Minneapolis Police riot mostly peaceful
(AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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A lot of Americans decided to get off the fence and buy their first firearm(s) when a national emergency was declared in March. You can read the accounts of a couple of those people here and here.

They came to decide what many gun owners have known all along. That in a critical situation, with law enforcement officers sick, overwhelmed, or otherwise occupied, Americans are their own first responders. No one is able to rescue you, your family in the amount of time it takes for police to respond to a 911 call in normal times, let alone during a pandemic.

And now, with the nation just starting to emerge from more than two months of lockdowns, the killing of George Floyd has ignited the kind of nationwide unrest America hasn’t seen since the late 1960’s.

atlanta cnn riot
A security guard walks behind shattered glass at the CNN building at the CNN Center in the aftermath of a demonstration against police violence on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

State and local elected officials have been wholly unable or unwilling (or both) to deal with the extent of the violence which, particularly in Minneapolis, has expanded far beyond a reaction to the Floyd’s death.

Minneapolis’s feckless mayor could do little more than babble incoherently before television cameras. And Minnesota Governor Tim Walz admitted last night that that he completely underestimated both the motivation behind and the extent of the violence.

From the Star Tribune:

“The absolute chaos — this is not grieving, and this is not making a statement [about an injustice] that we fully acknowledge needs to be fixed — this is dangerous,” Walz said. “You need to go home.”

Implying that organized outsiders, perhaps including anarchists, white supremacists and drug cartel agents from outside Minnesota, were contributing to the chaos, Walz said, “The sheer number of rioters has made it impossible to make coherent arrests. … The capacity to be able to do offensive action was greatly diminished” by the sheer scope and seemingly organized nature of the assaults.

“The terrifying thing is that this resembles more a military operation now as you observe ringleaders moving from place to place,” he said.

“I will take responsibility for underestimating the wanton destruction and the sheer size of this crowd,” Walz said. He said repeatedly that the sheer scope of the crowds and violence have been shocking, and that there was no way for for authorities to anticipate or prepare for such an onslaught.

“There are simply more of them than us,” he said.

People nationwide have been buying firearms at a record pace since the beginning of March. And last night’s images of rioting, burning, looting, and even some gunfire from Minneapolis, Oakland, Atlanta, Portland, New York and other cities will do nothing to slow that pace.

We talked to two retailers this morning, one in the midwest and one in the mountain west. Both report significant upticks in sales yesterday. And after last night’s expanded violence, that’s not likely to slow down any time soon.

Americans recognize an increased threat to themselves, their families, their property and their businesses when they see it. Whether it’s from depleted police forces, violent criminals released from prisons, or now, widespread civil unrest, they want and expect the means to defend themselves. And even more people who haven’t taken steps to arm themselves yet are going to do exactly that beginning today.


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  1. ‘nonviolent demonstrators’ smashed a Wells Fargo bank, burned a city bus, attempted to smash their way past roll-down security barriers into other businesses, etc here last night.

    • Those ‘nonviolent demonstrators’ need to have their lead intake increased. One ‘shot’ at a time.

        • Well, you can go ahead and try…better get the best attorney in the state too, and a lot of luck.

        • Blue on Blue. I absolutely love it.
          Burn everything to the ground.
          And keep calling it a “protest”.
          Keep ennobling these savages while they slit your daughter’s throat.

          You say you want a “revolution”? Here you go, fuckers.
          Enjoy your sh!t sandwich.

        • There comes a point in the chaos where people stop asking who shot who and just get to work cleaning up the aftermath.

        • These are lesftist extremists destroying liberal cities. Wake me up when they grow the balls to do this in a (R)ed voting district with (R).gov elected officials.

        • No, which is why you must be very careful how you articulate what you do.

          I didn’t shoot that man for trying to burn down my store. I shot him for trying to burn me alive in my store.

        • Use a shotgun and try to collect the brass after you fire or wear gloves to load.

          And for the rest of your life keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anyone including your wife or family or priest. Just shut up.

        • This is not the revolution Tim. It begins when the armed tyrants start taking these people out. Like their protest or not. For now, it’s fuck both sides… as usual.

  2. An interesting thing about these riots: when the cops abandoned the 3rd Precinct it shows that they are nothing but paper tigers. All roar and no balls. Most political leaders, even Republicans, are cowards or soy boys, feckless and ignorant.

    You are on your own from now. Get out of the major cities. The unfolding economic depression will stoke more of these riots. This stupid lockdown from the insignificant virus has built a huge pile of dry tinder, and more sparks are coming. The deaths from the coming riots will dwarf whatever deaths resulted from the virus.

