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From the AP:

New Mexico authorities are investigating a deadly shooting at an auto shop after a man who refused to wear a mask allegedly tried to run over the shop owner’s son and crashed into a vehicle before driving off.

An incident report written by Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies say as they were searching for the man, they received a call from the shop owner saying the man had returned and that his son had shot someone.

Deputies found two men on the ground. One didn’t have a pulse.

Albuquerque police have taken over the investigation. Police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos declined to release more details about Tuesday afternoon’s shooting, saying detectives were interviewing additional people.

“The investigation is still in its preliminary stage,” he said Thursday.

The initial incident report indicated the man had stopped at the auto shop and asked for air for his tire, the Albuquerque Journal reported. The owner said he told the man that he could help him but that he needed to have a mask on and the man became “extremely irate.”

Face mask required sign covid coronavirus

The state’s mandate that everyone must wear face coverings in public has been in effect since May 16. Operators of essential businesses must require customers to wear masks, and violators are subject to a fine.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in a tweet Thursday reiterated the call for wearing masks as state health officials urged people to stay at home.

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    • It turns out wearing a mask can save lives, but these people getting shot would probably end up dying from some other stupid decision.

    • If Karen is running the shop, yes. (Just stay 6.66 inches away and you’re fine.)
      I’m getting a mask that says 666.

      • The shop owner you refer to as a Karen can be fined if he doesn’t require customers to wear a mask. The problem is not with him but with the state. If the corpse wanted to do something about it maybe try running over the governor instead of the shop owners son..

        I haven’t been keeping score, but for every anti masker acting like an ass there has been at least one masker doing it. Mask or no mask has become a team thing and both sides are being idiots about it.

    • All of you “Anti Maskers” better learn to submit and cover your face. And you also better keep quiet your complaining.

      The New Kollective Vigilance Directive force will soon be instated nationwide after a stunning leftist victory in November. Biden will resign to allow the true people’s choice to rule.

      The NKVD will replace your evil racist local police, racist courts, racist flag, and racist anthem with a New AntiRacist/AntiFascist Equality driven system that will not allow you in public without full body and facial coverings. Your news, music, and children’s schools will be monitored continuously all hours of the day, and you will be provided with non stop information about how you can be a better citizen in this New Age of Equality. All your old books about history will be required to be handed over, don’t worry, a van will be provided to come to your house to pick them up.

      • I’m not up for yelling about masks, but we’ve had well more than 200 Covid deaths at my hospital and as many as 300 or more at a hospital I pass on the way to work. If we as a nation had masked up sooner, as well as continue to do so as would be further down the road to getting back to work with many less deaths. I know 8 people who’ve died from Covid.

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    • You wouldn’t fire a gun randomly into a crowd, why wouldn’t you do something simple like cover your pie hole with mask? it costs nothing, and might even save a life. I guarantee you have no idea whether or not you are a carrier.

      No, a mask isn’t a perfect solution, but it reduces the chance of infecting others. Doesn’t eliminate the risk, but reduces it.

      • Nobody likes being told what to. Especially by cowardly simpletons afraid of the coof. If your so afraid of getting the sniffles stay home. Im not gonna tell you to stay home cuz you know, i like liberty.

        • You talk a big game, but I bet every time you go in a restaurant you’re wearing shoes and a shirt, cuck!

        • You sir, are impressively stupid. Kudos to you for being able to remember to breathe while you walk. Don’t add in blinking, I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself.

        • Kyle is correct, “Nobody like being told what to do” and all do like liberty. Yet, daily we all take orders and do what others ask and require us to do. Liberty does not grant one permission to simply do as one pleases otherwise some would stop at red lights and stop signs and some would not. Driving is a good example of doing what someone else ask and requires us all to do. E.G., Who:
          Requires you to get a driver’s license?
          Requires you to purchase auto insurance?
          Tells you how fast to drive, i.e.., that is sets speed limits?
          Tells you when to slow down?
          Tells you when to stop?
          Tells you to not enter at one way intersections?
          Tells you where to park?
          Answer to all of the above, Government either local, state or federal.
          Then consider:
          Who bought the auto?
          Who pays for the insurance?
          Who pays for gas and upkeep?
          Answer to all of the above, You.
          You pay out all the money, yet some government has in place rules/laws that control your every move when in the auto.
          All of this works for the safety of all drivers and not just you.
          By comparison wearing a mask when in public is a tiny thing and yet it too works to the benefit of all. Masks are not expensive and some governments even will gift you with one or more. In short, it will not hurt to wear a mask and it may just do you and others a lot of good. Think for a moment about others you come in contact with and consider their health.

        • If I’m wearing a shirt and shoes in a restaurant it’s not because there’s a sign telling me to do so or because I’m a sheep. It’s because I’m ashamed of my gross body and my terrible foot odor problem. It’s the least I can do for people dining. I still reserve the right to cough in your food and contaminate the air with my awful breath.

        • I have 2 probate clients whose husbands died of coved with no known underlying health issues, both men leaving young children. If you want to die on that hill, so be it. Wear a mask. Don’t endangers strangers who may have families.

      • “Might”

        That’s the problem with so many of our restrictive regulations and mandates today, growing and tightening like vines all around us, especially in CA. Your comment that I must restrict my liberties for your benefit because I “might” have something you don’t like is simply a version of “those who prefer a little security over liberty deserve neither.

        If I absolutely know for certain I have a dangerous communicable disease, that’s one thing. But your decision to live in fear over the possibility that I might have one that has now been shown – by the aggregate data we now have – to be inconsequential for literally 99% of the population, is your decision alone. Do not attempt to publicly shame me for choosing my own method of balancing my liberty with reasonable precaution.

