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(AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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Minnesota State Police today arrested Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop who kneeled on George Floyd’s neck causing his death. A more timely arrest might have headed off the rioting which began Wednesday evening in Minneapolis and accelerated last night.

However, the violence and rioting has already begun to spread. And feckless mayors and police chiefs in other cities have done nothing but embolden demonstrators with their generally weak responses.

The arrest of the Chauvin will be seen by most Americans as a step in the right direction. The AP (via Q13Fox) has the story of former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin’s arrest.

The Minneapolis officer who was seen on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died in custody after pleading that he could not breathe, was arrested Friday.

Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said state investigators arrested Derek Chauvin.

The arrest comes after three days of protests, which escalated in violence as demonstrators torched a police precinct that had been abandoned by officers.

The delay in making the arrest has emboldened the rioters in Minneapolis. And thanks to a lack of leadership on the part of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and his inept police chief, the feral mobs have faced little to no resistance. In fact, The City of Lakes has given the entire nation a front-row seat of what very a lack of leadership looks like.

After the Minneapolis mayor and police chief withdrew police officers and abandoned a precinct, hooligans moved in. Soon they set fire to the police precinct headquarters with cameras rolling (at about 3:53:00 in the video below).

Nearly 200 businesses suffered property damage, looting and in some cases arson. In many cases, neither police nor firefighters responded to their pleas for help.

People stand outside the Minneapolis police 3rd Precinct building after fires were set at the building, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis, during demonstrations over the death George Floyd on Monday in Minneapolis police custody. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)


Cops made very few arrests, despite watching serious felonies happen right in front of them (except for a CNN reporter who was arrested on-air). And although CNN’s fake news buffoonery may make them an easy target for ridicule by President Trump and most of America, the arrest of the reporter while doing nothing illegal, immoral or even fattening simply makes the Minneapolis police look even more unprofessional.

Disturbingly, the unrest has spread to other cities. Raucous demonstrations took place in Denver, Memphis, Columbus (OH) and Phoenix. And in Louisville seven people suffered gunshot wounds when “peaceful demonstrators” had a “disagreement” among one another.

The violent mobs even trashed the mainstream media’s narrative of what constitutes “peaceful demonstrators.” MSNBC had its own “Baghdad Bob” moment last night courtesy of reporter Ali Velshi.

Ultimately, until and unless the rioters are met with force, they will continue to grow bolder and more destructive. And that won’t help the overwhelming majority of good people in these cities whose lives and livelihoods are at stake.

Hopefully state and local leaders will do what they need to do to stop the rioting, looting and arson in America’s cities. President Trump has chimed in on the matter as well. So there’s no doubt that Mayor Frey and others know the spotlight is on them.

If local leaders can’t find the spine to reestablish law and order, sooner or later, law-abiding gun-owning Americans will step up to the plate. Everyday good people won’t sit idly by for long as rabid crowds destroy a couple hundred businesses a night and victimize innocent people to no end.

Eventually everyday Americans will have had enough.


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  1. Boogaloo!!!!!!!😉

    I hold the MSM responsible for this with their agenda bullshit. Democrats=Communist.

    • The boogaloo was started by those kids and you are sitting at home watching it on TV.

      • You weren’t around in the 60s, were you? These kids grandparents had a pretty good time then, too.

        • It might have been their great grandparents. Generation time is short if you have babies when in high school.

        • Yes indeed, same old bullshit different decade. Boogaloo my ass. This is organized and funded anarchy with an agenda.

        • Yep, in the 60’s we’d call our dentist (an auxiliary cop) across the river in Cairo, Ill and ask him what was burning. A once nice and thriving city started on the downhill slide then and now is a city that may become a ghost time in what remains of my lifetime.

      • Stones, glass houses, and all that. It’s pretty clear what you’ve been doing during the last few days.

        • I wonder when I ever said I was going to boogaloo. I am pretty sure I never bought into that ego meme.

          See, if someone doesn’t get in your face and demands to fight you can’t call them out for being a barking dog with no bite.

      • Wonder how many weapons are missing from the over run precinct? I’m waiting for IEDs to start going off plenty of muzzies there.

