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From XS Sights:

XS Sights is pleased to offer line extensions for its popular second-generation DXT2 Night Sights and a non-tritium rear option in the new DXW2 Night Sights for Glock, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson and other select pistol models. The front sights of all new products feature tritium in the center surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot technology.

For a full list of specific models and part numbers, visit xssights.com/LineExtensions.

Overview of Benefits

Tritium Rear vs. Non-Tritium rear:

The DXT2 Night Sights have tritium in the rear, which provides the brightest indexing point for sight alignment in low light. The DXW2 Night Sights have a white-stripe rear, which reflects light to offer an excellent, bright-light sight picture and provides more affordability for the set.

Color Options:

The Big Dot variants are offered in Optic Yellow or Optic Orange while the Standard Dots come in green. All front sights feature tritium surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot technology.

Optic Yellow: 

Optic Yellow is the best option for low light and has the brightest glow intensity. Primarily based on the white light spectrum, Optic Yellow is very reflective and will excite the dot’s photoluminescent properties faster than any other color. The increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the dot’s glow properties, making this a great low-light choice.

Optic Orange: 

Optic Orange is based primarily on yellow with a hint of red to ensure visibility in low light when uncharged. The increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the glow properties of the dot. Orange is the preferred bright-light choice of many XS customers.


Green is our bridge color for the Standard Dot sights. It glows well in low light and offers vibrant, bright-light sight indexing. This color performs well on the smaller-sized Standard Dot and still manages to focus the shooter’s attention, in any light.

While there are scientific reasons these specific colors excel in certain light, many times, the choice comes down to personal preference and which color an individual’s eye sees best.

Big Dot:

Sized at .188″ and positioned for defensive shooters, our Big Dot front sights are an excellent option for EDC guns or shooters who have vision difficulty and struggle to see their sights. The Big Dot’s provide a distinctive front that offers a great glow and the biggest front sight on the market.

Standard Dot:

Sized at .144″ and positioned for target shooters, our Standard Dot front sights are an excellent option for target guns or shooters looking for a smaller front sight option.

Suppressor Height Sights: 

All XS Red Dot Optics (RDO)/Suppressor-Height sets are lower 1/3 co-witnessed for Glock 9mm MOS pistols equipped with a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C. The lower 1/3 co-witness minimizes the amount of space the front sight takes up in the optic’s window. XS’s durability and color options allow for greater flexibility and confidence when using suppressor heights as back-up iron sights for RDO.

Visit xssights.com for a full list of all products and models.

All XS Sights are backed by a 10-year, No Questions Asked Warranty and 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 


About XS Sights

XS Sights is known for making the fastest sights in any light. For more than 20 years, the XS team has created some of the most innovative sights on the market today for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  Whether used for personal defense or hunting, these sights are designed and built to be the absolute best for their specific purpose. American Made. Texas Proud. 2A Strong.

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  1. My Glocks have tritium upgrade sights (as I’m sure most of yours do as well). A year ago, I took one of my Gs to my LGS, with whom I have a reasonably good reputation. Each time I’ve asked the onsite gunsmith to do something beyond my pay grade – or to perform a formal appraisal for an older piece – I always added about $40 cash for him as a way to say “thank you”.

    However, when I took this particular Glock in for Cerakote work, I had just installed brand new tritium sights. When I got the call a couple of weeks later that the project was finished, I noticed that the sights (which had to be removed, of course, to Cerakote the slide) were almost identical to the ones I had installed, but not exactly, and they were dead (no glow whatsoever). I remarked on this, and was simply told that they were indeed my sights. The gunsmith then asked if he could please see my “before” photos so he could investigate.

    Darn. I had become so comfortable with the shop and its staff that I neglected to take photos before handing over my gun. Lesson learned…always CYA with photos because sometimes good people make mistakes and you’ll need them.

  2. And they probably STILL will fly right through the dovetail without copious amounts of loctite. No thanks!


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