Charlottesville Chief of Police RaShall Brackney speaks at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on assault weapons on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Charlottesville, Virginia police chief RaShall Brackney testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s recent hearings on “assault weapons.” She told the committee that, in her considered opinion, every gun should be banned that can be used to “hunt individuals.”

Yes, we know what that means. So did a Republican member of the committee who then pointed out that literally all guns fall under that description. He tried a few times to nail her down on the point while dodging cover Democrats on the committee tried to provide for the chief.

“Again, however, Rep. (Greg) Steube tried to clarify, asking, ‘Any type of weapon … that can be used to kill people should be banned?’ ‘Sir,’ Brackney replied, ‘you’re adding the word ‘type.’ I said ‘any weapons,’ so that’s my answer. Thank you.'”

So yes. Chief Brackney believes that all guns should be banned for civilian ownership. That hasn’t played well at home back in Charlottesville.

Testimony on Capitol Hill now has Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney under the microscope.

Brackney recently spoke to lawmakers about gun violence. However, the chief’s comments about banning certain types of weapons are now prompting hundreds to call for Brackney’s resignation.

“Any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned,” said Brackney during her testimony for the Protecting America from Assault Weapons hearing Wednesday, September 25.

Brackney spoke as a representative for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, telling lawmakers last week, “It is our organization’s opinion that violence – particularly gun violence – is a public health issue.”

– Henry Graff in Petition Calls for CPD Chief Brackney to Resign Over Gun Control Comments

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    • Las Vegas police chief was on record in the local papers months before the October 1st Harvest Festival shooting calling for a ban on standard capacity mags.
      Many police chiefs nationwide are following this political trend .
      Bloomberg money and Mayors Against Guns is the most likely source.

    • Appears to me that she thinks she is a real expert on what everyone else should own. Bet she wouldn’t be turning in her firearms, if they were outlawed. Truth of the matter is that the firearm, regardless of what kind it is, IS INCAPABLE of killing ANYONE. A gun is an inanimate object. It has NO will of its own, NO means to accomplish anything. The real problem is the person BEHIND the gun, pulling the trigger. Finally, when the police have no obligation to protect INDIVIDUALS, but only society as a whole (Supreme Court ruling years ago), then I would not expect the cops to be there to protect me or my family from the bad guys.

      • I agree with you on the Affirmative of that Action.

        Furthermore, watch her testimony and the contempt she has for gun owners.

        Want to know one of the individuals the Beto Banners and gun confiscation people will turn to when it’s time to organize/lead the door to door part? You are looking at her.

        • Do we now know why the police funneled one group of protesters into another?

          Or why the police were standing down in the mist of the violence?

        • They can always call in the Police Chief of the LAPD and the Sheriff of the LACSD to join the chorus. They and their predecessors all contend that CCWs should not be issued because “more guns equals more gun crime, ” and therefore the fewer guns available to the public the better. I suspect the Chicago Chief would agree, as would the mayor and chief of Cleveland, Baltimore, D.C. , NYC, Seattle,….but not Detroit.

        • @Mark,

          Actually, our former LA County Sheriff McDonnell campaigned on the promise that he’d loosen our CCWs and begin approving them to mimic our surrounding counties such as Ventura, Kern, and San Bernardino. But when he won the election and attained office, he backtracked and never followed through. This pissed off enough voters (including rank-and-file LASD Deputies) that he lost by a narrow margin to our current Sheriff Villanueva, who’s a rapid Democrat and #resist NeverTrumper. It was the first time in a full 100 years that an encumbent Republican Sheriff was defeated by a Democrat in an election, and it was largely due to McDonnell’s failure to live up to his promises of a more 2A-friendly administration.

          Now we’re stuck with a Sheriff who has unilaterally declared Los Angeles County as a Sanctuary County, hates private gun ownership, and has forbidden department cooperation with ICE and CBP.

    • Weapons? is she trying to outlaw rocks as well? They can be used to kill people. In other words, in her opinion, we should not have any edged tools, any sash cords for our blinds or drapery, oh, definitely no scissors, screwdrivers, wrenches, I guess we will have to amputate our hands as well, and doctors should not have needles larger than those used for diabetics.
      She fits the old adage, if she had a brain she would be dangerous and as she only has half a brain she is twice as dangerous.

      • Just choked on my wine. Reminds me of when I was falsely and illegally arrested. They spent hours trying to remove my permanent toe rings because they could be “used to kill people.” Over 6 police and corrections officers eventually gave up on trying to remove my “dangerous” contraband. If they had the reasoning of the judge that threw out the case eventually, they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble and my killer toes a lot of pain.