        • I saw the cops take their vehicles and gear when they evacuated the building. They left some ammo behind. Some of the white kids got the jackets, duty belts and helmets. I didn’t see anything other than that.

          It was funny to see them set fire to ammo and not realize when it started to explode.

      • YOU are nothing but a trolling moron with no courage just an agenda and a KEYBOARD to hide behind.

        IF these riots come to the HHS transplanted Welfare Negroes here in the Houston Area, it is my turn.

        I don’t make idol threats and write stupid cowardly crap like you do.

        How many other User-ids do you have, coward? That’s the way it usually works with turds like you.

        • Lived in Houston in 1970, moved back to small town in South Texas and never missed Houston. I think that until we deal with riots the old fashioned way, model 97 riot guns with double ought, then this will continue. Soros has plenty of money to fund this anarchy so until they shut him down this will continue.

      • Boogaloo as in civil war to restore the constitution? Hardly.

        Boogaloo as in ignorant, angry, violent, barbaric, unorganized mob with no objective or goal, other then to rape and pillage innocents? Check.

        This mindless horde is nothing to laud. It is however a good learning experience for those who have not seen this unfold before.

        • ^^This^^.

          Also note that the NG, Sheriffs, Staties and local cops rolled up on the Minneapolis protests tonight and then immediately gave up the territory they had taken and failed to enforce the curfew. Newsies followed the protestors (who seem pretty chill right now, hope that holds) for over three miles. No LE/NG resistance.

          The downtown precinct, the 5th, is now surrounded.

          Compare that to Louisville where they’re pepperballing reporters. Or what’s going on in a bunch of CA cities right now.

          It’s ironic that a lot of the boog talkers (not here that I’ve noted but elsewhere on the webz) are now the very same people crying about cops not protecting property. Riiiiiiiiight. Because in CW2.0 private property will remain untouched. In CW2.0 the public certainly won’t look at Boogbois the same way Boogbois look at these rioters. Lulz.

        • My bet is that tonight (Sat) is going to be WORSE, although everybody is promising “get tough” bullshit. It will end when there is nothing left to burn, and the locals will then wonder why nobody moves right in to rebuild. Must be racism, I guess.

    • I would highly suggest that we all take advantage of this Boogaloo. It might not be the Boogaloo you were expecting but maybe you could make friends along the way and have a good time doing it. Hell, they burnt the CNN building, you probably have more in common than you thought!

      • Well this is fixin to get real. Trump pulled the insurrection Act of 1807 and has set federal Army units from Fort Drum, Fort Bragg, and Fort Carson on standby to deploy to Minneapolis.

  2. This is a sad story for George Floyd’s family,
    But I can’t see why the establishment is letting the unruly demonstrators get away with looting, destruction, assault’s, every thing that has nothing to do with the tragedy, this is what happens when you don’t drop the hammer on people & groups like Antifa, & the likes. But you get what you vote for so these towns gotta know their leaders have NO balls.

      • “the cop didn’t kill him”

        I’m sure we would all like to see the evidence you have to support your assertion.

        Would you please provide the source or website that underpins your clean, thanks!

        • The autopsy is my proof.
          He didn’t die from asphyxiation, like everyone claimed.
          I’m still waiting for your proof of all the Nazi flags and nooses you claimed were present at the freedom rallies.
          Oh yea.. you made up that bullshit.
          Fucking weak minded piece of shit.

        • “The combatants even briefly turned on each other as two protesters fought over a doll that dangled from an American flag with a noose around its neck.
          The rambunctious crowd had descended on the Capitol lawn Thursday to rail against Whitmer’s stay-home order related to the coronavirus.”

          “A brief scuffle occurred when a woman speaking on the Capitol steps objected to a man displaying an American flag that had an unclothed female doll with a noose around the neck.
          She snatched the flag away from the 60-year-old man but another protester, Katie Rogowicz, grabbed it back, Rogowicz said. Other protesters jostled with the man.
          A dozen State Police troopers — some on foot and others on bikes — formed a protective phalanx as they escorted the man into the Capitol building.”

