America’s Gun Culture is an Essential Part of Creating and Preserving a Healthy Civil Society

America’s gun culture is an integral part of who we are and why this country has been as free and prosperous as it has for over 240 years. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. From the colonists winning independence from Great Britain to African-Americans vindicating their civil rights, the role of the gun is inseparable from American identity. The […]

The Two Americas Clash in Texas: Quote of the Day

“Living in a state where ‘vaqueros,’ cowboys, do not stand out in a crowd, and guns are just another dangerous tool that must be handled with care, it’s easy to have disdain for those ‘gun grabbers’ who don’t know the difference between semi-automatic and full automatic weapons. I don’t have bad feelings about those who […]

TTAG Daily Digest: Indians’ Influence on the 2A, Re-Certifying in New York and Docs Against GLOCKs

Be sure to thank an Indian tomorrow . . . The American Indian foundation of American gun culture It is widely agreed that the United States has an exceptional gun culture. Although Great Britain is America?s ?mother country,? the two nations have very different arms cultures. Why so? Historically, two reasons were especially important in […]