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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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While some gun owners prefer to complacently ignore legislation until it passes, that’s a luxury we really can’t afford.

Last year, Virginia Senate Bill 16 was pre-filed in anticipation of the Democrats impending takeover of the state legislature. This bill expands the class of “assault weapons” and bans them outright. No grandfathering.

Facing a remarkable backlash, Governor Blackface Northam tried to reassure firearm owners that the bill would be amended to grandfather in existing “assault weapons,” and “only” require those owners to register them. They could keep the guns they already own. For now.

Fast forward to yesterday: thanks to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, we learned that Governor Coonman is still supporting SB 16, and is already requesting a multi-million dollar appropriation to enforce it, even though the bill hasn’t even made it through committee, much less passed into law.

Governor “Blackface” is supporting SB 16, which would ban commonly-owned firearms in more than one million Virginia households — a ban that would even outlaw sporting weapons such as the Mossberg 930 Snow Goose.

The Governor has requested $4 million and 18 law-enforcement positions to enforce his gun ban — a request that could be the preparatory steps for confiscating the guns which would be banned by SB 16.

Why would he need $4 million and 18 more officers to enforce a mere ban on the future sales of firearms?

Clearly, despite his earlier claims — his lips were moving, after all — he’ll need those resources to enforce confiscation, possibly including compensation for seized weapons to make it somewhat more politically palatable.

I suspect Northam’s intent was to slide the funding through when — he thought — gun owners wouldn’t notice. He’d then use the fact that the money had already been appropriated to rationalize passing SB 16 as-is.

Gee, the money’s there…it’s wasted if we don’t pass the confiscation bill.

That’s the sort of thinking that makes… sense… to gun-grabbing Democrats.

That is why gun owners cannot passively wait for bills to die or pass, assured we’ll eventually find out what’s in it, and only then react.

Call it political situational awareness.

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  1. “Governor Coonman”? Real classy, why would anyone of intelligence want to be a part of this?? Return to Jr High…

      • “He made his bed, now he gets to live with it in perpetuity.”

        I’m sorry, Serge, but I just have to do it :

    • Craig, is that the only alarm that went off in your head upon reading this article? If so, you are part of the problem.

    • “Coonman” was his nickname in his college yearbook blackface / klansman photo. Look it up, inform yourself.

      • And unless you are a special snowflake with sand in your female parts, what does a college nickname or wearing blackface have to do with anything?

        Face it, you are just as politically correct as those you claim to fight.

        • “what does a college nickname or wearing blackface have to do with anything?”

          It’s called forcing the hypocrites to live by their own rules. Where have you been the past few years?

        • Ever hear of a dude named “Saul Alinsky”, Chief??

          Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, rule #4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

          Instead of clutching your pearls, perhaps educate yourself, eh???

          And I thought ALL politicians were fair game. What happened to that trope?

    • Google who this guy is and why that is in fact a nickname he has been known by in the past. There are photos of him in blackface and KKK robes

      “Coonman” was his idea, no one elses.

      • Or better yet, stop using Google. They tweak their algorithm to help push the gun control agenda and hide embarrassing information on democrats.

        • Wrong Big Bill. You entered a VERY specific criteria in order to get that result. In other words, you KNEW what you were looking for. They hide it from people doing general searches even when their own data shows that people want to know about that. I’m posting below what I have posted previously on here showing how the Google memory hole / propaganda machine works:

          Type Ralph Northam *space* into DuckDuckGo and suggested results are:
          1. yearbook
          2. blackface
          3. abortion

          Now let’s check the trusty Google propaganda machine:
          1. gun bill
          2. gun
          3. twitter
          and on and on…Yearbook and blackface aren’t even at the bottom of the list.
          They love tweaking the “algorithm” don’t they?

          Funny enough, even Google “admits” they are lying. Enter the same thing into Google trends and what do you get?
          1. Photograph
          2. Blackface
          3. Abortion

          Wait a second. Isn’t this election interference? An attack on our democracy? I’m sure democrats are very concerned about this.

        • Notice how the top recommended searches not only aren’t for what people are actually searching for, but they are directing you toward progressive causes. See how that works?

        • No, Dude, this is what enuf said: “Google who this guy is and why that is in fact a nickname he has been known by in the past.”
          I googled that, and you see what I can up with. I didn’t even use the word “why” in the search.
          If you’re not interested in what his nickname is, then you’d have no reason to google it. No search means you’re not interested.
          I didn’t use the word “coonman” in my search. I used his name and “college nickname”, because that’s what someone who wanted to know what his college nickname was.

    • Its his nickname, probably not one he would have liked. It has to do with his “I’m not sure if that was me in blackface, or me as the klansman” comment from last year.

