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O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, announced today the introduction of a new 12-gauge autoloading shotgun platform; the 940 JM Pro, available in two 10-shot models. The result of two years of development alongside world champion shooters, Jerry and Lena Miculek, the 940 JM Pro is designed to meet the needs of today’s competition shooter with the incorporation of an array of aftermarket modifications and accessories direct from the factory.

Using the iconic 930 JM Pro-Series Competition Shotgun as a baseline, the Miculeks worked with Mossberg engineers to identify and help re-design major areas of improvement that included the gas system; loading port; point-of-aim/point-of-impact; overall product fit and functionality; sight system; and choke system.

All the newly designed components led the way for the introduction of a new autoloading platform from Mossberg, the 940. Major attributes of the 940 autoloading shotgun include:

Gas System: The new gas system on the 940 will run up to 1,500 rounds before cleaning and will reliably cycle any type of quality factory-made 2 ¾ or 3-inch ammunition. A stepped and vented-spacer component has also been incorporated that keeps the gas system running fast by shedding any moisture or carbon build-up every time it cycles.

Loading Port: The 940’s loading port has been designed to allow the user to efficiently quad-load the magazine tube straight out of the box without any need of modification to the receiver. The elevator and shell catch have also been designed to eliminate common pinch-points.

Point-of-Aim / Point-of-Impact: Mossberg engineers worked to design a new barrel-making process for the 940 that ensures the consistent production of a platform that will allow a user to maintain an accurate point-of-aim/point-of-impact when utilizing quality factory-made ammunition.

Fit and Functionality: The 940 sports a slim profile and ergonomic forend and stock, both feature Mossberg’s signature texturing that offers a positive, yet comfortable grip. The stock is completely user-configurable, offering out-of-the box adjustability for length-of-pull (13 – 14.25 inches), drop, and cast. The receiver is anodized for durability and the controls (charging handle and bolt release button) are oversized. Internal components are nickel boron-coated for smooth, reliable functionality.

Sight System: The 940 JM Pro utilizes a fiber optic HIVIZ® TriComp sight system that offers nine user-interchangeable LitePipes, in three colors and three shapes of varied height, for superior sighting in any competitive environment.

Choke System: Equipped with Mossberg’s Accu-Choke™ system, the 940 JM Pro ships with a set of Briley® extended chokes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder and Modified) that come engraved with constriction for easy selection.

Two models of the 940 JM Pro are being initially offered; both featuring 24-inch barrel lengths; 10-round total capacity; and matte blue-finish on the barrels. Options include choice of black synthetic stock and forend (SKU #85111) with tungsten gray-anodized receiver. Gold-anodized bolt handle; bolt release button; magazine extension nut; safety button; trigger; and cocking indicator which easily identify your 940 in a rack of similarly-equipped competition guns. With the second option, the stock and forend are camouflaged with the proven Black MultiCam® pattern (SKU #85113). The receiver and controls wear a black anodized-finish. MSRP: $1015

As the industry’s leading shotgun manufacturer, look to Mossberg for a product to meet your needs at a match, in the field or at home. For more information about the new Mossberg 940 JM Pro, or other Mossberg products, visit

Mossberg 940 JM Pro Autoloading Shotguns Specifications:

HIVIZ® is a registered trademark of HIVIZ LLC. Briley® is a trademark of Briley Manufacturing Co. MultiCam Black is a trademark of Lineweight LLC.

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  1. This one actually looks like it would be a useful item on a farm. And the safety is in the right place.

  2. Waiting to see a comparison video of this verses the Stoeger M3K.

    Also, Mossberg’s whole ‘New for 2020’ lineup is available on their website.

    • I have a stoeger m3k and while it’s reliable I find the recoil a bit harsh even with target loads.

      • Try the Vera Max (Tactical and Competition).

        It tames recoil making buckshot feel like field loads. Simply amazing the way that gun’s gas system tames recoil.

