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Mexico’s Aguila Ammunition makes the Winchester .22 cartridges above. The young woman holding the product works for Centurion Ordnance, which couldn’t give me a price on a box. They ain’t got none. Surprised?

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  1. Personally have been trying to get a hold of some “Aguila Super Extra”… awesome .22lr ammo, just nearly impossible to find now and when I do find it, it costs a substantially higher price than it used to.

  2. Wait… I can’t have the ammo or I can’t have the lady?

    It has become surprisingly difficult to find even rimfire ammunition at my favorite online dealers.

    • With the way ammo supplies are, you have a better shot of getting a date with her than you do finding more than one box of ammo of any given caliber.

    • Considering that lady is wearing a ring (yes I’m pathetic enough to look lol) I reckon you’ll have a better chance scoring ammo than her.

      • Having been around a few tradeshows in my time, rings are often just armor against come-ons in that situation. Not always, not even most of the time, but often enough.

        • Matt, I never thought about that. Guess I aught to start flirting double time with the nurses at local ERs

        • Just sayin’. Keep in mind that whether they’re wearing it for real or not, the question is “are they interested in you?” If they are, they’ll let you know about the status of the ring pretty quick. If not, move along, soldier.

  3. What is the connection between Anguilla and Centurion? With ammo stocks being depleted, I’ve seen several online ammo sites offering Anguilla which I had previously never heard of. What is the quality of Anguilla? Funny how the Mexican government is always whining about the American gun culture yet they allow this ammo maker to ship ammo north that is illegal down south.

    • Anguilla? If you mean Aguila, it’s good ammo. Very popular with the narcoterrorists for its surefire properties. Centurion is Aguila’s only authorized distributor, but I understand that there’s an informal trade moving a whole lot of 7.62 x 39.

  4. “…which couldn’t give me a price on a box.”

    Would you like to know the monthly price of that box during your ownership or afterwards?

  5. After the ’12 election I was still able to get most common/popukar ammo @ Farm & Fleet. In the last few weeks their stripped of just about everything except for shotgun stuff

      • Doesn’t lessen your appreciation, does it? And based on the conversation a little further up, she may very well have been otherwise engaged anyway.

        Old guys can look at (and comment on) pretty girls with pretty universal impunity, in my experience. It’s “cute” or “sweet.” It’s one of the things I look forward to.


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