Pro Gun Rally Virginia
Demonstrators are seen during a pro-gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Sarah Rankin)
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Hank “Tippy” Johnson [D-GA, sadly], noted loon and midget/giant cage match fan, has filed HR 5717 the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 in the US House. It has everything a violence-enabling victim disarmament advocate could possibly want: national gun owner licensing, an “assault weapon” ban, a suppressor ban, ex parte “red flag” confiscations, and more.

But the kicker is this section on owner licensing.

I wrote about this bill back in January, when Senator Fauxcahontas Warren (Squaw-MA) filed a Senate companion bill, S. 3254. GovTrack now gives it a 24% chance of being enacted, so let’s take another look.

Ҥ 932. License to own firearms and ammunition

“(a) In general.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.

“(b) Eligibility.—An individual shall be eligible to receive a license under this section if the individual—

“(1) has attained 21 years of age; and

“(2) has completed training in firearms safety, including—

“(A) a written test, to demonstrate knowledge of applicable firearms laws;

“(B) hands-on testing, including firing testing, to demonstrate safe use of a firearm;

Did you spot it…the now all-too-common Catch-22?

To possess a firearm, you must be licensed. To become licensed, you must first possess a firearm, at least for “hands-on testing” and “firing testing.” But “testing” is not one of the exceptions “otherwise provided.”

Current gun owners would be allowed to keep their existing firearm unlicensed. But no one who is not currently (as of when the Attorney General begins issuing “Federal firearm owner’s licenses”) in possession of a firearm could get a license and lawfully possess a firearm ever again.

And there you have it…lawful civilian gun culture eradicated in a single generation.

One might dismiss this as a simple error by a man with some obvious mental issues, but he didn’t draft this on his own. And these impossible-to-comply-with provisions are becoming standard practice in gun people control bills.

And so it goes.

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      • This bill was created by a moron who hates guns because his people are out of control and somehow it’s not fatherless and discipline issues that are the culprits of gang violence “it’s Guns” couldn’t be that grandma can’t handle her confused angry grandson ? Nah Democrats say guns make em rape, steal and deal drugs “cops & guns” make em commit crimes.

        • It is time the Supreme Court put an end to all this infringement once and for all. The Second is crystal clear.

    • Why they insist on pushing the American citizen through all available non-violent means is beyond me. It’s either an underestimation of the armed citizen on their part or an overestimation on mine.

      • It’s not your overestimate.

        Just look at NICS check records and NSSF gun production numbers going back to 1998. Since November 1998, there have been 338.5 million NICS checks.

        Add that to the 273 million firearms that supposedly already existed and the total is 611.5 million, not counting sales from the last two weeks.

        • All those people who are out there trying to buy firearms now are not buying them so that they will have something to turn in if the government demands it. My suggestion to everyone is to use any money the government gives out over this crisis to arm themselves.

        • I have not actually counted, but I am pretty sure around 50% of the guns I now own were purchased after I got a carry license, after which my purchases did not involve a NICS check. I’m guessing your figures are ignoring *millions* of guns purchased in the past 30 years.

        • LarryinTX, did you fill out any 4473s on those firearms? If so, then it doesn’t matter. They already know about them.

      • Sad to say it is an overestimation of the American Citizen now who has no idea of their rights, due to the political ideas of the government indoctrination & re-education clerks at the government centers. If you doubt this, look at all the sheeple following unconstitutional orders to have their businesses closed, and their job taken from them, to deal with a flu like disease, that has yet to kill in the 4 figure range, yet flu deaths are over 20,000. The NRA has folded on every important gun issue. The President supports the banning of bumpstocks under executive fiat, he opposes suppressors, he is supporting the RINO Lindsay Grahams National Red Flag law, and when he had both house did nothing to further nationwide Constitutional carry. Both Parties want control, and neither one gives a rats hind end about the Citizen.

        • The only thing I would change in your comment is the word “hind”, I believe the proper term is A RATS ASS!

        • I hope the Government doesn’t push me to it. If this passes I can tell you that I will not comply. I only have one gun in my possession that has paperwork. If the Government Agents show up to my door I will say I have no guns and they can not enter.

    • Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. They are spinning in their graves for how we have relinquished what they gave us. As one of the Fathers said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” We haven’t.

    • Missed Jury Box…Where in Jury Nullification is the Ultimate Equalizer against unjust laws. It only takes one person to render an Unjust Charge Moot. In which case a judge has no power other than to declare a mistrial.

      • here in australia if it gets called a mistrial you go back to trial with a new jury. I also know that if you know about that here and they have any inclination to think you might you wont get selected for jury duty even if your name comes up. I have heard that judges and lawyers over there dont like people who know about jury nullification either

        • “I have heard that judges and lawyers over there don’t like people who know about jury nullification either.”

          That is correct. A friend of mine was on a jury last year, and the were ORDERED, before the trial started, and the defendant was in the room, NOT to mention Jury Nullification.

          That’s some justice right there.

    • Ole’ Hank is too stupid to have written this. Looking at his antics over the years gives a pretty good assessment of the intellectual capabilities of his constituency. If you’ve ever thought anyone could be dumber than he is, you’ve just found ’em.

      • It’s REALLY easy to identify if “Tippy” Hank J has written something.
        Is the word “the” written as “duh”?
        EXAMPLE; ……”I’m afraid more Marines
        on Guam will cause DUH island to capsize”
        Dead giveaway. EVERY time.

        • Do you know the history of the individual he was referring to, Jen?

          Do you?

      • This is the same guy Who thought the island of Guam could be capsized because of the military personnel coming in on the side of the island would be too much weight at one time. He can want in one hand and shit in the other and let me know which fills up first.

    • Hi Mike: Just an addition to your phrase in your comment, I have heard that entire or best way to say it is: 1) Soap box 2) Ballot box 3) Jury box and hopefully not 4) Cartridge box. Remember that a juror has the right to try the law (is it constitutional) and the facts, but the judge or attorneys won’t tell you that. For further information go to and read what the Fully Informed Jury Association (, along with the The American Jury Power Association ( have to say. Molon Labe!

  1. All gun control attempts are racist. Let us face facts: the Liberal elite want to disarm minorities and that includes members of the Gun Culture.

  2. Since, as a general proposition, the law does not require impossibilities, this law would require that each applicant attend a training academy of some sort that provided both the guns and the ammunition as a part of the course.

    But the training requirement alone is bad, since it would put gun ownership beyond the means of perhaps millions of Americans. I seem to recall that people in Chicago had to leave city limits to obtain required training, since there wasn’t (and AFAIK still isn’t) a single gun range in city limits. D.C. was no better, according to a multipart expose, since there are no ranges or training facilities in D.C. To say nothing of the cost; I’ve seen the prices for places like Gunsight, which do not include transportation of lodging. Training is an expensive proposition. Even if it was a basic class, like the ones given in California for CCWS, which include a class session and range time or at least 8 hours and up to 16 hours run over $150 and a whole day.

    Yes, yes, this is a feature, not a bug. But it just may be unconstitutional as well, as it converts a right into a license.

    • I agree, it is not a catch 22 as one can aquire firearm training without owning a single one. However, this bill DOES discriminate against low income Americans. Even a used Hi-point at $100-$150 is a huge purchase for someone below the poverty line (which, as it goes, probably places them in a higher crime neighborhood).

    • AP says, “I agree, it is not a catch 22 as one can aquire[sic] firearm training without owning a single one.”

      Not hands-on training, which the bill requires. The word “possess” here legally means handling a gun, or having one close enough to handle.
      Since you can’t “possess” a gun without having a license, you can’t get hands-on training, no matter where you go (assuming out-of-country training doesn’t count).
      That’s the catch-22.

    • According to recent news reports, there are apparently many new gun owners among us who will not wish for their new-found rights to be infringed upon. Or at least will consider their voting habits more closely in November.

    • They already passed gun confiscation and they will use it on Virginians like they did to Duncan Lemp.

  3. It can’t say I agree with the premise of the article. You have to fulfill 2B in most states to qualify for a CCW permit and you can do this by simply using/renting the guns provided by the gun range. But, if additional legislation was concocted that caused gun ranges to be scarce or non-existent, now you have the catch-22 you refer to in the article.