          • Holy crap!! Miner posted a second hand account of a single ‘doll’!!
            Still no Nazi flags.. though.
            But your claim was there were a bunch of both.
            So still no evidence to back your lies.
            But good try!! You get a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle for your effort.
            I’m sure it will go good with your other commie garbage

        • He was sitting in the back seat of the cop car, peacefully, when they drug him back out and put him on the ground, then proceeded to murder him. The fact he did not die of asphixiation is the reason it took 8 minutes for them to be sure he was dead. They are going to hang, and will deserve it.

  3. Is the internet in general running very slow for anyone else?

        • Never say, do, post or upload anything to the internet you wouldn’t want the government or your family to know about.

        • Never say, do, post or upload anything to the internet you wouldn’t want the government or your family to know about.

          How long do you figure it takes to reformat 600Tb of furry porn like a dozen times and then break the drives with a hammer and dissolve the disks in acid?

          Asking for a friend.

        • I love furry jokes.

          Honestly didn’t know what they were until I noticed a girl in downtown Denver at a cross walk had a foxtail coming out from her kilt. I asked and got way, way more information about tailed-buttplugs than I ever would have imagined existed.

          People are super interesting to me. We’re one weird species (unless you’re trans species, I guess lol).

        • @Strych9

          Err, there’s an faster way. Lil’ box of thermite over the drive in question will do the trick, permanent like. Suggest concrete or dirt floors tho.

          …and furries, eeewwwwww. Lol, nope.

  4. Oh yea, you dont need a gun. The police will protect you. THEY CANT EVEN PROTECT THEIR OWN PRECINCT! Even less-lethal stuff (pepper balls, pepper spray, rubber buck, flash bangs) would have likely saved the place.

    • People have been seriously hurt by flashbangs and rubber-rounds. I think they just decided this isn’t the hill to kill or die on.

      And I mean that literally as well. During Ferguson the police started taking incoming fire from distance as if dealing with an insurgency.

      • That would be a good reason to respond in kind. You are, of course, correct, as a nation we are not prepared to do anything at all to defend ourselves, we’ll soon enough be attempting to form a boatlift and escape to Cuba.

    • The mayor and police chief seen things getting worse and the police brought out ARs and their SWAT gear. That’s when they recognized the police are starting to crave blood and decided to pull them away from the thousands of youth before bullets start hitting bodies.

      • A pox on both their houses.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing a pile on both sides.

        BTW, I find it amazing the transformation of myself over the past 5-6 years from a very conservative person who strongly supported the police to someone who just made the statement above.

        When you’re a LEO organization that looses the support of a six-figure salary 50 YO engineer conseravtive you pretty well screwed the pooch.

        The cops brought this on all by themselves.

        • it’s a battle…and in a battle people get hurt…so be it…show some balls for cripes sake!

        • The lesson you should of learned, but didn’t, from the McMichael-Arbery business is that Joe Citizen isn’t going to do it any better. The sad truth is Joe Citizen would do worse.

  5. If one of the other officers on-scene had interceded and stopped the defendant this probably wouldn’t have happened… but from the moment the victim died I don’t think there was a chance to head it off. They were fired the next day but even if they had been arrested 10 minutes after someone viewed the video I think the country was in for it the moment the footage got out.

    2020 keeps getting better huh?

    • If one of the other officers had intervened to save the victim, that officer would have likely been hazed off of the force, for violating the brotherhood.

      • What odds is Vegas giving on the other 3 fired officers getting their jobs back and back pay after this all shakes out? That’s how this usually works.

    • Hannah, you are exactly correct.

      Think about it, virtually instant arrest for maybe passing a $20 counterfeit bill.

      But no arrest for days for having a compliant suspect killed in public, on video.

      “No justice, no peace”

      • You left out the part about loudly and often carrying on, on nationwide TV, about how we have to surround incontrovertible evidence before we could even imagine a charge, much less an arrest. What crap. If we had video of a black citizen kneeling on the neck of a white LEO, who died as a result, he would be instantly arrested, just as soon as he could be cut down from that tree.

        • Strange, but I’ve never seen anyone go out and riot and burn down stores when cops are killed in the line of duty by perps of any color.
          Maybe it’s that sun setting episode again that is make it you post bullshit.

