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From ABC News: A new photograph obtained exclusively by ABC News showing the bloodied back of George Zimmerman’s head, which was apparently taken three minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, gives possible credence to his claim that Martin had bashed his head against the concrete as Zimmerman fought for his life. This certainly appears to support Zimmerman’s claim that he was getting a beat-down . . .

How much head-bashing is a guy supposed to take before he is in fear of his life? Does asking someone if they belong in your neighborhood justify a righteous beat-down?

I get asked all the time if I belong places where I am, most recently at the NRA convention. Paul Blart asked to see my credentials, and when I lacked the exhibitor endorsement, he sent me on my way. Somehow, I managed to calm myself.

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  1. That’s good enough for me…not guilty of 2nd degree murder. Self defense. Still, what he did was BAD judgment in the face of law enforcement telling him not to pursue Trayvon. He felt like a big man because he had a gun – look where it got him. He should still be open to some sort of monetary lawsuit (that they’ll never collect because he’s broke).

    • In the reports I’ve seen, the dispatcher says, “you don’t need to do that” (regarding his pursuit). That’s a bit different than if he was directly ordered not to pursue.

      Your assumption that you know his state of mind at the time tells volumes more about your prejudices than it does about his behavior.

      • This is all kind of irrelevant. Go listen to the actual 911 call on the police website (not the doctored ones on youtube).

        The 911 operator tells Zimmerman “We don’t need you to do that”, and then what is the next thing Zimmerman says (neatly cut out of news reports)?:


        Seconds later he doesn’t want to give his home address out loud because he doesn’t know where Martin is anymore. He HEEDED the 911 operator in the first place.

        All this talk about him “pursuing Martin when told to stop” is irrelevant from the start. The raw data is there, go look at it rather than getting it through the filter of NBC, et al.

        • Yes, the claim that Zimmerman was somehow stalking Martin is clearly either an error or a lie.

        • I got that too. Was wondering why that is always brought up, if he said okay, then he complied, even if he was not technically obligated to do so.

      • Why the heck would you say I have prejudices or am biased here? Maybe I have some facts wrong but I’m all about what’s right, based upon the facts. I don’t have an angle to support either guy’s position really. It has nothing to do with a personal agenda. The mere fact that you assume it’s coming from some prejudice or bias shows your state of mind (or lack thereof)…makes you seem to be the one who is biased. Sheesh.

    • Did I miss the day in civics class where we learned that a 911 operator can give us legally binding directions? I must have missed it. Does a 911 operator even qualify as being an authority figure?

      • An entire race baiting industry is basing their position on what the 911 operator said. Facts be damned. They would have us believe George relinquished his right of self defense by getting out of his truck or even asking Martin what he was doing.

        Next up, wearing a hoodie means you can’t confront me any more.

      • In the current state of American Civil Liberties? I’m sure a 9-11 Dispatcher, Dog Catcher, Librarian, or Garbageman all count as Government Authority.

    • 911 can’t order you to do anything however they stated in a nicely worded phrase to not pursue. However I think statements made by Mr. Z to 911, and also the time frame of the call, time stamps with Trayvon’s cell phone will all play a factor.
      just because he go a scratch on his head doesn’t mean he was not the instigator. I don’t think anyone can make that call. In fact that is really going to the the crux of the issue.
      If Mr. Z never touched Mr. Martin and Mr. Martin then decided to kick some butt then yes he was defending himself.
      If Mr. Z instigated with Mr. Martin who then fought back, then Mr. Z would be at fault.
      I also saw a news post that Mr. Z is out on 150,000 bail. Given the crazy people out there I hope he makes it to trial! I am not sure if they are planning on keeping him under protection or not, but they should. Not just private security but law enforcement. I don’t want to infringe on Mr. Z’s rights or anything but his safety is of importance as well.

    • Yes ‘BOOM’ for any hopes of Zimmerman getting off on this one.

      In no, way, shape or form does this picture show any indisputable evidence that the accused’s head was repeatedly and violently ‘bashed against a concrete surface’ because if it had there would surely be very visible open gashes/wounds, not merely the rather slight trickling of blood shown.

      Any reasonably intelligent individual has to question the location of the ‘alleged’ wounds, as they are not located in places that would most likely sustain injury from having one’s head struck against a concrete surface while lying down on the ground with someone ‘allegedly’ hovering over i.e. the surfaces protruding most from the skull etc.

