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“There are too many guns on our streets and it’s too easy for criminals to get them,” [Delaware Attorney General Kathy] Jennings said. “Owning a gun is a right and it is a responsibility. That’s why it’s time to join red and blue states alike in requiring a permit and training to purchase a gun.”

She said permit laws have been shown to reduce gun homicides by 40% and suicides by 15%, a claim backed by a Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research study of Connecticut’s permit law.

Jennings is also renewing her push to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

“These are killing machines that have no place in our communities, period,” she said.

— Mark Eichmann in Delaware AG renews push to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines

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  1. Why would the states be concerned about proposing bills if it’s going to be a FEDERAL GUN BAN?
    Do they already know HR 127 is going to fail? So we’ll just throw some things at the wall and see what sticks on the state level?

    • More “guns on the streets” BS. We had a pommie transplant police commissioner making the same BS downunder. I admit to never seeing these “guns on the streets”. It would be good to pick up a gun or two or more by opening the front door.

    • “Why would the states be concerned about proposing bills if it’s going to be a FEDERAL GUN BAN?”

      Simple, it’s for looking good to their own constituents.

      A shiny star they can proudly show off to the stupid that vote for them…

  2. Better make sure Delaware PD is free and clear of any prohibited assault weapons or hi-cap mags. No place in the communities, period! Start leading by example on how people ought to voluntarily disarm and relinquish any means to resist tyranny.

  3. As a strong supporter and fighter for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, I agree that firearms should always be in the hands of law abiding and trained citizens to prevent accidents and to have full knowledge of how to handle a firearm. I also believe it is our full responsibility to secure our firearms where a criminal or a child cannot get a hold of our firearms. Having said this, the 2nd Amendment is to remain in place forever in our Constitution as it is absolutely necessary for the protection of ourselves and our families and to maintain our freedom as American citizens We will not allow and will resist any government, local, state or federal to take this sacred right away for political reasons of this freedom that comes to us from God.

    • Then make sure you don’t follow the lead of the lunatic leftist liberals in the narrative above by directly and/or indirectly supporting efforts to transform a right in to a privilege which is exactly what those traitors ACTUALLY advocate doing. If anyone doesn’t like the thought of armed Americans they’re free to pack their sorry asses up and immigrate elsewhere.

    • BOG, I get the impression you’re new here. You just typed the unofficial, yet understood mission statement/attutude of most everyone who regularly reads and contributes to this blog. Welcome aboard.

    • FWIW, there is no way, repeat NO WAY anyone can store their firearms in such a manner that they cannot be stolen. Homes are constantly broken into.
      Gun safes you say? On any gun safe the locks can be defeated, the door pried open with long prybars and sledge hammers, or even easier the top or side of gun safe punched a hole in with a drill or punch to make the hole for the room of the blade of Milwaukee Sawzall . Saw a hole, reach in and pull the guns right out of the safe. 15 minutes tops.
      In other cases the whole safe is stolen.
      If someone wants your guns bad enough, you cannot stop them.
      All one can hope to do is make it hard enough to steal them that the criminal finds an easier target.
      I highly suggest you go on youtube and search “breaking into gun safes” as there’s at least a hundred videos demonstrating the above mentioned while being timed with a stopwatch. There’s several cases of even the $10,000 Graffunder Gun Safes were unbolted from floor and stolen to be broken into when the theives got it home.
      While your idea “sounds good”, it is BS. If the theif wants them bad enough he’ll have your guns.

  4. “She said permit laws have been shown to reduce gun homicides by 40% and suicides by 15%, a claim backed by a Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research study of Connecticut’s permit law.”

    And yet, another tailored study with cherry picked statistics to support a preconceived view and present a favored outcome.

    • I have a peer reviewed study from the LOL Center for Public Policy that indicates that anyone who has voted for a Democrat in at least 3 political races is a complete loser who needs to use government to destroy freedom in America.

      • This reply was to Country Boy, but ended up under Rusty…Chains’ comment. Old Harley riding buddy was a professional locksmith. His favorite saying was, “Locks keep out the honest and the terminally stupid.” He noted that a strong safe is good to have, but he advised that a strong safe that no one finds is the best. Per his mentoring, I began building safes into hidden rooms so “terminally stupid” intruders would not find them to attempt entry. Then, I install a cheapo tin gun cabinet in an easy to find location with several throw away guns with leaded barrels inside. The intention is to provide help for the terminally stupid to find a “safe” with guns to grab and run……never looking further to find the real cache. Worked twice in friends’ homes, saving their expensive guns. Sadly, never did hear of anyone turning up at a hospital…or morgue….from shooting a gun with leaded barrel. Eventually partnered with a couple friends to buy a retired bank building specifically for the walk-in vault. Removed most of the safety deposit boxes and installed AmSec gun safes inside the main vault. Built a guys’ retreat in the remaining areas. Not that banks haven’t been breached, but it will take a very long time to breach, and there are multiple redundant security systems, and quick response bad-ass friends in close proximity…….plus a big backhoe and a pallet of lime on the farm.

  5. The laws of an illegitimate government are not binding. That said. The real problem is the law enforcement personnel. People who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities, feeding their families and providing for their medical care. They are in a position where those things they cherish most are put at risk if they don’t enforce the commands of their leadership. If they stand on truth they my loose their employment with all those necessary benefits. On the other hand if they retire or get other work then they can preserve their goals and not yield to tyranny. The deep state will then have to resort to the Blue Helmets, which is a good thing. That will solidify the nations patriots with the clear support of the people. So stupid gun laws will have an effect but not the one they intended.

