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The mainstream media are an adjunct of the gun control industry in America. They’re willing stenographers for those whose mission it is to roll back or fully repeal Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. It’s really that simple.

There is no evidence to bolster the [Politico’s] assertion that the [NICS background check] system is “completely overwhelmed” or that more people are “slipping through the cracks.” In fact, the FBI spokesperson says in the piece that the NICS “has reallocated resources to address the incoming volume of NICS transactions.”

Also, there’s no such thing as the “Charleston loophole.” I realize that activists such as [Everytown president John] Feinblatt think every gun purchase in America reflects a “loophole” that needs to be closed, but the three-day waiting limit on checks was purposely written into the 1998 law — which makes it the opposite of a loophole. The provision was added to the law to ensure that the FBI couldn’t arbitrarily deny Americans their Second Amendment rights. The Charleston church shooter obtained his gun — despite his drug use — not because of problems with the law but because of a data-entry error. If that is distressing to Feinblatt and his organization, perhaps he should ask the Democratic House to stop ignoring FBI requests for more NICS funding.

The simple truth is that these numbers reflect an established pattern: When gun purchases rise — probably initially owing to the helplessness felt by many people during the COVID-19 lockdown, and later compounded by the lawlessness that erupted in big cities — other numbers will rise with them. Ultimately, Feinblatt’s objection isn’t to more background checks; it’s to more gun ownership. That’s his job, so it’s to be expected. But what’s the media’s excuse?

– David Harsanyi in The Media Can’t Stop Misleading on Guns

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    • Don’t forget about the “The people who are supposed to care don’t give a flying fuck” loophole, exhibited by the fact that five fed-ex employees were caught stealing and then selling guns from shipments, and all they got were misdemeanor charges.

    • and it it appears to be a big loophole too, and a REAL threat. As evidenced by the severe injuries of LEOs.

      Defund the criminals! And lock ’em up !

    • you mean the ones with hundreds of arrest on their rap sheet, and the elected “public servants” keep letting them roam around, want to let them vote again? When a public servant violates their oath to “We the People and cash their paycheck, isn’t that called fraud ? Why are they not arrested? Could it be because since 1865, Amerika has not been a republic ? You would think 660 000 people dying would stick out in your mind? NO ?

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  1. The media lied? I’m shocked, I say, shocked! I’ll say it thrice just to prove how shocked I am; shocked!

  2. Still looking for that 4-inch python and by the time I find one the Blued version will be out, so go ahead and put an order in for that one and Anaconda yeah, I’m sure it will be out pretty soon… anybody?

  3. It’s not the media. TTAG is part of the media. It’s the owners and managers of certain media companies who want to spread propaganda and lies among the population. Funny that certain oligarchs want Americans unarmed. I wonder how that could work to their advantage and against the people.

  4. The mainstream media are an adjunct of the Marxist’s in America.

    FIFY,there is nothing like being factual in reporting, unless you are Joe Braindead where truth overrides facts, you know the thing.

    The MSM is the propaganda wing of the Commiecrat party’s much so that it would cause Herr Gobbles to be proud of them.

    • I’ve heard some people say that it’s the other way around. The Democratic party doesn’t realize, but it’s actually an arm of the progressive media machine, and entirely dependent on it.

      Think about it…

      Without the gigantic establishment media machine driving donations, papering over their insanity, hiding their policy failures, and covering for their insanely anti-American politicians, where would they be? I don’t think they do anything without making sure the media will cover them for it.

  5. Just read another story yesterday about how the “media” is inflating the coronavirus numbers by up to 24x…can’t trust the media for ANY information, period…

  6. Definition of “Loophole”:
    1. A derogatory term applied to an act, action or procedure that is not specifically or generally prohibited by law and which is lawful within the jurisdiction where it occurs. The term is overly used by whining asshat gungrabber groups and politions don’t like the legal conduct identified.
    2. In legal terms, a “Loophole” is a lawful act, action, procedure or conduct.

  7. Actual real news reporting and media is dead. There used be news bureaus in foreign countries and such, they are all gone for the most part. What we are left with are entertainment organizations. They are feeding us what we want to hear and believe so we feel good about ourselves.

    Yesterday I was speaking to a former US Ambassador. He was good friends with George H. W. Bush. His name I will leave out of this because he’s still active in affairs but I was telling him how I don’t know really what to believe as everything you hear is fake. It was then he said “news companies” are just entertainment organizations. What they are feeding us is meaningless garbage. I finally heard it from someone who REALLY knows.

    • I’ve found it’s best to always look at the story’s source. Always be wary of opinion and analysis pieces. Check their math, so to speak.