    • Patriot Picket founder Jeff Hulbert was ejected from the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee room during this same Federal hearing of the “Assault Weapon Ban of 2019” bill, as reported here on TTAG on 9/27/19:

      Jeff stood in the hearing audience and declared – – on behalf of millions of law-abiding rifle owners – – that “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” with their radical leftist Democrat/Bloomberg Federal ban (or confiscation) of lawfully owned firearms.

      Jeff made his declaration not long after Charlottesville Police Chief Rashall Brackney gave her blatantly ignorant Democrat political testimony, calling for a ban on all firearms that could be used to “hunt individuals.”

      The video below of Jeff’s declaration and ejection by US Capitol Police was recorded on September 25, 2019 in the House Judiciary Committee hearing room, Rayburn Building, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC:

      Watch the “Patriot Picket ‘WE WILL NOT COMPLY’ with Fed AWB 2019” YouTube video here:

      “The Patriot Picket” on Facebook

    • This POS and all the other Left wing garbage in Charlottesville are responsible for the death of one fat slob mudshark, and for a an innocent being attacked in his car by a crazed mob. Now, that innocent with no criminal history is in jail for life for fleeing an attack.

  1. Well that’s a massive long list of guns, As in all of them.

    Any gun, any weapon, and a vast area of common objects not usually thought of as weapons can be used to hurt or kill a person.

    That’s why it is properly called “Human Violence”, because humans are what is doing the act.

    • The “any weapon” remark is extremely broad and vague. My guess is that she intentionally refused to be specific. So let’s help her out. Why not limit her definition to weapons that are used to kill as many, or more, people than an AR-15. But that is a difficult number to pin down. I know, we’ll be generous to her cause and use the FBI statistics ( where “rifles,” meaning all rifles is used.

      By that standard we can start by banning blunt objects. We will need to ban and confiscate all 2X4s, and baseball bats – yes even little league bats. Hammers will have to go also. The FBI stats are clear, blunt objects are used to murder people more often than rifles.

      We will also need to ban and confiscate knives. All of them. FBI stats prove that knives are much more deadly that rifles. Pocket knives, table knives, butcher knives, even butter knives will have to go. Don’t even get started on those scary black “assault knives” that the military uses, they all have got to go.

      But we will also have to ban physicians and surgeons. Medical malpractice kills so many people in the US that Stalin would be thrilled. Look at records to show clearly that a doctor’s license is a deadly weapon killing many more people in just one month than all the FBI listed weapons do in an entire year.

      We need to figure out a way to comply with this leftist police chief’s demand. It will be difficult, but maybe if we start out by banning everything that has ever been used to kill someone we can make progress. Funny how that will include water, air, clothing, tools, food, automobiles, transmittable diseases, . . .

      Or we could just ban idiots.

      • You didn’t mention banning Clintons! Unfortunately we don’t know the true number but I imagine A LOT have fallen due to these horrible things.

        • Yeah. Kinda John Wick-ish type of organization.
          Only rich/politically “powerful” need apply.
          Also, isn’t RaShall the female version of RaSheed?

      • @ GeorgiaBob:
        “Look at records to show clearly that a doctor’s license is a deadly weapon killing many more people in just one month than all the FBI listed weapons do in an entire year.”

        I think that is a bum rap. Don’t you know that doctors often find themselves in attendance of terminal patients and are not the actual CAUSE of all their deaths?

        • NOT talking about when Doctors are doing their jobs, talking about malpractice when they outright kill people by their failure to prescribe the correct medication or when they operate on the wrong person or leave their instruments inside of a patient, etc, etc, etc.
          Yes, we all trust our Doctor but, they kill more people every year then all the crime combined. Check the stets for yourselves. CDC, FBI fro two official sources.

    • Paris. 4 cops killed and more injured by a ceramic knife brought into the cop shop.

      It ain’t the arrow. It’s the Indian.

  2. So… apparently the “one drop” rule is still valid so long as you can play the race card to defend yourself from criticism. What is it with Demokkkommie “people of color” whiter than my Ukrainian ass?

        • Yes, Fall is a magical time, when the leave change color. But in Canada they get the extra treat of seeing the Prime Minister change color too.

        • The article is about Virginia gun grabbers…The reply to your comment refers to Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring. No need to go over the border.