      Classy no, but sometimes the classless, don’t deserve the respect of a classing nickname.

    • Apparently some bleeding hearts that read this are in need of a reminder that its a FACT that this POS proudly embraced his nickname “Coonman”. Good on the author. Never let the mfr live it down. : D

  2. Where there is a problem the problem isn’t in promoting awareness. And it’s not with TTAG that I’ve noticed.

    The problem is that I stopped by my LGS the other day and two guys (not employees) were talking about “the laws in Virginia” as opposed to “the proposed laws in Virginia”. They were getting super heated about it too. Talking of “refreshing the tree” and whatnot.

    That is an issue because we can’t expect the target audience to take us seriously when we can’t tell the difference between a law and a bill. Schoolhouse Rock cartoon level shit.

    • Do you have any serious doubts that bill won’t get rammed down their throats with all the due speed the ACA (O-care) was passed a decade back? Do you remember, just before they voted, the congress-critters went home on a break and did as the house leadership instructed and had town halls where the opponents were *very* vocal they didn’t want the ACA? Quite a few of them made the news. People were rightly *angry*.

      We’ve seen the Leftist playbook on ram-rodding legislation when they have the votes. they paid for it dearly in 2010 and lost the house to us, and about 1,000 seats in the state houses. That stopped Obama’s ability to do more damage on the national stage, but I’m sure you’ve noticed ‘O-Care’ is still mostly in effect. (You’ve told me of your expensive horror with your expensive illness.)

      The same is gonna happen in Va. We can’t stop it. They will toss the registration bone, but it’s going into effect in Va.

      I have to say, I am impressed that folks in your area are aware of what’s happening, and their blood is up. We need to harvest that anger in November and get them to show up nationally or we will take a pounding in 11 months at the polls. The ‘NY Pistol’ decision probably won’t help VA, we need to hope more 2A grants of cert. are on the way from the high court.

      Sad to say, Va falling may be what saves us in November. It sucks for those in Va, but their pain may save us come November…

      • “Do you have any serious doubts that bill won’t get rammed down their throats with all the due speed the ACA (O-care) was passed a decade back?”

        If these bills pass into law I imagine it would happen far faster than the ACA. The ACA took almost nine months to shepard through Congress. I don’t see VA Democrats waiting that long.

        That’s not really the point here. The point is something I’ve been talking about for a couple of years. I’ll just go ahead and break this down.

        This ideals with evolutionary and general human psychology which the Democrats understand fairly well and which we steadfastly refuse to apply. There is nothing wrong with fighting like Hell against these bills but we have to use the right terminology and tell the truth. I’m more arguing tactics and strategy here than anything else because over the longer term we’ll still lose if we are perceived to have issues telling the truth.

        The overarching point is this: Humans operate thusly: When confronted by two positions on a topic they will tend to analyze both positions. When one position is take by people who are full of shit people will tend to gravitate towards the person who seems more honest. However, when both positions are occupied by people who appear to be full of shit people will tend to revert to another way of thinking: they’ll do their own risk analysis.

        The problem is that most people suck at risk analysis because our brain, naturally, sucks at this. Their brain looks for patterns and where it fails to find them will tend to create them. Those created patterns almost always assign higher than realistic risk to the object in question. (This is why mass shootings are so “prevalent” according to the public, a view that is of course aided by propaganda.)

        So, what happens is this: They lie, we bullshit, people know that both sides are full of shit so they revert to their own sucky risk analysis that is built into their brain. Which position do they pick? The one that seems/feels less risky. Which position is perceived less risky? Gun bans because if there’s no guns no one’s getting shot by guns (OK, bullets but you get the point). So, we lose. The antis might not win the argument but they’ll win the vote because people will default to the “less risky” proposition which is what the grabbers are offering.

        That’s the game. As I sometimes say: This one’s for all the marbles (it usually is in our system of government) so play accordingly.

        • Oh, and for like the 10th time… The snake is a motherfucking stick. Learn this. It’s a trap built into our life by our own brain. It takes effort to overcome and that’s impossible for most people because they don’t even know this is a thing.

        • Once when we lived in trees long, long ago and were little less than glorified ape lion food we evolved these characteristics you described because this poor analytical ability is what allowed us to survive. Those who lived amongst our ancient ancestors who took too much time to analyze, well their genes are long gone, those who reached rapid and erroneous overreacting conclusions, well, actually those were our ancestors and those genes survive. When a lion is stealthy approaching which of our little ape like progenitors was more likely to have survived, the calm cool analytical one or the paranoid schizophrenic one who screeched at the sight of its own Guess whose genes got passed on to modern humans.

