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I don’t think I’ll ever give up on guns completely. There are few settings in which I really feel at peace these days, but drifting down the river in our canoe, on a warm fall day, hunting ducks with my dad, is among them (with shotguns plugged to hold only three rounds, if you were wondering, because the law is designed to give waterfowl the sporting chance against a gun that the law doesn’t bother to give concertgoers or schoolchildren).

Even short of complete abstinence, guns will never again be an unhealthy obsession for me. I’ll never own another gun that was designed to allow a shooter to kill a large number of people very quickly. I’ll never waiver from the conviction that in the 21st century, if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote, we don’t form an armed militia. The NRA will never get another dime from me, and if that organization crumbles under pressure from the New York Attorney General or falls to the internal corruption and graft at its center, I will cheer. I will always hold out hope that the loved ones still seduced by the gun lobby’s lies can someday do what I did: escape.

— Jonathan Wolf in I Escaped The Gun Cult After A Decade As An NRA Life Member, And Your Loved Ones Can Too

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        • Give me a break, it takes some balls to write into a gun magazine to criticize the NRA. Frankly the NRA is shit, their execs have misused member funds for decades and gotten overly rich in the process. I’m all for a rational organization to lobby for gun rights and promote shooting sports but the NRA has strayed too far. If you read their magazines they are filled with tirades about liberals, employing the same demonization the right attributes to the M.S.M. Alienating broad swaths of gun owners does not advance the cause. We’d all be better off if we helped the millions of new gun owners on both sides of the isle unite over a common cause.

          I’d consider myself left leaning yet I served numerous combat tours as an 18D and I am a firearms enthusiast. I am exactly the type of person who rolls my eyes and shakes my head at the childishness of the NRA. Gun ownership is a fundamental right for all Americans, not just right wing extremists. Go ahead castigate me for criticizing your beloved organization but ask yourself if you maturity to ask hard questions about it’s value.

      • Exactly. The “author” is a pu$$y, not even the fun kind. See also: panty waist, limp wristed, wimp, d!ckless wonder and Democrat.

        Fine if he doesn’t like guns. Move along, nothing to see here. This is nothing but virtue signaling. I bet all his social media pics are of him wearing at least one mask.

        Don’t lecture us about enjoying the shooting sports while defending places like Planned Parenthood that murder in the neighborhood of 3,000 kids each and every day. Jackass.

      • There’s also Useful Idiots……aka Little Jonathan Wolf.
        The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated USEFUL IDIOT Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.

    • Please don’t offend tools all over the world by comparing them to this p.o.s., if anything you can say he’s more of a far-left turd!

    • Yes Johnathan whether a fool like you likes it or not that duck gun of yours is really a “Riot Shotgun” designed to kill large numbers of people so cut your snot nosed grade school crap and give that duck gun to BAWN et al. Cease straddling the fence, even if you have one shell left you are still among the deplorables who enjoy the God Given Right to decide for themselves what they may need to defend themselves, their family, home, etc. To totally escape being in camp with deplorables you must turn in all of your means of self defense and swear total allegiance to what is, “Jim Crow Gun Control.” There you can hold hands and march in lockstep with those who savor the thought of Gun Control like Gun Control racists and nazis savor the thought of Gun Control to Control, Enslave, Torture and Murder Millions of People. A long, long horrific history of Gun Control across the globe confirms “Gun Control” is without question the one and only genuine, “Assault Weapon.”
      So to never walk the path paved by Gun Control racists and nazis common sense says we must Ban Gun Control Now. “BGCN.” Say it with me Johnathan., “Ban Gun Control Now.” Repeat that 10 times and you’ll feel much better…Johnathan.

      Even stupid people know criminals are going to do what they want. And when they do and a couple of them have are armed and you and yours are in a corner with no defense then you all can bend over. And even if you have your duck gun loaded with birdshot it may not put a dent in the situation. Being as you confirmed you did not need a weapon designed to kill large numbers of people as you described such firearms the only thing you can do to save your bacon is cower down behind your wife and kids.
      There is a huge difference between ducks and criminals. One you can eat the other can and will eat you and yours…Johnathan.

      • Concert goers and schoolchildren have it WAY better than waterfowl, you nimnal, people are not allowed to shoot them AT ALL, regardless of the ammo capacity of the firearm. That should take care of that, right?

    • Yeah, I bet this guy just owned TONS of guns before he saw the light. Snort. This is what it looks like when an anti-gun leftist lies and tries to pretend to be a gun owner.

      P.s. No one cares about how many shells you put in your Fuddinator 3000, the virtue-signalling tube of death, you dolt.

