Oakland LaRonne Armstrong
Oakland, CA Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong. Screencap by Boch via KTVU
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As we reported yesterday, Oakland’s police chief LeRonne Armstrong held a media briefing about the arrest of a Good Samaritan who used his gun to thwart the assault and robbery of a woman outside his store. If there was ever a poster child for why the little people need self-defense insurance this police chief and his smarmy little grin is it.

The chief told the local media – grinning all the while – that “We don’t want people to fire weapons into our community. There could be unintended victims.” The message was clear: don’t resist bad guys who attack you because you could miss.

Hey chief, members of your community don’t want to be robbed in broad daylight on your city’s streets that you’re failing to keep safe. You can’t blame law-abiding citizens from choosing to defend themselves with the best tools for the job.

Chief Armstrong just kept digging in another media interview:

“Particularly, we don’t want people to fire weapons into our community,” he said. “When weapons are fired in our community, there could be unintended victims; people who are hit by gunfire. And we want to avoid that as much as we can.”


A 36-year-old man faces one count of felony assault with a firearm, authorities said.

A community member told KTVU that the store owner fired four gunshots when he witnessed a woman being robbed for her camera outside his store at 9th and Franklin streets on Monday at about 5:45 p.m. No one was injured after his gun went off.

Inquiring readers might ask for whom Chief LeRonne advocates. Does he care more about protecting violent criminal predators, or does he seek to defend law-abiding residents who pay his salary?

You decide.

Either way, if you own a gun, you need self-defense insurance.

US Law Shield has a great product that runs about $130 per year for the first year. I spend my own money each year to carry their coverage.

There’s also Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. Like Massad Ayoob, I’m a member of their program as well.

And US Concealed Carry Association has a comprehensive program as well. Hint: use a throwaway email address if you sign up with them as they’re going to spam the heck out of it.

Whichever one you choose, get insurance. It works even if you don’t carry your gun and you defend yourself in your own home or business. So you’ll have a good criminal defense attorney who can wipe that smarmy little grin right off an elitist, politically-appointed hack, one who wants to put you on trial for exercising your God-given, constitutionally-protected civil right of self-defense.

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  1. I joined the original Texas Law Shield when it first came online. Best money I ever spent. I renew every year. Highly recommend them

      • I’ve read all of your rants here. Sounds to me like you have had a terrible experience with an insurance company. Like they denied a claim and you fought and lost. So, the question remains, do you carry any kind of insurance. life, home or auto? If not then you are doubly foolish. This will be my only reply to you. Good day.

      • That’s not how this works…..”leftists” don’t get their own states and areas where we should “stay out of”….

        • to be fair most “leftist” areas are literally covered in human waste and junkies – they can miss me with all of that and keep their 3rd world tier cities to themselves

  2. Uppity peasants are the enemy of the elites in power. Violent criminals are a tool to keep peasants from getting uppity, so they’re OK.

    Also, don’t waive your right to a trial by jury if you’re arrested for using a weapon to thwart a felonious assault. Hopefully your peers have better judgement than this police chief.

    • “Violent criminals are a tool to keep peasants from getting uppity, so they’re OK.”

      Which is why the Left loves, defends, and promotes BLM and Antifa. They’re used to harass anyone that questions the accepted ideological path for us.

      • Under Marxian dialecticism, criminals are considered ideologically close and civilians are considered ideologically apart.

        A government of criminals by the criminals and for the criminals. Very soon OHSA will try to improve criminal’s working conditions.

  3. Ok, I’ll start it off…..

    MURDER INSURANCE !! Shoot the gun; avoid any legal consequences. Not only do guns kill, they are more likely to kill if they think they can get away with it, while someone else pays the bills.

    • It’s not murder insurance. It just provides you with the kind of legal defense a multimillionaire can afford when you’re less than a multimillionaire. If the state can convict you of murder, nobody from the insurance company will serve your prison sentence in your place. If you lose a civil suit, they won’t pay your judgement. If the evidence doesn’t show self defense, I doubt they will defend you at all. ACLDN has a well qualified committee to review claims. USCCA was sued by one of its policy holders because they decided not to defend her.

      • You’re not allowed to respond to ridiculous emotionally posts with logical, factual statements of actual truth. This is the intarwebz.

