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The Gunny will be horrified, but I guess this had to happen to someone eventually. It was probably punishing me for my fairly crappy shooting, but see how well you shoot with frozen fingers. It wasn’t the only jam I experienced in today’s sub-freezing temperatures, but it was the most surprising.

(And no, I wasn’t limp-wristing; the 10mm will produce a lot more muzzle flip that that if you limp-wrist it. I may have shot like crap, but I didn’t limp-wrist.)

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    • “riding the slide release with thumbs all day”…?

      I have big hands too, and need to work on my grip on the G23.

      Also picked up a good tip on The Gun Room forum about using the
      “wrap fingers around from side” type grip,
      instead of the older “cup-the-bottom” type grip.

      That saves a palm injury from a kaboom that blows out the magazine, which tended to happen apparently with reloads,
      more often in the Glock 40s.

  1. You should see the pictures in an album they keep at the Gun Room of Glocks that have blown up on users and what remains of their fingers.

    • Thanks, Aharon. Learn something new ever time I visit TTAG.
      Very interesting and a reminder to stick with factory new ammo on the G23. Been considering learning to reload and start with .40S&W rounds,
      and now, I think not…

      • I have more than a few hundred rounds of reloads through my Gen 4, Glock 23 without a single FTF or FTE, not even with an occasional limp wrist trying to shoot offhand. This ammo is dirty too.

        • Thanks- I appreciate that feedback, and
          fwiw, at the Gun Room and a couple other places, what seems to be most common theme, from other experienced guys with lots of rounds down-tube, is using known good quality ammo, whether new or reloads.

  2. My gf has a glock And I have seen it jam and also fail to lock the slide back. Now this was right after we cleaned it before that it ate 1000 rounds with no problem. I think when we cleaned it we did not oil it properly. Anybody else have that happen to a glock ?

    • Its been my experience that most semi autos will jam a few times or more out of 5000 rounds. That’s in the real world. In gun magazines, damn near everything is 100% reliable.

  3. I’ve seen a Gen 3 G19 jam 7 times in 300 rounds, all stovepipes or double feeds. Sonny Puzikas’ Glock jams in his stupid Panteo video where he literally shows you to duel wield a rifle and pistol and spin in a circle shooting (though the jam occurs during regular firing, not that retarded bullcrap).

    Glocks jam just as much as any other decent handgun, everyone just makes excuses for them.

    • I won’t say they are jam-0-matics but “perfection”? As mentioned before, I shot competition with a guy that had a 9mm glock & it failed plenty. What never failed was my Smith 1911 shooting 100 percent reloads, Randy

  4. The only time i have had an issue with either of my Glocks (19 & 20) was using D grade aluminum case ammo.

  5. This is why I chose an S&W 442 as my conceal carry weapon. I know, I know, revolvers can malfunction too, and yeah you only get 5 shots, and the trigger pull is heavy, but I’m willing to bet revolvers are much less likely to malfunction in more situations than semi-autos (including Glocks) are.

    I’d love to see TTAG do a test where they round up a bunch of people, male and female, and with varying degrees of shooting experience, then have them each run a couple hundred rounds of SD ammo through a Glock or some other semi-auto, and do the same with an S&W 642/442 or some other revolver, and report back with the number of times the semi-auto malfunctioned, and the number of times the revolver malfunctioned.

    If you guys do it “right” — lots of people, lots of good quality self-defense bullets, lots of different realistic shooting situations, the most common conceal carry semi-auto vs. the most common conceal carry revolver, etc. — this test would have the potential to bring you guys a lot of web traffic. The revolver vs. semi-auto reliability debate still goes on vigorously to this day but the “problem” is most of it is anecdotal, and so both sides brush off the other side’s arguments for why a semi-auto is more reliable or why a revolver is more reliable with the argument “yeah, but that’s anecdotal, I’ve had the exact opposite experience!”

    • I just looked at a 442-2 for $400 & this looked like a nice pocket or ankle gun. If they ban that I’m carrying a sock with a rock in it, Randy

    • 2 shootings that have been reported on this site, the Martin shooting and an unnamed cop saved by a citizen had semi auto handguns jam after one shot when they were bound up by the close range grappling that occured during the incidents.

      At contact ranges I think a j frame snubby would be less likely to bind up in the scuffle.

  6. “And no, I wasn’t limp-wristing; the 10mm will produce a lot more muzzle flip that that if you limp-wrist it. I may have shot like crap, but I didn’t limp-wrist”


  7. Massad Ayoob recommends locking both thumbs down on your grip so that you will never have a thumb caused malfunction.

  8. Total lie!! You guys are just pretending to be cold. Everyone knows Glocks never jam. I suspect some of that highly sophisticated TTAG editing at work to make it look like it jammed.

    Nice try, but you did not fool me!


      • I’ve got a buddy who spent 26 years in the army. I asked him if he ever saw an M9 jam. He told me there was a case rupture once in which they had to drive the case out with a screwdriver. That’s the only malfunction he ever saw.

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