    • So they just have BATFE(ARBF) declare a “rule change” that renting guns is subject to the same requirements as purchase. “Problem” solved, gun banning catch-22 achieved.

    • I doubt they would consider the gun range a temple of amnesty when it comes to gun laws. If this one can be waived or excused so could others. About the only way this could work is if the instructor was to be permitted to let you use his own gun, fat chance of any that. Some states have permits for different types of guns so there would have to be revolvers and semi autos so the default result would again be no deal.

      The permit class and training rules were for the additional act of carrying a loaded gun in public. In most of the country you were still allowed to own, borrow, touch and shoot guns as a citizen. This law, as interpreted, preempts the 2nd to require training, testing, and investigating just to hold and operate a firearm. It’s hard to see how you could legally get around it without a stated exception.

      Even if there were exceptions, they are still making one constitutional right subject to testing and arbitrary decision making about it exercise. Tippy can hold my member while I urinate.

  4. Hank Johnson makes the people he represents look like fools. Too bad the Admiral didn’t say, “that has to be the dumbest question anyone has ever asked me.”

  5. This is a legal question, but not that particular bill in question –

    Just because, I googled what a declared state of emergency in Florida meant for gun rights, and as I read this, it says :

    “870.044 Automatic emergency measures.—Whenever the public official declares that a state of emergency exists, pursuant to s. 870.043, the following acts shall be prohibited during the period of said emergency throughout the jurisdiction:”

    “(3) The intentional possession in a public place of a firearm by any person, except a duly authorized law enforcement official or person in military service acting in the official performance of her or his duty.”

    The whole thing is here :

    Are concealed carry permits canceled for the duration of a declared state of emergency in Florida?

    • You mean like in New Orleans after Katrina?

      Wasn’t there a court ruling some time after that?

      Or a new law?:

      “In 2006, President George W. Bush signed into law the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, which contained an NRA-backed amendment sponsored by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.). The amendment prohibits persons acting under color of federal law, receiving federal funds, or acting at the direction of a federal employee from seizing or authorizing the seizure of lawfully-possessed firearms or imposing or enforcing certain restrictions on firearms during a state of emergency.”

      That may not prevent a state from issuing orders.

      • That covered the *confiscation* of firearms.

        This looks to me like Florida law makes it illegal to carry it concealed during the duration of the emergency.

        This is a *problem* since anyone with 2 brain cells firing knows this state of emergency will be in effect for many months of time…

        • None of the bill are ever repealed. Just like taxes.
          Our phone bills had a tax to pay for the Spanish-American war. Called the Federal Telephone Excise Tax. There was a law suit about it in 2006. Things changed a little after that.

    • Geoff,

      Is Florida in the same federal appellate court jurisdiction as North Carolina?

      I believe the federal Court of Appeals nullified North Carolina’s analog a few years back.

      • Geoff,

        I found this relevant quote on Wikipedia:

        On March 29, 2012, the provision barring the carry and possession of a firearm during a declared state of emergency was declared unconstitutional by a US Federal Court (No. 5:10-CV-265-H (E.D.N.C. filed Mar. 29, 2012))

        That federal court ruling only appears to apply directly to North Carolina. If someone challenged Florida’s ban on firearms during a state of emergency, I believe they could refer to this decision as “persuasive authority” although it would not be absolutely binding on Florida.

    • i’ve got a Florida permit and it came with a large notebook of regulations. Can’t find it at the moment but I don’t recall seeing a section that specifically said you could still carry in a declared emergency when you needed it the most.

      It seems it’s for fair weather only.

  6. New gun owners being minted every day. Panic about the beer virus. An election upcoming.

    And the left is doubling down on stupid. You can’t make this shit up.

    Let us all practice now. “All hail President for Life Trump.”

    • Trump is the new FDR. He is now trying to implement trillion dollar socialism. The elites are trying to steal Americans’ property via the banking system.

      Venezuela here America comes…

        • Do you support FDR’s new deal? Do you support Andrew Yang’s universal basic income? Do you support Trump’s trillion+ dollar bail out? Do you support socialism?