      Additionally, where are the medical records, as surely if one’s head had been bashed so brutally/repeatedly against concrete a possible concussion would be of great concern to medical professionals, and how is it that such extreme head trauma/wounds have failed to leave any semblance of external tissue damage/scars (as can be clearly seen via the accused recent court appearance)?

      Nothing about this ‘alleged’ photographic evidence appears to add up to the statements made by the accused.

      • So, now a man has to release confidential medical information to prove he is innocent? Did you skip that class on civics?

        The standard is reasonable doubt. Learn it, love it, live it. The bacon it saves may be your own.

        • Actually if he was treated by a doctor I think in this instance they can subpena the records for proof of treatment and the actual extent of the injuries.

          RALF where are you when we need a lawyer!

          • George Zimmerman made a lot of mistakes that night. One of them was not going immediately to the hospital for treatment and proper documentation of his injuries.

            Lesson learned?

            • From what I understand from police reports his injuries were treated at the scene. Surely they documented the extent of his injuries beforehand.

              • Parthenon, if you ever have this misfortune of being involved in a DGU and have any kind of injury, no matter how superficial, go to the hospital.

              • Excellent advice from Ralph. Go to the hospital to get treated after any injury from a DGU. The photo of Zimmerman’s injury may literally save his life.

        • +1 – the prosecution will get his medical records and they will have to release the other photos that exist of his injuries, just like the autopsy report comes out and we get to see what injuries young Mr. Martin had as well as what was in his system (ironic as today is 420 day).

          • Prosecutors often and illegally withhold exonerating evidence. This has happened many times, including against people wrongfully conficted of murder and were on death row. Prosecutors themselves are immune from prosecution when they are caught doing this. No incentive to be honest, every incentive to cheat.

            • Prosecutors withhold Brady material more often than they disclose it, and that’s the truth.

      • Daharder, I see AT LEAST TWO points of impact, meaning repeated head trauma, meaning lethal intent on the attackers part. Also, the places that the head wounds would appear from being slammed on the ground are variable due to peoe having, ya know, necks. Those are rather flexible my friend.
        I agree that he should t have put himself in the position to have to defend himself, but I would have shot the guy trying to bash my head in too if I ended up in his position. And it would be a legitimate DGU. Case closed. Media attention and someone pulling the race card shouldn’t be a prison sentence

        • What ‘you’ would have done is not the least bit relevant, but the FACT that the accused was explicitly instructed that those participating as neighborhood watch volunteers were NOT to carry fire arms… an instruction that the accused clearly violated just as blatantly violated the instructions of the 911 operator NOT follow pursue the situation any further.

          • I’m glad you’re on top of this…I’m sure you’ve given your statement to the Sanford PD, right? As someone else stated, there is a witness that saw Martin on top of Zimmerman…Multiple cuts to the back of the head consistent with Zimmermans story the night it happened.

          • Okay DaHarder….

            FACT: The area where the altercation took place was a public area in which any FL CHL holder was permitted to conceal a firearm.

            FACT: A neighborhood watch has no authority to give any legally binding orders to anyone of any kind. None. It’s not even a legal entity.

            FACT: As previously stated by many, a 911 operator has about as much legal authority as a plumber.

            FACT: Injuries to the head with the potential to induce unconsciousness elevate the threat level in a use of force scenario.

            FACT: A victim in a position of physical disadvantage (ie assailant has his back, assailant is in the mount, etc) also has sound justification to elevate their use of force because they have a reasonable fear of serious bodily harm or death.

            These are some of the only FACTS that we even HAVE in this case.

            OPINION: GZ should have exercised a little more discretion and situatioal awareness.

            OPINION: As the evidence has been laid before me at this point, all of which is questionable because no source of information is without an agenda these days, I feel like he will be acquitted.

            OPINION: RF wrote an entire blog entry about the TSA just so that he could post a picture and make us jealous not only of his pelican case set-up but of his beautiful Wilson Combat 1911 as well.

            See how that works? Fact VS. opinion? Now, we would all do well to reign in the speculation and have some drinks. We don’t know what entirely happened that night. Not yet.

            • OPINION: RF wrote an entire blog entry about the TSA just so that he could post a picture and make us jealous not only of his pelican case set-up but of his beautiful Wilson Combat 1911 as well.

