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Ashley Mundy is the gun hater’s worse nightmare – someone whose father encouraged her to obtain a concealed carry license. She used her personal defensive handgun to defend herself and her child. She shot a neighbor high on meth, armed with a machete, who had broken into her house and was disabling her security system.

Any woman who sees this news interview (click image above to view) is likely to identify with this single mother who felt compelled to defend her child. You can see the emotional connection being made with the interviewer. You can feel the sincerity and intensity of her experience and communication.


TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)— Ashley Mundy says the night of Oct. 08, 2015 started out like any other night. She says she fell asleep in her bed with her then four-year-old son Braedyn, but later, woke up to the sound of glass breaking. Mundy says she got up, grabbed her 9 millimeter handgun and found her neighbor, Bruce Jolly, disarming her security system. That’s when she decided to shoot.
“I was there alone with my child; My dad encouraged me to get a conceal and carry, and I just felt that was the thing to do at that moment,” said Mundy.

The emotional message of Ms. Mundy being encouraged to have a gun by her father is a powerful one that crosses cultural lines. I recall an intense conversation I had with a Muslim woman on her way back to Bangladesh. She was smart and well educated, with a PhD. As we traded life experiences, I asked about firearms in Bangladesh. She said that they had them but they were illegal and no one trusted the police. Her father had taught her how to shoot an illegal revolver.

These kinds of emotional and sincere connections are a very real threat to the false narratives (i.e., guns are more dangerous to their owners, only violent insurrectionists own firearms) that gun haters work to create. Mundy is a woman and mother who protected herself and her child from an armed drug-addled neighbor. Her father encouraged her to protect herself. Her community supported her after the fact and applauded her decision and effectiveness.

Mundy closes the deal admirably with her last comments:

Mundy says she has learned a lot from her encounter with Jolly and hopes others do too.

“You don’t have to have a conceal and carry to have a gun in your home, and why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself? Why wouldn’t you want the same weapons or defense like the people that could be coming to your home in these situations?” said Mundy.

There are many (most?) women who haven’t thought about armed self defense. This video will connect with them at a deep, emotional, level. Show it to someone who would benefit from it.

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  1. Wait. This event could not have possibly happened because the gun-grabbers tell us that the criminal will take the firearm away from the woman and use it against her. She would have been much better off vomiting on herself.

    • Yea, but for every good gal with a gun story, there is some netball open-carrying his AR in downtown main street making a mess of things.

      Pick a side boys. Pick a side.

      • I pick the side of firearm owners, regardless of their method of carry, rights are rights even if they offend you.

      • According to the CDC study commissioned by Obama after Sandy Hook there are 300,000 acts of crime using a firearm while the believable number of defensive uses of firearms ranges between 500,000 and 2.5million. So no it isn’t a 1for1.

        Secondly, the FBI stated that of the less than 12,000 gun homicides a year 95% of them were committed by people PROHIBITED from buying/having/owning/using a firearm. That leaves less than 600 homicides committed by nonprohibited people.

        Thirdly the FBI stated that CCW holders are 200x less likely to kill than the general public.

      • No need to pick a side when individual liberty makes the choice. A gun is nothing more than a tool when applied to lawful self defense.

      • No, there are absolutely NOT between 600K and 2 million instances of open carry unslung rifle herp de derp per year, as there are DGUs.

        • If we’re talking publicly known incidents available for narrative-building, Mainspring is right. Luckily, we don’t have to pick a side. Saying yes to both is an option.

      • So, how many people did the terrible downtown AR open carriers shoot so far? Zero. Then what seems to be the problem with legal long arms carry? OH, I see – you don’t like it.
        “Hey, everybody! Stop doing what this here guy doesn’t like! I mean it!”

    • That and anti-gunners have shown that a good guy (gal) with a gun never stops a bad guy with a gun. This whole episode must just be a figment of the young lady’s imagination.

    • I think now is a good time to remind everyone that during such an emergency decomprehenshion, that you vomit on yourself first, before vomiting on your children.

  2. No go. She should have grabbed her child and run to the nearest batter woman shelter, then called the police. No need to shoot someone over a relatively cheap alarm system.

  3. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the neighbor was not there for tea and crumpets. I have a hunch he was there to rape the mom. Good for her defending herself.

    Oh, and anyone notice how she put two shots into him and he was fully able to run away? This story also highlights the limited “stopping power” of handguns.

    • I would offer it’s likely less about the handgun stopping power and more about the pain numbing ability of meth.

      Shoulda seen what PCP could do back when it was popular.

    • The stopping power of 00 Buck is approximately nine .30 cal pellets (none of them hollow-points), if I recall. The stopping power of a pistol is only limited by how many rounds in the mag/cylinder and how fast you can get them on target. The problem seems to be, in the greatest part, Hollywood again. On TV and in the movies the good guys usually fire one shot and the Bad Guy goes down, usually dead, unless they need him to testify against the ringleader. This leads people to think pistols are magic and just getting shot is the end of the story. That and the mental image one has of what THEY might do if they were shot.