    • The Stoger isn’t competition ready. Mine wouldn’t even load a single shell through the loading port into the magazine, forget twin loading.
      I sent it back and they ground down the screw holding the release button saying it was contacting the carrier latch balance pin. Why not just remove the pin since it isn’t even included in the exploded diagram in the manual?
      That didn’t fix it and obviously Benelli USA didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, I went on youtube and found ways to make a brand new competition shotgun actually perform as a competition shotgun.

      Me: “My gun won’t allow me to twin load.”
      Pat at Benelli USA: “I don’t know what twin loading is.”
      I sent him a video of Team Stoeger.

    • I understand some 930s would jam, but mine was never a “Jam Pro.” Looks like Mossberg has incorporated a number of modifications shooters would make after purchase.

      I like the looks of the top one with gold accents.

      • My 930 (Patrick Flannigan Rythm Series) is super reliable. It even chews through the my friends ugly crimp reloads with no issues.

      • I could live without the gold. A gold engraved Jerry Miculek signature would be quite appealing though. The blue receiver is cool.

    • I can picture the two years of side by side develop, goes like this Jerry and Lena shot on shot, gun jams, they hand it to Mossberg gunsmith and say “it jammed again!”. Gunsmith fiddles with it and hands it back, “try it now.” They shoot a shot and it jams. Repeat all above steps for two years!

    • I’ve never had my 930 jam. Even when I was going retarded gamer shit like quad loading. It’s a solid semi-auto shotgun. A bit outdated and obsolescent as all scatterguns, but certainly eminently reliable.

    • Bought my 930 barely used for $449. Jammed after 2 rounds. Must be why it was on consignment. Figured out the barrel was canted making the piston not align with the tube. Turned out this was a wide spread problem with the first run of JM Pros.
      Sent it back to Mossberg and it has run well ever since. The only problem was in a 3gun match when I was sharing it with my wife, it got too fouled up half way through the match and started failing. This was a cleaning issue that looks like the 940 will address.

    • I don’t see anything in this that would justify a several hundred dollar premium over what I paid for my JM Pro 930.

      • About $250 more. I’d say the loading port alone if sent off for modification is worth that. Then add in the better gas system. The 930 says reliable up to 200 rounds. The 940 says 1500. That’s huge for a competitive shooter.

  3. Is it me or has the best two gun manufacturers’ (Mossberg and Ruger) been just killing it lately?

  4. What I’m thinking they did is that they took the upgrades people put on their 930s (OR3GUN and SBE Precision) and made them the factory default. The spacer looks almost exactly like the OR3GUN one.

    As far as it being a JamPro, I have the 24″ Kryptek and it runs fine, even before I replaced the parts as a “just in case”. From what I could gather, the first run of the 930s was really rough, but they fixed the issues over the years. Stuff like “they require too much cleaning” has always sounded like the old guys that don’t know how to take their gun apart, and always drop them off at a gunsmith for cleaning.

      • This is Steve (the “S” in SBE Precision) we have customers with verified shell counts of well over 1000 shells with one user going over 2000 with zero issues between cleanings with the 930 SBE Precision Products piston and OR3GUN spacer. The aftermarket basically redesigned the shotgun for them and they went from there. The follower looks exactly like ours too. If your 930 can go 400-500 between cleanings it will easily do 1500 on the piston ans spacer. The only ones that we can help as much are ones with manufacturing defects like gas cylinders that aren’t straight and the 940 isn’t immune to those issues as well.

    • “..Stuff like “they require too much cleaning” ..”

      Not really Kreg, after seeing the intro here, I bounced over to some video and found this; at the 2:45 mark the Mossy Rep admits the frequent cleaning is an “inherent issue.”

      Oh…and who knew Lena was such a ham for the camera.

  5. Who would buy this junk?

    Who needs more than 3 rd magazine on a shotgun? In my state- the only thing thing you can hunt with uncapped mag is big game.

    Nb4 I own many 30rd mags for my AR. Yes support your right to own this monstrosity. Also will make fun of you because this is straight up gay.

    I do not support Lena Miculek and her divorce! She left her husband for a guy who sells drugs. Weihan says: Not allow!

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