convenience store clerk shooting
Courtesy KHOU
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Here’s a tip for would-be stick-up men. A large percentage of the clerks who work in Texas’s stop-and-rob convenience stores arm themselves. We’ve seen this ourselves, time and again. They know they’re considered juicy targets for opportunistic crooks and want the ability to protect themselves if a robber pulls a gun.

An un-named Houston man found that out the hard way last night.

From KHOU:

The 56-year-old suspect, whose name has not yet been released, allegedly went into the Super Qwik Food Store and tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. The clerk called out the fake currency, and then the suspect made his way into the clerk’s secured area, police said. Police believe the gunman fired at least one shot, missing the clerk by just inches.

That’s when the clerk — who later told police he’d never even fired a gun before — drew his own firearm and shot the attacker “multiple times.”

How’s this for the right response from a police officer?

“Luckily and fortunately for the convenience store clerk, he had a gun with him. He was able to return fire,” said Sgt. Horn with the Houston Police Department. “The suspect or the robber collapsed here at the store. He was transported to the hospital where he died later.”

It’s always nice to hear a positive portrayal of a successful defensive gun use by those in law enforcement. Perhaps Sgt. Horn doesn’t know who runs the HPD.

Anyway, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the unidentified robber had a criminal record and was out on parole at the time. Further recidivism is considered highly unlikely in this case.


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  1. Read about this one earlier in the news. Turned out well, hope the clerk gets to keep his job, we al know how that can play out for convenience store clerks who defend themselves.

    Even if unemployed, better to be alive and unemployed than the other option!!!!!!!

    • Doesn’t appear to be a chain store (7/11, Quik Trip etc). Who are well known for firing employees who defend themselves. Most likely privately owned and hit before. That’s why the clerk was armed. Someone in that neck of the woods needs to buy that person a beer and a couple of boxes of ammo. Just for practice purposes of course. Keep’n Their Powder Dry.

      • Yeah he might end up losing his job and this is certainly a bad time for that. But he walks out on his feet instead of being carried out in a body bag.

        Lesson to be learned for new gun owners. Everyone really. Don’t just own it, carry it (loaded).

      • He probably needs a new gun also. His current one will be taken “for evidence” for a few months.

  2. “Records show the suspect had a criminal past, and was out on parole for a similar crime.” What? No way. I’ve never heard that one before. Next I suppose they’ll say he was prohibited, and shouldn’t have even had a gun.

    • He was just getting his life together. A senior, ready to graduate from Street Thug Academy. This was probably his graduation thesis. Soooo much promise in da hood……bolo…..blew it!!!! Gene pool cleansed, again.

    • But he must have passed a background check…right? /s
      We must disarm the law-abiding so criminals have a fighting chance…
      CLM = criminal lives matter
      or is that not allowed any more…judicially involved…something like that…

        • Obviously we need something in addition to NICS, since it didn’t prevent this crime. Another layer of bureaucracy would do it, for sure, honest this time, it really will. With an assigned panel of “experts” not directly accountable to the public.


        • I’m sure Lize Warren has a plan for that! She’s great at creating unaccountable bureaucracies.

          Chief Justice John Roberts declared the CFPB’s single director structure unconstitutional. “The CFPB Director has no boss, peers, or voters to report to,”

        • Universal background checks. There’s no way he could’ve been armed if background checks were required for EVERY transfer of a firearm. No way at all. Nope. It would’ve been harder to get a gun than a hamburger, and he would’ve gone to McDonald’s instead (and probably attempted to rob them, but that’s beside the point).

        • It’s the counterfeit $20 caused all the problems. Maybe we need more restrictive “Common sense currency control” laws.

    • Out on parole for similar crime, huh?
      So what punishment awaits those who let this criminal out of the cage?

  3. Watch the crook’s family try to sue for wrongful death.
    Well…heck…he didn’t actually shoot you. He missed. Why’d you have to kill him?
    We want $6M. And what does his 20 other arrests/convictions have to do with anything?
    He was getting ready to go back to college…and start a rap career… .
    Make that $10M.

    • A rap career. Where have I heard that before?

      Oh yes…skip to marker 06:00 to get to the “exclusive” interview with ‘ol Rapper Razberry. Posted five days ago on June 25:

    • My boy didn’t need to get kilt for a twenty. Why didn’t he shoot him in the leg or something?

      Fuck’em. I have had enough of these idiots.

      • Me too…. lol
        Seriously…. me too…. i’ve had it…. i’m waiting for my turn on the MonkeyLM train….

    • The guy that shot the two cops in Tulsa was white. The dude that shot a woman over a flag was white.

      Or does it only matter if the perp is non white?

      • Of course not. A criminal is a criminal. But only white perpetrator’s race is ever mentioned in the news. I’m not sure if it means that his race is presumed if not stated or that journalists have a narrative to push🤔.

        • Anyone who combines “American Patriot” with Confederate symbology is hard to take seriously.