    • I thought the same thing. Had to go back and look at the picture. She is about as white as they come. If anything looks Hispanic. Must have thought like Liawatha AKA Grey beaver. Granny told her she had a wide nose and a good tan.

      • Could not possibly care any less about her race, I only care about the Constitution and Our Country. People like her should be invited to leave, anywhere but here. The people that keep her on the job should join her when she departs.

        • I don’t care about her race either. I do care about lifetime of preferential treatment because of her lies about her race. How brazen and shameless must she be, to go and try for presidential candidacy after she was caught and lost her face, instead of crawling into some dark hole.
          To think that millions of Americans are still willing to vote for this dirty lying opportunist makes me doubt the democratic system.

        • My apologies. /\This doesn’t belong here. I have been jumping through several sites, got this discussion mixed up with another one about certain presidential wannabe.

  3. What a joke. Another intersectional hack in red lipstick stuffed into a uniform she has no business wearing. Virginia is lost.

    • A joke, and a patently unfunny one at that.
      Whether she’s appointed or elected she’s a disgrace to the uniform. A police officer’s job isn’t to cover the asses of the politicians above, it’s to protect the public. It’s high time they realized that.

      • A policeman’s job is to enforce laws. Protecting people is not a law, it’s quite sad that the vast majority of people believe it is.

        • Then don’t whine or complain if they break your door down or hurt a member of your family to “enforce the law”. They’re just doing their job, right?

    • I was born in Richmond but grew up in rural areas around Williamsburg. We moved to Iowa when I was 7.

      Virginia has always been home. I still even speak with the Tidewater accent. I very seriously thought about taking a job in the Virginia Beach area when I got out of the Army in 2010. I decided on staying here in Nebraska & working at Offutt AFB instead.

      It saddens me that the Virginia that I know of as home is gone. I had thought about retiring there. I think I will just stay here now.

  4. Their jobs would be so much easier if it wasn’t for that pesky Constitution.

    I’m really out of touch with Virginia and its politics. Huh.

  5. You can pry my atlatl from my cold, dead hands.

    Ok, I don’t actually own an atlatl, but a stunning array of weapons “can be used to hunt an individual.”

    • Just watch Forged in Fire for inspiration on what can kill people. The damage done to ballistics test dummies and pig carcasses would truly shock “The Chief”.

    • .. I *do* own an atlatl and about half a dozen 7′ darts. You would be surprised at how accurate one can get with enough practice. my former teacher hit a ground squirrel at 20 yards with a side arm throw, *intentionally*
      the dart hit the squirrel, then the point hit the ground. if you can imagine that arc, you should be impressed.

    • The question is: will an open desire and willingness to shred the bill of rights for all people beat out the “muh, free shit” vote?

      Given that people literally get themselves f’d in the a for money I’m doubtful.

    • The Japanese did that to the Ryukyu Kingdom.

      Guess, what? The knowledge went underground. It never disappeared.

      At that time it was called Te. The ancestor of that is Kara-Te

      If it is taught as originally intended all of the lethality is there. It’s just passed off as a sport today.

      Don’t think for one second a oppressive government wouldn’t ban it again.

  6. Wow…everything! Does anything good come out of Charlottesville?!? BREAKING: 4 killed in knife attack in French po-leece station! No pesky guns used…

  7. BS alert:

    Either ALL guns aren’t to be trusted to be in human hands, or they are not. But I call BS as soon as you imply only “certain people” should be allowed to have guns.

    Psst, your tyrannical power play is showing.

    People with a basic knowledge of history, and who don’t shy away from the obvious, know that “bad / corrupt people” are the source of all crime and murder — long before guns existed.

    • The Democrats’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing them to lose what little self control they may have previously had.

  8. It would appear from Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney’s testimony that the people of Charlottesville need a new police chief,one that believes in the US Constitution and will uphold it.

    • Yeah, she’s a moron who was able to check the boxes, but if she goes, they’ll replace her with another one. Problem is systemic, needs to be dug out by the roots!

  9. She doesn’t look very black in that photo…just sayin’…
    So they want to ban kitchen knives, bats and golf clubs too…right?

    • “Can’t ban these guns.

      Don’t be so sure about that.

      Read this entertaining short story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

      It takes place in a world that is a ‘Progressive’ paradise, where no one is smarter, or stronger, or better-looking that anyone else, and enforced by *LAW*.