        • “Those who lived amongst our ancient ancestors who took too much time to analyze, well their genes are long gone…”

          Perhaps true and perhaps not. Intelligence is certainly one of the reasons we’ve survived as long as we have.

          Realistically the whole “the snake is a stick” reaction is older than we are and has a lot more do with statistics and reaction time for your brain as a device rather than it’s analytical abilities which certainly developed after both fight/flight and flinch reactions.

          If you see a stick out of the corner of your eye and jump back from it instinctively you’re more likely to survive. You don’t really have any control of this and other animals with less developed brains do it too. The reason is based on time, statistics and chemistry. Your brain can’t figure out what that object is fast enough, it just doesn’t work that fast, so if it’s a threat (or not) so your brain doesn’t bother to figure that out. Instead it just initiates a physical reaction just in case. If you see certain things your brain uses a schema system based on pattern recognition to assign a “value” to that object in terms of what the object is (threat/not threat basically). This is why we can see part of an object and know what the entire object is (usually). Paw->Lion. Bumper->Car.

          It’s a remarkably flexible system that incorporates learning. You can get good enough at recognizing bumpers to see part of a car sticking out from behind a dumpster and immediately recognize that you’re seeing part of a 1991 Mazda Protege. In terms of most things your brain recognizes naturally as a threat however this is genetic. Rabbits can be bred for many generations indoors and still fear the shadow of a hawk (this experiment has been done, the fear of that shape is so strong that it seems to be nearly impossible to rid rabbits of it). People’s brains have the same base wiring but for things that, historically, eat us or kill us.

          Anyway, back to the stick, in the case of the stick your brain simply jumps to the conclusion that it’s a threatening snake because it doesn’t have time to gather the rest of the data AND because if you jump back 99,999,999 out of 100,000,000 nothing bad happens to you. Unless you accidentally jump off a cliff you might have jumped from a stick or you might have jumped out of the strike range of a venomous snake. In terms of evolution the pre-programmed response has no statistical downside because embarrassment>death.

          The flinch mechanism, to some extent or another, works on this principle for everything. It’s so strong that we know it’s almost impossible to train it out of people and modern CQB tactics for multiple people in a team actually take it into account when doing certain things like clearing around a corner.

          This type of pattern recognition is built into animal brains too. This is why certain types of camouflage are so effective. They break up the outline of the object to the point that the brain’s pattern recognition system is fooled. The eye sees what’s there but the brain doesn’t notice it because the pieces that it recognizes are not big enough to be seen as a pattern. Interestingly people with certain types of autism are not fooled by camo. That’s because they have no filter for incoming data but they still retain the pattern recognition system so they can notice minute details and construct the pattern where normal people simply look past what’s really there.

          As JWT has pointed out this may in fact be the basis for many human superstitions.

      • The libs pass evil legislation (like OBAMACARE and various gun control measures).

        Then, the “conservatives” pretend to oppose it, but rarely do anything substantive to stop it.

        The pretend conservatives couldn’t even conserve the women’s bathroom. Don’t put much confidence in them. Hope in God, not man.

        Bush and the Republicans passed the treacherous “Patriot act”, and got us into unending nonsense wars (Iraq and Afghanistan). A lot of Democrats supported both.

        It’s a game, and neither the Democratic or Republican party establishment gives a crap about us. There are individual decent Republican politicians (like Ron Paul) and maybe even a few decent individual Democratic politicians (can’t think of any).

        Sure. Oppose the libs, but keep a close eye on the Republicans. They also tend to betray.

        • There are going to be plenty of heavily armed non-compliant s.o.b.’s in Richmond on the 20th. The politicians keep adding more anti-gun bills, on an almost daily basis. Almost like they are trying to incite a violent response. And the other bills they are trying to sneak by are just as bad.

  3. Yeah, it’s a lot easier to stop it before it becomes law. You, as well as a lot more of us, have a handful of arrogant, entitled people who think they can determine your future. You (we) have to make them understand they’re wrong! You will NEVER see one of these stupid laws repealed in our lifetime.

  4. I prefer the title ‘Black-face Baby-killer’!
    Would love to see that, paired with “for the children” on thousands of rally-posters at the Richmond state-house later this month!

  5. He will need more than 18 people with nothing to lose or live for. I’m sure plenty of operators are ready to disarm people but we’ll see how that goes.
    The democrats are in up to their ears on this and can’t back down. Their rabid left supporters will replace them with other rabid left pols if they back down.
    I think they listened to Beto a wee too much.

    • GS650G,

      At this point, the good people of our nation and especially Virginia MUST take Virginia’s Democrats at their word and MUST start planning a righteous response.

