“Livery drivers would be able to pack heat — like kooky cabbie Travis Bickle in ‘Taxi Driver’ — if an industry group gets its way.” An entire city is disarmed by its own stupidity and all nydailynews.com can do is draw a parallel between justifiably frightened livery drivers and a fictional psychotic taxi driver. Who, by the way, didn’t seem to have any problem getting access to guns (arrest that prop master!). “The call to arms was made during discussions with the TLC [Taxi and Limousine Commission] as it fashions rules for its five-borough taxi plan.” And ignored. “It is important for public safety and perception to disallow any weapons in the vehicle,” the TLC ruled. D’uh. The chances of Mayor Blameburg allowing ANYONE in the City to carry concealed—other than cops, celebs and contributors—are somewhere between none and none. Other than that, I’ll say this: gun control kills. Click here for a look at taxi-related homicides (livery drivers not included). Click here for self-defense guru Rob Pincus’ take arming taxi drivers. [h/t Allen]


  1. I am sure that Mayor “Guns Are Eeevil” Bloomberg’s taxpayer-paid limo driver is armed. Of course, he/she/it is no doubt a NYC cop, so that’s OK; he/she/it can be trusted with a gun. And remember, the Mayor is one of the aristocracy – he DESERVES protection. You disarmed limo-taxi drivers are peasants, so you cannot be trusted with firearms.

  2. Antis live in fantasyland already, why be surprised that they use fiction as evidence? The day an anti faces reality is the day he/she is no longer an anti…or, in Bloomberg’s case, the day he no longer has his own private army to guard him.


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