          Answer the question. Stop deflecting. This isn’t a game. Your president is trying to destroy America’s economy by transferring wealth from you to the the rich during the time government is actively causing a pandemic panic disorder. Japan isn’t shitting the bed nor is Korea, but America is trying to bring in socialism. America is trying to impose martial law like a communist country.

        • You’re hyper ventilating. Trump isn’t a socialist because he’s trying to keep the country from going tits up. FDR rounded up Americans and put them in concentration camps based on race. What has Trump done to include him being lumped in there with fdr?

          Keep grasping at straws. Crying wolf. You ever wonder why most around here consider you a troll?

        • What has Trump done to include him being lumped in there with fdr?

          Socializing the economy. Sending America on the path of a recession. Putting America into massive debt. Refusing to remove tariffs that make products more expensive for Americans to buy.

        • The beer virus is what’s causing these things. Not Trump. You’re trying to discredit Trump so Biden has a better chance at getting elected.

          What do you think Trump should do to respond to the virus?

        • @jwm

          Trump is making the decisions. He is the one pushing for these measures. He is using the virus as an excuse. He doesn’t have to do what he is doing.

          Japan and Korea are not freaking out like America is. They are right next door to China. Their situation is under control. Europe didn’t follow their example and now they have thousands dying in weeks.

          Now America is behaving like Europe instead of following Korea’s leadership. The numbers are increasing more than Italy. The government said not to panic after you see the numbers massively jump in a few days, now that they decided to start testing months later.

          There is no reason to shut down CCWs, enforce lock downs and curfews, call in the military, forcibly shut down businesses, devalue the U.S. dollar, etc. We have been living with the virus for months now. Americans were saying it’s just the flu a week ago. Now scared ass Americans are running around like a chicken without a head because an emergency was declared. It’s now the perfect time for a government to lie, cheat and steal. Americans are planning to kill other Americans over TP, bottled water, Top Ramen and frozen pizza.

          The virus is not going anywhere. You all will be exposed to it at some point. That’s life on this planet. The major issue is simply making sure people keep their immune system at its best and to actively take measures to not hasten the spread in order to protect generation X and Boomer. It’s not a hard thing to do. The U.S. doesn’t have to go full on communist China to do that.

          Remember how a few weeks ago Republicans were making fun of China and their communist methods to fix their situation? The locking people in their homes, the curfews, the police state measures…? Why is it okay to do the dame thing in the U.S.? If the state and federal government wants to become China they should officially announce it by having Trump declare martial law. But if he did do that officially all the Democrats would be able to say, “I told you so!”

        • cs. Where are lock downs and curfews being enforced? The shelter in place here in CA is not a curfew or lock down. We still come and go. Stores are open and there are no checkpoints or patrols on the streets.

          This ain’t Korea or japan or Europe for that matter. And if Trump had not made these announcements and set some guidelines out you’d be the first in line condemning him for being a callous capitalist.

          We’ve got a virus on the loose and none of this is Trumps fault. He cannot just ignore it. He has to do something.

          As for panic. That’s what happens when you have a soft, first world nation used to a high standard of safety and security. Soft times breed soft folk and they tend to have to adjust to a new learning curve when things go sideways. And for the most part our folk will make the adjustment.

        • S. Korea went on an actual lock down, according to a friend of mine who resides in Seoul. Shopping days are “rationed,” i.e., you can only go on your designated day to avoid crowds. Businesses and school campuses are closed. The economy is at a standstill. Gee, sounds about what is happening here. Things are easing up some, after they topped the curve, but restrictions on crowds remain.

          Meanwhile, N. Korea denied it had any cases, notwithstanding its rather porous border with China and the voluminous trade. But today, Kim announced the building of a new hospital to deal with their cases.

        • @Mark N.

          Korea is not on lock down. They have designated times to shop to prevent crowds and to help out the old people. People are going to work. Trains are working. People can go to drive through testing sites. People are wearing masks while they are out in public. Their approach is to test, track and treat the virus without communist style lock downs and economic restrictions. They sanitize busy public areas regularity. Even weekly filmed shows continue, though limited to more in-door filming and no live audiences. People are electing to not gather for fun time like Americans are.