    • The Fudd is strong in this one.

      He will have the privilege of seeing other deplorables executed before it is turn.

      • @Southern Cross

        Please don’t dignify this dolt with the term “Fudd”. He is a Progressive Democrat activist lawyer with a lengthy history of (very) Liberal OpEd’s. Most likely, he does not own any firearms….much less a shotgun suitable for duck hunting.

        How’s your Summer coming along? Winter is finally hitting the USA this week with a vengeance. I have a friend who lives in Kiama, NSW who has to jump through all the Oz Federal and State hoops in order to own a couple of .22’s. He loves it when he visits the US and we head to the range or gravel pit to assail cardboard and tin cans.

        • Summer has been wetter than usual. Temps are averaging about high 20s to mid 30s, and occasional hotter days. Evenings aren’t too hot. A pedestal fan is fine to cool off most times. Only have to use the AC 2-3 times per week.

          I started going to a .22 range just 1 mile and half from home just before Christmas. I wished I started going there sooner.

          • Thank you for the response.

            Glad your summer has not been too bad.

            Randomly looking at .22 LR prices in Australia, I see that the Adelaide Gun Shop’s prices are not too much more than what we pay in the States (adjusting for exchange rates).

            Enjoy your time at the range!

            I meet with a group of retired gentlemen (I use the term loosely) typically on Thursdays or Fridays for a couple of hours to shoot and visit…we usually end up at a pizza place for lunch.

            Life is good.


    • You can tell this guy is dishonest and a liar from the start. For those of us who are honest and truthful we know that there is no season allowed to hunt concertgoers or children. Hell we can’t hurt or kill them an any with any tool. And there are laws that allow those children and concertgoers to have guns just in case they do have to fight back against a criminal who has already disregarded all other laws. I say that’s some amazing protection.

      However all the leftists and democrats still use their favorite tool to murder hundreds of thousands of children every year. ( more than all gun deaths by far) The laws protecting abortion (baby murder).

    • When my door gets kicked in I’ll show the assailants my “I voted” sticker. That oughtta show em.

      • Rad – wouldn’t that depend on exactly who is kicking down your door? If ‘they’ have a warrant they won’t care whether you voted or not and if ‘they’ are of the other persuasion they likely can’t read.

  1. So, do you float down the idyllic river and commune before or after you spend a few hours with NPR!? They’re called OPINIONS for a reason!

    • Dennis – you apparently don’t understand – the ‘opinions’ of the elitists like him are far more important and carry more weight than those of us unwashed deplorables – especially if we are right wing gun nuts.

  2. Good for you. Now leave the rest of us alone, you are the most dangerous type of gun owner, one that preaches gun control. Once they are done with us you might believe your duck gun is safe but it is total control that they are after.

    • …. and he’ll gladly give that duck gun up. He’s already chosen to get on his knees, open wide, and worship at the alter of tyranny.

  3. Let me translate:

    He wants to join the woke tribe and this is part of his penance to do so.

    He has never been anything but lost.

    • Let me try….

      He has demons inside and knows it’s better for society if he wasn’t around guns.
      And since he thinks that he’s “normal” he thinks everybody else is equally crazy and needs to be disarmed.
      Sounds like he needs to be red flagged for his 3 round shotty.

    • The timeline in the article based on the dates shown in the article is inconsistent and it makes it hard to pin down his age but I get the feeling he’s early middle age chasing some antigun millenial ass that has him by the short hairs. Either that or he’s trying to sell a blog piece to The Trace.

  4. This won’t save him. They will still consider him damaged beyond repair.
    Just wait until the mob comes for him.

    • He’s just a very insecure person looking for attention. There’s absolutely a mental defect there, no normal person would seek out this attention or that aboys approval from others.

      He may enjoy drifting in the canoe but his father is very disappointed at what happened to his son.

    • Exactly. Trying to stand in the middle of the road with one foot on either side just leaves you…in the middle of the road, the place with the lowest chance of survival.

      • Ohhh, his legs are spread wide, but he’s definitely on the left side of the road, and that’s the side that runs over people.

        • Your comment “legs spread wide” gave me an instant mental image of Kamala working on her next promotion….

          Please don’t do that again… I can’t afford the psych therapy.

          • Please don’t do that again… I can’t afford the psych therapy.

            I had the same problem, fortunately my VA shrink is free… As for the “other comment, start digging up old shit like that? Nobody really cares (or cared) about Larry Craig.. Kammaltoe is about to become the leader of what’s left of the free world and she got there on her knees per Willie Brown….
            Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had an extramarital affair with former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, who gave her two political appointments that launched her political career.