  6. If the cities allow it…..Then they deserve everything they get…..Got Ammo?

  7. Want to hear the reality?

    The AG and DA had no intention of charging the cops at all. The police were ready to kill the kids smashing the police department. The National Guard was already mobilizing early after the white males drove down to take over. The riots and fires were started by some suspicious white males. The police were told to protect the things government thought was most important. Chauvin fled the situation. The government sent a lot of resources to protect the former cops’ homes instead of protecting businesses from anti capitalists. White supremacists are trying to blame black people and the first ever black police chief for the rioting so there is no unity against the immoral bias government system.

    Don’t we all wish we had this kind of luxury?

    • Fyi
      The Attorney General of the state of Minnesota is Keith Ellison a black Muslim. If race matters so much to some people. Chew on that. I have noticed there’s not too many interviews or pictures of the state’s attorney general in the news.

      I wonder why???

      • I figured Mike Freeman was the main guy not waiting to bring up charges. I think I heard him giving a press conference saying such. I think it was the AG that wanted a state of emergency. I get confused because that’s not my part of the world, so I put blame on all the parties involved, I don’t care if the AG is black and a Muslim.

        As I explained. It’s not about race. It’s about government against the people, against liberty and justice.

        You could make it all about race if you want, but elitists come in all kinds of colors. In the end, they get the green and you bleed the same color as all the other victims.

        • You sir are a liar. And a stupid fool. This case is about race. Sadly people like you don’t talk about black on black crime. And you don’t talk about white people murdered by the cops either.

          White conservative gun owners are more reliable in getting guns into the hands of law abiding black people. By repealing racist gun control laws.

          It’s amazing in 21st century america you still have a duty to retreat law on the books in Minneapolis. This law and gun control laws negatively effect the poor the most. And people Like you prefer it that way.

      • Recently I’ve seen people of this bent saying that the cops are starting the riots because there was a white guy smashing windows. Or maybe it’s a cabal of KKK members or something. Because apparently white people can’t just be thugs? I’m confused, I thought it was racist to think that…

        • Chief censor is trying to sound all edgy, hip and cool. But what he’s really saying is that without the benevolent hand of a white man then POC are helpless. Scratch a leftist, you find a racist.

        • It’s called ANTIFA. You know them right? The ones that were running around doing the same thing a year ago? The group of young white people that hate capitalism and want to take over America. I wonder if that is racist to say.

        • @jwm

          I am not a leftist, old man. I look at your kind of Republican as a bunch of national socialists that left the Democrat party because you can’t handle diversity of any kind. You’re the lefty masquerading as a so called patriot. You support the state and it’s monopoly. You play the politics game from a European’s political scale.

          And my family consists of every race. It’s a mixed family. You would think my family reunion pictures isn’t just that, you would think it was a random picture of strangers.

      • The hours of videos of them smashing windows, spray painting everything, tearing down signs, setting cars on fire, stealing police gear from the police department, setting buildings on fire, doing interviews about tearing down the system, etc.

        It’s there if you want to watch the hours of evidence for yourself. Look at the other protests happening right now, what do you see?

        Can white people not be thugs and joggers? Are white youth perfect little angels even when they are carting a dolly around with brinks and tearing off wood to use to start fires?

        • would seem antifa is heavily involved here….and their goal is chaos….if they can’t take a stance here…and apply a firm hand… then they are deserving of the outcome

        • @Dude

          It does matter when the narrative is BLM riots and loots. When you blame black people for the crimes and all the trouble. When you say black people always commit crimes when a white cop kills a black man.

          You can’t use race when it suits your narrative then ignore it when it doesn’t. That makes you look like a white supremacist or an anti American.

          I don’t want people unfairly blamed and scapegoated to suit a racial narrative to divide Americans and help the government.

          All I see from right wing talking heads is blame thrown onto the black people for the city being burnt down when it was mostly the white well off kids driving down to destroy the city as their great deed of a lifetime. I see racist in the comments of streams saying, “look at all the joggers and thugs committing crimes like they always do.” totally putting the blame on solely blacks Americans. Then they go on to say that is why Chicago is a shithole, that black people will never change

          Then white America wonders why black people feel like the entire system is against them and racism hasn’t left America. They get annoyed by black people complaining about racism while black people still experience unfair treatment simply for their outwardly appearance.