        If you believe you might catch the ‘Rona from others when you step out of your house, then I recommend you stay in your house as much as possible. Like a good Karen.

        • Karens are snitches not people who choose to believe they don’t want to risk being infected by SARSCOV2.

        • @Chi,

          I know exactly what a Karen is. And a Becky. And others nicknames.

          A Karen/Kevin is one who busy-bodies and over-concerns her/himself with the affairs and activities of others, to the point of telling others what to do. Or even “wanting to talk to the manager” to get her/his way.

          If you want to wear a mask, great. You do you. If you believe your magical cloth talisman protects you, then you’re good to go and you don’t need to be telling others to make the same decision you did.

        • The economic impact of the pandemic dragging on affects a hell of a lot more than 1%. The fallout will last for years.

          People who refuse to wear masks and social distance are a big part of the reason this outbreak is dragging on instead of being contained. You might as well be pissing on an American flag in public if you can’t make such a minor sacrifice for the good of the nation.

          Patriots wear masks. Assholes and idiots don’t.

        • Dr. Feelgood: please do not state that the inestimable ‘I Haz A Question’ is an ‘asshole’. He is a man of unquestioned wisdom who does not have to suffer insults from a plebeian such as yourself.

        • @Dr. Feelgood,

          Wow. You’re comparing the expression of personal liberty with urinating on the Stars and Stripes. Hmm.

          Now that multiple County & State agencies have openly admitted that they’ve been incorrectly overcounting deaths as COVID-19 related, we cannot rely on any reports or tallies as being reliable or factual anymore. They are egregious misrepresentations of what the true scope of the ‘Rona is. So once all the deaths from cancer, vehicular accidents, gunshot wounds, domestic violence, et al, are finally removed from all the reports and we can whittle down the mortality numbers to the truthful levels, **THEN** we can start to have a broad conversation of what a proper response can/should be.

          But as long as they continue to lie and falsify the numbers, I won’t buy into the Kool-Aid. If you choose to do so, then that’s your decision. Want a hug? 🙂

        • Amen to that! Im tired of the bullshit myself. Everyone is afraid of something that they cant see and have no proof of. Its all about control and the sheeple and falling for it everywhere.

        • @ihaz
          For the record- in agreement about bullsh cloth masks and karens in general. Everyone concerned about sarscov2 isn’t a karen. My cousin died of it so it isn’t imaginary for some of us.

        • “Everyone is afraid of something that they cant see and have no proof of.“

          Yep, that whole germ theory of disease is just that, a theory. “If you can’t see it, it can’t hurt you“ is wisdom from grandma that’s never been proved wrong. Our glorious President Trump told us that the virus is a democrat hoax, that will fade away with warm temperatures just as we see happening now.

          The libtards only want you to wear the mask to muzzle you from saying ‘trump pence 2020!’ as loud as you can so take that mask off and shout from the rooftops!

          And if you want to go to church on Sunday morning, pack the pews elbow to elbow with your family and friends, hugging and kissing and shaking the preachers hand at the end of the ceremony, it’s your American right!

        • @Chi,

          Sorry to hear about your cousin, and my condolences. As I mentioned elsewhere (I believe to someone else), I have no problem exercising precautionary measures out of deference to those who truly need them, such as the elderly or infirmed. My problem with this entire situation is the one-size-fits-all mandate that TPTB (you know, the same ones who are bending the knee and pandering for votes) is forcing on us.

          If you said you’d like to meet up for lunch to discuss something, and you preferred a mask for your comfort, then I’d likely wear one because your request/preference is a private one and not a hindrance to anything. However, if the only way we can “legally” enter a restaurant is by wearing masks because some suit-and-tie a hundred miles away made a broad decision based upon a Health Wizard whispering statistics and magic spells into his ear – when professional doctors themselves are giving opposing information – then yes I absolutely have a problem with it.

          I count myself as fortunate that I know of nobody in my large circle (friends, family, relatives, coworkers, church friends, etc.) who has ever battled COVID. I hope your cousin is remembered well.

        • Um, where did my update to Chi from earlier today go? It was here…now it isn’t. Wussup?

        • First, if a business makes a demand you consider to be intolerable, you don’t try to run down an employee with your vehicle. You look elsewhere for a business that is more accommodating. Maybe, on your way out, you express your displeasure with the comment, “Fuck you very much,” but that’s the limit.

          Second, that the virus is inconsequential for 99% of the population means it’s serious for three million plus. There are less than one million hospital beds in the country and only a fraction of them are ICU. Remember Italy? Their hospitals had patients lying on floor and others dying at home because there was no room for them. Masks do help by reducing the space contaminated by an infected person. It’s absurd to claim they are useless because they provide less protection than a biohazard suit.

          Certainly, there has been a significant amount of dumbassery in establishing and enforcing procedures to reduce infection rates. Given her stance on firearms ownership, it wouldn’t surprise me if New Mexico’s governor is a dumbass about the virus, too. I don’t know how much flexibility is built into the state’s public masking order. It makes no sense to require a mask if you are outdoors well away from everyone else. On the other hand, it’s past retarded for people to hang out in crowded bars trading exhalations at a range of a couple of feet. They should know better without needing the government to force them.

      • You are a stain on the libertarian ideology/identity. Here’s hoping the rona wrings you out.

        • Your understanding of libertarian thought is suspect.

          Your freedom to swing your arms ends when it touches my nose. A basic plank of libertarian philosophy is non-aggression. You cannot coerce another with force, OR THE THREAT OF FORCE. Polluting the air around you with viruses is definitely creating a threat. The same would apply to polluting the ground water or oceans.