    SHTF is here, now.

    • They didn’t want a Nanjing Road incident. That’s what would have resulted if the police decided to “hold” the 3rd precinct buildings.

    • ” when the cops abandoned the 3rd Precinct it shows that they are nothing but paper tigers ”

      Don’t be so sure about that. There is ample reason to think they have been ordered to abandon it.

      The Investor Class has no reason to defend this territory, and every reason not to. Once the rioters — mostly poor — have reduce their own ghetto to a burned out cinder, the Private Equity groups can swoop in and buy up the properties for a song and not have to go through the legal hassles of evicting the people. So they tell the cops, the firefighters and even the National Guard to not even try to stop them. The people burn it down, the Private Equity groups come in a put up luxury condos and — voila! — instant gentrification for a fraction of the cost.

      I’m not the least bit surprised that the authorities are retreating. I would not be the least bit surprised if they have hired thugs in there spurring the rioters on. It will be interesting to see in year or two who is buying up all that damaged property.

        • Katrina was random hurricane weather that can’t be predicted.

          Minneapolis was deliberately attacked. *Big* difference.

      • There is 100% chance they were ordered to abandon it. The question is, by whom? Most likely the mayor.

        And I’m not saying it was the wrong decision, either. Would shooting a bunch of people have helped matters in the long run? Maybe the rioters run away that night, but what about in other cities? What about in a week?

      • Moreover, destruction of businesses and property in the largely minority areas will create more minority poverty and dependence on welfare and government programs. The Democrat Dream. Can anyone say,
        “Cloward-Piven?” Where’s the barf smiley when you really need it!??!

    • You are right, the people doing the rioting were all highly paid tech workers who lost their jobs and now they need a new TV. What to do? Why loot Target of course!!! /sarc.

      Get a clue, these people didn’t notice the non lockdown because they continued to gangbang throughout. Their concerns are not your concerns. You need to get over yourself. You just aren’t that important.

    • No, we don’t want anyone fleeing the cities. These people are getting what they voted for good and hard. We don’t want a bunch of liberals fleeing the cities and ruining the rest of their states by voting for more of the same in the suburbs and the rural areas that they would pollute.

      The biggest reason these urban mayors don’t put down these riots is because they don’t want to jail or kill the people who voted them into office. Politicians are elected to serve their constituents, and that is what they are doing when they tell the police so stand down.

      • “We don’t want a bunch of liberals fleeing the cities and ruining the rest of their states by voting for more of the same in the suburbs and the rural areas that they would pollute.”

        Not sure where you live but it’s already happened in the burbs surrounding most large metro areas. Have to go out into the 3rd and 4th rings now to find anyone who appears to be even moderately conservative as per law and order.

        BTW- think this round of rioting is bad, just wait until the verdict on the hapless cop- even if he’s found guilty, hung, drawn and quartered in public and live on all the networks, there will yet be another round of this. History proves it. Plan ahead.

  3. It sure looks like the antifa clowns are getting involved…time for some serious ass kicking. The DEms don’t have the balls to take them on.

      • Minneapolis police chief mentioned white supremacist as possible instigators in news conference this morning. No mention of antifa.

        • That’s a dog whistle to encourage “People of Color” to just keep burning it all down Muthafucka’!!!!

        • I’m sure a number of white racists went down to a protest attended by a large number of blacks.

        • It’s interesting to note the claims of white supremacist activity spreading in the last day.

          BLM in Cali claims it has zero gatherings and that all the recent adverts are being put out by white supremacist groups looking to lure in and mass on black people.

        • Where is Piolosi anyway. She should be out serving refreshments to the cops and firefighters….. Oh, No WAIT that’s her over on the steps she’s giving water and snacks to the Protesters ! Not surprised

        • Rham Emmanuel, actually :

          “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

          That was 2012 when Obama had won, but not yet sworn in…

    • Chief Censor, who hears a lot of stuff, told us here that Antifa had nothing to do with it. These good folks are fighting for freedom and justice!

      • The only thing that Chief Censor “hears” is the voices in his head. He is also a paid troll and has come back under numerous times under different names.

        • He is Vlad’s alter ego.

          Just because Antifa shows up doesn’t mean that they are the instigators. I think black street gangs are perfectly able to organize rioting and looting on their own without help from whitey.

        • I said this yesterday, I’ll repeat a bit of it.

