dc project gun rights women
Courtesy DC Project
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dc project gun rights women
Courtesy DC Project

Moms Demand Action is good at a few things. They’re good at selling their brand and getting lots of media attention (just check out how they first gained momentum). They’re also good at lobbying in state capitals, like their upcoming Virginia lobby day on 1/8/20. Those red-shirted women make for good photo ops and MDA makes sure they’re very media friendly.

This is the Facebook post that started it all off for them (obviously it’s under their new name now, not their original moniker, One Million Moms For Gun Control):

Funny, it didn’t seem to get much traffic based on the “likes” and “shares”.

The original Facebook group Shannon Watts created is long gone, but she didn’t need it anymore (or she got tired of having to block/remove posts).

We can go on and on about how Shannon is anything but your average “stay at home mom,” but this isn’t about her or the creation myth pushed by the media.

This is about REAL “accidental activists,” as Shannon likes to say.

In almost every state across the country, the Bloomberg owned and operated Moms Demand Action and their (mostly) Democrat political allies are working overtime to make sure Daddy Bloombucks’ gun control laws get on the ballot and are enacted.

Now, because of the consistent onslaught on Americans’ rights, other women are getting fed up and pushing back. These women are the anti-Watts grassroots activists we need. And they’re joining forces to become an even stronger force.

One example is Mom-At-Arms, a group that uncovered the information involving FOID/Concealed & Carry fees that was featured here recently. They’ve now joined forces with the established One Million Moms Against Gun Control (1MMAGC).

As stated, 1MMAGC also has board members that are involved with the DC Project, which was in the national spotlight during the House Judiciary Committee gun control hearings in September.

The now famous words (at the 4:00 mark above) from DC Project founder Dianna Muller — “I will not comply” —  made national news. Dianna’s statement wasn’t scripted, unlike Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney’s (if you don’t remember, see here).

The chief got plenty of praise from her buddies (FOIA is your friend):

Source of FOIA images: Mom-At-Arms

Pro-liberty women are a powerful ally in the fight against those that wish to disarm us. Some have their personal stories on why they fight (here’s one from Mom-At-Arms and one from 1MMAGC), Others are “household names” in the Second amendment community, such as the DC Project’s Rhonda Ezell, who took the City of Chicago to court and defeated their unconstitutional ban on shooting ranges within city limits.

Our rights are under assault from people who think “safety” is giving the edge to criminals in emergency situations. Moms Demand Action recently lobbied against the Texas law/clarification that helped bring the West Freeway Church shooting to a quick end.

I for one am glad we have women who are willing to put themselves out there to benefit us all and contribute in the fight for our Second Amendment rights. It sure as hell beats those who sell out to Mike Bloomberg a year after they start their grassroots AstroTurf operations.

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    • OK, this is great, and I want to donate/support both gun rights groups mentioned.

      But here is the problem: clicking on the link for either one brings me to their Twitter or Facebook page. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, but that seems to be the only way to contact them.

      Anyone know an email address or URL for them that can be used to donate?

      • That’s just it. These groups aren’t out to make money like MDA is. Not sure if there’s donation pages, but they’re not “in your face” about it like Bloomberg’s ladies are. These women are doing it because they believe in the fight, not to make a buck for a sugar daddy (in MDA’s case, Everytown/Bloomberg). MDA donations go to the Everytown Support fund.

        • You didn’t answer Rick’s question. I don’t use facebook either. I want to send my money to a real website. I will look later. Most small businesses/non profits have one.
          Also, what’s with the “sugar daddy” comment? The liberal mom’s in the Chicago suburbs aren’t in it to “make a buck for the sugar daddy” either. They really believe in it.

        • Victoria,

          Sugar Daddy meaning Mike Bloomberg (for MDA). Moms Demand Action donations go to either the Everytown Action Fund or Everytown Support Fund. They also (while they believe in what they’re doing) are guided. Ever been on a conference call for their organization? It’s all guided. They’re told what to say, where to focus, and they do not take objections (meaning you must be in line with everything they preach).

          Also, what Chicago suburban area? We might have some MDA FOIA’s laying around…..

    • “Female” is a scientific term that refers to the sex of a species that is capable of producing children. The term “woman” refers specifically to human beings, while “female” could refer to any species.

  1. I refuse to be a statistic!! I refuse to comply!! I stand with my Sisters Proudly. Not Only do I support the 2nd Amendment but I am Proud Military Mother🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Today I learned two thing. And I thank both groups for their effort . Stand strong. ! Here’s to the preservation of the constitution and the bill of rights. Salute !!!

  3. 1. It seems democrat women believe women in general can’t stop a rape using a gun.


    2. And democrat men believe women fear of rape is really not justified.


    3. Democrat Bernie Sanders says women have fantasies of being raped by multiple men.


    It seems Democrats think violence against women is no big deal. And if it really does happen they are incapable of using a gun to defend themselves.

    • “It seems Democrats think violence against women is no big deal.”

      Leftists think women should either void themselves or not fight back. Proof their ideology is morally bankrupt…

      • I saved a couple wooden tongue depressors from the Illinois State Police from many years ago that had a printed sticker on it. It said to use it to make yourself vomit in case of an attack/rape. Who thought that was a good idea? Anyone else remember that one?

  4. About 1997 I was told my background check came back denied for a felony conviction.
    I was told it was for a car accident I had 10 years previous.
    I have always trusted the police and so I did not question it.
    My then husband had to but the .22 rifle for our son.
    For the next 25 years, I self identified as a felon and was an anti gun advocate. My thinking was, if I can’t defend myself with a firearm, no one should have one!
    During those 25 years, I was sexually assaulted twice, once in my own home in my own bed.
    Raped once, again in my own home. And physically assaulted in public once. As I was not allowed to defend myself… I felt every bit a victim.
    In 2012 a woman advised me to challenge that felony claim.
    I decided to do so. Turns out the claim that I was a felon was FALSE!
    Background checks often return inaccurate or false information.
    In my case, it caused me great harm physically and emotionally not to mention financially.
    Since 2014 when I began to carry a firearm regularly, it has saved me from at least two dangerous encounters, and constantly reassures me that my fate and safety are in my own hands!
    Anti 2A laws and supporters will forever be ignored by me and my house!

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