  4. Most ridiculous and corrupted BS I’ve seen yet. How much is the insurance lobby paying politicians to push for this scam this time? You DO NOT need this insurance and the push for it is just another insurance scam. One more reason insurance, like this buffoon of a police chief, should be outlawed. Nothing but a money drain and hotbed of corruption.

  5. Don’t brandish or discharge your sh¡t if you don’t have good reason. Sending shots you can’t account for in a very public and densely populated area is a good way to get yourself 3 squares and a cot. Carry insurance is for bird brain cucks and fudds who haven’t a clue how to properly wield a firearm for lawful defense.

    • Good luck with that. You can do everything by the book, be perfectly within the law and still be persecuted by liberal idiots like the grinning pimp in the video.

    • stf u already….. nobody cares about your 3 hots and cots prison lingo….
      I’ll “wield” my weapon however the F I want and i’m not even remotely worried about what you and your lib buddies say….
      plus we ALL know how to WIPE down/ clean the ammo in my automatics… ain’t skeered of worthless commie pigs

  6. I disagree about the USCCA spamming the heck out of my email address. I am a member, under the email address the wife and I use for our main address. They also have my sacrificial gmail account, but no membership attached to that account. I get one or two emails a day on the sacrificial gmail, urging me to join, but only one or two a month on the email associated with my membership.
    Too much email was something they addressed last year, combining most of their communications with the membership base into one newsletter rather than separate emails for training, benefits, seminars and whatever else. The USCCA listens to their members. I like them a lot. They also provide catastrophe coverage up front, not after you spend your life savings and retirement account to win your case.

    • They have their positives but also their negatives. They get payoffs from these insurance thieves like the corrupt politicians we’re plagued with. They also get pissed if you dont absolutely support concealed carry exclusively. The only reason I even bother to read their rhetoric is because they have to some degree stood up for 2nd. Amendment rights. Supporting more insurance mandates in this country is simply supporting organized crime.

      • Part of what you say, I understand. What you said that I didn’t get was, “They also get pissed if you dont (sic) absolutely support concealed carry exclusively.” By concealed carry, do you mean their organization? Or the lifestyle of concealed carry?

        I agree with you on the concept that we should not be forced into more insurance. It’s just another way of making the exercise of our second amendment rights more cost prohibitive. Sadly, though, the political and cultural climate already exists and the average person cannot afford to risk losing everything or going to prison over what should have been a clear cut case of righteous self defense. It forces one into hard decisions, like: if I shoot this attacker it could cost me everything and if I don’t shoot I might still survive. The hesitation over the decision could be enough to lose your life. Reasonable, sound citizens should not be forced to forego defending themselves for fear of catastrophic financial consequences.

        I agree we need to work to swing the pendulum back from the far left, but until we do, I have a lot more peace of mind as a concealed carrier and defender of my family thanks to my USCCA membership.

        • Unless you routinely carry money from a cash business to the bank every day in a seriously bad neighborhood your odds of getting accidentally shot by a cop, who shouldn’t be a cop, are better than getting street robbed or jacked unless you’re stupid enough to drive a number one ‘trophy’ car around in a car jacking hunting preserve. Or even being somewhere like that in the first place.

          But if you want to risk your life otherwise by carrying all the time instead of mastering the art of advanced situational awareness and safety analysis, just for the erroneous mindset to have more peace of mind, then. by all means, get the USCCA insurance and attorney service. If you can keep your mouth shut then, when the police arrive, then you might not get charged.

          But I still would get all my valuable property and real estate safely protected in a trust or at least an anonymous LLC. Because you still will get sued, even if it is self defense, which is something that usually turns out to be more subjective in court, than reasonably objective. Therefore
          easy enough for a skilled attorney to manipulate. There’s only few questions the ‘victim’s attorney has to ask you in front of the jury to get them to understand that YOU caused the subject’s death, and are therefore responsible for the damage.

          I was an expert witness in many cases going back a long time. Almost All seemingly obvious justified shootings by the police. But most of the shooters lost the subsequent inevitable lawsuits.

          And being in ‘in fear of your life’ for a civilian is not the same standard as it is for police acting in the line of duty. Most don’t comprehend the essence of that until they lose the lawsuit in court.