      It’s an AOC ‘perfect world’. A fair world, where everyone is equal…

      It should scare the hell out you, because this is what they want…

  10. Well, I’ll make you a deal. Since more people are killed with fists and feet, every year, consistently, than with “assault weapons”, that would make them “weapons that can be used to hunt individuals”. So if you aren’t a hypocrite, then go have your arms and legs amputated.
    What? That’s ridiculous and unreasonable? So, aparrently, is your appointment to any position to serve and protect the people if you refuse to let them protect themselves out of a willful ignorance of violence.

  11. If police officers will participate in red flag confiscations why would anyone believe they would not participate in general all out confiscation?

    It is going to become more and more difficult to tell who the “good” officers are. It is time for the officers that believe in the constitution to find new, honorable jobs and stop pretending they stand for the constitution.

    They day you participate in a red flag siezure or murder is the day you become a NAZI. And I would argue that if you still wear a police uniform in a state that has passed and facilitated red flag orders And you have not resigned YOU HAVE BECOME A NAZI.

    Just following orders for the paycheck from this day forward. How is that different from the NAZI’s?

    Please explain

    • John Galt,

      I hate to say it but I think you are correct on all counts.

      If you are wearing the uniform of a law enforcement entity which supports unConstitutional Red Flag laws, you are part of that entity and hence part of the problem.

  12. She reminds me of the police chief here in Dallas, just another SJW “feelz” hire. By her logic, we need to ban all Dodge Challengers, too, because there was one in her city that was pretty effective at hunting people a couple of years ago.

  13. She is the exact type of government official that the James Madison had in mind when he petitioned the inclusion of the 2A in the BoR.
    Not to be confused with the fact the 2A does’t ‘grant’ us the right to keep and bear arms, but to clearly indicate that it is natural right so that when people like this power hungry sack of crap, along with every other politician who would want to put a free people under their thumb, we would have the right to defend ourselves from their tyrannical rule.
    Seems that since these politicians cannot follow the Constitution, and the courts will not uphold the Constitution, it’s clear that it is time for the People to remove these petty tyrants from office by exercising their natural rights, the same way the citizens of Athens, Tn did.

    • Brilliant, I never thought it that way. The second amendment has never been a right granted by the Constitution, it is a natural right defended by the Constitution as a natural right predating the Constitution which is recognized and deemed shall not be infringed. The second amendment rights are protected by the ninth amendment as well, since the early US considered that someone might some day try to usurp our rights (after all they had just experienced it in their immediate lifetimes) that they risked their lives to defend, they gave us at least another layer to protect our rights against tyranny and to protect ourselves.

  14. Well, if Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney demands that “any weapons” which a violent criminal can use to “hunt individuals” must be banned, when do we start banning hands and feet? After all, violent criminals used their hands and feet as murder weapons more often than rifles and shotgun combined last year to murder innocent victims.

    And when is Chief Brackney going to demand bans on bricks, rocks, sticks, pipes, and vehicles — all of which a violent criminal can use to “hunt individuals”?

      • Rocks? Those rocks came from mountains!

        Ban the ‘Rockies’ ! It’s for the children!

  15. Again, however, Rep. (Greg) Steube tried to clarify, asking, ‘Any type of weapon … that can be used to kill people should be banned?’

    ‘Sir,’ Brackney replied, ‘you’re adding the word ‘type.’ I said ‘any weapons,’ so that’s my answer. Thank you.’”

    Any weapons was her answer. ANY OF THEM.

    That includes knives & any other melee weapon.

  16. Does anybody on know if her oath of office included supporting, defending or reading to the Constitution of the United States and or the Constitution of Virginia. According to this article, her public statement regarding regarding guns, like many other public officials is obviously not consistent with supporting or defending either of those to documents. About time to start calling them out on it. The people who carry government firearms and are authorized the use of deadly force are probably the most important place to start.

    • The text editor butchered my my comment.

      Does anybody on here know if her oath of office included supporting, defending or protecting the Constitution of the United States and or the Constitution of Virginia? According to this article, her public statement, like many other officials, regarding regarding guns, is obviously not consistent with supporting or defending either of those documents. About time to start calling them out on it. The people who carry government firearms and are authorized the use of deadly force are probably the most important place to start.

      • What do you mean text editor? Is there someone at TTAG editing our comments? I’m aware that many comments are deleted in their entirety, but they’d better not be edited. That’s grounds for a lawsuit.

        I was a regular reader and commenter on SurvivalBlog for eight years until JWR began editing and slicing/dicing comments without giving notice of what he was doing. After I had a private (email) discussion with him on the matter and learned he has been doing it for years, I left the site.