        • So if you believe that the mere act of breathing now constitutes “polluting the air around you”, how did you feel about the concept and potential danger of human breath throughout your lifetime before COVID-19? Were you ever scared to breathe without a mask in public due to the common cold, or seasonal flu? Because now that multiple County/State sources are admitting that they’ve been grossly overcounting COVID-19 deaths and falsely reporting the tallies, a “correction” of those tallies puts COVID-19 mortality right in line with the usual seasonal flu we’ve all lived with our entire lives. But suddenly now you say we’re polluting your air?

          How do you feel about methane levels? Because Greta is concerned, and AOC was reprimanding everyone last year for cow farts. How did you ever survive?

        • ARLbertarian: Your understanding of libertarian thought is suspect.

          I like the masks. I like the masks because now all the cameras are just seeing a dude in a mask with a hat and sunglasses. Masks are a godsend in the surveillance state.

          But, I agree with you, though your reasons are crap. You can’t say that maskless people are “polluting” the air around them with a virus. We exhale germs and viruses all the time – why is now different? And in if you say “because C19”, then on what grounds are you saying that I have it and am spreading it? Do you know? If I say for 100% certain that I don’t have it, can I go maskless in your world? What if I’m lying? Do you want to restrict MY liberty because SOMEONE else did a bad thing?

          That’s the opposite of libertarianism. I’ll have your card and porcupine sticker before you can pass this gate, please.

        • “We exhale germs and viruses all the time – why is now different? And in if you say “because C19”, then on what grounds are you saying that I have it and am spreading it? Do you know? If I say for 100% certain that I don’t have it, can I go maskless in your world?”

          Number one, new pathogen with asymptomatic transfer and comparative we have mortality rate, 145,000 dead in five months in US.

          Number two, humans are incapable of detecting self infection in almost all cases of Covid until 7 to 10 days after exposure. In some cases, humans may be super spreaders with no symptoms and yet continuously shedding viable pathogen.

          Society has learned through many bitter plagues that only isolation, quarantine and personal protective equipment can mitigate the spread of these pathogens in our communities. Quite reasonably, society has often taken measures to slow the spread of these deadly diseases, you may be familiar with typhoid Mary. There is a reason they made her live on that island and it had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

          And I bet you wear shoes and a shirt into every restaurant you’ve been, just like a good little sheep.

        • @Miner,

          “145,000 dead in five months in US.”

          Except that multiple agencies have been caught – and in some cases have openly admitted – that they’ve been throwing all deaths including the kitchen sink into the Total bin. In *any* case in which the decedent’s body tested positive for COVID, it was reported as a COVID death. Even if (!!) the deceased was asymptomatic and the actual cause of death was completely unrelated, such as vehicular accident, gunshot wound, cancer, etc.

          Chop that total in half, assume 75K deaths, and then we have a better basis on which to discuss appropriate measures.

        • “Number one, new pathogen with asymptomatic transfer and comparative we have mortality rate, 145,000 dead in five months in US.”
          You clearly have not been paying attention. CDC, NIH and Fauci claim the COOF can’t be spread by asymptomatic carriers.

        • Hazy, I would like to see a citation on the massive accounting errors as you allege.


          “Recent epidemiologic, virologic, and modeling reports support the possibility of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) transmission from persons who are presymptomatic (SARS-CoV-2 detected before symptom onset) or asymptomatic (SARS-CoV-2 detected but symptoms never develop).May 4, 2020”

          Evidence Supporting Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory …

      • By Forrest Marea

        It’s just a mask.
        It’s just six feet.
        It’s just two weeks.
        It’s just non-essential businesses.
        It’s just non-essential workers.
        It’s just a bar.
        It’s just a restaurant.
        It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
        It’s just until the cases go down.
        It’s just to flatten the curve.
        It’s just a few inmates.
        It’s just to keep others from being scared.
        It’s just for a few more weeks.
        It’s just church. You could still pray.
        It’s just prayer.
        It’s just until we get a vaccine.
        It’s just a bracelet.
        It’s just an app.
        It’s just for tracing.
        It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.
        It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.
        It’s just a few more months.
        It’s just some more inmates.
        It’s just a video.
        It’s just a post.
        It’s just an email account.
        It’s just for protecting other from hate speech.
        It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
        It’s just a large gathering but for protests.
        It’s just a few violent protests.
        It’s just a little micro chip.
        It’s just a blood test.
        It’s just a test.
        It’s just a scan.
        It’s just for medical information.
        It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.
        It’s just like a credit card.
        It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.
        It’s just so you can travel.
        It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
        It’s just so you can vote.
        It’s just mail-in voting.
        It’s just a few more years.
        It’s just a statue.
        It’s just a monument.
        It’s just a building.
        It’s just a song.
        It’s just a lyric.
        It’s just an anthem.
        It’s just a few words.
        It’s just a piece of paper.
        It’s just a book.
        It’s just a movie.
        It’s just a TV show.
        It’s just a cartoon character.
        It’s just a piece of cloth.
        It’s just a flag.
        It’s just a dog.
        It’s just a clump of cells.
        It’s just a fetus.
        It’s just a religion.
        It’s just a holiday.
        It’s just the people who don’t think like we do.
        It’s just a boxcar.
        Well….. maybe it’s not just a mask.

        • thats right, its not just a mask. Its a means to control the weak minded and a way to guage the level of BS that We The People will put up with. The only safety equip i need on me is my gun, knife, light and first aid. No mask needed.