          I’m not a fan of Censor’s style and I think he draws a fair number of unsupported conclusions.

          However, credit where it’s due is my policy and I simply cannot reconcile the actual video and livestream evidence with the idea that this all black criminals. There are simply too many white people who fit the ANTIFA/BlackBloc profile.

          This isn’t a monolithic thing. It’s a mess. There are a bunch of groups all stirring the pot to one extent or another. There are legit protestors mixed with, so far as I can make heads or tails of it, street criminals, some organized criminals, gang members, ANTIFA/BlackBloc, various other anarchists, socialists, anti-capitalist and just plain loonies.

          This is an ungodly mess of anger, legit protest and assorted assholes taking advantage.

          Censor may not be entirely correct and he may be abrasive as hell but he’s not entirely wrong about what’s going on here.

        • One of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is to make yourself look more powerful than you are so you show up and take a highly visible position. Antifa is just creating an illusion.

        • strych9 You are 100% correct. I keep telling people about how on all the live streams I saw it was a bunch of white guys who set the police station on fire.

        • Yeah, I hate saying it, but I think Censor was right about some of that. There’s a suspicious number of whiteys in masks showing up at the places where shit has gone sideways fast, right before it does go sideways. The mass of the crowds are just the usual assorted idiots doing assorted idiot things, but there’s clearly at least one group of people who are systematically whipping this thing up on purpose.

        • Hmmm… I wonder how I knew before the government did. It only took the government 5 days to figure out the situation isn’t like previous protests, it’s an uprising, but they still refuse to acknowledge that out of fear of getting more people to boogaloo. The right wingers wanted to simply blame the black people and make it about race baiting.

      • Wow you are a liar.

        I literally said before the mass arson occurred that it was white males that appear to be ANTIFA. I saw them the first day of protests and followed them. They started the looting so they could get a riot going. They knew the Republicans would blame the black people for all of it. They knew it would make Trump say some stupid ass white supremacist shit and that would make more people come out to protest around the country. They outplayed the right with ease.

        By the way, when I say “I heard” that means I literally heard people say things. I didn’t read it. I didn’t see it. I heard the words come out of their damn mouths. When I hear an ANTIFA member blurt out their plan I take note and pass it along. When I tell you what I heard you think I am a lefty when I am clearly not.

        I’m on the inside of both sides gathering info.

        Sometimes my posts sound like I’m black and hate white people, that’s because I am repeating what I heard from black people. Sometimes I sound like a leftist because I am repeating what I heard from leftists. Sometimes I sound like an alt right person because I am repeating what I heard from them. It goes on and on.

        So, yes, I (literally) hear a lot of things. I don’t have a safe space where everyone around me says the same shitty ideas over and over again. At one point I did that with the Libertarians, but I got tired of sitting around hearing the same powerless complaining without action. I even tried to attend Church, but that was a quickly revealed to be a bad idea.

        • Chief if what you’re saying is true then you should put a better emphasis on what it is that you heard. Because it all reads like your own opinion.

      • Look at all the white males doing what white males do: cause all the problems then blame black people for the savagery.


        Don’t forget that the majority of the youth are leftists now. They hate the republic for which it stands. Thanks to the boomer and their children. The millennial rage will not go away until they win, eventually they will. Republicans don’t care and will not accept reality nor fix the government to prevent the return to European statism.

        • “Don’t forget that the majority of the youth are leftists now.”

          Not even close, Kemosabe.

          Today’s kids can’t be pidgin-holed. Some are Leftist scum, but far more are leaning right libertarian, and rejecting outright both major parties.

          Example – A whole lot of those kids play first-person shooter video games. They like guns, and they can’t wait to turn 21 and have their own. They aren’t gonna like being told they can’t have one… 😉

    • The right blames “antifa” and the left blame “white supremacists” and “undercover cops” (or assume the two categories are entirely inclusive).

      Same old story. Unless we start seeing a few of these violent instigators get killed so we can look into their background I don’t think there’s enough evidence to believe anything. Everyone is just using them to ‘prove’ it’s the other side’s fault.

    • I looked into AmmoSquared.com but really do not get the value of them. A subscription service for a steady delivery rate of ammo each month? I find I do much better on price by paying attention to the emails I subscribe to from gun and ammo sellers. For a small investment of my time I have not paid a peak price or been hit by a shortage in these last several Presidential cycles.