              FACT: That was Nick.

          • those participating as neighborhood watch volunteers were NOT to carry fire arms

            So a person who’s on the neighborhood watch cannot ever carry a weapon? If they’re out as part of a “neighborhood watch patrol”, then they can make that requirement – if he was just out on his own and happened to stumble across Martin, then it’s completely irrelevant.

            just as blatantly violated the instructions of the 911 operator NOT follow pursue the situation any further.

            1) 911 operators have no legal authority to command you to do anything. They could have told him that he had to strip naked and do the chicken dance or he’d go to jail and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

            2) Scroll up and see the transcripts from the actual call – he went back to his car after the 911 dispatcher said that.

          • I hope you have not served on any juries if you fail to understand the significance of Zimmerman sustaining a head injury in his altercation with Martin.

        • Not to mention brusing elsewhere on the head and that the photo is out of focus anyway, so you have to look closer to see the gashes.

      • Sounds like a man who staked a very public position against Mr. Zimmerman based on MSM lies is doubling down on his choice. You seem to forget that there is an eyewitness to the beatdown. Not Guilty of all charges.

        This is more like Boom goes Ms. Corey’s career. She won’t get he Mike Nifong award only because there is enough ambiguity in the case to prevent her from facing misconduct charges.

      • Yes I agree with you! This photo looks fake if your head was bashed against concrete surely you would have gashes and during the photo you see Zimmerman in when he’s being question by the police that night you would see gashes. And even when you saw him in court on April 20th he would still have gashes in the back of his head you should be able to see because his hair is cut short!

  2. Well, I must say I am glad the photo was not released by NBC or CNBC because with their shoddy journalism, who knows what kind of spin they would put on this photo given how much they love Remington and all.

    • Aha! We have indisputable photographic evidence that PROVES that George Zimmerman is WHITE!!!!

  3. What is the deal with ABC’s caption “Alleged photo …”? If they obtained the photo from a trustworthy source and verified its authenticity, using the word “Alleged” is poor journalism. Otherwise they should not post the photo.

  4. Good job calming yourself, but since the convention was a gun free zone you could have gone to fisticuffs without fear of getting shot… just sayin’. 😉 I’ m usually much safer when I carry because I have to use a level of self restraint that is near impossible for me in some situations when unarmed. Not that I’m much a hothead… just sayin’

      • I’m not 100% on this, but I think it would come into play in consideration of the “reasonable fear of serious bodily harm or death” standard. If you lose consciousness, then you’re at the complete mercy of your assailant. You don’t know what they could do to you when that happens. If you’re getting your head beaten into pavement and you’re beginning to see stars, then it might be reasonable for you to believe that you’re in danger serious bodily harm at least.

        • The Army keeps telling us that new studies on traumatic brain injury show that even one concussion affects you for the rest of your life. Not in a major way, mind you, but if its bad enough it can get worse years down the road. So they say. The Army doesn’t have a great track record…

      • This is something that needs to be much more emphasized. If you’re not carrying and you are accosted by someone with deadly force, you have the option (a lousy one, but an option) to submit. When you’re carrying, there is always at least one gun involved–yours. Even if it never clears Kydex, it’s present. Are you ready to give up your pistol in good conscience to someone already demonstrating willingness to employ force? Are you ready to kill to prevent that? More importantly, are you willing to maintain a state of awareness at all times to minimize the chances of ever being put in that position?

    • That is just ONE of the reasons Z. was an idiot confronting the hooded thug. Sure, the hooded thug was likely someone who got what he may well have had comming, but Z. was taking too much into his own hands by acting like an LEO and bit off more than he could chew. Z. should have not confronted the hooded snake, but simply should have observed the poor, young, warm-hearted, Red Cross volunteering, skittles eating model citizen until he disappeared into the shadows. Z. is not an LEO and had no business getting face to face with anyone out there, he’s an idiot. Having said that, we are where we are and too bad the media with the help of some race-baiters have turned this into a racial ball of crap.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that there appears to be an unfocused spot or glare precisely where you’d expect the wound to be based on the blood? I wonder if this photo has been, ahem, massaged.

    • This is pure speculation, but it looks like a cell phone picture with the flash on. It could just as easily be washed out do to the quality of the camera.