        • It’s Just to protect your fellow citizens. Your neighbors, Your Mother Your Father…. Be a better human

        • Masks work like the lockdown worked, just don’t cause as much damage. Anybody who says they know for sure, well, The CDC, surgeon general, Footchie Kootchie, etc, all said they knew, too.

      • Are you willing to wear a mask for the next year, 2 years?
        It’s unatural to re-breathe your own exhaust. It’s exhaust, meant to leave your body, not recirculate.
        Stay 6ft away and you’re fine. Don’t hug. Don’t spit. Don’t yell. You’re fine. The hospitals in the Chicago suburbs are empty, except for elective surgery intensive care units and accidents/emergencies. I’ve been there. It’s ok now.
        P.S. More kids died of the flu last year.

        • I don’t wear it 24/7. just like 20 mins while I go shopping. Back to car, take it off, go home. not that big a deal.

        • We wear masks for hours upon hours in our operating rooms, and elsewhere in hospitals. It’s inconvenient, not dangerous, to wear a mask, but so is driving the speed limit and stopping for red lights.

    • So the garage owners made this guy try to run them over, crash into other people’s cars then return acting crazy?
      How is this any different than no shirt, no shoes, no service? And the state mandates this where they are.

      Don’t wear a mask and get air elsewhere. Don’t go to gay bars to drink if you don’t like gays. Dont read ttag if you don’t like guns. Why have people lost their minds?

      • biz owner stated his req: play or don’t.
        Am I mask-proponent? No. Be informed, decide, live as you can. LIBERTY.

        You’re not a toddler b/c of mask/not; you are a toddler for losing your mind when (A) biz owner states their terms or (B) harassing those who don’t care to do as you do.

        • Exactly. I’m more than happy to go elsewhere if someone doesn’t want my business or do without/comply with their request if I can’t get what I need elsewhere.
          Personally, I’m for avoiding infection of any kind but not for forcing others to bend to my will because I also believe in LIBERTY.
          All the lies, manipulation and economic turmoil has many people twisted up mentally. Sad times brother.

          @Edward gotta be the more unstable in the population pushed over the edge by everything. Can’t remember ever seeing so many when o couldn’t mind their own beeswax

        • Coffee: If it’s a few businesses, fine. I have a choice. Our governor made his own “law’ that all have to wear one. I can’t go someplace else. I can’t hear when some one wears a mask. It’s all just mummmmble. I pull my mask down all the time to get a fresh gulp of air. (btw, I’m no longer a 20-30something.)

    • We tell people not to recklessly endanger the public all the time. Only morally compromised toddlers have a problem with complying…

    • Maybe it is always time to not over react and do violent crazy crap over the perfectly reasonable request of the owner of the private property you have set foot upon?

      I sincerely hope it was only the hot head who is deceased, and the son will recover fully from having to defend himself and others from a crazy person.

    • Of course someone named “Kyle” would go this route. Basically the male version of Karen.

      The more Kyles get weeded out, the better.

  1. Without a mask, Dead Guy might have gotten sick! This was for his own good! OTOH, returning to a spot where you just tried to kill someone with your car shows an interest in suicide, don’t think he’ll be missed. I’ll assume the shooter ran out of ammo, so the second winner survived.

  2. I don’t wear a mask. If I’m told I must wear one I turn and leave. If you view me as a threat keep your distance.

      • I go into stores without mask all the time. I just mad dog stare at everyone and nobody says shit.

        • Why don’t you?
          I don’t think the government should force us too but it seems pretty selfish and negligent not to wear one.

        • Personally Kyle, I would like to thank you for not wearing a mask.

          After reading your comments, I realize it is in the best interests of society if you continue not to wear a mask.

          I would also encourage your family and friends to not wear masks as well.

        • “Why don’t you? I don’t think the government should force us too but it seems pretty selfish and negligent not to wear one.”

          Do you know what size particulates a mask filters?
          Do you know the particle size of SarsCov2?
          Fauci and the NEJM claim masks don’t really help stop the spread unless you are in a closed room face-to-face with a symptomatic carrier for 10 to 30 minutes, and you are in full PPE.

    • Exactly. I have masks but I’m isolated. I don’t resent people who don’t wear masks. I never got bent outta shape over whether other people wear seatbelts or helmetz on motorcycles either.

      When did it become rocket science to leave if you don’t like something?

      • I live in a town of about 40000. The mayor has asked residents to wear masks. There is widespread compliance and we have a few infections and no deaths. When I see a maskless idiot I just avoid it. The problem is when idiots walk into a store that require masks and then go nuts screaming and threatening and at times assaulting employees and other customers. Those creatures deserve to be shot.

        • See, this is the part I have a problem with.
          So by this logic anyone NOT wearing a mask by choice is a “maskless idiot” ASSUMED to be sick EVEN IF THEY’RE HEALTHY.
          Because of the FUD being promoted even asymptomatic people are “potential carriers” and ASSUMED to be sick. It’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” rationale where paranoids and OCD personalities feel justified to bully people based on FEAR of a COLD VIRUS 99% of healthy people SURVIVE.
          In other words, anyone who doesn’t display the proper level of collective behavioral disorder in order to get along with the true crazies can be considered akin to a deathly terrorist threat.

          The cognitive dissonance an irrationality is staggering. Stuff like is why I’m a cynical misanthropist.

        • I love how you come to a site whos entire reason for existence is to promote and protect inalienable, Constitutionally protected rights and start spouting about how you think people are idiots for wanting to keep those rights. So, tell us, which rights do we get to keep? People have to wear a mask because you are shaking in your boots about a virus? Well, lots of people are irrationally afraid of guns, so lets ban them too right? Some folks think religion is dangerous, so ban God? That is your very own logic at work.