      Best is the Cabela’s and Bass Pro free Ship to Store policies. Back orders honor the sales price, longest example on that one was 13 months for 2500 rounds of Federal .22LR Auto Match during the first round of wacky hoarding. At a time when that was going for $100+ a brick, Cabela’s honored the long awaited order at $15 sale price.

      Seen similar on .380ACP, .45ACP, .38 Special, .223 Remington and .30-06.

      • “Best is the Cabela’s and Bass Pro free Ship to Store policies.”

        Preach it.

        Ordered and had delivered a small mountain of 9mm to my local BPS…

        • Check out Natchez Shooters Supply. Have had some great deals on case lot 5,56 ball ammo with them.

        • Hush, those prices aren’t very good, and they charge for shipping.

          Example – 1000 Round Case – 9mm Luger Federal American Eagle 124 Grain FMJ Ammo

          $269, plus $13 for shipping.

          Total, $282.

          The Bass Pro ammo I bought, 1,000 rounds for $200, and *zero* shipping, since I picked it up from my local store.

          Saved $82, and got to fondle guns at their store while they tried to find my verified order.

          Well, I did burn about $10 in gas getting there and back…

        • Gideon, they are out of nearly *everything*, and charge shipping.

          They want $260 for 1000.

          10 bucks a box and Bass Pro free ship-to-store is looking better and better… 🙂

  4. The murdering psycho officer has been charged with third degree murder. What more do they want?

    Guess it’s more about an excuse for anarchy. They have to express their feels!

    To quote Trump: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts!”

        • It’s only legal if you are on drugs according to you. If you are not on drugs feel free to rape, murder and loot. Your logic makes about as much sense as the various other trolls on this forum

        • What is the position of the Libertarian Party and all it’s candidates running for public office with blue cities burning???

          I understand they nominated a self discribed ancharist for VP. Is he against using deadly force to stop the rioting???

          Libertarians claim they are an alternative to the two major parties. So what is their alternative answer to the current situation???

      • The preliminary report that Floyd wasn’t suffocated or strangled makes sense. If you watch the video, you will see that Chauvin’s knee is on the side of Floyd’s neck, not compressing his windpipe. That rules out suffocation. Chauvin’s knee might have compressed the artery on one side of Floyd’s neck but the other side was unaffected. That rules out strangulation. A heart attack, brought on by the stress of the situation, is plausible.

        • “That rules out strangulation.”

          No it doesn’t. It changes the *type* of strangulation. Compressing the jugulars means the majority of blood in the brain can’t escape but the carotids are left open for inflow. With outflow reduced to the vertibral vein the person is left with the blood in their brain not being replenished quickly enough. As that runs out of oxygen they start to get woozy, eventually pass out and die.

          But this also can screw with the carotid sinus which plays a part in regulating blood pressure and heart rate. Screwing with that can induce cardiac arrest.

        • Positional asphyxia.

          We can never know 100% if Floyd might have died without 2-3 officers laying on top of him for 9 minutes. Hell, anyone can have a heart attack.

          But that’s why you DON’T DO THAT.

        • @Hannibal

          The man had claustrophobia, which is why he didn’t want to get in the back of the police vehicle. So, what do the cops do instead? They sit on top of him and smash his head into the pavement for 10 minutes. I’m sure he would not panic and have a “medical distress” situation. It’s not like he is a middle aged black American, whom are known to have a higher chance of having heart issues.

      • I don’t believe the medical examiner ! He could be on the payroll of the Deep State , george soros, the clintons and the like. Look in to (investigate) anyone who says something like that. That could be the start of a “truth Full” news organization. LOL ! We need to question all authoritative info. Psyops will be the rule of the day from MSM

    • Ben
      “Guess it’s more about an excuse for anarchy.”

      No guess about it. That’s always what happens with these things.

    • Trump is a moron, doesn’t matter what he says.

      Information from officer body cameras are out now. Only makes their actions seem worse, especially for the killer cop. After another officer stated he could find no pulse, the killer kept his knee on the murder victim’s neck another two minutes until paramedics arrived and got him out of their way.

      8 minutes 46 seconds of keeping his knee on the victim’s neck after he had gone to the ground giving no resistance. All the while begging for his life.

      There’s no spin that fixes that.

      • Your own Trump bashing rhetoric prove once again you are in camp with slanderous, libelous lowlife Gun Control democRats who trash talk the POTUS daily. You are not fooling me with your buddy up gun talk you pos.

        • it is referring to “looting/ shooting.”
          would have made hizzoner the boss proud.