            Brown wrote a column in the San Francisco Chronicle urging Harris to decline the VP slot. He wrote:

            If Joe Biden offers the vice presidential slot to Sen. Kamala Harris, my advice to her would be to politely decline.

  5. Is there a need to comment on this Commiecratic article? I wished I had not read it this early in the morning.

    “I was a member of an organization whose primary function was spewing falsehoods. I had grown to despise the NRA. That is what happens when you finally realize you have been fed at a trough of lies your whole life. The NRA’s lies successfully extracted money from me, so that money could be squandered on a high-end lifestyle for its executives, and used to spread more lies to other people. I was infuriated.”

    Sure the NRA has let us all down by throwing us firearms owners under the bus several occasions. Just join a different organization that will support the 2nd Amendment and our cause. You drank the commiecratic kool-aid already years ago, but he did say he was already a Democrat.

    • I think this one sound like a similar article I read a few years ago. I think this is a recycled from someone else. Just a new name on it.

  6. Last I checked, ducks get a sporting chance because they try to fly away and view us as predators. Limiting the hunter keeps us from wiping out the prey.
    Other animals try to depredate us and run towards us with their own weapons. In this case, the hunter doesn’t care about the laws and is happy to wipe us, the prey, out.

    So the comparison there is about as brilliant as using a jeweler’s hammer to pound in fence posts.

    • Last I checked, it’s illegal to hunt school children with any amount of ammo and completely legal to hunt ducks.

      • Exactly.

        And last time i checked self defense was not sport. The guys coming to rob , rape or murder you and your family do not play by the rules.

    • And his side is winning. Stop being dismissive of your enemies through a smokescreen lense of comedy.

      I’m getting so tired of the Gun Rights Movement and Conservatives behaving like this.

      Every time our side laughs at them, they wind up seizing power in the end. Our side birches, moans, and cries afterwards.

      • Making jokes is all that’s left to do.
        They control the media, the tech, the Fortune 500, major league sports, the schools, the banks, etc… and have for at least three generations now.

        The only thing left to do is hang on until it all burns down.
        All these people saying we need to “do something” or calling for vague notions of a revolution, whatever form that may take, are really no better than the lefties crying about their pet causes while offering no solutions.

        There’s no getting off the clown world coaster until the ride ends. Your job is to survive the ride.
        Unless you can offer something better than “somebody should do something.”
        I like what I’m seeing out of Florida and encouraging other states that care about individual liberty to follow suit is a great start but even that will only harden the polarization. No way any authoritarian state would ever give up their control now. Only blame the others for their troubles and double down on their broken policies.

        • I like what I’m seeing out of Florida

          Yeah, DeSantis HAS lived up to expectations and should have no trouble getting reelected in 22, but I think he’s also got an eye on the White House in 24… Not a bad deal for the country but sucks for FL. (DeSantis/Noem 2024?)…

        • MM, I could live with that, but there are others as well. And they may all have to beat Trump, which was not real easy in 2016.

      • Jokes and mockery have power.

        Why else would the regressive left go so hard after a social-media memester like Carpe Donktum? Why was a political jokester the first arrest of the Biden administration’s anti-first-amendment thought police? Why do you think the regressives have turned all of the evening talk/variety show hosts into NPC drones reading from the same “comedy” script that mocks all of us?

        The problem isn’t mockery, it’s that too many of us stop there and fail to unify against these mockable maroons.

        Not enough gun people grasp the danger that these idiots pose when they bleat in unison and tug at the emotions of the masses. Idiots though they are, they understand that people are driven by emotion, and they know how to tap into it; and their disinformation has a far bigger megaphone than our truth ever will.

        We should all mock as hard as we possibly can — but never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large groups.

  7. —the law is designed to give waterfowl the sporting chance against a gun that the law doesn’t bother to give concertgoers or schoolchildren—

    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.

    You are legally allowed to hunt waterfowl.

    There is no legal way to hunt children. Only a child predator would equate the 2. Sporting chance indeed – jackass.

      • Explain how abortion laws allow “hunting of children”. Either incredible ignorance or incredible stupidity, or possibly both. Who is it you think receives a license to hunt children? Or are you deliberately LYING because you think it makes you look smart?

        • To Hunt means to deliberately kill. Abortion is deliberate killing. Post-birth abortion is deliberate killing. The one with a “license” to perform an abortion is the Doctor. Feel free to disagree.

          My point was simply that abortion is legal, and hundreds of thousands are killed each year as a result. I am not contesting that there is a huge difference between hunting animals for recreation/meat/… and murdering humans, and that the original author is on crack thinking that the gun he uses to hunt is also legal to kill humans with.