          Then you commit the ultimate Left wing progressive act and say people deserve to be killed if unwilling to give up their Liberty in the name of safety.

          You Sir, are everything that is wrong with this country today.

        • Calvin, thank you so much for advocating against wearing masks.

          You are absolutely correct, American freedom means not being forced to wear a mask if you don’t want to, it’s right there in the constitution for anyone to read. Right after the part about not standing for the national anthem and not burning the flag.

          Calvin, the best way you can express your patriotism is by refusing to wear a mask and not engaging in that silly social distancing.

        • @Ginder I’m in a rural area near a city and suburbs. The infection has been skyrocketing lately after reopening early for Memorial Day. No mask rules except in city limits or in city buildings. I wouldn’t call anyone an idiot for distrusting govt decrees after all the lies and reversals. First you don’t need a mask because surprise we don’t have any, they’re all shipped to Asia. Then the f’n CDC tells people to wear napkins as masks. Napkins. It’s not airborne! Then it is. I have followed the science since January so I haven’t been swayed by efforts to downplay things then see the same entities play CYA.

          I just make sure if I don’t want to be exposed to people possibly spreading anything I’m not around them and they’re not around me. Everyone doesn’t have that luxury so that’s when things go wrong. People had basic lack of respect for others before this and it’s just worse now.

          @edward With you in cynicism and misanthropy. I noticed I’m pretty much alone in believing in covid prophylaxis and defending people’s right to not wear masks. One minute folks think local, state and federal govt is totally inept and the next they trust them to create new decrees. That same line of thinking will be getting people killed when they start mandating vaccinations. Vaccinations of hurried vaccines. Safer to use your crazy Uncle’s crappy reloads.
          Funny how so many trying to protect life are coming into conflict with those trying to protect liberty. I think for guys like the deceased in this story they may have just been looking for any reason to get killed. Either that or the very large systemic failures are breaking people down mentally.

          Anyway I wish for all of you and your families to be safe in these troubled times.

      • Chi-Chi, seatbelts , helmits, and other restraints (shirts & shoes) have never prevented me from breathing.
        It’s not fun. I’m not going shopping anymore, (except food).
        I’m fine with the physical distancing. I actually like it.
        I’m making Jeff Bezos richer every day.

    • I have to go to the court house now and again. There are armed marshals or sheriff’s deputies guarding the door who will not let me in without a mask. If I can’t get in, I cannot do what I came there to do, and there are no alternatives. Yes, I will wear a mask. As soon as I walk out the door, I can take it off. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal to some people.

      I have a wife who has COPD. If I bring home Covid-19, it could kill her. I am the one who goes to the grocery store where there are many people shopping, and I cannot tell by looking at them who may have been exposed or who is actually infected and doesn’t know it. I wear a mask. The risk of NOT doing so is simply too high. And no, I do not feel as if some immutable right is being violated. Instead, wearing a mask to protect myself and my family is no different than strapping up before going out.

      • Unfortunately, a mask does little to protect YOU. The mask reduces SOURCE transmission. Once this or any virus is airborne, it’s much harder to control.

        • Nobody seems to grasp this concept. The mask is for lowering your risk of infecting others. Its selfish not to wear one.

        • Using your logic, Jr, you’re saying it would therefore be “selfish” for anyone to every choose to go outside without a mask ever again for the rest of our lives. Because there have always been airborne pathogens of one stripe or another, and after we get past this COVID-19, there will always be something else to contend with whether we’re aware of it floating around us or not.

          You do you, and wear your mask if you choose to. I will exercise caution around those who genuinely need extra care, such as the elderly or infirmed, but I will not “mask up” for the rest of my life simply because someone else such as you attempts to shame me for not making the same decision as you did for yourself. That’s exactly what the Left does.

        • Jr,

          Yeah a shocking number of the no mask fo meh snowflakes seem to missing the part of their brains that grasp this quite easy to understand concept.

        • We get it.
          Your fear of potential death trumps everyone else’s personal choice, even if they’re healthy.
          On a long enough timeline, everyone’s chance at immortality drops to zero. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, immunodeficiency, or heart problems aggravated by obesity no one else should be held responsible for death by cold virus.
          Don’t be so afraid of death that you forget how to live.

        • Not trying to start an argument…but I’m with ‘Ihazquestion’ in spirit….but with the stipulation that we don’t know enough yet about this virus to make really good decisions outside of the fear everyone seems to have.

          AND! how long does this mandatory face diaper wearing last. One year? Two Years? Forever? because a vaccine or cure is not possible and this is the new normal? (could be the case that medical science will fall short)

          I’m forced to wear one now but don’t like it one bit. I’m not going to yell and scream at stores who want me to wear a mask…but this is a slippery slope we’re on, make no mistake about that.

        • LOL, “face diaper”. I should have thought have that. Now I’m going to have to use it in polite conversation.

        • Agreed. The reason to wear a mask is to reduce the likelihood of your infecting others whether they wear a mask or not. You can shed viruses before you know you’re infected. A mask reduces the velocity of the viruses you exhale thereby reducing the distance they travel and the size of the bubble of contaminated air surrounding you.

          There is no need to wear a mask everywhere. At home or traveling in your personal automobile, transmission is physically impossible except with the people you already live with. The outdoors is very safe unless you are exhaling into someone’s face or breathing theirs. Wind dissipates the viruses and weather and UV from the sun kills it. The time to wear a mask, because you can’t be sure you’re not infected, is when you can’t avoid others. This is especially important indoors where the virus can persist and survive for days. When you get home, wash your face and hands to scrub off any viruses you picked up.