  17. Losers come in all shapes & colors, ,, this one is definitely a loooooser.
    & I’m sure it got the job only because it falls under the term minority, it got to check two boxes on that question, maybe more,

  18. Yep, and no criminals will have guns. Just like they had booze during Prohibition and no drugs to sell now. Get what these pipe dreamers want would require a Gestapo grade police action. An attempt to disarm a hundred or so million people would be interesting especially since many of them are law enforcement or military.

  19. A “weapon” is what I say it is. It’s also what Webster says:

    Definition of weapon

    (Entry 1 of 2)
    1 : something (such as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy

    This broad is picking invisible nites. But she’s not fooling anyone.

  20. “In the dimness of the shadows
    Where we hairy heathens warred,
    I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
    We used teeth before the sword.” ( Patton)

    Ban Teeth.

  21. She took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. This testimony is in violation of that oath. She should be fired immediately.

  22. So how about everything that can be used to hunt individuals? And none for law enforcement either while we at it. These are all just socialist politicians, not police chiefs. Same with Fairfax County that punished the cop for catching criminals and then the “chief” let the criminal go.

  23. She looks like AOC’s but ugly sister (and equally stupid of course). Good god with a face like that who needs a gun?

  24. Maybe RaShall had a moment of clarity. Anything used to hunt people should be banned. Cops hunt people all the time. Thus, RaShall should ban cops.

  25. The difference is that in almost all of the U.S. Cities a Police Chief is APPOINTED by the Mayor and so a Democrat anti-gun Mayor will appoint an anti-gun Officer to Chief, or there will be a Nationwide search for an anti-gun replacement.
    OTOH, a Sheriff is ELECTED to Office and it pretty much depends on whether the County is Red or Blue as to whether an anti- or pr-gun person is Sheriff.

    • PLEASE allow editing! Sometimes a key doesn’t register and spell check didn’t catch it.
      “whether the County is Red or Blue as to whether an anti- or PRO-GUN person is Sheriff.”

  26. Very simple solution to this and other stupid laws; make all laws apply to all citizens. No exceptions, cut outs, carve-outs, dispensations at all. When everyone is playing by the same rules, the game changes considerably.

    On the other hand; let me make the rules and I will win every time.

  27. Didn’t the Chief take an Oath to uphold the Constitution? Now she’s advocating a position clearly antithetical to that Oath? She should be removed….

  28. I need weapons because cops don’t stop crime, nor have a duty to to save me, as has been determined by the supreme court. Cops clean up the mess afterwards, thus, I need a tool for defense. And the more precise and lethal that tool is, the better for me.

    • Municipal Police answer to a City Mayor, and Highway Patrol answer to a State Governor. Those departments do not answer to the community, and that’s what the court decisions were in reference to. While unfortunate, it’s legally correct.

      A County Sheriff, however, is an elected official voted into office by the community, and has the Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of his township. Very different.

  29. If this is your chief of police and you are just now learning her position from this article. YOU ARE ALSO A PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  30. As a retired firefighter I can tell you that most Department heads in public safety never did anything while they in the ranks . Most of them held union offices and used that position to advance themselves and sell out the membership during bargaining. They are rewarded for their services later and become toilet paper to the politician that they serve at the pleasure of.

  31. Yes, and Charlottesville has the University of Virginia, too, which only increases the liberal/progressive/intellectual bent of the city. This police chief is just a reflection of all that. All I can say about her proposal is good luck once you go outside of the city limits. That part of Virginia is very rural with lots of small towns, and lots of guns. In Virginia, the liberal/progressive disease is mostly confined to the Hampton/Norfolk area, to Richmond, maybe to Roanoke, and to Northern Virginia (the lib/prog population of which is slowly spreading to the west and south). These areas have pretty high concentrations of Dem voters (mostly incomers from other states), but the rest of the state is pretty safe, IMHO – for now. We’ll see in November…

  32. Any weapon that can possibly be used to save innocent human life must NEVER be banned. Anybody wanting to ban weapons that can save human life must be banned.

  33. So a police chief, sworn to uphold the Constitution, if given the chance, would throw the Constitution out. So she admits to being willing to violate the law and is not removed from her position.