  6. Bring it on. Once all the evidence comes out a lot if ignorant people are going to feel really loud mouthed… Or did I mean a lot of loud mouthed people are going to feel really ignorant?

    • They have no shame. They will not acknowledge they behaved poorly nor will they apologize. The media’s malpractice, its attempt to start a race war, and this case as a whole will all go down the memory hole.

    • Only decent people would feel bad and apologize for jumping the gun. So no, no apologies will ever come from this, just like there never have been in any previous race-baiting circus.

  7. The problem is that we don’t know what happened in the critical 10-30 seconds before the “beating” and that is the difference between self-defense and 2nd degree murder.
    If this was an unprovoked attack on Zimmerman then he is not guilty. If, on the other hand, Zimmerman had threatened Martin with his weapon or in some other manner, even if he thought Trevon was a criminal, then Trevon could have been fighting a (loosing) battle to save his own life and in reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm himself when he caused these injuries. In that case, guilty.
    That information is the key to this case and we may never know what really happened in those final moments.

    • No such evidence exists. If it did and it was favorable to the prosecution’s case then Corey would have gone for a grand jury indictment. You have to go with the evidence you got, speculation is inadmissible. That is why the acquittals are Not Guilty verdicts and not a finding of Innocence.

  8. The whole Trayvon Martin thing shows beyond a doubt the wisdom of discretion, self restraint and good ‘ol minding your own business. We who are not anointed from on high to enforce “public safety” ought to think very carefully about intervening in matters where Police have extensive immunity from prosecution or even criticism. In short, cops can and do get away with an awful lot that we as private citizens can’t.

    I have learned the hard way that confronting strangers about suspicious, irresponsible or illegal behavior is highly likely to result in threats or violence against ones person and anyone we are with (most particularly including wives and daughters). Except in case of direct attack on myself, family or friends I will retreat if at all possible since even if I “win” such an encounter it isn’t worth the risk.

  9. More interestingly, IMHO, one of the state investigators testified today at the bond hearing that he knew of no evidence that indicated which of them initiated the altercation…..

  10. This is an example of the bad justice system in our country. Again the system is being manipulated by the “populacho”, is this case the African-American community, the media, the news and the collective hysteria of the anti-gun people.
    In the State of Florida the Stand Your Ground rule is very clear and precise, I’s a matter for the Law representatives to enforce the Law as it was written and not by the pressure of individuals or groups. I agree that a full investigation should have been done and action taken as a result of that. The officers and detectives at the scene of the crime has the capacity at the time to come to an initial conclusion and act accordingly with the Law.
    We should be very careful on how our rights and freedom be subjected to the “populacho” opinions and by the misinformed and sensationalistic media.
    We can say this- and that and- he said and -she said and -so on…. but the truth is only known by Mr. Zimmerman and is the duty of the court now to find out what truth is, without being influenced by outsiders no matter what race or hidden agenda they might have.

  11. By any definition, a 6’1″ muscular man slamming the back of your head into concrete is attempted murder.

    • Don’t be dumb that’s a lie. Zimmerman has to use something to justify killing a 17 year old black male because of his racial opinions! I wish everybody wake up!

      • Col,
        Read the post above yours by “Bornfightin”… You are one of the very reasons that this story has become a racial mess. FLAME DELETED

  12. I am just glad it wasn’t one of MY kids walking that night. All you right-wing freaks need to start using the brain god gave you.

    • Do any of your kids have gold teeth and gang tats? Do they meander around the neighborhood in gangsta attire. If not, then you have nothing to worry about now do you?

    • Thruthy,
      I thank the stars above that my kids are my kids and not yours in that they were raised being acquainted with common sense…

  13. I find it interesting that suddenly the news media have stopped using photos of Trayvon as a 9 year old.

    • HuffPo still is. In fact, I heard that HuffPo found some great ultrasound shots of Trayvon Martin in utero. Next up — photos of Martin’s first day in kindergarten, meeting a white Hispanic.

  14. Interesting photo. See what the talking head media will be saying in the future?
    I have noticed that the media is shifting a bit and there was an online poll showing a slight majority thinking Zimmerman is innocent of murder.

    I sort of am still scratching my head on how the Prosecution if going to make the Murder charges stick, but we shall see. I have noticed some legal pundits saying the same thing.

  15. You’re all talking as if facts matter. This is the modern justice system, everyone, we only accept political agendas and mob rule, thank you.

