUTO
Overall length: 6.6 inches / 5.8 inches
Overall height: 4.8 inches / 4.2 inches
Overall width: 1.1 inches / 1.1 inches
Barrel length: 3.1 inches / 3.1 inches
Sight Radius: 5.1 inches / 4.9 inches
Weight (w/magazine): 20.7 oz./ 15.7 oz

The complete SIG SAUER ROSE kit is now shipping and available at retailers.  To learn more about the SIG SAUER ROSE program and watch the welcome video with Team SIG professional shooter Lena Miculek, visit



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    • He’s either part of the antifa incel brigade or in the NAMBLA group. Or he might be flexible enough to enjoy the banjo recitals.

  1. The last time I was at Clark’s was a few months before Jim Jr. passed. I do not care for Sigs but this one looks nice from the outside, plus for the manual safety, no mention MSRP.

  2. The rose gold components on this gun – I had the new metal trigger and slide release on my wife’s carry Glock done in rose gold. She loves it. Took a while to find someone to do it, but eventually found a guy who could.

    I can do it myself now for aluminum. The guy taught me how to do it and so i set up to do it for the lowers I make with the Ghost Gunner but that setup can be applied to just about any any piece of aluminum or steel with the correct chemicals so a metal trigger and slide release would not be a problem.

      • I did one, one of my first ones I turned out with the Ghost Gunner. My wife wanted a sort of fluorescent like pink lower for the AR I was building for her. I screwed up a little though and used the wrong dye so it came out a nice cherry red instead. So I was going to do another lower for her pink but she decided she liked the red better so going with that for her AR.

  3. This is trademark infringement on Tactical Rose. Sig even asked Tactical Rose if they could use the trademark; Tactical Rose said no. Sig went ahead anyways.


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