    • Okay, that works well enough for me. While it is foolish to go out in public right now unmasked, so long as you are self-isolating the way you do, maintaining that Anti-Social distance (I refuse to call it “social distancing”) by leaving peaceably, you aren’t likely to hurt anybody.

      • Why is it foolish? When will it end? This bug shows every sign of being endemic. Wanna wear a mask forever?

        • How can you even ask any of that? The clulessness just amazes me.

          When there is a vaccine that achieves herd immunity, that is when. Nothing about this situation is permanent and these large numbers of people did not have to die for our civilization to continue.

          America has put up with far worse than this for far longer, and at much greater levels of personal loss and struggle, and come out of it just fine. For that matter gotten thru hard times with far less internal strife.

          Wearing a mask is nothing compared to the difficulties of the real wars we have been thru, or the natural disasters.

          When did so many Americans become such a bunch of fearful, whining nitwits?

        • SInce when has there ever been an effective vaccine for a cold virus?
          Even Bill Gates admits immunity is temporary and would necessitate continuous immunizations because antigen levels dissipate.
          …but muh fear, it’s YOUR fault. No … no it’s not.

        • Ordinary influenza is endemic. What’s worse is it mutates rapidly enough that a different vaccine must be developed every year. How well it works depends on how accurately vaccine manufacturers predict the dominant mutation. If anything, a COVID vaccine may be easier because its mutation rate seems to be slower.

    • Let’s see how you like my version of that philosophy. I drive a 150 mph sports coupe. If you don’t like the way I drive, find another road. Suppose I decide to practice my shooting and your house is down range. You can always leave when I start up. Pick up something at Home Depot to patch the bullet holes and wait until I’m done before returning. I know better than to do either of those. Why don’t you?

    • Wear what you like but the Dairy Queen is private property. If they want all customers to wear a purple necktie and flip-flops, they can do that.

      May have to buy your ice cream treat someplace else.

    • Your armor is for protecting you. Put yourself at whatever level of personal risk/comfort that you feel like and nobody else is affected.
      The mask is for protecting others. If you don’t wear one in public places you are an asshole.

      • I see. So now you’ve graduated from mature adult debate to calling people vulgar names because they’re not making the same decisions you are.

        • By Jove, I just love this adoration!

          Our friend ‘all hail’ is giving me a good chuckle today.

        • I gave him a cookie once when I saw him begging for scraps outside a Home Depot, and he followed me like a lost puppy ever since.

        • Ugh. That is a James Campbell-esq ‘comeback’ from you there ‘I Haz’. Really disappointing. Unless JC appropriated your name and made a rogue post?

        • #Nobody,

          True, it doesn’t look like some of #Haz’s better attempts at humor, but it’s benign and brings a small chuckle because #All Hail is somewhat annoying and keeps posting his nonsense. Maybe your own sense of humor isn’t working.

  3. These mandates are getting people killed.

    I guess somebody decided that covid deaths being down 95% was making the world too safe.

      • Okay , Trump isn’t ideal, everyone here already gets that. Would you rather have as president whoever senile old Joe Biden picks as VP? Old Joe may not even make it to swearing in before expiring and even if he does he will be a meat puppet for whatever the far left demands, including stacking the Court. Do you think that Roberts will stand up to them? How long do you think your gun rights are gonna last with Chuck Schumer as majority leader and meat puppet Biden or his substitute in the White House?

        • The fault in all this is on the heads of those who promoted Trump leading into the Republican Convention. The choice did not have to be Trump or Shrillery. Just because the Democrats were annointing their worst possible option was no reason for the Republicans to do likewise.

          If Biden wins this time the fault remains with those who put Trump in office in 2016. Not only do elections have consequences, but those consequences have a legacy that does not simply vanish with the next election season.

        • With Biden as vice president last time, POTG achieved the right to carry our firearms on hundreds of thousands of acres of federal managed lands, BATF approved both bump stocks and pistol braces.

          Under Trump, we’ve lost bump stocks and pistol braces are on the chopping block.

          “Let’s take the guns first and worry about the courts later“ DJ T

        • Well now it is true that the last two Presidential Candidates to actually succeed at gun control were both Republicans. There was Romney as Gov of Mass-ass-achussetts and Trump as the anti-Bump Stock, anti-pistol brace, anti-gun nominated BATFE director, take the guns first way of thinking!

          So maybe an incompetent liberal who can’t get anything done ain’t such a bad way to go?

          Or did Obama take all your guns and somehow we all just missed that fact?

  4. Wearing a mask is a badge of compliance of illegal communist orderS!





    • Just because the government tells you to do something doesn’t make it automatically a bad idea. I don’t like the government forcing me to wear seatbelts or helmets but I would still wear them if they didn’t because its the smart thing to do.

      • And there’s the difference between the two. On one hand, you get the opportunity to make your own decision for your own life. That’s called liberty. On the other hand, you don’t mind being commanded to do that same action by an overreaching government. That’s called tyranny, and what you’re doing is being what’s called a sheeple.

        I myself would also prefer to wear a seat belt and a helmet. So why do you and I need people we’ve never met who live/work far away from us telling us that we must do what they say under penalty of fine or imprisonment? You’re okay with that?

        Where do you draw the line? If you always buy a certain brand and type of toilet paper anyhow, are you okay if the government mandates that you buy that same brand from now on?