        • “When you blame black people for the crimes and all the trouble. When you say black people always commit crimes when a white cop kills a black man.

          You can’t use race when it suits your narrative then ignore it when it doesn’t.”

          Speak for yourself. I’ve never said anything even remotely like that. People who are obsessed with skin color are the racists.

      • I am my effing source. I was watching it live on several different live streams. When the police station was lit it was all young white guys with skateboards there.

        The same thing we have seen in a dozen other places; Charlottesville, Berkely, outside Milo rallies, Baltimore, Fergusson for 4 or 5 years now. The blacks were in the crowd. Not at the front where the fires were started. That was the crackas.

        • “When the police station was lit it was all young white guys with skateboards there.”

          This is a fact born out by multiple video sources.

          This is why the police station burned, the cops were not willing to shoot white people engaged in property destruction.

          If black people had said the police station on fire the PD would’ve shot them immediately.

          It would be interesting to see exactly how many of the white property destroyers were actually arrested. For instance, why was the white AutoZone window smasher not arrested?

          Was he actually a PD agent provocateur, brought in from out of town to create an incident that would justify more repressive police state activities?

          • Lol!!
            Your ignorance is pretty legendary.
            Yea, the PD isn’t paying people to start fires.
            But I do remember left wing groups putting out craigslist ads to drum up paid protesters over the last few years..

    • Watching you two paid trolls argue is priceless. This is why I read TTAG. Can’t wait to read the third Russian troll but maybe he is to busy “lawyering” lol!

      • Won’t matter if the major highways are effectively blocked.

        If this kind of shit expands to block the city bypasses for a dozen major highways problems will multiply quickly when goods can’t be moved.

    • Wont matter now. Besides, thats the “prelim” report. A lot can change before the final report.

    • Didn’t asphyxiate the guy, likely still was the final push that kicked off what sounds like a cardiac failure leading to a death the officer would be responsible for given the first aid he provided to an apprehended suspect. Minnesota has a different legal system compared to what I am used to but aggravated manslaughter still seems to apply if qualified immunity does not. With that said more to wait and see for it to be handled properly and various ‘activists’ to loot and riot under cover of protests.

    • You know what is truly “funny”? I predicted they would say that exact thing in the comments yesterday. This is the standard excuse for these types of killings. Every time a black male gets killed like this they say he had drugs in his system and heart issues.

      Of course he wasn’t strangled. They cut off his blood supply to his brain and pressed down on his chest. He was panicking and his heart rate was extremely elevated. He could not get enough oxygen to his brain. The shock of the deadly restraint directly contributed to his death. It wasn’t like the man was going to die in his car if the police never shown up. The video is clear, but the examiner doesn’t base their “findings” off videos.

      This is what you call a cover up. It was damn obvious from the start. You can go read my comments predicting this.

      I even told people the riots and looting were started by certain white males, likely ANTIFA, so they could burn down the city. The general population doesn’t even know this yet. The world think it was the black people mad at the death of Floyd. That is all disinfo to divide Democrat and Republican, black and white.

      I knew what was going to happen before it did because I have seen it many times before. I have learned the social engineering tactics from the people who do it.

      Don’t be so naive and gullible. You saw what you saw. Don’t pull the wool over your own eyes.

      • these people prey on and thrive in an atmosphere of weakness…and that’s all we’ve seen so far…pathetic…

      • Your primary sensors for regulating BP are in your neck. I told my wife the day the video went public that anyone yelling “I can’t breathe.” Clearly can breath or they couldn’t yell that and that it was probably a BP/cardiac issue from the pressure on his neck.

        • The actual term is cerebral hypoxia, and that can’t be determined except by microscopic examination of the brain tissue.

          Does anyone really think that the medical examiner, who works with police and prosecutors every day, is going to actually release a report that would blame the police officers for the killing?

          Just look to Georgia, we’re police and prosecutors covered up Greg McMichaels illegal performance of law-enforcement duties for years without his POST certification. Wearing a badge, carrying a gun, performing grades, all illegally but permitted by police and prosecutors.


    • Let’s say your grandma has a not so healthy heart. If you intentionally scare her she could have a heart attack and die. You have been taught not to run around and scare old people because they could die. However, you decide to scare your grandma at night with the thing she is most in fear of. Then she dies of a heart attack.