        • Trump used what is now a white supremacist phrase, while calling black protesters “thugs” (he might as well use “jogger”) and stating he will send in the troops to kill them if the mayor can’t stop the unrest.

      • Trump will win in a land slide. Republicans are painted, BY DEMOCRATS, as the law and order political party.
        We might just have republican rule for the next 3 or 4 presidential election cycles???

        The Libertarians Liberals and the Left, have never been pro-social order. In fact they have all promoted social disorder.

  5. Something I have observed is that slaves, servants and subjects riot. Citizens who believe in freedom do not. People of a free country do not riot.

    I’ve seen it called a boogaloo. If it starts with rioting it’s a closer to a french revolution. Rioting is bad even against a tyrannical government.

    Rioting is what anti freedom people do.

    • That’s a good boot licker here, sit, stay, goooooooood boy!!!

    • America was started the exact same way stuff is playing out right now. Some well off people didn’t want to follow the rules and didn’t want to pay a little fine on their goods. The revolution started over something way smaller than what is currently sparking civil unrest.

      The founders said from time to time blood needs to be spilled and the system redone. Every society has fallen. America is not special, it’s full of humans.

      • In what way is this like the founding? I don’t see anyone taking up arms. I see criminals burning their fellow Americans property, looting and hurting innocent people.

        Founder Fathers: “If you don’t like the government. Burn down your local buildings, loot the stores, and make the tax payer buy a new police station. Don’t forget to attack people and be violent”

        I mean you can’t be this ignorant. It’s a disgusting to compare this to the founding.

        • The British saw a bunch of criminals stealing and destroying property too. We Americans call it The Boston Tea Party. It’s a meme on the web these days.

          The tea in question was private property, belonging to the East India Company, and the purpose of destroying it was to protest a government policy.

          Personally, I don’t really think it’s a very good comparison but I think Censor’s point was that point was that to some degree this is based on point of view. Sort of like “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.

        • I understand his point. It’s not accurate and does not make sense. The founding fathers led a rebellion.

          Maybe there is evidence of it but I don’t think the founding fathers went around looting and burning their fellow Americans.

          They are not just burning police stations. They are burning their communities, cities and people are being hurt and the end of this will be nothing good.

          I have no doubt most of these people call themselves anti capitalists and want the worst tyranny. You are a bad person if you burn down your local store and take part in looting.

          they have No principals, no conviction and they are anti freedom. Rioters violate the rights of the people who’s property they steal or destroy and the people they hurt and kill.

      • The Boston Tea Party: Aside from the tea (owned by the East India Company whose majority shareholder was the King)the only thing damaged was a lock belonging to one of the ships captains which was promptly replaced by the people involved the next day. In addition the colonist reordered the ships ( putting everything back where it was) and swept the decks clean. How is that even remotely similar to what is happening now?

  6. I noticed that the MSM reports of the Governor’s remarks left Anarchists out of the quotes.
    Stressed Drug Cartels & White Supremacists. Interesting but not surprising.

    • Yes whitey is rioting over the death of a black man. That makes perfect sense, maybe those white supremacists are self hating?

      • I guess you are one of those that only sees black and not white? The white males started the riots. It’s all on video from many angles.

        I think the white supremacist they are talking about are the civil war 2 types or the redneck open carriers that went home right as the boogaloo started.

        I don’t expect any NRA patriot type to show up to stop the young white people from burning down capitalism nor fight the angry black males over the police state.

  7. Sadly, I am predicting a pretty severe decrease in my gun hobby and shooting sports activity this year due to these factors. Just can’t shoot the same when ammo is up 40% and climbing and everything with a trigger is OOS or marked up.

    • Shooting a paper target won’t prepare you well to hit them fast running rioters anyway, some of these blacks are quick when they need to be!

    • I sympathize but it’s not necessary to get hit by price spikes.

      I just received a fresh 1000 rounds of 9mm plinking and target shooting ammo. Never mind the brand or load, that’s not the point. The point is watching the sales online for retailers that honor back orders. This order was several months old and $7.99 a box of brass cased 115gr FMJ. This time it was from Bass Pro, but that’s not the only retailer I am signed up to get email from on sales.

      That price was not because it was 20 boxes. That was the per box price on any quantity. I could have ordered just one box on Free Ship To Store as I did for the rest. I just did twenty boxes because It’s what my Hoarder Gene and credit card had the “feelz” for! 🙂

      • If whoever sold you ammo knew what a POTUS bashing lowlife two faced twerp you were they would refuse further sales. Instead of your usual brown nose buddy up gun talk intro used to bash the POTUS just be up front…Who are you supporting and voting for in Nov? Backup your POTUS bashing with a better candidate or stfu.