        • So then Haz you are saying that we should for example do away with OSHA and the NTSB? In regards to cars are you stating that safety equipment should be an options package that people can either choose or refuse? I mean who really needs seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and crumple zones right? Workers should be able to choose to work without worrying about safety items like hard hats, steel toed shoes and respirators?

          Personally I don’t agree with the mask mandate, but I can see the reasoning behind it. I choose to wear a mask while shopping because it is the considerate thing to do. I don’t believe that I have COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not asymptomatic. I work in the health industry and know that you normally can’t identify a person with a compromised immune system (for example someone who may be going thru Chemotherapy) and some one who is healthy. Also I do not feel that I have the right to confront anyone about whether or not they are, or are not, wearing a mask. Let alone wearing it properly. All that I ask is if you choose to not wear a mask to stay at least 6 feet away from me and to not intentionally cough on me. Live and let live is my motto.

        • After literally years of dealing with OSHA and related inspections, I can firmly state that much of the regs are nonsense and unnecessary.

          When California enacted our seatbelt, motorcycle helmet, and bicycle helmet laws (I remember all three), the reasons stated were (1) safety and (2) to reduce medical insurance and court lawsuit loads. So the liberties adult drivers/operators enjoyed since the inventions of all these vehicles generations earlier were removed from us because legislators in Sacramento declared from their distant Ivory Tower that the common residents of our great State were not to be trusted to make the decisions themselves.

          Same reason why Gov. Jerry Brown removed our ability to open carry several years ago, after 160+ of statehood. He openly admitted in the bill’s signing ceremony that it was not due to malfeasance by the public, but because of widespread LEOs not being properly trained to understand gun law. So instead of requiring law enforcement to actually know the laws they’re enforcing, he chose to remove our right from us instead. That is currently making it’s way through the courts to have it restored.

          Our nation thrived with only a modicum of safety regulations. Nowadays every new politician feels the need to “make his mark” by removing more of our liberties and slapping new restrictions into place. If I were in charge, I make the same mandate that Trump did, and require at least two regulations or laws to be repealed for every new one passed.

        • I suggest you express your freedom by not wearing seatbelts or a helmet when riding your motorcycle, that’s real freedom!

          ER doctors have a special term for motorcycle riders not wearing helmets, they call them ‘organ donors’. They are usually young, strong, with few health issues and undamaged organs, ready for transplant!

          So go ahead, let the wind blow through your hair, that’s real freedom!

          And you know, I might need a spanking new liver one day… So ride to live, live to ride!

        • Miner:

          Bullshit. 41% of riders killed in 2016 were not wearing helmets. Guess what, the other 69% were.

          Given how FACE MASKS are not helmets and 99% are worn improperly or unsealed, then they do nothing. If you can smell things through them, they are not effective. Plain and simple. Whatever tho, you believe whatever article you can pull up that you specifically looked for to prove the lies you refuse to see through. Your mentality never changes. Do as you are told slave, and muzzle yourself. Better yet, STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES… right?

        • “If you can smell things through them, they are not effective.”

          Monty, apparently you slept through science class in elementary school. It is interesting to encounter an adult who does not understand the difference between a solid and a gas.

          You may not understand how an aerosol works as well, you can thank German scientists for developing that particular technique. Your first clue would be; opposite charges attract, like charges repel.

    • Then stay home.

      If you go into someone else’s private business play by their rules, get out, or get shot.

      Also, figure out what caps lock does and how to use it, boomer.

      • Why don’t you stay the fuck home? Are you really naive enough to play the “private business” card when you know damn well it’s the leftists in power making those rules and fear mongering in the first place? If you are scared of living, or getting sick, then worry about yourself. Good luck with your weak ass immune system, bubble boy.

  5. A little light on details to know for sure but, if true… probably a net gain for society.

    Imagine asking someone for a favor (air in the tires) and then attacking when they ask YOU to wear a mask while they help you.

    • Maybe don’t rely on random strangers for help, especially ones who believe such a stupid theory.

  6. I can’t wait for the return of normal times when you could get shot at for wearing a mask.

    • You win the interwebz Ralph! What a bunch of beaches TTAG is attracting😖😕😏

  7. I kind of look at all this touchy-feely, social distancing, mask wearing, quarantine stuff like WWII scrap drives – we sure didn’t win that war because Aunt Tilley dumped her empty tin cans and old brass bedstead on the scrap trailer but it let everyone feel like they were part of the effort. If putting a scrap of t-shirt fabric over my ugly mug alleviates some nervous souls anxiety it’s the least I can do. As far as social distancing and self-quarantining, well, most people are dumb asses or idiots so keeping my distance just comes naturally anyway.

    And, if all it takes to get our economy moving and growing again – which is an absolute sure fire way to keep the Leftist/statist/Progressive/insurgent/seditious/traitorous bustards from winning any elective office – is wearing a bandanna and staying 6 feet away from some brainless schlump then just bloody well do it!

    • You are so right!

      Masks are just another way that The Man is keeping us down!

      Sure fire way to express the patriotism of a real American is to not wear a mask in public, go about your business, go to restaurants, bars, the church on Sunday morning where you can pack the pews with your friends and neighbors. Be sure to shake the preachers hand on the way out, brother!

      • Already do, because unlike you we know the lies they are telling us to control us. Don’t you think it’s funny how there has been more exposure of lies towards infection and death rates than there has been proven cases? Starting to think you work for fucking MSNBC. Coward. Muzzle yourself and mind your own business.

  8. What I really want is to come to this site, read intelligent discussions of different points of view, and never see any of the “you don’t agree with me so you are a fill_in_the_blank_filthy_insult”.