        • The problem here is that you’re playing a word-game you’re not properly equipped for.

          Hunting is not defined as deliberate killing. Is a legal execution a form of hunting? If you shoot someone in self-defense you did so deliberately, did you hunt them? The answer to both is an emphatic “No.”

          Hunting is defined as “the pursuit of game”. Game, in this context, is defined as “animals hunted for sport or food” and “sport” in this case is defined as a “diversion”.

          He’s baiting you to play a word game. Don’t do that because you’ll lose if you get bogged down in the minutia. Point out that either he doesn’t know what the words he’s using mean or that only someone with severe intelligence or emotional issues would suggest that children are game animals and leave it at that. Make him the bad/dumb guy for being the one who went down this road, but FFS don’t follow him down it.

        • I’ll get this….
          The abortion clinic “hunts” children by advertising they’re services….. so in essence THEY HUNT CHILDREN, F U C W A D

      • 300 – don’t ever forget the multitude of college students a while back who willingly signed a petition to enact a law allowing 4th trimester abortions. ’nuff said.

    • I was going to say this as well. There is a law for hunting children and concert goers. And it says it is against the law to threaten, brandish, commit assault, battery, murder, etc. No mag limit is needed because no amount of bullets is allowed. Even the threat of violence isn’t allowed, and it’s called murder not hunting because human lives are not (shouldn’t be) equated to ducks/meat. 10 round mag limits or 5 or 3 actually make it sound like killing up to that amount is allowed, plus guns are reloadable and you can carry multiple so it is a silly argument anyway, only used to prevent the law abiding from having adequate defense. There have been attacks made with 10 rd mags and they are still deadly.

        • Virginia Tech was for sure.

          I don’t recall that about Parkland – but could be. When there is no effective opposition the amount of bullets “allowed” is irrelevant.

          • @Chris.

            …and that will be the Left’s next excuse to ban all magazines…they are destroying the Constitution one small bite at a time until what’s left fits their narrative.

  8. In others words, he’s a FUDD who believes the 2nd was written to protect us from tyrannical wildlife. Got it.

  9. The second amendment isn’t about duck hunting. It is about citizens defending themselves against tyrannical government. A government that unleashes a woke BLM ANTIFA mob to riot, vandalize, loot, burn, rape and murder its political enemies with impunity is tyrannical.

    • In the news all last summer were photos of violent crowds burning and looting, such that a sensible man who intended to protect his property (free Kyle!) would be well advised to have not only a 30-rd mag in the gun, but also several more loaded and ready for use.

  10. Last time I checked, the law actually provided far far more protection to concertgoers or schoolchildren, as unlike with ducks, its actually illegal to shoot them at all. Ducks, they just regulate what you can shoot them with. But, be honest, you think the duck gives a rats rumpf what you shoot it with?

  11. To summarize: “I realize now that I was wrong to object to anyone who would destroy life as I know it for pursuing a hobby I once enjoyed (and still enjoy), which is neither immoral, nor in any way harmful to any other person.”

    On a gun forum I frequent, a long-time member stormed off recently, seemingly because it had gotten “too political” (a thread about an over-the-top bill introduced recently). How can anyone seriously enjoy something and maintain / expect others to maintain a “friendly / neutral / balanced” view of those who want to destroy you for it (like they have a different favorite color)? I return the sentiment, with interest.

  12. Jonathan Wolf is a politically-posturing liar.

    “useful idiot”…His three-shot plugged duck gun can become a 5 or (gasp) 6 shot weapon of mass destruction by removing the plug…the NZ mosque shooter used a shotgun to horrific effect.

    The Progressives will never accept that it is the individual actor that is evil not the tool…but, I write foolishly, they know this…all their rhetoric is about consolidating their power to control everyone’s lives from pre-birth to post-grave.

    He embodies the final line of Niemüller’s prose:

    “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    • I’m thinking I’ll do that Niemoller quote one better. I’m keeping a list of slimeballs like this who would happily condemn you and me to the gulag so that I can preemptively denounce them based on their past association with undesirables and enemies of the people.

      I mean, look what he’s already admitted to in public and on purpose! If he’ll freely admit to having been a brainwashed NRA cult member, and to being a killer who enjoys shooting innocent birds and might start shooting schookids if only his shotgun didn’t have that capacity-limiting plug in it, what other, even blacker crimes is he hiding that he won’t talk about?

      I’m all for feeding people like this Jonathan Wolf guy into the totalitarian meat grinder. It’ll give the rest of us a little more space to maneuver so we can maybe hit the kill switch and save some people who actually deserve the help.