      We should take Virginia Democrats at their word because they are budgeting money for law enforcement personnel to enforce their firearm edicts and they are budgeting money for greater headcounts in prison as a result of enforcing their firearm edicts.

      This is no joke people. If Russia stated that they fully intended to disarm Alaska and annex it — and they allocated significant new/additional budget for the task — that is de facto proof that they will do what they promised to do. Upon learning of such proof, we would be first-rate fools to wait until they started going door-to-door in Alaska before acting.

  6. I would hope Governor Coonman line item budgeted for body bags for his gun grabbing goon squad.

  7. STOP IT! STOP IT! Cultural appropriation WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Mr. O’Rourke is of Irish decent, not hispanic, and most certainly not Mexican. To use that appalling self assumed nickname is a slap in the face of all honest Mexicans everywhere. ( Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Number 4 “Make the other side live up to their own rules.” Yes, I re-read them regularly. Know your enemy.)

    • +1

      Just another Irish wanna-be cholo. It’s a shame the Barrio Trece band of hoodlums in El Paso didn’t address his cultural appropriation years ago.

    • As one of Latin heritage, I have always found offensive Bobo’s misappropriation of my culture without recognition of said culture. If Bobby wants a Hispanic eponym I grant him Bobo, may he no longer disrespect my father’s memory by calling himself any form of Roberto.

      • My suggestion for his Spanish name is Baboso (for our non-Spanish speaking readers…look it up. It is an appropriate name for O’Rourke.)

  8. I agree. We cannot sit back and wait for this legislation to pass and become law. If it does, other Liberal freedom hating states will move quickly to enact the same over their constituents.

    Liberalism is a type of cancer that spreads with a vengeance. Va Governor Nordstrom is an evil man, and typical of how the left thinks against our constitution and freedom in America. All across the country there are similar nonconstitutionalist who will take our rights and force their wacky evil agendas upon the sleepy ignorant public.

    I appreciate this article and hope more people will be talking this up with as many friends as possible. The leftist pravda Soviet style media won’t be reporting on this, so it’s up to us to get the word out and not be complacent. Get active, on the range, and politically,.. to push this anti-gun agenda back to the hell hole it originated in.

    • I know one or several of the sarcastic will only see this type in all I had to say, so I’ll fix it here.

      Gov *Northam*

    • “We cannot sit back and wait for this legislation to pass and become law. If it does, other Liberal freedom hating states will move quickly to enact the same over their constituents.”

      There is a *powerful* upside for us if that happens, and we can exploit it –


      Don’t discount this, anger over Obama ramming the ACA down our throats crippled his ability to do much further damage to America. We need to keep the anger stoked until November. It greatly increases our chances of getting Trump a second term.

      The Leftists tactic in getting the ACA done first by Obama was a sinister psycholgical tactic. Immediately after its passage we were rightly infuriated, but we weren’t able to maintain that level of anger for 3+ years, and that let Obama get re-elected. Had he passed the ACA 6 months before his second election, he likely wouldn’t have gotten his second term.

      Humans are ‘wired’ to get angry fast, but are unable to maintain that level of anger for extended periods of time. It would psychologically destroy us if we tried. They will *say* they are still infuriated, but in reality, they’ve adjusted somewhat to him in office.

      That potentially works in our favor in the upcoming November presidential election. The Leftists say they are infuriated with Trump, (and at some level they are), but with no where near the intensity they were immediately following Trump’s election.

      Now (just 9 months before election day) is the very best possible time for them to pass those draconian gun laws. We can surf that anger to get Trump a second term to massively change the Supreme court and the federal circuit courts to get conservative judges deciding the constitutionality of gun rights…

  9. December 2019 VA SB104…”Allowing doctors or medical workers to administer vaccines recommended by the CDC to a minor child of any age after obtaining “consent” of the minor child and making a determination that the child has the ability to understand the risks and benefits associated with vaccines at the same comprehension level as an adult.”-NVIC

    And people wonder why these states are trying to confiscate their firearms.

    • Yes, this is a direct attack on parents rights over their children. They’ve also prefiled to allow minors to have abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

      • States are falling like dominoes….the trend is to hit both gun rights and family rights, 1-2 punch.

        • What a surprise, little ‘peeegeee’ isn’t talking guns in ‘the Truth About Guns’, he’s right back on his one-trick-pony of anti-vaxxx bullsh!t. After being told by TTAG management, it isn’t welcome here.

