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Courtesy Viridian
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From Viridian:

Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce a partnership with North American Arms that kicks off with a Grip Laser for the NAA-PUG-D and all other NAA .22 Mag revolvers. Viridian continues to be the leader in weapon-mounted technology by offering the most gun-specific lights, lasers, cameras and accessories for the most popular firearm brands.

Viridian Grip Lasers for North American Arms revolvers boast a simple, yet intuitive design and activate automatically when the user grips the handgun. Each option has an MSRP of $199.00, is designed to fit all magnum frame revolvers and features a highly-visible red laser for rapid target acquisition. The grip lasers are easy to install and adjust. Viridian grip lasers increase comfort and improve the ability to accurately shoot the firearm thanks to a rubber over-molded design. Each Grip Laser also features an industry-best seven-year limited warranty.

“Adding firearm-specific Grip Lasers to our revolvers is great,” said North American Arms Sales Manager Jessica Jarvis. “Now North American Arms owners and future owners get increased performance across all .22 Mag Revolvers. We’re also excited for what’s coming in the very near future. We look forward to a long partnership with Viridian and think our fans and self-defense enthusiasts everywhere will benefit as well.”

The PUG-D is a small-framed revolver chambered in .22 Magnum and designed for self defense. This 5-shot capacity wheel-gun offers the ultimate in concealability and performance. It has been a popular choice for on and off-body carry for years. The addition of a reliable, highly-visible laser as part of the grip increases effectiveness in multiple situations. North American Arms also has several other .22 Mag revolvers compatible with the new Viridian Grip lasers for the ultimate in compatible upgrades.

“North American Arms has carved out an area of expertise unparalleled in this industry,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “Partnering with the brand and team over there just makes sense. The Grip Laser for the PUG-D is a great start and there are some very exciting additions coming in the near future.”

The Grip Lasers for North American Arms firearms can be found at and are currently in stock.


About Viridian Weapon Technologies

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viridian Weapon Technologies is devoted to applying cutting-edge technology to design compact, powerful self-defense products for the civilian, military and law enforcement markets. Viridian is the leader in weapon-mounted technology and responsible for a number of firearm innovations including green and red laser sights, LED weapon-mounted illuminators and several shooting accessories including the TacLoc® Holsters. Viridian products are designed and built in the USA. More information is available at

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  1. I would buy one of those NAA revolvers just for shits and giggles. But I don’t think they’re legal here in CA.

    I’ve never used a laser on a firearm. I’ll withhold judgement on that til I do.

    • jwm,

      Tried two different handguns equipped with lasers. Eventually took them off and they are taking up a (small) amount of closet space (maybe throw ’em on the table at the next gun show). Guess that I’m too old to adapt to this technology…I found that the first shot was *spot* on then I was chasing that darned dot around and not paying proper attention to target (subject) and background…YMMV.

      Down memory lane, I was hearing my old drill sergeant “…just another fail point…ya don’t need it…”

      Firm believer in tritium night sights though.

      • Try shooting the NAA revolvers before you bash the idea of a laser on these guns. The ergos of these mini revolvers is so poor that lining up the sights and holding them on target is damn near impossible depending on more luck than skill.

        Crimson Trace made these in the past but stopped, so it’s nice to see someone else making them because the NAA’s need a laser to be anything near useful.

        • some of them have a bit of sight radius.
          the standard long rifle model might be 4″ at ten yds using the imaginary sights.

        • Reading comprehension not your strong suit, eh?

          It appeared that jwm was soliciting general input on laser equipped firearms. I said that they don’t work well for me and why. Never dissed the NAA.

        • Just like any other weapon, practice is paramount. I shoot my NAA often and regularly and from the pocket at 7 yards can point shoot into a 10″ circle 5 out of 5 in about 5 seconds.
          .22 WMR is EXPENSIVE, so practice with .22lr first, but you must practice with the magnums, cause the difference is significant. These little pistols are more accurate than most shooters will give them credit for, definitely NOT toys. Admittedly the ergos are difficult, but not impossible, if you try.

        • Owned one and carried it for years.
          This is a true “belly” gun.
          When this is deployed your so close you can count nose hairs.
          Sights are not much use then.

      • You saying it’s another fail point and you “don’t need it” is wrong, if you want to shoot these small guns well. It’s easy to miss with them and traditional methods of aiming with these NAA’s are not going to be as fast as drawing it from a pocket, aiming with the laser, and firing.

        • I was offering jwm a viewpoint, based on personal experience, regarding his curiosity on laser equipped handguns.

          Are you familiar with KISS (not the musicians)?

          As you add layers of complexity…electronics, switches, batteries, additional eye / hand motions, etc the chances for an intermediate step to fail increases in proportion to the complexity added.

    • they’ll never find it.
      i would like a magnum and a short model to go with my rifle caliber pistol one.
      the mag with a laser would be just the ticket for nocturnal omnivore hunting.
      laser grip on a hipower is a hoot.