    As far as masks go, if you don’t have symptoms, you aren’t contagious, and you don’t need a mask.
    If you are sick, then wear a mask to protect others. If, however, you don’t put on a fresh one every two to four hours you are not doing anyone any good; the mask is a filter, if it fills up, breathing blows the crud in and out just as though there was no mask on your face.

      • The data I’ve seen coming from the EU regarding contact tracing of asymptomatic individuals shows no transmission of the disease. Those who have no symptoms are not infecting others. I could be wrong, but I think that’s true of most diseases.

        My biggest problem with all of this is that it’s become so politicized; it’s a disease, not an election, you’d think that even politicians would know this isn’t the right time to try to score points.

        • Everything is politicized now. You cannot watch sports without getting political. Sports used to be a release from the bullshit. Competition, fun, and then they got to be all about the numbers. Now it’s all about marketing. Politics is the easiest market to sell the simple minded, especially when something like a cough goes around. Selling people hope has never been so easy.

        • “Recent epidemiologic, virologic, and modeling reports support the possibility of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) transmission from persons who are presymptomatic (SARS-CoV-2 detected before symptom onset) or asymptomatic (SARS-CoV-2 detected but symptoms never develop).May 4, 2020”

          Evidence Supporting Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory …

  9. In other news: CDC just said it’s now only a 24 hour isolation…

    lmfao. Shit just keeps getting less dangerous by the minute.

    Put on your muzzles you fucking cowards. I’ll take the “fine”, or shop elsewhere, or shop entirely online and curbside pick up. But it’s everyone’s right to privacy to deny your asking them to wear a mask. If the shop owner – or karen low level bottom bitch employees who are scared of a cough – won’t let you shop there without harassing you, then move on. You don’t have to tell them shit about why you are not wearing a mask. If only they could just mind their own business and stay away from the fear mongering cancel culture that tells them how to live their life and judge everyone. COVID is NOT as bad as they say it is, and most the statistics are falsified. Prove me wrong.

    • “COVID is NOT as bad as they say it is, and most the statistics are falsified. Prove me wrong.”

      You are making quite the claim, regarding Covid statistics. Because you are making a claim that “most of the statistics are falsified“ the burden of proof is upon you to support your claim.

      I would be happy to examine any source or citation you can point to to support your assertion. I’d also be interested in your academic or employment qualifications that inform your assessment and conclusion.

  10. Wearing a mask stops covid-19 the same way underwear stops the smell of farts, which BTW are fecal particles.

    • COVID-19 size: 0.125 micron
      Oxygen size: 0.0005
      Methane size: 0.00038
      Farts are literally smaller than oxygen.

        • Holy cow, another one who was outback smoking cigarettes during science class apparently.

          Our friend ‘someone’ correctly related relative sizes but it went over your head. Maybe you do not understand what a micron or a micrometer is?

          “The micrometre (international spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures;[1] SI symbol: μm) or micrometer (American spelling), also commonly known as a micron”

          The surgical mask may not block every individual virus particles, but it will stop the much larger aerosol droplets of moisture containing thousands of replication competent virus particles.

          Really, you folks might want to learn more about the various states of matter…

      • Apparently, some folks slept through science class in middle school.

        If you can’t tell the difference between a solid and a gas, there’s not a lot I can do for you.

        And regarding masks’ mitigation of the spread of virus particles, when you exhale, you don’t exhale individual particles of the virus, you exhale a large aerosol droplet of liquid containing thousands of virus particles.

        Even a simple cloth mask can stop the movement of these large particles.
        You may have noticed when wearing a mask, after use it becomes slightly damp. That’s because it’s collecting those aerosol droplets of moisture.

  11. Jesus, I read this comment section and I’m pretty sure that one of two things is true.

    Either at some point in the last few hours someone dosed me on a metric fuckton of acid, or someone dosed the rest of you on a metric fuckton of acid and I’m missing the fun.

    Seriously though, thanks for the chuckles guys. Might as well get a few laughs about all this shit.

    • I’m just waiting for civilization to finally break.

      Then I will achieve self actualization.

  12. Usually we see arguments around here dealing with revolver vs auto, .45 vs 9mm, or similar things. Today its freedom VS tyranny, and sadly, and awful lot of commenters are coming out in favor of tyranny.
    Freedom most certainly DOES mean I can do what I want. You can no more tell me to wear a diaper on my face than you can tell me to wear ladies’ underwear or a knight’s helmet. I dont care how lofty your reasons or how scared you are. You’re wrong.
    If you’re scared, its on you, not on me.

    • Yep, that whole germ theory of disease is just that, a theory. “If you can’t see it, it can’t hurt you“ is wisdom from grandma that’s never been proved wrong. Our glorious President Trump told us that the virus is a democrat hoax, that will fade away with warm temperatures just as we see happening now.

      The libtards only want you to wear the mask to muzzle you from saying ‘trump pence 2020!’ as loud as you can so take that mask off and shout from the rooftops!

      And if you want to go to church on Sunday morning, pack the pews elbow to elbow with your family and friends, hugging and kissing and shaking the preachers hand at the end of the ceremony, it’s your American right!

      • Damned straight. And if you want to use this as an excuse to tell other people what to do, you are wrong. Too many people out there want to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

  13. The virus isn’t going away, and I’m not wearing a face diaper for the rest of my life.

  14. With regard to Miner49 citing a study that asymptomatic individuals can transmit the disease vs me citing one that says they can’t transmit it; both studies can’t be correct, it’s not possible. Someone is lying to us, and I suspect it’s for political reasons.

    • Rick, I must’ve missed your study, would you re-post your citation so I can check it out?


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