  8. I am all for the mainstream media ginning-up fear. Everytime they go on a fear campaign, people go out and buy guns. So, good work, mainstream media!! Please, do not stop until gun owners hold the majority.

    • What’s crazy is that some black people have been arming up recently out of fear of police and white people. In other news, propaganda works.

    • Life – in reality we already are the majority – even low estimates (nobody knows for sure) are that there are 100 MILLION Law Abiding Citizens in the Republic. That is nearly ALL of the total voters in the last presidential election year. IOW – turnout of that group is essential – we could pass any legislation, or repeal any current legislation AND elect a whole slate of gun friendly candidates at all levels – city, county, state and federal. Too many lazy ‘principled’ voters simply do not get off their hind ends and vote.

    • Dark – and how much have you seen about this horrible crime on the national lame stream media? Had the victims been reversed (evil racist white man mows down innocent farm workers) you know it would have been a lead story.
      I’m less than an hour away from the crime scene and even this close to home the coverage has been a bit sparse.
      The murderer was a previously deported ILLEGAL but he somehow managed to get back in country, get a car, drive drunk and murder 3 and mangle many more.

  9. Why is it a surprise that some true believers spin all facts to reinforce their beliefs? Hoplophobes do it, Trumpsters do it, Clintonistas do it, all it takes is being a dyed in the wool, kool-aid guzzling fool and whatever the cause or the movement or the political ideology, it’s ZOMBIE TIME!!!

    Hoplophobes lie about guns, massive surprise, who’d a thunk it????

    • You want a to see a liar? Look in a mirror. You present yourself as some pro gun guy when you are nothing but an anti gun zealot lint licking a-hole. You stabbed everyone in the back who got DJT elected. You use our sweat, our effiort so you can boast about going open carry in a store and boast about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo. You can take your pompous posts and stick them in that slanderous, libelous anus below your nose.

  10. Who is the media? A handful of antifa lint lickers who share hate for Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. In other words they hate America, The United States Military, The United States Constitution, Prayer and anything decent. An example of their vision for America was seen in the aftermath of the CHAZ decorated sheets of Seattle. If you like the 3rd world look, 3rd world goods and services vote democRat.

    • Please don’t shill for Government Motors. Agree with everything else you said, but car companies have screwed over too many Americans.

  11. NICS is overwhelmed. I took my dad to PSA to buy an AR-15. We found one he liked, did the background check and it came back delayed. That was TWO WEEKS ago. Still haven’t heard anything. I told him to call them and tell them that its been over 3 days with no determination from the FBI, they need to sell you the gun or deny the transaction. Then PSA straight up lied to my dad that there was no such thing as a 3 day limit and it can take up to 30 days for them to return a determination. I read him the paragraph of the Brady Bill and showed him that they lied. If they ever call us to come get the gun I will be mentioning it to their manager.

    I understand that they don’t have to transfer the gun after 3 days if they don’t want to. I just don’t appreciate them lying to my dad who didn’t know any better. What makes no sense is he has a Ga concealed carry license. He’s bought multiple firearms over the years. There should be no delay. We were buying the gun in S.C. so I’m not sure what the reciprocity is b/t the two states. In Ga, he wouldn’t even need the background check. I suspect they don’t want to lose a $1400 sale by making him go elsewhere so they lied to keep him in limbo. In the meantime, we got him an M&P-15 for $500 from a private sale.

    So I think NICS is absolutely swamped right now and they can’t keep up which is denying citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. I’ve read a few articles that they’ve asked FFL’s to not transfer firearms even if they don’t hear back in 3 days, which is a violation in my opinion.

    • What you are describing, if I understand you are from ga trying to purchase a firearm in another state (sc) without sending to a ffl in your homestate is illegal, and apparently you can’t read words real well. You also misled your father. And PSA is under no obligation to inform you. You both will be lucky if they haven’t reported you. Now I could be misreading the situation, but as you reported don’t be surprised if what you do get is a visit from authorities.

      • Out-of-state long gun purchases are not illegal. You can go to any “free” state and buy a rifle there from a local FFL. You cannot buy handguns outside of your home state without having them sent to an FFL in your home state.

      • Only speak about stuff that you know about….. it’s obvious you HAVE NO CLUE about gun laws….
        And as far as PSA goes, I’m glad to hear about their BS so I can be sure to NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM…..

  12. the same thing happened to me in Louisiana, Academy Sports. Went to the local police, said someone was denying me my second amendment rights. The fools that take an oath to US, know NOTHING about the law. This crap will not end well….prepare

    • Not surprising….. the pigs are the enemy…. regardless if there’s a few good ones…. they will stop you of your rights faster than George Floyd can produce a fake 20 dollar bill……


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