          All of Asia is letting kids stay home from school for a longer vacation. Korea, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

          The Philippines are acting like fools. No surprise there.

          Italy was behaving like American millennials are right now. Then they went home after hanging out in large crowds. They got their parents and grandparents sick. They have been having hundreds dead in a day.

          The U.K. is starting to see a surge because they too behaved like America and Italians. Trump denied travel from Italy and allowed the U.K. until people asked why he is making such a stupid decision.

          Japan isn’t having their seasonal festivals to prevent spread. Life is not greatly changed. The worst part was the cruise ship with all the foreigners because their governments didn’t want to pick up their citizens in a timely manner.

        • i think a seasonal festival to prevent spread sounds great. i love a good festival.

        • Taking money from one to give to another is socialism. If I took your money to give to a Bernie bro then it’s socialism? But when I take your money and give it a corporation and a Bernie bro it isn’t socialism?

          Remember when conservatives complained about Obama helping corporation with bail outs and forcing people to buy a service from insurance companies? Remember how they called him a socialist? Remember when they blamed him for causing a recession and increasing unemployment?

          I guess when Trump goes bigger than Obama and Bush it isn’t socialism because Trump did it. Even when his administration is asking Andrew Yang how to implement universal basic income. He might as well ask Bernie how to hand out other people’s money.

          I didn’t know capitalists support a wealth transfer via devaluation of their currency just like a communist state does it. Isn’t that how a country goes from a little socialism to full on Venezuela? Did we not just watch that happen?

        • I’m just curious about one thing. If the economy bounces back after this, will it be due to Obama’s brilliance? Or is it really, really, for real this time Trump’s economy?

        • @Dude

          The economy will always bounce back if you allow it to. That’s the brilliance of free market capitalism. A controlled economy is only as free as the government allows it to be. Messing with the economy is what socialist and communist societies do. Socialism does not work outside hippy communes.

          The government and bankers are creating the situation that is causing the U.S. economy to collapse. This is intentional. They ruined the economy during Bush and bailed out the rich during Obama. Now they are collapsing the economy and bailing the rich out within 4 years of Trump. That’s an amazing accomplishment. All because Trump fans can’t go against their lord and savior.

          You will see the consequences in a few years if this continues as is. Worst case scenario will be 8 years of Trump opening the door to a loud and proud communist to take over America.

          The millennials are now the largest group and most of them are leftists. The zoomers are even worse. Who is going to stop the downfall?

        • “The economy will always bounce back if you allow it to”

          So spending billions on teacher raises and paying extra for green energy renovations and construction isn’t what created the economic boom after all? Hmm

          If the government tells me I have to shut down my business, then they better be paying my ass. We’re in uncharted territory with this virus scare. With that said, I’m always suspicious when there’s a sudden massive spending bill being rushed through, as everyone should be. The losers writing these bills always find ways to make their insider buds rich, who will donate some back to the pols.

        • “I’m just curious about one thing. If the economy bounces back after this, will it be due to Obama’s brilliance? Or is it really, really, for real this time Trump’s economy?”

          Beautiful point. 2 months ago Dow 30K was the work of Golden O and had nothing to do with DJT. Now they want to hang this around Don’s neck and pretend Joe is the antidote.

          Joe better drink OJ and stay away from fights with union workers.

      • Chief Chicom up to his usual Pro Communist Chinese Propaganda. So easy to spot your shill ass.

        • The Chinese are losing a lot of face about the virus and their initial responses of shooting the messenger, both figuratively and literally. And the Chinese would sooner lose lives by the millions than lose face. This is why they are trying to blame the US about the virus.

          Any word on the people in Wuhan who were welded into their homes to force the curfew?

        • “Chief Chicom up to his usual Pro Communist Chinese Propaganda. So easy to spot your shill ass.”


      • A video of some idiot sharing his concerns, while he apparently does not understand what communism is, brilliant! Do you have more of those? I was skeptical but the moment I saw that video I believed everything you posted. Are you Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or just a relative?

