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Finger on the trigger? Seriously? Yup, MrBrandonannette is singing the praises of the Makarov pistol while tickling the bangswitch with his ample booger hook. Once again, I’ll state it as plainly as I can: YouTube commentators have an obligation to set a good example. While I don’t hold that a video gun guy or gal has to show clear when displaying a gun, it behooves them to use proper trigger and muzzle discipline. Oh, and that bit about obscure cartridges being less likely to face a ban is absurd, dontcha know.

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  1. Thank you so much. I now have a visual aid for the next time someone asks me “What is a neckbeard?”

    • It’s a fat guy with beard on his double chin.

      I am a member, we meet every Thursday under the I-95 overpass and tickle each others “bangswitches”

  2. I was expecting a negligent discharge after he pulled the slide back. I couldn’t really see the chamber due to poor lighting.

    • He’s shot a hole in the floor of his moms house in the past. He made videos about it then immediately removed them. Hes a danger to everyone around him.

  3. I don’t know if he was lifting up his gut to get to the mag or just going in his pocket, but either way, the effort he had to put into it grossed me out.

  4. That ain’t a makarov. It’s chambered for the 9×18, but it ain’t a mak.

    I won the free holster for the friday caption contest twice. The second time I asked for a holster for my Makarov pistol and I got a holster for a p64. Also chambered for the 9×18.

    If calling a mag a clip is a major misstep in gun world why do people always get away with generically labeling every 9×18 a Makarov?

    Rant over.

    • They named the P64 after its 64 pound double action trigger pull..

      If you’re going to be careless with a gun, that’s the one to do it with.

      • It’s European, so wouldn’t that be 64 kilograms?

        On the “makarov” issue, while I might call a 9×18 firearm a “mak” — generically, in the same way I might call a 9×19 a “9 mil”, I certainly wouldn’t call a PA-63 a “Makarov.”

        And while banning a caliber in a wholesale manner may be a stretch (at least now), banning a particular caliber made in a specific country would certainly be plausible (but still wrong, of course).

      • That sounds like it might actually be worse than the DA pull on a 95 nagant revolver. Which I didn’t think was possible.

  5. Holy smokes. I only made it 23 seconds before hitting stop.
    If I only hear his voice, I would picture that guy.

  6. Meh. He likely checked it several times before the video and it was obviously not loaded. His finger wasn’t on the trigger – it was beside it, which is not my preference when I handle mine, but my “do I care meter” appears stuck at zero. Yeah, he could have done better, he could have not muzzled himself repeatedly, and could have been a better role model for YouTubers, I certainly couldn’t care any less about it, though.

    Yes he talks slow and uses small words. Yes he slightly has a lisp (a problem pronouncing the consonant “S”). Yes he is very much overweight. Is ridicule and heavy criticism going to help him? Probably not. Honestly after seeing this video I feel sorry for the guy. He needs to get out of that room, go make some friends and have a more active life. He’d feel a lot better. If he was my neighbor, I’d drop by and encourage him to point himself in a better direction. But he’s not.

    Couple items to set straight:

    A Hungarian PA-63 is not a makarov. At all.

    The 9×18 Mak will not in any universe “do everything a 9mm will do”

    Just because it is slightly more obscure, doesn’t explain nor provide any real reason why it would not be banned if a 9mm was.

    • Spend 10 mins on facebook talking to him and you wont feel sorry. We call him the expert for a reason. He is the end all know all. Doesnt need training because he shot(trained) on simulator but thinks anyone who doesnt run into an active shooting is a “coward” yet he got fired from a mall cop job. He will agrue with a group of guys to get info on guns gear tativs then run off to misquote, twist, and flat out lie about the info so he can moniztize the you tube video. In several videos he advocates content that could get some newby 18-19 yr old kid killed.

  7. Not even going to watch the video, but nitpicking people about trigger discipline in videos like this is pretty much the definition of concern trolling. Must have been a slow week for irresponsible gun owners, which, I suppose, is a good thing.

  8. Its a FEG not a Makarov. Hungarian FEGs come in 9×18, 9MM, 380, and 32ACP. They have alloy frames and steel slides. And they have 14pd double action triggers, so the likelihood of making it go bang by merely touching the side is slim to none. Lets keep the clickbait accurate.

  9. Hey guy So you think I’m irresponsible Those gun are always check before I do review I have worked as range officer and I have degree In gun smithing I also have disability So yea very fun I’m glad you had your laughs

    • Bradnon! You shot a freaking hole in the floor of your moms house! Don’t deny it. You are a danger to everyone around you. I wouldn’t trust you with any tool let alone a firearm.

  10. He is a troll just talking mess I’m amazed he actually took the time to stop sucking the ass of his pal who was probably playing with his trigger!!!! People go around assuming they know a persons situation and then comment on it not knowing if in fact someone is actually disabled or not …..I’m sure he is a trump supporter and is cool with attacking people with disabilities.As for Mr Brandon Annette screw them no one knows the struggle obviously he has a small penis and needs to belittle people to make himself feel better!!!never give up on your dreams you have overcome so many obstacles hopefully homeboy will just go back to sucking ass and leave people alone!!!!

      • well i can say it is not nice to hear from you I prefer not to interact with people who get pleasure out of belittling or talking mess about others that just speaks to your manhood and confidence.I find it quite amusing however that you still enjoy messing with Brandon however I understand why he is an easy target because he has had a proper up bringing he doesn’t curse he doesn’t put others down and he does not hate people for there status ethnic background where there from if there overweight anorexic what there believe in God is he doesn’t discriminate and he has maintained his cool on most occasions when several of you and your friends talk mess that speaks to his character! His uncle David Lapell aka bayan 1905 well he is my brother you may be fooled as well as his followers but i know him so carry and the fact that he isv Brandons uncle and he treats him the way he does well that speaks to Mr Lapells character. And as far as your friend. Jennifer who seemed to get a laugh well tell her if she is ever in central Georgia tell her to look me up so i can have a laugh on her. I blocked you and all your little pals because you are not the type of people I care to associate with and that includes my own brother ..So I will thank you in advance to try to keep you second grade level comments to yourself!!!!

  11. Only thing I will say is this, some people need to grow up. Instead of blaming others, perhaps instead the rules of firearms safety can be gone over and stressed more before something does happen and someone gets hurt or worse.

  12. I just had to reread these comments again and not sure what some of the people’s problems here are, especially Mindi Carpenter’s. It sounds like there are some issues here, not sure who she is even talking about, don’t see their names mentioned here at all, but anyway. Sounds like someone who has issues.

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