        • Deb, don’t let the little twerp get you aggravated, he ain’t worth the spike in blood pressure…

        • I, for one, am voting for Comacho again. You say he can’t win, well, I got film to prove that he does win in the future.

        • Vic Nighthorse says:
          “I, for one, am voting for Comacho again. You say he can’t win, well, I got film to prove that he does win in the future.”

          Hell Yes! There’s never ever gonna’ be a more inspirational State of the Union!!

    • Just ordered 900 rounds of Wolf FMJ 9mm from Lucky Hunner at 21 cents per round. If you are shooting 9mm, you might try there.

      • I’m in CA and not in our infamous AFS database, so no soup for me since last July when our ammo BGC law went into effect. No worries, though…I stocked it up high and deep over the previous few years because I saw this coming from a mile away. Gots me lots.

  8. Thank GOD For MY 800rds of Federal A.E. 5.56 Purchase I Made Last Friday From Academy – Going To Hunt For Bulk 9mm Ammo Within The Next Week or So. I’m Sure Glad I Purchased My Ruger AR-556MPR and Springfield Armory Hellcat When I Did, That’s For Sure. Stay Safe Everyone…

  9. So if I leave a 55” TV and a couple pair of air jordans in the front yard, is that considered baiting?

    • “So if I leave a 55” TV and a couple pair of air jordans in the front yard, is that considered baiting?”

      It all depends if the LE investigation finds that comment when they search the internet after a corpse is discovered on your property.

      Why it’s always good to have a friend with a backhoe that doesn’t ask any nosy questions… 🙂

    • I know you are making a joke, but it’s actually illegal to do that. Seriously. A guy got arrested for leaving stuff in his garage as bait and when thieves tried to steal it he shot them.

    • I’m going to commando up and sneak in to your yard. Picture Peter Griffin dressed in black flitting from tree to tree. I’m going to drag a generator and cables with me. I’m hooking that big tv up, facing out to your neighbors and then I’m hooking a dvd player up to it.

      When you wake up in the morning your neighbors will be gathered around pointing and talking because I put a 12 hour disc of senior citizen porn in there.

  10. Not a comment about the riots so much as to response times. Several days ago my wife turned off the alarm (0602) by inadvertently entering the duress code. We didn’t get the usual text or phone call. Monitoring center sent it directly to Las Vegas Metro. They responded at 0740. Not any help if it had been an actual emergency.

  11. Just remember, the issues in democrat run towns are really Trump’s fault.

    Remember Freddie Gray? Per the media, it was because of white on black racism. If only the people in charge weren’t a bunch of racists, this wouldn’t happen, right?

    3 of the 6 people charged in his death were black.
    The police chief was black.
    The mayor was black.
    The state attorney was black.
    The presiding judge was black.

    Everyone in charge was black, but the democrats and the media portrayed it as a white on black racism problem.

    Notice how every problem in democrat run areas is always because of the republicans and racism. Just how is that even possible? Yet the brain dead zombie horde eats it up because they WANT to believe it. They’ve been conditioned to believe it and act on it due to the irresponsible actions of the DNC and the media, but I repeat myself.

  12. And even more people who haven’t taken steps to arm themselves yet are going to do exactly that beginning today.

    Such is the limited mentality of the radical right. When they feel threatened they buy more guns and entice others to follow. Not this time. Reasonable, thoughtful people will understand that guns only bring about more violence. Instead, they will rally behind people like David Hogg and Beto O’Rourke and encourage the millions of socialists in our country to vote negativism out and replace it with a renewed and reinvigorated Obama administration. In the Obama/Biden administration the constitution will be rewritten and the second amendment will be formally deleted. The violence in Minneapolis is directly related to white attitudes. It will end with a whimper in November.

    • hoping your cycle is more regular than a kimber’s, kimbie. speaking of which, you’ll need some baby shaped ones to catch that spew.

    • “Instead, they will rally behind people like David Hogg and Beto O’Rourke and encourage the millions of socialists in our country to vote negativism out and replace it with a renewed and reinvigorated Obama administration.”

      Kim, you obviously didn’t get the memo.

      A candidate who is pro-‘socialism’ is election *poison*… 😉

    • Dan tells us the Trolls are coming and when they come you engage them like they have something of value to say. Just ignore them.