        • Did you watch Trump say he wants universal basic income, a trillion dollar corporate bail out and to continue maintaining tariffs during economic trouble?

          By Republican standards, is government handing out free shit not considered socialist? Is Andrew Yang a socialist? Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

          Are you cool with what happened during Katrina? Would that be okay if the same thing happens throughout the U.S. because an “emergency pandemic?”

          I thought preppers considered martial law a bad thing. I thought during a lock down was when preppers were going to bug out to their safe space or they were going to stand up to the government. Yet here they are praising the government and complaining about the capitalist Cheaper Than Dirt.

      • I’m not a fan of this or any bailout using taxpayer dollars but in this case it might be necessary to prevent a worse collapse. It would be a lot easier to stomach some relief spending if we weren’t already in the hole 23 trillion and digging deeper every day.

        The 4th largest item on our budget is the debt we owe and that will soon surpass military spending when interest rates rise. That nearly .5 trillion could have gone a long way to helping folks.

        My advice to individuals: you should have hardened up your finances and lived below your means during the good times. I hope this event isn’t too hard on those of you that didn’t, but that it’s hard enough to motivate you to prepare next time things are going well.

        My advice to government: You can have more social programs when you pay off the 23 trillion you already spent on socialism.

        • If you want America not to continue its socialism, America has to stop doing it rather than making excuses. Americans refuse to take responsibility, they pass it off to future generation to suffer. Best time to stop socialism is right now, not next election or the one after that. Socialism only leads to more problems that more socialism cannot fix. Americans know that, but don’t want to live as free market capitalists. They are okay with socialism, but refuse to admit they are now socialists dependent on government and debt.

          Yet Americans wonder how the Democrats became straight out communists. It’s because Republicans are secret socialists. In a two party game the parties can’t appear to be the same.

          Americans have to sacrifice at some point to stop traveling down the road to serfdom. The U.S. has to go through a hard rest. If they don’t, America will become like every other country. This if fact. History has shown every great nation collapses when they go down that road.

        • I sent senator Rand Paul a message today thanking him for his fiscal responsibility and letting him know I understand why he introduced a doomed amendment and held up the vote. He is literally the ONLY politician in Washington I trust to do what is right fiscally and I am proud to be his constituent.

          The tea party movement was the one of the biggest political hypocrisies of the decade. Where did everyone go?

        • Cooter, the Tea Party was a big disappointment to many. The movement to cut hell out of spending was somehow preempted to be all about controlling women’s choices and their bodies by men. It was masterfully done, I have no idea how to this day. A bunch of people were elected to cut spending and the size of government, then spent all their time and energy on other things. We were cheated.

      • He has resisted for awhile, but Congress is hell-bent on doing it anyways. Can’t entirely blame the President if everyone is screaming at him to do something.

        At least Trump hasn’t threaten to pack the Supreme Court if they don’t vote his way, or throw American citizens into concentration camps based on ethnicity, unlike FDR.

        • and that nightmarish shrew cunt wants a fourth relief bill- cuz she didn’t get to boondoggle the first ones with her favorite kind of pork.
          i hope her a chucky go pass on the same day.

  7. How about this? In order to suggest a new firearm law, … one must; pass a written test on existing laws, address the failure of enforcement of current laws. show proficiency in the operation, safe handling, and a correct description of any available features, upgrades, components. If you do not understand something, you are not allowed to introduce or vote on it.

    • That would be a good plan for *all* legislation, just quickly we can see automobile safety, emissions control, literally EVERYTHING about finance and the budget (I don’t believe most congressmen can add and subtract), and on and on. Anyone who claims to be a socialist should be excluded from any votes, since his math bones are all clearly broken.

  8. It’s far past time to start arresting these sacks of shit for attempting to deprive citizens of their rights under color of law/color of office and permanently bar them from holding office.

  9. Another democrat Jim Crow Gun Control slave master sicko ratbassturd who can with all respect GTH.

  10. Gun Laws are racist and the dems are KING OF Racist!

    The Senate?

    This would be a lawsuit easy to win if our Scotus would take it….& remember their oath & Our Constitution!

    • how long can the SCOTUS sit on the sidelines and ignore this usurpation of our basic rights??????????