  13. When I read about him being a gun owner it had a flashback from the movie vacation! That’s not a real gun, is it Clark? Are you kidding? This is a Magnum P.I.

  14. Keep thinking you only need 3 shells. Keep giving in to gun grabbers. You will be hunting ducks with a lever action shotgun. Look at Australia. Look at Great Britain. In Great Britain they are going after knives now. It never stops. It is feelings on the left versus reason and facts on the right.

    • I hope one day Britain finally realizes it is the person that is dangerous. The object used is merely the tool. Kitchen tools have been used in their most recent attacks.

        • He could say it ain’t so . . . but he’d have to lie like Gropin’ Joe, the senile pervert Grampa.

          Joe’s chosen SoS issued the order a few days ago. Strange, not a single MSM outlet mentioned that flying that flag in Muslim countries is “Islamophobic”. I guess they’re too busy wondering what Gropey Joe’s favorite ice cream flavor is.

        • June 2020: President Vladimir Putin on Friday mocked the U.S. embassy in Moscow for flying a rainbow flag to celebrate LGBT rights, suggesting it reflected the sexual orientation of its staff.

      • Run that thing up a pole in Saudi Arabia and they’ll burn the embassy AFTER they throw the entire staff off the roof…

  15. If he’s white, his change of heart won’t matter to the Woke crowd. He’ll still be considered a villain.

    And he probably lives in a relatively safe neighborhood, so he can afford such pieties.

    • White and male. There’s two strikes from the woke crowd. The third will be him flaunting his wealth and privilege. Should be enough for rendition, enhanced interrogation, and being sent to an indoctrination and reeducation facility where he can gain penance through labor.

    • Avian advocacy is flight supremacy (except in New Zealand) and hurtful to the aerially underprivileged.

      And, as we all know after the master class on personal defense theory from Antifa this summer, hurting feelz is violence which requires proactive self defense.

      He’s within his right to defend himself, proactively, from such vicious attacks on those who are so blatantly bigoted against the ground-bound.

  16. More importantly that his decision to be a non-gunner; I wonder if he has some he will sell cheap since he doesn’t want them? I’ll do $50 each sight unseen or trade him some fishing flies or flower seeds….

    I have no problem with a man who doesn’t want to own firearms, just so long as he doesn’t interfere with my right to own firearms.

  17. Virtue is the new un-backed currency. What these knuckleheads don’t understand is you’re either at the table or on the menu. The useful idiots are putting out just enough rope to hang themselves and will end up painting themselves into a corner.

  18. Kind of chokes you up, the hills being alive with the sound of moronic fakes. Boy howdy I’ve killed my share of waterfowl in this world and it hasn’t ever been on any kind of a day I could describe as warm either.

  19. The argument that possessing arms for self defense is evil but possessing arms for hunting is virtuous is astounding. I’m not much for hunting wrascally wabbits or screwy ducks, but I am a rather avid big game hunter. However; I understand that the animals that I kill have done nothing to deserve to be shot. As an example, I offer this photo of a bull elk.

    This baby bull who I caught checking me out the other morning is all of six to eight months old. You will notice the little nubbins on his head? Technically; it was open season on him because those little nubbins don’t qualify as visible antlers. However; aside from the fact that my freezers were already full, I had no moral justification to be hunting. Thanks to my oldest son and his fiance who are complaining about the taxidermy bills because they shot one elk, two deer 🦌 and two bear 🐻 on our property this year, my two chest freezers are overflowing.

    In contrast to innocent animals, I know a lot of people who deserve to be shot. My friend yoesemite sam would refer to them as two legged varmints. I would characterize them as vermin. Most vermin are Democrats but I know a few Lilly White, registered Republicans who are as parasitical as any ghetto dweller. Senile I’m content to limit myself to a bit action rifle for hunting (and I’ve been known to hunt with a bit action rifle chambered in .50 BMG, I am not adverse to employing politically incorrect, military style, semiautomatic rifles for self defense. Then again, a 12 gauge 3&1/2 inch chamber shotgun which can launch the equivalent of a full magazine from an AR-15 with every shot can be a very effective weapon for both defense and committing mass murder.

  20. I get the dissing of the
    NRA. I was never ” lured” into a lifetime membership. I just want old Wayne gone. Other than that this boy is a pos…

  21. DUDE…
    theres thousands of soldiers at the capitol and theyre there to stay
    the defense secretary just announced a 60 day stand down to purge the military of trump voters
    the former director of the cias counterterrorism center just labeled all trump voters as insurgents and that they should be treated as such and did a down and dirty recap of what they had to do to saddam hussein in iraq to put down the insurgency there
    good luck holding down your little neck of the woods wherever it may be with your little pump shotgun and your little bolt action rifle and your little .22lr pistol
    its ok…you do your little thing while we do the mans work of taking our country back from the people that absolutely want to put us all in railroad cars and ship us off to a detention center for processing

    • There is also talk of permanent fencing and razor wire around the Capitol Complex… Welcome to (insert your favorite dictatorship here), have a nice day..