  16. I got jumped by two guys when I was a teenager and got my head bashed into the concrete 5 or 6 times.The first time hurt,the second time I remember blood gushing out of my nose and my entire body went numb and I was completely paralyzed for a few seconds.Fortunately the guys didn’t wanna kill me so they stopped.But I absolutely thought after that second lick I was going to die right there on the spot,and had I been in possesion of a gun I would have shot both of them more than once to make it stop.The interesting part is the back of my head never bled at all,there was a spot that was bruised badly and had kind of a road rash feel to it and huge knots but no blood…..

    • Head wound are strange. I’ve seen fatal head wounds with no blood, and superficial scalp wounds that bled and bled.

  17. My opinon:
    Zimmerman had no business getting in the face of anyone. If he’s a neighborhood watch guy, that’s great! If he observes some hooded thug doing whatever then he should report it and NOT pretend he’s an LEO and confront anyone himself. Having said that, as stupid as Z. was, he apparently was fighting for his life and it is possible he may well have needed to shoot to protect himself from permanent harm or even death. Z. is like a person who pokes at a rattle snake with his toes. The thug that was shot may well have been a skittles eating snake but Z. had no business getting intimate with it, er, him. I say Z. needs not be convicted of any kind of murder but should get at least 100 hours of intense common sense training, with such training being openly and publicly given so that some of the other “sheep dog” idiots out there might benefit. Z. brought it upon himself, even if he saved society some possible future trouble with a hooded thug…

  18. If there was no altercation, what would Trayvon have been guilty of? Other then NOT carrying a gun himself, which by the “Stand Your Ground Law” implies that EVERY BLACK KID REALLY SHOULD BE PACKING FROM NOW ON.


    Now does that sound right? That dumb ass wild, wild, west mentality is where Tombstone, AZ got its name. Do you honestly want to revert back to that?

    • Now where do you get that idea from?
      The “Stand your ground law” has nothing to do with this case, as Zimmerman appears to have had no opportunity to escape.
      I think you will find that the minimum age for a CCW is 21, so that rules out those “kids” you mention legally carrying.
      Not that those legal restrictions stopped Shawn Tyson, a 17 year old black kid, from carrying a handgun & using it to murder two British tourists.
      Oh, that was within hours of him being allowed to roam free by a judge after his involvement in another shooting……

      • Zimmerman had nowhere to run? He was forced to approach the kid and create a confrontation where there was none, violating one of the cardinal rules of ccw and the orders of 911 dispatchers ? You’re right about stand your ground having nothing to do with it at least.

        • So tell me how Zimmerman could have retreated whilst having his head bashed on the concrete.
          Would you condemn him if it had been different & Martin turned out to be a burglar?
          The 911 dispatchers did not order him not to follow Martin; they said “we don’t need you to do that”.

          You are presuming Zimmerman’s guilt; something you surely would decry were it you being accused.
          How about waiting for the courts to decide that matter – on the basis of far more evidence than we have available.

        • are you suggesting that if I approach the kids in my neighborhood for any reason what soever that they should punch me?

    • Uh, well, actually Tombstone got it’s name because the guy who founded the town on top of a mining claim was earlier told by US Army soldiers in a nearby fort that “the only stone he would find was his tombstone.” This was due to the presence of Apache in the area who didn’t take kindly to settlers, not because of anything that happened after the town’s founding.

  19. What would be the basis for the arrest if someone can show injuries like that just after shooting someone….These people(state authorities) are f**k tards…..Mobocracy at its best.

  20. Umm Mike…do you watch the news? I believe Nate was referring to the fact that Zimmerman called 911 regarding Treyvon “suspicious behavior” and was told to leave it alone. Zimmerman was told NOT TO PURSUE the teen. Zimmerman brought this all on himself by not following the advice and instruction of a trained professional. He deserves everything that is raining down on him now. In this society you do not get to choose which rules you are going to follow.

    • The words used by the dispatcher were “we don’t need you to do that”.
      There was NO order for him not to follow, only advice.
      Now here you are stating he deserves the politically driven prosecution that is heading his way – notably WITHOUT first going through a Grand Jury.
      Tell me again which “rules” he broke….

    • He was not ordered NOT TO PERSUE, I believe he was told “We don’t NEED you to do that” there is a difference.

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