  11. There is a simple, yet extremely difficult solution…….vote out every single democrat that you can so they can’t push these anti 2nd Amendment laws……that is the only way……..that way they can’t appoint anti 2nd Amendment judges and justices and they can’t enact these stupid laws…..
    Any vote for any democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment……..this is the truth.

    • Yeah, but. All you get to vote for in a Fed election is 3 people at the most, the Prez, a congressman, and a Senator. I’d love to vote against every Dem, but nobody asked me, and most voters want to vote everybody out except the guys the can actually vote for.

  12. In my heart I see the Democrat left as actively trying to destroy the country and Republican right as sitting back and letting it happen. People get confused as to the difference between the two parties because the end result is the same with either one. There is most definitely a very real difference but they are both cherry picked from an Ivy league ruling class that consider themselves better than all other Americans. Trump is certainly not the most suave president we ever had but he is not part of that superior elitism. He does not rule with an iron fist. Trump runs his administration like a CEO in charge of a company. As most in DC have never really ran a business or even got their hands callused with labor, it is impossible for any of them to truly understand what he is doing. My support of Trump isn’t about any level of brainwashed single mindedness. So few seem to care at all for what America actually is.

    If you want to make sure that the 2nd Amendment is always there then be very careful who you vote for. Voting for Sanders or Biden because your upset about bumpstocks is just shooting yourself in the foot. We all have a role to play in this. Americas “gun culture” is American culture. They are the same thing. If we lose one then both fade away. Make no mistake, there are many that push for that. We must maintain perspective and never lose sight of what is important.

  13. I’m no attorney but isn’t there an amendment that specifically forbids a law like this from even being considered?

  14. Maybe he’s worried that if too many Americans own guns, the 2nd Amendment might get too heavy and…capsize! Have you thought about that?

  15. I encourage everyone to think about how you react if one morning the internet is turned off. I have no doubt the government could do it. Really would isolate people.

    • Agreed. If the gun community gets all up-in-arms about something the bill literally allows there becomes no substantive argument against the bill and we all look like irrational fearmongers. You know what IS in the bulk that’s worth a look, a federal firearms owner’s license can be denied at a hearing based upon a preponderance of evidence. If the ATF were required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt an individual doesn’t meet the licensing criteria there whole process would become like a nation-wide shall-issue. Other parts could be edited such that it’ll be easier to get a fun. A shall-issue FOL would mean no more delays, if you posses a valid (and unique) FFOL you get your gun/ammo on the spot. A 3 or 7 day waiting period doesn’t apply because you’ve already gone through a 40-day backend check every decade. Other things in the bill are also problematic, but with some editing there definitely are seconds in this bill that are serviceable. If we throw the baby out with the bath water public opinion will continue to sour with respect to gun rights and we’ll lose Amy political will to protect gun ownership as we know it today. We don’t need to forfeit our rights. But reasonable compromise isn’t a bad thing either (like when the NRA tanked the Manchin-Toomey bill that included national reciprocity for concealed carry and uniform regulations for the interstate transportation of firearms).

  16. I will never comply with any firearm law as a law abiding Citizen and lifelong firearm owner. Ever.

  17. Liberals have told they don’t advocate using guns and cages, but they now tell us it’s OK because they have a rationalization for it, but If the only way to enforce a program is via laws and taxes then ultimate threat is incarceration or even death. If you impose a fine, you need jail to back up the fine, and if people refuse to go to jail, you will need to send armed representatives to make them go. That rationalization, however, is yet again another one of these contrived narratives, that assumes that because government uses force to protect us from illegitimate force, then government force can be used to tell you what relationships you should have. That’s why these guys want you licensed for everything from earning a living to even getting married. In other words, you need their permission. Once that happens, you are no longer citizens, but subjects, who must live by their leave. In short, they make you their slave.

  18. Too many are not heeding that simple truth today. Each day, throughout our country, lives are taken and families are shattered by gunfire. Too many people are dying. Too many guns are getting in the wrong hands — children, criminals, the mentally ill and those intent on harming others.

