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This is what AR describes as his/her lightweight exercise carry gear, which he/she says features “low weight, high entertainment value.” See what’s there at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. Does anyone have any experience with that foldaway derringer? I was just looking at how it works and it seems like it would be really awkward to deploy, but I haven’t found any video yet of somebody doing a draw.

    • It seems to me that good situational awareness could mitigate some of the time to get it up and running factor.

      That said, headphones kinda hurt your situational awareness.

    • It’s a North American Arms mini revolver in 22mag with the folding grip. Here’s their page, though you can order just the grip for both LR and Mag models:

      I tried one on an NAA Pug for a while. I wasn’t a fan. The grip itself doesn’t make for a very secure platform. It’s too flimsy to really squeeze well, and the shape doesn’t feel like a natural grip at all. I found I could shoot with the rubber boot grips better.

      Even better are these revision grips:

      And best of all are the grips included on the Black Widow and Mini Master models:

      Even the Pug slips into the 5th pocket on a pair of jeans, and the BW completely disappears in a pocket holster.

      • As to drawing and firing with the folding grip, it’s pretty slow. It doesn’t lock closed but you do have to ‘whip’ it open like a pocketknife. If I’m using a 22mag in a DGU I’m probably pretty desperate and don’t want another step between me and firing. It locks open via a button lock that you disengage to fold it.

      • The ‘Black Widow’ grips are nice, but they can tend to hang up on clothing, like in pockets. Probably minimal effect with that Kydex neck chain holster, tho.

        For speed of drawing and firing, the smooth wood grips excel…

      • So would you recommend the revision grips over the pug grips for a black widow? The BW is next on my list, but I plan to replace the BW grip for a Pug grip.

  2. A little NAA revolver is about the only “type” of handgun I still don’t have, and that Pug of theirs would go nicely in a fifth pocket…

    Oh, by the way: I’m fine with regular ads because it’s a necessary evil to support a site I enjoy, but a banner ad that plays “Keep Away” with me when I try to close it is really f*cking annoying and makes me never want to do business with the company behind it. Think about that, Brownells, while I go buy my new mags from MidwayUSA.

    • “a banner ad that plays “Keep Away” with me when I try to close it is really f*cking annoying and makes me never want to do business with the company behind it.”

      This X 1000000.

      Anyone got Brownell’s customer service email addy?

      That chase it to close it crap is unacceptable, full stop….

  3. I literally didn’t see a gun for about 15 seconds and was wondering why this was featured here. Neat.

    As to the headphones… we’re not all robocop and many of us make sacrifices of ‘situational awareness.’ Heck, some of us even have some drinks at a bar occasionally!

    • How can they operate without field notes, paracord, 3 blades and the like?
      Bravo on a truly spartan carry load. Less is more sometimes.

  4. I had one. It deployed as fast as a pocket knife and faster than a pistol in a front pocket holster. It was fun, it shot well, I could shoot it as fast and accurately as I can DAO pistol or revolver, and I could shoot it accurately enough for self defense out to 7 yards without error and much further with some misses.

    That said, I put 1000+ rounds through it. It was the standard .22 mag with folding grip. The folding grips start cracking where the revolvers grip frame impacts the backstrap after a couple hundred rounds. NAA replaced the grip twice, no questions asked and threw in other accessories. Hogue manufactures it.

    The revolver shot the front sight off the barrel – it’s only press fit and not worth much anyway. The hand aft broke twice at about 500 rnds and the revolver locked up and had to be sent back twice. The barrel shot loose once and came unscrewed from the frame. I had to send it back a third time. Every barrel had the bore off center or had wall thickness variations that made the barrel very thin in spots and very thick in others. The crowns were either non existent or uneven and off center.

    I’m not the only one, the forums can be searched to find the same issues. However, a dozen revolvers like mine, out of tens of thousands is not a big deal in the grand scheme. I’m not bashing. But, its a concern… because most probably never put 500 rounds through one in a lifetime based on what I’ve read on the various forums.

    I now have a Guardian .380 that also shoots well, accurate and fast for a DAO pistol. At two hundred rounds the trigger reset spring snapped in half and the pistol had to go back to the factory. It feeds and fires everything though and is machined beautifully.

    That’s my experience.

    • 1,000 rounds? Whoa…

      I’m not surprised it loosened (way) up with that round count.

      I put maybe 200 through mine before I sold it, most of those were cycling the carry ammo out with new…

  5. I’m a red blooded HE.

    The NAA is very easy to slip into the internal pocket within the thigh pockets of my Vertex’s as well as the waistband of my track pants.

    The folding grip keeps the trigger well protected, the high hammer spur does tend to catch on waistbands/pockets, so ride the pistol into the pocket with your thumb over the hammer to avoid accidental cocking.

    I’ve also gotten good at quick checking the cylinder to assure that the hammer’s in a neutral slot between cylinders (looking at the back of the cylinder-the two rounds at 10:00 and 2:00 look “cross-eyed”)

    Holding down the trigger and firing with the hammer (Peacemaker Double Action) makes quick work of .22WMRx5.

    I’ve only pulled it once-a Pit mix charged me (playfully, but hard to interpret with their head’s as big around as a trash can lid). Luckily the Demi-thug was able to call him off.

    It truly is the weapon you’ll wear when anything else is too bulky/inconvenient.

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