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Violent criminals, sometimes desperate and other times simply heartless, don’t schedule their criminal attacks. That’s why it’s prudent for good people to carry the tools necessary for self-protection regularly, every day. A case in Panama City Beach, Florida illustrates that point perfectly.

Cops there believe a 19-year-old transient killed and robbed two Georgia men who were renovating a house in a botched burglary. Law enforcement’s investigation led to the arrest of Ruez Hicks, 19, a transient.

Investigators had him on tape using one of the dead men’s credit cards. And when they located Mr. Hicks, they reportedly found the rest of the contents of one of the victims’ wallets.

Apparently the Georgia men didn’t have Florida carry licenses in those wallets (although Florida recognizes Georgia carry permits). Or a gun handy while working on the house. Frankly, it’s a shame.  After all, the story would likely have had a much happier ending if the robber had met his maker instead of two productive people.

From The Panama City News-Herald

During a Bay County Sheriff’s Office press conference on Monday, officials said suspect Ruez Hicks, 19, planned to burglarize the home on Delmar Drive when he encountered Robert Keith Gilmore, 51, and Robert Shawn Fowler, 48, before he shot and killed them. Investigators revealed new details about the case and the victims on Monday, just days after arresting Hicks, a transient, and charging him with murder.

Meanwhile, a second teenager, Quantavious Dion Burns, 18, of Panama City Beach, was arrested Monday and charged with accessory after the fact to premeditated murder. A press release states Burns was a close friend of Hicks, held onto the firearm used in the killings for Hicks, then lied to investigators during interviews.

During the press conference, Sheriff Tommy Ford said the victims were related and visiting Panama City Beach from Georgia. The two were believed to be in town renovating the Delmar Drive home, owned by Fowler.

Make carrying your self-defense tool part of your everyday carry routine. Your family and friends love and depend on you and you’re an important part of their lives. Honor them by protecting yourself – and them when you’re in their company – from violent criminal predators like Hicks.

Even better, teach those friends and family members to carry a firearm themselves, so they can protect their own lives, too.

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  1. Interesting how this article makes a case against the position discussed in the previous article, huh?

  2. Wasn’t a botched robbery. I thought the two dead guys tried to rob the homeless person by the title. But that wouldn’t make sense from the category of should have been a DGU.
    Also, why mention no FL carry permit when GA Has reciprocity?
    But yeah, always carry or you are doing it wrong.

    • This is one of the worst titles I have ever read on this site. Author took a page from the Lefts playbook of twisting what happened to fit a narrative.

  3. Quantavious Dion, huh? I would bet I could guess (with the aid of my crystal ball) some pertinent facts about the yoot, such as he has never met his daddy. What I cannot guess is how such a fine young man from Panama City could be close friends with a transient killer?! Perhaps they share a culture?

    • NWGeorgiaNews site (5 days ago) has booking photos of Ruez and Quantavious…pictures can be worth a 1,000 words.

    • Like that old joke about naming your kid Jeeves.
      Though I suppose those jokes are -ist and -phobic now that we live in a world where if your name is Killy McPedo and you act like an asshole 24/7, have a face covered in tattoos and immediately escalate every interaction to a fist fight it’s societies fault you aren’t successful or liked.

      • Quantavious was embittered since childhood because he never had one of those little bicycle license plates with his name on it.

  4. These “It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use” articles are stupid most of the time. They should only be written where a DGU could have been used but the victims were not allowed to have a firearm present due to Gov’t laws and had no choice to be unarmed.

    In this case, there was no reason the two victims could not have had a firearm present to defend themselves. This was solely by their choice.

    Keeps these articles focused on laws preventing DGU instead of personal choice (as in this case).

  5. I’ve renovated a house in a sketchy neighborhood before. Had people walk up and ask for work, ask to rent it, ask what i thought I was doing in their neighbourhood, ask for money for their sick child, ask if I knew where someone was who lived there.

    All opening lines. I had my piece on under the shirt and kept my distance. Kept the screen door locked to buy time and distance. When three giant men came asking for latisha or laquita or whatever I was most on guard. They were clearly on something with bloodshot eyes and twitchy moves.

    Worksites are rich hunting grounds of tools and they think cash for paying people. You really have to secure your tools and vehicles. I installed an alarm system with police response on the property when in was working on it. Went off once and scared off an intruder.

    Buy cheap property at your own risk.

  6. Serious question, how to carry when you will have a tool belt on overtop of your normal setup? Perhaps JWT could put together a post trying out different options.

      • “A shoulder holster under a workshirt?”

        If loosely worn, not buttoned. Chest rig would go over work shirt. Either way, at a work site, shouldn’t one expect some extra bumps and dings on the pistol?

        • If you’re wearing it this way you’re rocking a cover garment first and everything else second. Why would you button it?

          If you’re not running rotary tools or welding I fail to see the point in always being buttoned up.

          • “If you’re wearing it this way you’re rocking a cover garment first and everything else second. Why would you button it?

            If you’re not running rotary tools or welding I fail to see the point in always being buttoned up.”

            Thoroughly agree.

    • If you’re really concerned, you’ll find a way.

      I carry every day. It’s not that hard. Might not be the most comfortable at times, but I’ll trade comfort for security.

      • I am not concerned with how to conceal or comfort, more with drawing and presenting. I go for pocket carry. However is that the best option? An experts advise is what i am looking for. Also someone with more guns and holsters to tryout different options and present them.

        • Find a covered pouch that fits your gun and put it on the tool belt?

          When I wore a tool belt I never worried about a close encounter. The framing hammer was quick to draw and very good at CQB. Distance or multiple attackers is the problem.

        • Sneaky Pete on the tool belt.

          We experimented with a framing nailer a few times, nasty if you know how to handle one.

        • “An experts advise is what i am looking for.”

          Understandable, but the only expert on how to carry is the individual. Might try loading up a tool rig, and work clothes, then just act out the different methods of carry. See which method of presentation works for the person who is expert on you….you.

        • That is a legit concern then. And I agree with you. There are many methods and when it boils down to it, I guess it’s better than simply not having it. I remember my first conceal carry and what a PITA that was trying to get comfortable, not to mention the amount of money I spent on belts and holsters. All that is definitely a legit concern. Hell, if you really have to, even off body is better than nothing.

    • “Serious question, how to carry when you will have a tool belt on overtop of your normal setup?”

      Shoulder or chest rig.

    • I could be wrong but I believe you can open carry on your property (in your home) in Florida.

  7. Claw hammer for close in and a small .380cal semi in a pocket holster (DeSantis Nemesis). The jackals want easy (soft) targets, they are not looking for a “Sands of Iwo Jima” moment.

    • “All is well as long as the criminals get life in solitary confinement in the Mojave Desert.”

      Better yet, solitary confinement, anywhere, with with a cage full of rats surrounding their heads.

  8. When I’m wearing a tool belt I just put one of my handguns in one of the belt pockets. If all the pockets are full I just clip one of my handguns equipped with a pocket clip to the outside of one of the pockets.

  9. Hey I’m sure the bigger your story the bigger you paycheck but please come correct when speaking of RUEZ BECAUSE IM STANDING BEHIND HIM ON WHATVER

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