      Are you responsible for her death or was it her fault for having a bad heart?

      • Bingo! It’s called the talem qualem rule. The particular vulnerability of the victim doesn’t change the culpability of a criminal actor at all.

      • Oh, yes, he just happened to have a heart attack during the 8+ minutes that the thug was kneeling on his neck rather than getting him to medical assitance, but the officer kneeling on him didn’t kill him. Good luck convincing the jury, but it’s probably the killer’s best shot.

    • He walked, handcuffed, to the cruiser and got in the back seat, successfully. Then the cops pulled him back out and put him on the ground so 3 of them could climb on top of him. When they got up 9+ minutes later, he was thoroughly dead. You may think that is “the cops didn’t kill him”, but that would be because you’re a moron.

      • Wow.. you are not as intelligent as you try to appear.
        The autopsy clearly says that the suspect did not die if asphyxiation, as everyone claims.
        It was his physical condition, with the stress of being restrained.
        There is no ‘intent’ to kill this guy by the cops.
        Therefore, he cannot be guilty of murder.
        I’ve never once said the cop isn’t a douchebag.
        I’ve only said the cop didn’t set out to kill him, which means that any murder charge is a far reach.
        Maybe you are just having episodes of sun setting. I know it’s common in elderly people and can affect there cognitive skills.
        So I’ll just chalk up your inability to comprehend the facts to that.

  8. It’s really laughable when I read or hear people say that you should not kill someone to protect private property. I have noticed people who believe that or say it, don’t live in major cities. They don’t live in areas that are most likely to have high crime rates, or a possible riot.

    And as far as insurance goes. We didn’t have insurance in the United States. Your insurance was your firearm. Insurance, as it was in the 18th century, was for rich cargo ship operators. Your guns were used to protect what was yours. And you killed someone who tried to set your home or your farm on fire.

    Your home is your safe space in common parlance today. Everyone feels safe in their own home. You are in danger if you do not have a place to stay. You have a human right to protect what is yours. With deadly force if necessary.

    Paper money is private property. Gold coins gold bars are private property. But a bank will kill you to protect it. Guards at government buildings will kill you to protect government property. So The individual can’t protect what is theirs???

    There are a lot of hypocrite pigs out there on this subject.
    I say disarm the police. In blue states that hate cops so much. Fortunately in KY we have the “shoot the arsonist on site” law on the books.

    It would have really been nice if the government had shot rioters dead on site. Before they burned an orphanage to the ground with the black children still inside it. During the NYC draft riots.

    And how does anyone know a building is empty of people when they put torches to it???
    Maybe they don’t give a sh*t.

    • If it’s the police precinct building and all the police just cleared out and left it empty, I guess then they know. And the arsonists STILL should’ve been shot dead in their tracks. There are some things a functional, civilized society just doesn’t allow.

      • Shooting people who burn a vacant building doesn’t make a functional, civilized society, either. Very strange logic here.

        • You are a very good socialist. Don’t leave TTAG. There needs to be a racist example of one such as yourself. For educating new gun owners who come to this site. On what a gun grabber sounds like.

          I know you will always support the government killing to protect government property. But not the individual.

        • Shooting rioters who *attempt* to set fire to a building which neither you nor they know is vacant makes perfect sense. What if that precinct house had imprisoned black people in it, rioters who had just been arrested, poor babies? THEN can we kill the rioters?

    • The immoral plunderers are like spoiled children. They feel like they should be allowed to do this. Meanwhile, the adults have decided to step back and let the children do whatever they want. We all know how this story ends. The children never really grow up.

    • Looting is not simple theft. It is a breakdown in order – with out rule of law. You shoot looter not to protect property directly but to restore the rule of law.

    • What’s your plan then? To turn that crime against PROPERTY into a “stand your ground” situation to justify your use of deadly force? Does KY allow the use of deadly force against looters and rioters if they are not physically attacking a victim? It sounds cool, just like the 1800s, however what comes after in court for your butt might not be too much fun.

      • All that shit talk from Libertarians about “liberty”. There’re full of shit. Yes I now they want to legally masturbate in public. Just like they want to legally shoot up crystal meth in public, to improve their sexual experience.