        • I thought it was a NAZI flag? Either way, he has a right to fly it, and I have a right to be upset about it. And he has a right to shoot me if I go on his property and try and take it from him. Even if he is a scumbag nazi lover…. first amendment and all..

    • you stink of false flag agitator bud. I mean how hard would it be to post some baity type stuff with some dumb overwrought pseudonym over and over again in order to finally get one of the extremist dregs that frequent the internet to post something icky so the whole of TTAG readership can be castigated as klansmen or the like. Food for thought.

  4. Releasing violent felons, legal gun sales up… sounds like this may be a self correcting problem over time. Get trained and practice proper pewing!

  5. Anyone catch the counterfeit $20?!? Weren’t we told it ain’t a big deal when the “hero” felon George Floyd passed one??? When I worked at a gas station over 40 years ago I was responsible for fake currency and loss thereof. Jus sayin’ 😃😎😏

  6. I’m confused by the “tip”.

    Is the lesson here to not rob convenience stores in Texas or is the lesson that if you do rob convenience stores in Texas to plant one in the clerk right off the bat?

    Seems like this should be clarified one way or the other lest aspiring robbers get confused, such an open ended “tip” is ripe for misinterpretation.

  7. “The clerk called out the fake currency, and then the suspect made his way into the clerk’s secured area, police said. ”

    Apparently not THAT secured…

  8. The good news is this turdnugget is dead, never to commit another crime on the citizenry be rebased early only to be a recidivist, ever again.
    Ding dong the turdnugget is dead.

  9. “The 56-year-old suspect . . . tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.”

    Didn’t George Floyd get killed for the same thing?

        • That’s just the sort of narrative that leads to statements like “Rayshard Brooks got killed for being drunk at Wendy’s!” or “Trayvon Martin got killed for walking to the store for skittles!”

        • @Hannibal
          That makes no sense. Passing counterfeit money is a federal crime. Being drunk like that is more of a misdemeanor offense. The thing to keep in mind about all this is that starting with something small and end up getting amplified without any reason to is at the heart of it. What grown adult does NOT understand that it’s a crime to pass fake money?

        • What grown man doesn’t know not to drive drunk? Which is more likely to kill someone, being DUI or passing a bad bill?

          It doesn’t really matter. Neither one causes anyone to be shot. Which was the point I was making- someone can surrender after a bank robbery or fight to the death over jaywalking. The underlying crime doesn’t matter because they’re not being punished for it.

        • @ Hannibal
          Should a person lose their life for it? I don’t think so.

          I see it as interesting that it all starts with criminal activity and then gets needlessly escalated. That escalation is what results in death. But I cannot escape the fact that if the criminal activity (passing fake money) were not there, everyone could have simply gone about their daily lives.

  10. “never even fire a gun before”

    That real kills the narrative. You need lots of special training by “experts” to protect yourself, which I can’t find in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    Should you at least get some safety training so you don’t “shoot your eye out”? YES!

    I would be interested if anyone can find what weapon and caliber. Just curious? I’m thinking a revolver or striker fire.

    • Also apparently ignorant of the “fact” that the gun is more a danger to himself than to anyone else.🙄

    • Well, he’s he’s now more of an “expert” than many who claim to be “experts”.

      Some of the Range Officer’s I’ve seen he may be overqualified.

      What was that line by Bruce Willis……”Surprise Motherf@@ker”

  11. Un-Possible.

    The store clerk could not possible have used a firearm to defend himself with uber, high-speed training…….including throwing the gun down after the shoot.

    He could never hit his attacker and even if he did, he would be killed by police for not knowing how to kow-tow to 5-0.

    And no mention of his trying to de-escalate the situation or using pepper spray and a stun gun before ventilating that POS. Oh the horror!

    Snarking aside…..kudos to the clerk. Hope he can deal with the stress.

    • Stupid Leftist (BIRM) journalism book of rules that everybody is a suspect until convicted in a court of law.

      Meanwhile, the suspect John Wilkes Booth….

    • I “suspect” that the “alleged” armed robber is deader than a mackerel. But I’ll wait on a trial by jury to declare him to be “Certtifed Worm Food”, based upon evidence presented in court and beyond a reasonab le doubt of his deadness.

      Would surely not want to see the alleged dead guy’s alleged rights trampled upon by allegations that are merely alleged to be true.

  12. When I saw [Video] attached to the header, I wasn’t expecting a news reel. I was hoping to see the security camera footage, or did I miss it somewhere? But, good to know the clerk prevailed. I watched the other news reels and a longer clip of the same video came on about 4 clips later. In this clip the officer stated that the perp was black. Interesting that the first video clip was shortened, but the question came up in this thread.

  13. So much for all that training he’s supposed to have. It’s not that hard people. Point it at the thug and pull the trigger. No weekend Rambo cosplay necessary. Well done.

  14. “Further recidivism is considered highly unlikely in this case.” Bahahaaha. Didnt read anyone else’s comments, but hopefully someone noted that clever addition to the article at the end. Made me laugh. Thank you, I enjoy cleverness.


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