      • When any resident of the White House or member of Congress believes that is necessary, that person should quit and move to MT with his fences and razor wire. I am old and weak, but I will take any such person’s place long enough to supervise the removal of such bullshit. This only shows that these people KNOW DAMN WELL that their goals are opposed by the huge majority of the American people regardless of race, party, gender or anything else, but they intend to inflict their will upon us, regardless, and expect to need protection from those they have been lying to.

  22. Yeah, never heard of you before, and don’t need to hear from you now. The NRA, 5 million American Patriots, don’t need your opinion, or permission to practice their GOD GIVEN rights! So go back to playing dress up, or writing inane articles to demonstrate to your virtue signaling moral “superiority” and mental deficiency!

  23. After reading his full article and if I make the leap of faith what he wrote is true, he is a moron.

    He is a propagandist well aware of why the 2A was written and making the false comparison of hunting.

    In his professional life as a civil litigator I would not seek his services as he shows contempt for the truth. If he is freely disseminating half truths in his private life, what is he doing professionally?

  24. People like Mr. Wolf would probably have preferred to remain in their mothers womb. Because, you know, the world outside is a really scary place. It’s full of PEOPLE, and spiders and stuff.

  25. Haha Comrade. Give us your shotgun. Duck hunting is reserved for top party member only. You go to gulag.

  26. ‘I’ll never waiver from the conviction that in the 21st century, if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote, we don’t form an armed militia.’

    The fool seems to have missed what happened just three months ago. Voting matters not when fraud steals it from you.
    Remember, it’s not those who vote that counts, it’s who counts the votes, real and manufactured.

  27. because the law is designed to give waterfowl the sporting chance against a gun that the law doesn’t bother to give concertgoers or schoolchildren..

    Guess he’s been living under a rock since before murder was proclaimed “against the law”… And just as there are lame assholes that break the law and murder innocent people at concerts and in schools, at Walmart, Malls, inner cities, parks, homes, movie theaters and churches, so too do ignorant fuks break the hunting laws you cling to so tightly… But, there are two of you in a canoe hunting together each with three rounds so now that ducks “sporting” chance has been cut in half… The duck can’t shoot back and neither can someone who “obeys” those dumbass “no gun zone” signs that take away THEIR “sporting” chance to fight back… This clown is far beyond a tool….. AND who the hell hunts ducks from a canoe?.. And what about the two duck hunters in Tennessee killed by another duck hunter with a “plugged” shotgun who apparently used the third shot to kill himself.. You don’t nee 30 rounds to fuk up someone’s day but it’s nice to have them if some dumb shit tries to fuk yours up…

  28. Growing up and being a mature adult in this world requires one to stay in touch with reality. Otherwise, the only possible result is becoming sheeple.

    One must understand that:
    A) anything can be takin to an unhealthy extreme
    B) there is evil in the world
    C) you are responsible for you

  29. Last I checked it was legal to hunt water fowl; but not legal to hunt concertgoers or school children.

  30. This is an example of DEMOCRAT/NAZI propaganda, i.e. – Lie so often people begin to think it is true. Anyone who examines history will be struck how the NAZI party copied the DEMOCRAT policies of the 1870’s, and continued through 1960’s. Swap the “N” word from the DEMOCRAT’s “Jim Crow” Laws to the “J” word, and you get the NAZI Racial Purity Laws. Took almost 20 years (1964 – 1983) through a FOIA filing to see that Senator Dodd Sr.’s Gun Law was a word for word translation of his copy of the NAZI gun law he got as a member of the War Crime Trials. It was if he took the Sargent’s written translation and swapped her name with his, and then submitted it to Congress.

  31. ” . . . that the law doesn’t bother to give concertgoers or schoolchildren.”

    You know what Mr. Wolf? Murder is illegal . . . has been for a long time. Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that someone who is going to ignore the law on murder is going to follow the law on mag capacity? “Oops!’ He says! “I can’t murder 15 people today. I can only carry 10 in my gun”
    Do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that a “No Guns Allowed” sign is going to stop someone intent on murdering someone? If you do, you are either incredibly naive or lying to yourself.

  32. Yawn! That reads like a straight to DVD movie script starring some D-List Hollywood twat. If it is legit, that fucker needs serious mental help.