          I would advise you not to carry if you think you’ll get peace of mind’ That’s not why you should carry. But if you do, just remember, that once the bullets fly, some part of your life will die. Even if you survive it. There will always be some kind of personal, irrecoverable loss.

          But the shootout you Never lose, is the one you never get into.

    • USCCA member here, too. So far, I’ve been pleased with both the legal program and training (via videos and articles). Fortunately, their legal defense service remains unused; so I can’t render an opinion on efficacy. I’ve been a shootist for years and an armed citizen for years. Everyone who carries a firearm should formulate some sort of legal defense strategy.

  7. My support for the police wanes with every passing day. They do more to protect violent criminals than the law abiding. Prison is starting to sound less of a deterrent when it starts sounding like an inevitability.

    I’m sure when they discharge their weapons and they harm innocents its completely fine.

  8. Don’t live behind the lines in a Socialist state whose sole objective is to make it’s citizens defenseless and under the Boot of Tyranny. Like the Jews most of the citizens of these states won’t believe it “Could Get That Bad” until the Door Kickers come for you. After one of your fellow citizens turns you in for being in violation of whatever, the State says is Verboten. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • That logic works until the hordes invade your homestate and start changing everything to exactly the way it was in the hellholes they fled from. You can fight the good fight trying to educate the ignorant and win hearts and minds, but at the end of the day the number of people who would rather vote for “someone else/Government will take care of me” is larger than those who prefer freedom.

  9. “Particularly, we don’t want people to fire weapons into our community.”
    – but –
    Police are allowed to fire weapons into the community.
    – therefore –
    Police aren’t people.


    One question, though. Once we’ve realized that police aren’t “people,” what comes next?

    • Running with what I said to Ing here, if they’re not people then what comes next can’t be cannibalism… so… “not cannibalism”.

      Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

  10. Yet another incompetent jackass looking to increase his power. May he suffer what those who depend on him put up with in his crap city.

  11. Perfect example of “Affirmative Action” elevating and promoting people to their maximum level of incompetency, otherwise he’d be walking a beat with one stripe on his arm. Why can’t we have great public servant rather than political stooges? Find the best person for the job, ignore the political correctness. Green, blue, brown, black or white, all we need is a good, competent person in the job. The rest is political theater.

  12. “It’s not murder insurance. It just provides you with the kind of legal defense a multimillionaire can afford when you’re less than a multimillionaire.”

    Playing along….

    Multi-millionaires do not shoot up schools, malls and theaters, so that is irrelevant. Average gun owners, however, can claim to be in fear of their lives, shoot whomever they wish, and rely on murder insurance to pay to save them in court. Without the legal backup being paid for by a group of insured gun owners, average gun owners wouldn’t take the chance of shooting someone. The lack of legal representation is a deterrent to murders.

    Guns kill too many people already, and murder insurance just makes it that much easier for them to do so.

    • If a multimillionaire shot up a school, etc., none of the self defense insurers would honor his claim.

      Using force against someone who wrongfully uses force against you or another innocent person is self defense both legally and morally regardless of the outcome for the assailant.

    • Have no fear…. The scammers behind “murder insurance” will just figure out a way
      not to pay the “murder claim.”

      • Somewhere in a city courtroom…

        DA: “Judge Shakwana, ladies and gentle-people of the jury… The defense will try to say that the offender was simply trying to defend themself from great bodily harm when in reality they were so dead set on shooting the innocent “alleged” carjacker, just looking for a ride to the library that they had purchased “murder insurance” and practiced with a weapon specifically to file a “murder claim…”

        Cue Loud grumble of outrage….

        • Loud grumble of outrage? Perhaps at the stupidity of that comment. Any attorney worth their salt will shoot that full of holes. These memberships are to make sure you get an attorney and expert witnesses to deal with leftist manipulation and spin, not so you can get away with something. It’s to make sure that the victimization is not continued through the legal system.

    • @BradB

      Lighten up man…. It was a joke. But thanks for the anonymous explanation of our legal system.

      I’ll take “interweb forum know-it-all likely on fixed income” for $400 Alex……

      • Sorry. I apologize. I didn’t see the joke. It appeared to be a troll. Your other attempt at insult is also wrong.