      I think the best way to deal with trolls is to do away with free commenting. Charge a nominal monthly subscription fee. You have their credit card number so after you ban them you can blacklist their name and credit card number. If they show up with a different name and credit card number they have committed bank fraud. Such a system would kill off most trolls.

      • ….”If they show up with a different name and credit card number they have committed bank fraud. Such a system would kill off most trolls…”


        • It you use a false name to get a financial instrument you have committed bank fraud so you charge a fee to comment payable with a credit card you can keep tabs on trolls and in turn they would have to break the law if you banned them and they come back with a new name and card.

        • I have no problem with independent trolls like you and Vlad but this is the start of an organized campaign to bogg down and neutralize TTAG. I don’t see a reason to treat an open forum as a suicide pact.

          So are things in mom’s badement?

      • You are aware that you can get prepaid debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) at Wally World and Target? No name just a card number and preset PIN.

      • Isn’t it nice to be in the top and enjoy all the free speech you want and having the ability to zap the free speech of lowly people with a variety of opinions? As long as there are no threats or attacks on family I see no reason whatsoever to ever deny free speech. What is your opinion Dan?

        • TTAG and other websites are private property. You are here with permission of the publisher. There are no 1st Amendment issues. It’s one thing if it’s pwrserge,Vlad or Chief Censor, assuming they are here as individuals, but if it is an organized political effort to big down and disrupt your website the publisher has no obligation to let you do it.

        • You can’t see the difference between an individual and an orchestrated effort by a political operative? That is why conservatives lost the culture war.

  13. During the Rhodney King riots in 1992, my neighborhood was kept safe due to extensive private gun ownership. I doubt that is the case now.

  14. I won’t be too terribly upset if every Democrat-run sh!th0le in America burns to the ground. Street gangs and antifa are the Democrats’ shock troops, st’s fun to see them turn on the Demon establishment.

  15. I’m fairly well set gun-wise. And ammo. Besides I’m sadly spending way too much getting my car to run and/or paying cash for a new one. We’re on red alert status near Chiraq(da mayor of Chiraq aka Beetlejuice)used the “F” word for Trump yesterday. Funtimes😕

      • The kids have learned from the Republican government they can “expropriate” property for public use. That’s the word they are using when they take stuff from stores. They believe what white men call “private property” is a colonial concept to help steal from others for private gain. So they expropriate the items to those whom don’t benefit like the bankers, politicians and corporations do.

        It’s hard to argue against their logic considering the government does it themselves and parts of the constitution contradict the so called private property concept. Doesn’t really matter because it’s all European BS to benefit certain groups or state systems.

        As long as people think taxation isn’t stealing the mental gymnastics will continue on both ends.

  16. Strangely enough, these riots seem to occur only in major population centers which have plenty of TV “news” crews.

    • That’s where the majority of the population is and where the youth gravitate to. It’s not unique to America.

  17. Rioting and looting detract from what I think they want. I am not a racist and want everyone to have the protections of our constitution. That said, I’m 66 years old, handicapped, white and armed. In the last 20 years, I can count the number of times I’ve carried on my hands and feet. If the riots and looting come to my area, I will be armed.

  18. The solution to the current problem is TO MOVE. And then vote to keep your state free. I really do feel sorry for conservatives stuck in blue states. But you are outnumbered.

    Not only does the opposition want “free stuff” from the government. They want your stuff too.

    • The majority of the civil unrest is coming form the youth. Old people could move out of the city and create a stronghold of elderly to live out the rest of their lives the way they are used to.

      I think the millennials now outnumber the boomers. Soon the white population will even out with the brown population. In other words, change is happening right now and you can’t stop it. You can only go with the flow and try to direct things to a better end point. If you resist, and promote the old system, you will lose everything.

      But stubborn does what stubborn is.

      • “..If you resist, and promote the old system, you will lose everything…”

        Please explain what this “new system” will be because I’m failing to see it clearly.

        • If you pay attention to his posts, Chief Censor believes this is the beginning of a leftist (communist) revolution in America… he also believes that it will be quick and easy and the rioters will eventually spread out to conquer the rural areas, and eventually overthrow Trump, and install a new revolutionary government, similar to the French Revolution and reign of terror.

          He also believes this leftist riot will outmatch the US military and defeat any right wing militias that oppose them. He seems to think that the US military isn’t really capable of fighting an angry mob and that the Military’s firepower and training are actually a myth. And any right wing militia actually doesn’t have the heart to fire a shot, and so they’ll will submit. And any that might actually fight back will be overrun with incredible numbers the communists have. He seems to think liberals outnumber conservatives about 50:1.