      If you’ve got 7 or 17 shots (or more) and only one target and you are “shooting to stop the threat”, why are you stopping at one or two solid hits? Unless the BG is most definitely dead or unable to pose any credible threat (unconscious or unable to stand or attack with his weapon) the threat isn’t stopped until the police arrive to take over the scene. IMO. YMMV.

    • FBI is going back to 9mm. They’re 3 decades long experience with the .40 (including post officer involved shooting investigations) has tought them that shot placement is the most important factor in stopping the threat. That means either “surgery” (well aimed shots to head/heart/etc.) or “statistics” (shoot centerish mass untill you hit something important)… A 9mm handgun with a lot of rounds in the magazine is the best at accomplishing this. I dont think she hit anything important, but she made him stop doing what he was doing which is ultimately the goal of defensive shooting.

        • Depends on the copette. There are badge-carrying, male, incredible hulks who couldn’t hit shit if they stuck the muzzle up the bad guy’s ass. One of the best shots in my gun club is female. She also maintains the club’s web site.

    • Seems to me there was plenty of stopping power involved. He broke in. She shot him twice. He stopped breaking in and broke contact. Sounds like a REAL good shoot with a good result. Id take that all day over your mythical one shot stopping power bs.

  4. This never happened.
    A women defending herself and her family of all things with a gun.
    As any anti gun person they say there are no defensive handgun uses. Its all made up.
    No one uses a gun to defend themselves. The criminal always takes it away and uses it against the good guy.

    Good for her. To bad the scumbag got to run away.
    She needs a bigger gun or better shot placement.

    • The myth of the all-capable, all-deadly, unstoppable criminal. Your only viable defense is to retreat to a safe space/assault-proof panic room.

      Added benefit is that no damage is done to the parole board’s honors graduate and he is still free to kill someone else who is not as well-defended.

  5. This won’t move the needle at all.

    Ashley Mundy is a brave woman. It’s hard enough to find brave men these days. Brave women are even more rare, and like Ashley, they’re already armed.

    • I’d argue there’s nothing braver than a momma bear protecting her cub. Not rare at all. You just gotta hope they haven’t fallen for the anti-gunners rhetoric and removed the possibility of defending themselves and their young ones.

      • “I’d argue there’s nothing braver than a momma bear protecting her cub.”

        That’s true for bears, but not people. More women have killed their children than protected them.

  6. The bad guy was turning his life around. He was getting ready to go to alarm technician school and wanted a system to practice on. Since the only tool he had available was a machete, he thought that he’d cut the system off the wall and take it home to study it. Ms Mindy is obviously against education and self improvement.

  7. But “concernedamreican” says that it’s more likely that your gun will be used against you, and people never ever use guns for self-defense. It’s not like she could be killed with a machete, you can only die from guns. Gun owners are just blood thirsty, murdering, ammosexuals with small dicks that need guns to feel masculine.

    That’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

    • The best sarcasm is so subtle that it makes your target look the fool and leaves the reader wondering right up to the end if the writer is serious or not. In that case there are always some who will never figure out that it’s a joke.

      • You run the risk of being too subtle, though, and having to correct people whose opinions you usually respect.

  8. “She used her personal defensive handgun to defend herself and her child. She shot a neighbor high on meth, …”

    Uhm, she may want to consider moving from a crank ‘hood. Meth in a neighborhood is a sign that that ‘hood is on the decline…

    • “…She shot a neighbor high on meth, …”

      Ummm – someone may want to edit that sentence. The subject is obscure and could be construed that the shooter was high on meth.

      Should read (I suspect) “…she shot the neighbor, who was high on meth at the time.”

  9. In the game of “fist, handgun, machete”, handgun wins.

    Single mother: one
    Piece of shit meth head: zero

  10. You’re definitely playing the emotional card here, but at least you declared it outright and didn’t try to mask it as something else.

  11. “She shot a neighbor high on meth…”
    even impared as such, she remembered to take the safety off first.

  12. And I just read on another board today that we never hear from people who have used guns to defend themselves….

    I know where I’m going to post a link!

  13. A good end to a potential tragedy. But…did you watch the video? Her father advised her to get a self-defense weapon, but he obviously forgot to tell her to get some decent training. Her grip is atrocious (and dangerous for her off hand) and she had her finger on the trigger several times during the interview. Couldn’t tell for sure, but it looks like she swept the room with the muzzle as well. Training, training, training.

    • Formal training is a relatively new idea among gun owners. It seems the majority of the self-defense shootings we learn about involve “normal” citizens who have no training at all, but enough natural instinct to get the job done.

  14. She had her finger on the trigger in first clip in video. Other clips look like she was asked by the crew to pose. Thumbs up to her calm and take care of business attitude. Watch the finger though. Classes help instill this habit.

    • Speaking of thumbs. She most certainly had them crossed in one of the video clips. Which tells you that she likely doesn’t practice regularly, or hasn’t been instructed quite properly. In any case, it goes to show that even in the hands of the inexperienced this tool IS a great equalizer and it still the best choice for home defense.

    • And if the media interview you after an event like this, they will probably ask you to pose with a gun.

      I can’t see anything good coming of this, they want to sensationalize things and to portray the DGU’er as some sort of gun loving redneck. I personally wouldn’t even do an interview, but if you must, just say ‘no’ when asked to pose with a gun!!

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