          How about doing everyone a favor and go play in freeway traffic at rush hour? At night, in black clothing? You damn sure won’t be missed, boy…

        • Says the hysterical teenage Greta who cant stop throwing “HOW DARE YOU” temper tantrums. Carry on Geoff/Greta, maybe someday you’ll realize no one cares what you think.

        • @Geoff,

          In my neck of the woods, the saying is “Why don’t you go chase some parked cars?”

        • “family rights”

          Next will be government supplied puberty blockers against the will of or without the consent of the parent. Schools have already agreed to play along and pretend a kid is a different sex without notifying the parent.

        • “…maybe someday you’ll realize no one cares what you think.”

          You damn sure do, junior.

          If you really didn’t, you wouldn’t be flinging the lame-assed ‘greta’ and other comments like the petulant 2 year-old stamping your little feet that you actually are.

          Talk guns in TTAG or get the fvck out… 🙂

    • A lot of bills have been filed. It’s not just about guns – this is cultural. Hope this wakes up a lot of people and more conservatives vote in 2021 than did in 2019.

      • Agreed. The ones relating to voting, absentee voting, sealing absentee voting lists, voter id, popular vote compact, and sequential Governor terms will lock them in.

    • I counted:
      House bills–19
      Senate bills–24
      For a total of 45
      Assuming I did not miss any.

  10. The best thing that can happen, and our only hope, is that the Democrats pass confiscation and everything else they want. Then we vomit it back up, violently if necessary. Otherwise we digest it all slowly, and suffer permanent loss.

  11. “The Governor has requested $4 million and 18 law-enforcement positions to enforce his gun ban”

    Slush fund and personal goon squad…they’d better be Delta, otherwise they’ll be “lost” to the cause…

    • I have heard speculation that the 18 are a seed for a personal state army/police force. Those 18 will just be the heads of the bureau of confiscation.

  12. Sad that this Governor is so eager and willing to send so many Virginians to their deaths. But the citizens must resist this tyranny emanating from the state capital and fight for their 2nd Amendment Rights.

  13. We have been distracted by the gun rights stuff and haven’t been noticing a lot of other stuff they are planning on shoving through. This includes but is not limited to doing away with the death penalty, allowing abortion up to the moment of birth and increasing the gas tax by twelve cents per gallon over the next three years in addition to eliminating our annual car safety inspection.

    • Don’t forget voter id, changes to absentee ballots, sealing absentee ballot lists, letting children make their own healthcare decisions without parent knowledge (abortion and immunizations), permitting the Governor to go from single to 2 consecutive terms, popular vote compact, etc.

    • Aven,

      … allowing abortion up to the moment of birth …

      You do realize that Governor Northam is on record advocating for “legal” abortion murder AFTER birth, correct?

  14. Waiting to see how this plays out in western Virginia, wonder how many body bags the Virginia State Police will need for their officers when they try “door to door confiscation” like has been proposed by some Virginia Democrats, who themselves will be hiding in the state capital building. Really stupid of Democrats to try this nonsense in a state where the state flag bears the phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (thus always to tyrants)

    • Collecting money for WLP’s suits and next raise…

      They’ve been “kind of” trying to get their own gathering a week before Lobby Day. Oh, and on I-95, there’s a sign counting down the days until Northam confiscates guns, iirc.

  15. Situation: Democrats actually want to take people’s guns as they have for decades.

    Awareness: ???

    • H.L. Mencken: “The urge to save humanity is almost Always only a false face for the urge to Rule it.

  16. Try this one on for size. Makes one wonder. Is this real or a convenient trick. The sole reason marijuana was legalized in Illinois. Was to feed Pricktzer’s and the democrats addition to tax dollars.

    DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) – With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois, many firearm owners have come to TV6 with questions:

    The Illinois State Police have clarified that they will not revoke your FOID (Firearm’s Owner’s Identification) Card solely for the reason of using recreational cannabis. However, someone who “is addicted to” or is “a habitual user of narcotics” is not allowed to possess or use a firearm.

    If it is demonstrated that someone is a habitual user or is addicted to cannabis, ISP will revoke a FOID card. Illinois State Police clarified on their Facebook saying, “The ISP would also revoke or deny the FOID cards of those who violate certain provisions of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.”

    As a reminder, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis.

    TV6 has asked Illinois State Police to clarify “habitual user.” This is a developing story, check back for more updates.

  17. I still want to see it get by SCOTUS and Article 1, section 9, clause 3, no ex post facto laws ad the 14th amendment which makes it incumbent on the states. It AIN’T “grandfathering”, it’s the frigging Constitution. If they could do it to guns they can do it to your house, your car, or your back 40.

  18. is the future of fighting back against gun control. Free to sign up. Time to take action instead of talking on the internet.

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