  33. ‘…if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote…’

    And when they steal the election you form a militia.

  34. “I’ll never waiver from the conviction that in the 21st century, if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote, we don’t form an armed militia.” said the sheep in Wolf’s clothing.

    Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Madison…..they also were dissatisfied with their government, and they DID form armed militias. and they DID declare war, and they DID fight battles, and they DID win and they DID create this great country of ours……

    Thanks be to God that this simpering, snowflakey, cowardly, momma’s little girly boy wasn’t alive back then.

    This traitor would have turned all these Founding Fathers in to the British, then went duck hunting…..

    • simpering, snowflakey, cowardly, momma’s little girly boy wasn’t alive back then.

      But there were plenty like him, just not enough….

    • Last – and since he seems to be so fond of canoes and drifting along he might very well have done that duck hunting with a punt gun………………….they were single shot weapons after all.

  35. I’ll never own another gun that was designed to allow a shooter to kill a large number of people very quickly.

    That there is what we call a “false premise”. Firearms were not designed to kill a large number of people quickly. Rather, firearms were designed to inspire compliance with the demands of the person wielding the firearm. That is a simple and indisputable FACT. Proof of that FACT: people use firearms the overwhelming majority of instances (probably greater than 99.9%) without killing anyone.

    I’ll never waiver from the conviction that in the 21st century, if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote, we don’t form an armed militia.

    Wow, I am so relieved to hear that all I will ever need is voting to correct government overreach. I can sleep easy now knowing that all I have to do is vote to stop the Far Left from implementing their dream of loading up all those “Deplorables” in flyover country into boxcars and sending them to the re-education camps which Far Left members have recently been promoting.

    I will always hold out hope that the loved ones still seduced by the gun lobby’s lies can someday do what I did: escape.

    And I will always hold out hope that people seduced by the Far Left’s lies can someday do what I did: escape.

  36. Wow! All that smug self righteousness,hubris and vitual signaling in one short statement.
    Must be a Civil Litigator

  37. “…because the law is designed to give waterfowl the sporting chance against a gun that the law doesn’t bother to give concertgoers or schoolchildren…”

    This is nothing more than a straw man argument that has been selected as a talking point among the gun control crowd.

    From an article discussing this topic on the Talking Points Memo website:

    “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, also on the panel, was delighted by the line. ‘That’s a very powerful point,’ Emanuel said. ‘My instinct is we’re gonna hear more of this line going forward.'”

    The 3 shell limit was initially set by federal regulations that were aimed at ending the market hunting of waterfowl and implementing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. It has nothing to do with the 2A. Shotguns that are good for waterfowl hunting are generally not a weapon of choice for self defense or other purposes that are 2A protected.

    Again, a case of a leftist using an emotional argument because there is no factual argument.

  38. Wasn’t the 3-shot limit actually so that ys plebes with economical pump-actions wouldn’t have an too much “unfair” advantage over the elite with their pricy double-barrels?

    • It’s a rule like any other. The reason behind it is lost to history. a skilled shooter can feed rounds in almost as fast as it can cycle.
      When facing an antifa mob the benelli has a 9 round capacity and I don’t have plugs for it.

  39. This is what mental illness looks like… The duplicity he’s so eager to shout from the roof-tops is truly sad… I can just picture Eric Holder laughing his a** off somewhere… God help him and I mean that earnestly… Carry on!!!

  40. Congratulations on your new found “freedom.”

    Since you won’t be needing it anymore, can I have your ammo?

  41. Random thought here… is there even a public registry of NRA life time members? Seems pretty easy for someone to just claim to be an NRA and write a stink-piece like this.

    • There is none. The answer to your question is NO………..but,…….

      Given how Federal Law Enforcement has been transformed into something akin to the old STASI of East Germany, there’s probably a Blacklist/…..”Purge” List of NRA members in the US Government, in some secret database.

      • Or the three letter agencies will find an excuse to raid the organization, such as suspected child pornography (the usual method to vilify and generate negative reactions to someone) and while they are there searching and seizing evidence the membership lists just happen to be taken as well for follow up investigation.

        Expect the GOP to be raided for their registered voter lists as these people will be targeted for indoctrination and reeducation.

  42. When ducks shoot at me and try to take my stuff I’m taking the plug out and loading up with 3.5 max dram.

  43. He’s an unserious jackass or a jerkoff who’s strawmanning based on an intentional misrepresentation of the meaning of words like “hunting”.

    The proper response here is “Only a dishonest asshole or a psychopath would suggest that children are sporting game. Normal people don’t even have this thought.” and leave it at that.