    Gun violence is not just a law-enforcement matter, it is a public-health issue. We must do a better job educating people about guns and gun safety, we must examine and change the prevalence of violence in our culture, and we must better diagnose and treat mental illness.

    But we also need common-sense changes to our gun laws. The laws we have and the strategies we are using are not enough.

    Those who oppose additional gun laws frequently say, “Just use the laws already on the books.” Prosecutors and law-enforcement partners work hard to get guns out of the wrong hands and off the streets. We have targeted illegal gun-show sales, felons possessing and trafficking guns, and licensed gun dealers who fail to follow the rules.

    I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment but our forefathers had no comprehension of the dangers an AR-15 and other automatic weapons could do to the detriment of fellow Americans. Violence will be reduced if Congress passes the proposed stricter but reasonable gun laws.

    • Tim Chancelor, I seriously think you underestimate the intelligence and foresight of our ancestors. There were 70 years prior to the writing of the constitution flintlock versions of the gattling gun and they were much heavier calibers than an AR of any description. Not only that THEY RECOGNIZED that the GREATEST reason to own firearms is not for hunting or self defense against the common criminal but for defense against the greatest white collar criminals of all time being your own damn govt and for that to be viable the people must have at minimum access to equal or better than the govt has. That means in todays terms, rocket launchers, light and heavy machine guns, grenades and even Nuclear.
      GOVT has been known to do more damage to its own people in a few short years than pretty much any pandemic other than the black plague has ever done which is why the power of govt needs to be curtailed so damn harshly that they pretty much have to ask permission to wipe their own asses from the people let alone having the sort of power they wield today. Personally you sound as though you would be more suited to living in communist china. Yes the deaths from guns are not nice but they are insignificant (less than 1%) to what govt would inflict on the people if they were removed from the hands of the law abiding

    • “an AR-15 and other automatic weapons” obviously you have already fallen victim to the moron media that refer to this weapon as “automatic” it is neither that or any other definition of a military weapon.

  19. I’m not saying the bill is ok, by no means is this bill legal as it’s a complete infringement of rights.
    However your catch 22 is wrong. You’re suggested if someone cannot own and practice how’d they ever be able to get a gun license.

    Well that’s easy, business.

    Gun stores and or ranges will be able to cash in on license training courses. Someone could sign up, try a few guns, pick the one they want to buy them take a proficiency class for however long it takes.

    This circumvents people not personally owning a gun to get the license.


    There’s millions of millions of people who already are proficient and could pass there unlawful wats testing. Without pending law if mandated to taking classes for the license protocol.

  20. The Second Amendment effectively ceased to exist with passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. This after years on not rescinding NFA 34/38.

    (FOPA & LEPSA 86 were finishing touches).

    Now we are merely debating what Fudd guns we can keep.

  21. Who says that our constitution ENSURES that the bills and amendments that have been made
    LEGALLY, MUST be followed, and NOT OVERRIDDEN by arbitrary ill willed nonsensical bullsh**
    put forth and proposed by communistic type and tyrannical anti-American illegally seated politicians ?
    WHO ? Well by golly, I believe that would be REAL AMERICANS SAY ! PATRIOTS would and should
    be yet ANOTHER good answer ! This type of dangerous radical drivel should not even be permitted
    to be introduced in the House NOR the Senate for discussion, MUCH LESS SERIOUSLY DISCUSSED
    Those that ARE, or even WOULD, actually DO SO…are COMPLETELY MAD ! THAT is being said
    as a statement, and NOT as a question. Those that ARE ATTEMPTING to USURP the Constitution
    of our Country are NOTHING SHORT OF ENEMIES,of the PEOPLE, the COUNTRY, and of our
    GREAT REPUBLIC !!! Those that would agree with these proposals, must be STOPPED, and
    removed from further potential to harm this country now, or in the future, for the benefit of this Country
    and it’s survival. The authors of this have proven that they have NO RESPECT for our Constitution
    AS WRITTEN, and should NEVER be allowed to yield so much as a pen with which to sign their own
    immediate resignation, or lose the pen and be imprisoned for attempted intentional usurpation of
    the LAWS of the REPUBLIC !

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