Thanksgiving Sales and Coupons From Brownells

From complete firearms from all the major manufacturers to gun parts and accessories to ‘smithing tools, Brownells has the shooter covered A to Z. And, beginning right now, there are three discount coupon codes and some special sale prices for the Thanksgiving holiday . . . Coupon codes: •  MEC — Free Shipping with no […]

Brownells Announces Retro M16A1/AR-15 Furniture

Brownells won’t be peddling poodle skirts or coonskin caps any time soon, but they’re hearkening back to the 1950s and Eugene Stoner’s most iconic design for the latest additions to their famously comprehensive product line-up. They’re now offering M16A1 furniture in three decorator colors to achieve the classic look you’ve been wanting your AR. Here’s […]

Brownells Enters the Gun Sales Business

There aren’t a lot of gunners who haven’t spent hours browsing Brownells’ site (and maybe their catalogs in the olden days) for parts and gear to fix and customize the firearms they already own. Now, though, they’ll be able to buy not only accessories and tools, but also the guns themselves. Brownells just announced that […]

Brownells’ Website Adds Better Build-A-Bear. Uh, AR-15

Brownells bills itself as “The World’s Largest Supplier of Firearms Supplies and Gunsmithing Tools.” It may not be the catchiest strap-line in the ballistic business, but, like the company’s products, it’ll git ‘er done. (That expression is also done.) Of course, Brownells didn’t get itself into this enviable position by resting on its laurels (which […]