  44. That’s some cringey stuff right there. This guy sounds like someone that behaves in a cult like manner over any interest out of a need to belong, to be a part of something. Guns may have been a cult to him, as I think they are to some others as well, but now he’s moved on to create some new cult for himself.

  45. Is this guy an infant? If you don’t like guns, don’t buy or use one. I don’t like dogs, but I would never hurt one or be mad at somebody who has a dog. Dogs bite people on occasion, sometimes unpredictably , that does not mean everyone can’t have a dog does it????

  46. Escaped the “gun cult?” I’ve heard of people of the pseudointellectual tribe having to lower their standards and fabricate stories to finally get published.

  47. This guy is a front runner for the Mangina of the Year award. He’s also a strong candidate for getting raped by four armed home invaders now that he’s disarmed. Maybe he can throw his framed law degree at them.

  48. I have an 1888 Commission rifle that will fire at least once every five second until I run out of ammo. A SMLE will shoot up to 30-40 rounds minute with trained shooter. In three and half minutes, a trained murderer could kill a hundred people. Or you could use a truck, a fire bomb, a machete, or an airplane to do the same thing.


  50. I take these kind of “seeing the light” diatribes with a grain of salt. The left is all about pretending….and they love to play the part of a reformed conservative who has seen the error of their ways. Any chance to virtue signal will not be missed, even if they have to fabricate the circumstances.

  51. These educated idiots can have their “gun control”…. still will NEVER, EVER change the fact that I will always carry…..a million gun control laws and a million communist scumbags can attempt to stop me…. it will NEVER HAPPEN….. EVER!

  52. That idiot?… He could never shoot worth a damn, always clamped his eyes shut and went stiff as a board before he jerked the trigger… Couldn’t hit the side of a barn at 10 yards, almost broke his jaw once, DID dislocate his shoulder a couple of times… Nearly shot his mother once, after that no more shooting, I just drug him along for the extra gun and it’s three rounds already loaded… That NRA thing? Never happened, they heard about him, rejected his application, I had a fake card made up for him and he’s too stupid to know the difference.. Always suspected he wasn’t my kid, NOW I’m sure and I’m going to go smack his mamma right in the mouth…. Sorry you folks had to be exposed to his dumb ass rantings….

  53. “In the 21st century we vote.” Yeah, right but a voting machine designed to ensure a predetermined outcome has just made voting meaningless.

  54. “…. in the 21st century, if we are dissatisfied with our government, we vote, we don’t form an armed militia.”
    Well, isn’t Little Jonathan Wolf just special. Consider the Democrats’ corruption of the ballot box as seen in recent Presidential election.
    Soap Box; Ballot Box;….and, now, Mail Box; Cartridge Box; Pine Box. We have lost via the first three what our Founding Fathers gave us. It will take a liberal….pun intended…..application of the last two to regain and preserve our Liberties, Rights, and Freedoms. America has been over run from within. All is on the line.

  55. May the author enjoy his life under Big Brother. Perhaps he might eventually spend some time in a re-education camp or even a gulag.

  56. That was, unequivocally, some of the most Asinine and Worthless thoughts, beliefs and expressions ever penned on paper, it’s been my misfortune to read.

    I contemplated responding to each of his fallacies and misconceptions but stopped.

    My reply to Wolf is this:
    I hope you’re able to hold to your convictions when you and your loved ones are loaded into the cattle cars, and marched to your death, because I would be highly dissappointed if your asinine beliefs changed.

    Wolf’s Not A Tool. He’s An Idiot!

  57. And he has a right to be a fudd or any type of idiot he wants to be. He has no right to expect everyone else to believe as he supposedly now does. If he likes state group think then he ought to move to China, NK, etc.

  58. What was the pint of printing this? The guy goes off into fantasy land. Delusional Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

  59. So according to lobotomy Joe, open carry of a shotgun is cool! Let’s all parade around and show the gulag how this keeps the peace! Then we can expound on how an armed society is a polite one! Comon man!

  60. LMAO!!!!…Escape??!!!…From WHAT??!!!!….With male wussies like this we’ll save the Republic yet. The ONLY reason the US is Free is ebcuase of weapons and the skill of those willing to use them against tyranny. This article underscores the vast majority of young men in this country aresoft fruity individuals with fragile sensibilities and have accepted the Ideological mindset of naive Idealists who vote Democrat who think love is all you need. Guess what that sounds all well and good but having a gun free world will not happen for at least 1000 years. Man is still primitive and a small veneer of civilization is over what the rest of the world is, fighting savages who want to dominate. There are those who still want to do harm to others, victimize the defenseless and weak, etc… I’ll keep my weapons and so should you.

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