  6. When they do correlation as causation it’s gospel.
    When we do it’s witchcraft.

    NH .9
    CT 2.4

    Obviously it’s Constitutional Carry in NH that has left it with a homicide rate nearly a third of CT’s.

    • Here I thought it was the lack of sales tax that let those mountain dwellers be less violent and suicidial than those poor overtaxed coastals. Although Delaware has no sales tax and Wilmington was one of the most violent cities per capita for a chunk of the last two decades so who knows. And yes sarcasm/humor applies throughout.

  7. Did they think being more like NY is a good idea? Always admired how that little state largely escaped the gun control madness of many of their neighbors and hoping they continue to do so (especially with there being no sales tax for us NY/NJ/other shoppers looking for rifles shotguns and ammo)

  8. Actually, ANYONE can run for public office! At the very least, there should be a test to make sure the candidate is more intelligent than a bag of hammers!!!

  9. The pen is mightier than the sword. The graphic at the top of the Los Angeles Times’ editorial page told me that. So we need licenses for journalists, priests, pastors, and college professors. Oh, and they can’t use computers with “high capacity” storage or Internet connections. Studies have shown that licenses for exercising the First Amendment and “common sense” restrictions on the right to free speech cut the bullsh* in the public square by 40%.

    That was sarcasm, by the way.

  10. STOP!!! Just STOP saying that the 2nd Amendment “Gives us the “Right….” No one person or Government body “gave” us anything. The Bill of Rights is a “negative” list of Rights. That is, it’s a list of NATURAL Rights given to us by God, or, a Natural Right. It’s a “negative” list of Right because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights place constraints upon the GOVERNMENT, not the People. The Bill of Rights is a list of Natural or God-given Rights codified for the People and a reminder to the Government not to “infringe” upon these Rights.
    Anyone could “take-away” the 2nd Amendment or the complete Bill of Rights tomorrow and Nothing would change. One cannot have natural rights removed.

    I for one will Never Comply with Unconstitutional edicts from any man. As a licensed gun dealer, I will never comply with any “laws” that may compromise the anonymity of any customer when it comes to gun purchases. I will destroy ALL records of transactions before I allow those records to be used against my customers.

  11. “Owning a gun is a right …..” Finally got something correct. Now stop interfering with “rights”. Go play with “privileges” all you want.

  12. Permitting has been shown to reduce gun violence. WHO has a gun is more important than cosmetic features.

    The problem is we can’t trust the government to determine who should have a gun and who shouldn’t; their history shows they’d only let their standing army (the police) and elites have firearms (see: NYC).

    Feature bans have shown 0 reduction in gun violence.

  13. Ummm…my ‘killing machines’ seem to be defective. Perhaps I can adopt some of those banned from Delaware? I can even promise to keep them away from ‘your communities’ since I’m several states south of there.

  14. HA HA. they don’t even see the BS they spew. Its a right, so that means we need to turn it into a privilege.

    Yeah right.

  15. Delaware has been overrun by PA, MD, and NJ liberals turning the state blue completely. Gun rights are doomed in the state.

    • From what I remember New Castle County was already pushing in that direction anyway but the influx of liberals looking for retirement/quiet neighborhoods were trending towards Middletown Dover and the Beach areas. Been a while since I heard from anyone in the Delaware area but I am guessing trending is becoming the normalization on nonsense?

      • The built up MOT with thousands of houses and nearly all are democrats. The last election confirmed it. The bottom third of the state is home to the beaches and the DC money is moving in there.
        DE will be indistinguishable from M.D. in a few years.

        • Damn sorry to hear that. I know a few people around the Philly/Wilmington/Northeast area and always thought lower slower would have remained mostly untouched if outvoted but then Middletown started to develop and apparently the rest of the state followed suit. Hopefully they will do better in court than we have thus far.

  16. They want us trained? Then they should pay for it: make the cost of one annual training course a refundable tax credit for everyone 16 and up.

    • Militia tax credit for 12-too old to whenever social security is drawn. Any paid training is reimbursed similar to higher education tax credits and have a set amount of either deductible expenses or separate tax credit for purchasing gear relevant to militia duty. But this is coming from someone who believes neighborhood mortar and machine gun leagues should be a thing.

  17. Welcome to Massachusetts. Here, the only people who wield “assault weapons” are the cops controlled by the mob that runs the state.

  18. 100% that Kathy Jennings has 0 interest in arresting and locking up the affirmative action crowd when they commit crime. With/Without a firearm

  19. More guns on the streets is nothing more than another line of demoCrap that attempts to combine criminal activity with decent people who are exercising a Constitutional Right.
    We will not surrendet ours rights to criminals and two bit politicians. Actually there is very little difference between those lowlife scumbags.

  20. So I have to ask: Just how many people were even SHOT with an “assault weapon” in Delaware in the last year?

    • Redefine assault weapon to include semi auto pistols and it used to top 200 a year from what I remember. Not as high in total numbers as Philly but per capita it was staggering and mostly a wilmington thing. But using the fully semi auto rifle definition probably less than half a dozen in the last decade.

    • FWIW more people were killed with *hammers* last year than with AR semi auto rifles.
      Same with knives.

  21. it’s not the regular gun owner that is the problem it’s the outlaws that are doing all this crap and it’s very seldom that a long gun is used so all they have to do is enforce all the laws that are on the books and quit coddling the gang member and other criminals that out there

    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! If the democommies really wanted to stop “gun violence” they’d lock up the criminals that commit it. Not confiscate law abiding citizens firearms.
      The fact that they do not ,speaks volumes about them.

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