  34. This is the same logic of banning criminals. why don’t these DUNDER HEADS try that tact…you ought to know It just does not work…These left wing socialistic puppets of the DEMOCRAPS are just trying to disarm the people so they can control us people (UNDERLINGS) . If you BAN or other wise take our GUNS away only the CRIMINALS will have guns , who is going to protect the people? Not you ! Because you dummies should know that they..the CRIMINALS do not obey the law and will have the guns. and we will not . You sit there with 24/7 protection and tell us to give up our guns.

  35. “It is our organization’s opinion that violence – particularly gun violence – is a public health issue.”

    So… shouldnt you then have yielded your time to… I dunno… someone qualified to comment on issues of public health? Or are you gonna comment on TB and measles next?

  36. They are planning a major coup to destroy trump and all of his supporters.keep your powder dry and when the demoncrats move on us fire for effect

  37. If it’s a public health issue as her org asserts, perhaps chief antagonist there should shut up about something outside a police chief’s expertise and authority?

  38. Un-elected police should be banned! This is why there are no sources in the Constitution for Federal or State Police..only elected Sheriffs that serve the people’s wishes.

    The Corrupt Barry Soetoro administration planted these seeds that we see popping up all over…we will be lucky to live through it without a civil war!

    We have let so many millions of people in from communist places they want to turn America into the crap hole they all fled from.

    A tree branch can be a weapon so let ban trees too…

  39. COME AND TAKE IT!!!!!!!!






  40. These people:

    Politicians & others who have not been in 1000’s of gun fights seeing real human suffering & strife should not be wanting to tear apart this country with such talk as banning our 2nd amendment god given rights!

    They think their orders will be carried out…cuz they do not understand the intestinal fortitude of good Americans.

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

    • “Let them take arms”
      I think the modern Dems misinterpreted their ancient predecessors. Jefferson said, “Let them take arms,” not “Let them take their arms!”

  41. The history of racially invidious gun controls in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

    She’s on the same side of this question as Nathan Bedford Forrest, Byron de la Beckwith and David Duke.

    • You beat me to it. I was going to say the same thing. These black police chiefs are just as dangerous as the white ones or any color, who wants to keep law abiding inner city residence disarmed.

      Your skin color, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, does not protect you from being called an enemy of the Bill of Rights.

  42. The private citizen expressing such idiotic views is, while unfortunate, an exercise of freedom of speech. For government official, in official uniform, to mouth off as this Police Chief has done is less than acceptable. She should be bounced RDN which translates as follows. RIght Damned Now.

  43. G.W. had the right idea. Guns are inanimate objects. They do not think or act on their own. If you think that “guns are the problem then remember this – rocks, trucks, knives, swords, machetes, guns, acid, and a thousand other means have been used to kill humans. We have a military that has primary goal and training of “kill the bad guys before they kill you.” In the 1970’s I was a rookie cop in California and there was Welfare and Institution Code that allowed police officers to arrest and detain anyone that the officer believed was a threat to to themself or others. That law is no longer available. Nowadays, we have to wait for them to kill someone. Waiting is not a good idea.

  44. A police officer, much more a police chief, who has contempt for private gun ownership should not only be dismissed for failing to uphold the Constitution, but should be permanently stripped of their rights to firearms and should be disenfranchised. They should contemplate their luck for not having been charged and tried for treason and subversion for failing to uphold the Constitution and for not having to suffer the consequences being found guilty of treason.

    • Edit, give us back the ability to edit. One big clumsy finger straddling two adjacent keys on the keyboard causing the wrong character to appear should not be a permanent macula on our post.
      Hannibal and the Elephants not Hannubal!

  45. The Conquistadors conquered the greatest empire in the New World with swords and arquebuses. So any firearm can be used to hunt humans and in wars. I seem to remember a boy named David killing a giant man with a rock and a slingshot.

    • FYI
      I believe possession of a slingshot is a felony in New Jersey and California. A slingshot as well as a BB gun are lethal weapons. People hunt small game with them all the time.

  46. In my humble opinion, the chiefs are deferring blame: “‘it’s not our fault, it’s the guns’ type of thinking. So, they didn’t get the message/911 call/or tipster in time do prevent the killing, In other words, don’t criticise us because people have guns!!!

  47. “Again, however, Rep. (Greg) Steube tried to clarify, asking, ‘Any type of weapon … that can be used to kill people should be banned?’ ‘Sir,’ Brackney replied, ‘you’re adding the word ‘type.’ I said ‘any weapons,’ so that’s my answer. Thank you.’”

    So Brackney will divest her department of such weapons, and forbid officers from using such weapons while on duty?


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