        The explanation wasn’t for you. It was for those you would mislead. Perhaps the stupidity is on my part. Next time please add a /sarc/ symbol for those of us not quite at your level.

        • No worries man. In the past I used “disclaimer: sarcasm” at the end of my nonsense. Forgot this time. Sorry about my jeopardy comment.

  13. I eyeroll at the phrase “No one was injured after his gun went off.” His gun didn’t go off. He fired his gun. What is not clear from the article is WHY the store owner fired four shots. What exactly was he shooting at and what did he hit? The police chief’s position is that the store owner fired indiscriminately and could have hit innocent passersby. This kind of thinking happens after officer involved shootings as well and that leads to an internal affairs investigation and the officer is on desk duty during that investigation. A similar review has to happen when a civilian is shooting. Was the shooter properly trained and did he use good judgment when firing a deadly weapon? If he was acting foolishly, despite his best intention, he will face prosecution and the lawyer provided by his legal coverage plan will only be able to do so much. They might do nothing. Lawshield, USCCA, etc. make it very clear that they are NOT insurance. They are NOT get-out-of-jail-free cards and they do NOT have to take your case and if you do something indefensible.

    The details of this story are just too thin. I don’t know that police chief. Maybe other stories show that he’s a political hack, but this story only alleges this. I’m reminded of a story where a CCP permit holder got excited about shoplifters fleeing from a Home Depot. She had a Matt Dillon fantasy and fired seven shots at the fleeing automobile and then was all confused about why she faced charges. The story in this article is a bit different in that the store owner appears to be intervening to prevent severe injury or death to the victim that was being robbed and he can use that as a defense, but where did those four shots go?

  14. “I’m self-insured. I carry 2 spare magazines.”

    Talk about showing off your privilege….

    You have two spare magazines, while others have none. Shame, shame.

  15. Anyone know if the arrested individual has a legal defense fund going yet? I’ll chip in $20 just to annoy that traitorous chief. Were I a Californian I’d be actively pushing for a recall/special election (not sure their state’s rules). This assclown must go.

  16. U.S. LawShield, here. Criminal and civil defense for the use of ANYTHING to defend myself: firearm, knife, axe, rake, car, anything. Spouse is included. Expert witness coverage. Coverage across the country. $180 a year. I just don’t buy “smart” phones, so I have enough to cover it. I cover it each year for my grown children as a birthday gift.

    And to the naysayers, it’s not mandatory. Defend yourself at your own risk.

  17. This is NOT legal insurance. It is not insurance at all.
    I had USLawShield for a year or two, but then dropped it as a duplicate of USCCA which I’ve had since around 2012 and then upgraded after dropping USLS. I’d really like to know more about what this store owner thought he was doing. None of these companies are “insurance” and they specifically say so in their declarations when you sign up. They reserve the right to refuse to take your case. If a case can be made that you rightfully acted in defense of your life or in the protection of another that was facing serious bodily injury or death, but are being railroaded by a malicious prosecutor they have wonderful lawyers and expert witnesses that can come to your rescue without bankrupting you. If you did something indefensible, you are on your own to find an attorney.

  18. It’s not insurance for the nth time. Has nothing to do with the insurance industry at large.

    Each organization is slightly different. I belong to ACLDN.

    Immediate bail money, access to attorneys who are actually schooled in self defense cases, expert witnesses to testify for you if needed. Guys I want on my side in court, I’m sure some of the names are recognized.



  20. “If a multimillionaire shot up a school, etc., none of the self defense insurers would honor his claim.”

    Is it Sunday already? Everyone is being real slow, today.

  21. “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.”

    Been told that it is settled science that a fetus is a nothing; not human. Thus abortion harms no one. Also been told that post-birth abortions are OK. If cops ain’t human (people), seems like the next step would be aborting them (and it would be legal?).

    ‘Tis a puzzlement.

  22. The chief should be disarmed. We don’t want him shooting into the community. If he’s not allowed to shoot, there is no reason to have a firearm.

  23. LMFAO

    Got a new movie coming out, its called “The Good Witness”. Its 90 minutes of cowering and a few people beaten to death, but at least the citizens in the movie are compliant and peaceful.

  24. “So THAT’s what’s been going on every weekend in Chicago’s south side! Late term abortions.”

    It’s all the rage in many large metro areas.


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