    • For fun, yes. For reasons I can’t understand, I’ve always wanted a belt buckle NAA revolver. And I don’t even wear belts that often, and never one with a big buckle so it’s unlikely I’d ever actually wear it even if I had it. Still want it though.

        • Just don’t need a belt most of the time. Only when I have to put on a suit for business purposes, which fortunately isn’t that often.

      • Try to find an 80’s model.
        They kinda looked like a cowboy buckle.
        The new ones are plastic looking plastic.

    • NAA clearly has the capacity to do some fine machining, the whole problem is the lack of vision to produce a normal sized, centerfire revolver. Colt got the new King Cobra absolutely correct when it comes to a good, modern-sized 6 shooter (so did S&W with the Ladysmith 65). If you went for a King Cobra/65LS sized, non-MIM, 6 shot revolver in .38/.357 and 9MM, they would have a real winner, especially a 9MM version which is essentially non-existent in the market today. Look at the price of a S&W 547 or Ruger Speed Six in 9MM today….a grand (or more) all day long. We don’t need ever more gimmicky bullshit like barrel ports, scandium frames, or trigger lock holes…what the world needs is a non-bloated, 6 shot, 3-4 inch barreled, exceptionally machined wheelgun in 9MM for the smart folks, and .38/357 for the other intelligent choice.

      • The security, service and speed six revo’s have not been made since ’88.
        Readily available for much less than a grand, often half that .

      • Not correct. NAA made a very high quality stainless 7 1/2″ single action revolver chambered in .450 Magnum Express with Millett sighs 30 or so years ago. Only a few were made.

  2. I’d enjoy owning one of those mini-revolvers, just for the fun of it. But for carrying I’ve just too many superior options in grown-up size firearms.

    Tried two red lasers. The one sold for the Ruger 10/22 is pathetic. Too dim to see in normal daylight.

    Tried a Crimson Trace on the Keltec P3AT. Same story, the little tiny legal power red laser is only useful indoors or at night.

    Needs to be either more than the 5mW limited gadgets available to the public or a green laser. Green is at the center of the human eye’s sensitivity to color. Appears to be much brighter than red of the same power. I’d be tempted to try a green laser on one of my handguns.

    • I bought one of the O-light Baldr units with the green laser and it is plenty bright, but I have never tried it outdoors on a bright sunny day. It is designed for pistol but when my daughters cat is bugging me I take it off and let him chase the green dot, even he likes the green dot better than a red one!

      • a really powerful laser can be a self-defense tool in and of itself…but be careful how you use it around anything moving…most laws are minimal…but worth investigating for your own protection… it is a viable option…

    • these mini’s…and I own several…are strictly last-ditch devices…the caliber is minimal, making a head shot almost mandatory for lethality…effective range is just beyond arm’s length…say 6 to 10ft…that’s what they’re designed for…and that’s what they can do….

  3. Hot diggity damn, I got my cataracts fixed, I don’t need scopes or Lazer lights now. Yeahah, I was blind in one eye no shit, like looking through both sides of a milk jug and the other one wasn’t much better. With all the shit going down, bad time to be blind, I’m up and running now👍

    • “Hot diggity damn, I got my cataracts fixed, I don’t need scopes or Lazer lights now.”

      Pretty cool, isn’t it?

      Got mine done a few months back, and I’m still reaching for glasses I don’t need when I wake up… 🙂

      • ….wore “coke bottles” most of my life…so I know what you mean…the advantage of cataract surgery?….somebody else pays for it!…..

  4. This will just make it harder for those gals that like the ultra deep carry, a la, in the snizz. Should help with retention, though.

  5. The original grips are terrible for accuracy. I have Black Widow grips on mine. Both they and the folding grips are a huge improvement over the originals.

    As for a laser, well, I haven’t fired mine in years but in my opinion, the problem isn’t getting sights on target, it’s developing a stable grip and trigger pull. Once you’ve done that, the sights are plenty adequate for minute-of-pie-plate at 5-7 yards.

    • The problem I find with using the stock sights is that getting a proper picture interferes with me getting a proper grip and getting a proper trigger pull. Remove that and just have me focus on putting the laser where I want and only focus on the trigger pull and it would be a massive improvement.

    • mounting a laser on a short-barreled shotgun with a pistol grip gives you a double advantage…first, the red dot on their chest…then the sound of the gun racking a round in the chamber…definitely a huge deterrent effect, that often proves sufficient…..

  6. Well this is timely. I just purchased a Pug three weeks ago. And I’m looking into getting the laser for it.
    I wanted a gun I could CCW with anywhere. And wearing the least amount of clothing.

    • Lucky you, this gun will fit in your prison purse even if you are wearing no clothes.

      • A woman did use her “secret compartment” to get a mini revolver to her boyfriend in jail. About 10 years ago I think.

        • getting one past a metal detector is pretty iffy…use to practice that for hours when I worked the night shift…a lot of it depends on the intensity settings…you’ve got a good chance of getting it past the “wand test”, though….

  7. Cost more than I paid for any of mine! I only use the sights on my mini master, the other two I just point shoot. Think I’ll pass.

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