          Yes, he actually believes these things.

        • A move away from the system that was created by white men for white men. A new system that actually functions for all humans, including non citizens (as they are humans too).

          A government where human rights is respected wholly and the citizens have more power than their government. No more police state and standing armies. No more gun control. No more forced taxation and the socialism that goes along with it. A new justice system that doesn’t allow a DA to be the only person that decides if someone should be charged or an ignorant jury summoned. Abolish the police departments while moving over to a community controlled sheriff office that disallows police unions. No more qualified immunity for government workers. Make no-knock raids illegal. Remove laws that punish the citizens more severely when they fight their government, instead pass laws that punish government more when they do wrong to the people. Give the voluntary tax payer a receipt and audit of where their money went. Get rid of victimless laws and laws that take away human rights after their time has been served. Get rid of the monopoly on force. Stop treating corporate entities as humans without consequences, do not legally incorporate them. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and any fiat system. Get rid of predatory usury. Get rid of the FBI and CIA.

          The U.S. was created under a false narrative. A bunch of rich guys sweet talked the poor into fighting their wars. They wrote up a nice “promise” to fool the people into leaving the crown. However, right after the creation of the nation state they immediately started to do what they pleased, breaking the law/constitution for their personal gain. The piece of paper that is supposed to be the soul of the country is just a piece of paper of hope. Clearly, the constitution did not stop criminals from becoming politicians and taking the country for themselves.

          It’s time to declare independence from the rich elitists, the corporations, the bankers and the criminals from within. The people need to be united against the system that is the state. We don’t need the government like they need us. Americans have to remind themselves they are the government, they give the government privileges not the other way around. A free people tell the government what to do, the government doesn’t tell them. The people are the masters of their fate.

        • @Chief Censor so you hate the USA because if whitey and what you pulled from the writings of Noam Chomsky, but is adamant of a better tommorow because, well, reasons. Ok.

  19. AND the asswipes are HERE…just drove through nearby Hammond,IN. Calumet Ave is blocked by unhappy looking cop’s. I could see chit going down a few block’s south. And started coughing violently a second later. Tear gas I assume. I doubt the local 5-O would put up with much here…

    • I’m sure the gangsters are ready to make the numbers even given this opportunity. Remember when they shot cops during Ferguson? The gangsters are very experienced at shooting people dead, probably more than the average cop.

  20. The National Guard was rolling through last night. Someone opened up with a bunch of rounds. Not sure what or who it was. The fires were very distracting, making it hard to tell what was going on. The shootings really started happening once the National Guard was seen on the ground. I have been hearing people are planning to kill some soldiers, the government says they have intel verifying that as credible.

    Some rioters mistakenly decided to attack an apartment structure where elderly and disabled live. Luckily they noticed the people inside and didn’t burn down the building. They left. The National Guard wasn’t there to save them. Some random civilians were standing outside to make sure no one went inside. With M4s in hand, the National Guard did push/threaten shop owners and media.

    It appears the government is too damn scared to spill blood because they figure with the intel they have that’s exactly what the people on the ground are waiting for. They said it’s not like anything they have seen before, they don’t know what to do. Governments around the country are saying they are seeing organized military tactics and a different level of commit than other protests they dealt with in the past. Trump is pondering sending in the military to police the nation, that could easily be the spark that starts something much larger and different, a hot summer rather than an Arab spring.

    • Yeah even if your side magically wins then the outcome won’t be the utopia you envision.

      It’ll look like France in 1792, and will eventually be ended in a similar manner….

  21. avatar Socialism & building of victim hood status crying in a mirror about how bad u have it..& expect after you sow all this hatred ....expect rewards of money and free stuff!

    Let them burn their towns don’t stop them just protect urs & the good!

    If u rob people of their Consequences which they will have when they burn down their own stuff & punch themselves in their own face & destroy their own communities & their children’s futures they will not learn! IF u rob them of these experiences they will Just keep doing it! Let them see how it works out when there are is no electric,phones,internet,shelter,heat,food,power,water,toilets after they burn down their own infrastructure…then let them bath in their Consequences!

  22. They never come to Rural Virginia! I wonder why? You know why! Bang, Bang, Bang. There are a Lot of Armed Rednecks in these parts

  23. Shame , Shame , poor excuse to riot , no better than what to stand for , want justice and then , riot and burn.
    The riot and burn , discredit and disgrace justice for Floyd.


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