        You have no private property rights under Libertarian philosophy. Show me a Libertarian who is against the bank killing a bank robber???
        Or a libertarian candidate who is against the government killing to protect government property????

        The individual? No their full of shit.
        Libertarian Socialist or just anarchist. They are the same thing.

      • To answer your question: I don’t know if a blue state is really capable of changing.
        It requires a change of morality. And even to admit that there is such a thing as morality. That Right and wrong are real. But not to a progressive.

        For example there was no change in Illinois. It was the courts that forced the government to allow gun permits. They are lucky. Other Blue states not so much.

        The culture wars never left us. It’s just some people put blinders on to try and avoid them. I have never worn blinders for anyone or anything.
        You are going to have to get a thick skin, if you want to get back and or keep your rights.

        The second amendment has always been part of the culture wars.

    • Hey Chris, check the video, it was white folks that burned the police precinct. They look to be mostly 14 to 25 years of age which means they have white adult parents who allowed them to participate in this thuggery.

      Will you soon be calling for their parents to be arrested, they are responsible for the actions of their underage children so the white parents should bear responsibility for the burning of the police precinct.

      Or is that a little too much ‘law & order’ for you?

  9. Nearly 200 businesses suffered property damage, looting and in some cases arson. In many cases, neither police nor firefighters responded to their pleas for help.

    But, but, but, Progressives keep telling us that government will always be there to save us when we need them.

    In fact Progressives tell us that government is so reliable that we do not need to have firearms to protect ourselves because government law enforcers will always protect us.

    Looks like reality disagrees with Progressives.

    • The leftist (aka progressive) view is that only society as a whole, which means the state, matters. Private individuals do not. Leftists consider society to be an independent structure, not one person scaled up. That justifies their sacrificing individuals for their ideal of the common good. Prohibiting the use of force to protect your property and person against rioters is an example. If they actually cared, someone harmed by a riot would be filing his loss claim with the government rather than a private insurance company. (On the subject of insurance coverage for riots, I asked my State Farm agent about this at the time of the Ferguson riots. He told me that damage to homes and businesses would be covered by normal homeowner’s or business insurance.)

  10. Y’all better start ignoring your PC, sycophant “leaders” and start defending yourselves, your businesses, and your society. This is anarchy folks, and most of the media and radical dems are giddy about it!

    • “This is anarchy folks, and most of the media and radical dems are giddy about it!”

      Yes they are. They are so happy they can divide us up over something other than the virus.

  11. I could easily see this “gimme” chit rioting,looting and thievery escalating in Cook Co.,ILL…I told my wife we’re on “red alert”. Our cop’s are spastic puzzies. Why I have an AR loaded with 8 30 round magazines!

    • I need a diagram how you do that. I’ve never been able to load more than one mag in my ARs.

    • I’m surprised a white socialist progressive like you hasn’t confiscated the guns of law abiding black people yet.
      Meanwhile south of Minnesota states like Kentucky and Mississippi, run by republicans, have pasted constitutional carry. FOR EVERYONE.

  12. Actions have consequences. The crooked, openly racist cops in this country have declared open season on black people.

    Are all cops bad? No. But if you’re a “good cop” that says nothing when bad cops are bad, or you protect bad cops, YOU’RE A BAD COP.
    Fuck the thin blue line. There should be no thin blue line. Cops don’t deserve any special protection. They should be held to a higher standard of conduct than the average citizen. This slimeball had EIGHTEEN COMPLAINTS issued against him. EIGHTEEN. That shows a pattern of bad behavior. He should have been dismissed years ago. The path to walk to be a cop should be so straight and so damn narrow that one misstep gets you knocked off for good. No do-overs. No re-tries. No moving to another city and joining their force, either. You’re DONE.

    • Does your town/county/state allow the use of deadly force to defend property? You better be 100% certain, some found the hard way the answer was negative.

  13. many of these theories and reports have no citations whatsoever. you people are throwing bullshit out there. Cite your source, you sound lie a bunch of critical thinking liberals with your blanket accusations and supposed conspiracy theories.

  14. You mean to tell me, all the big liberal cities are burning!?

    Well then… I guess I’ll have a coke.

    • essentially they’re getting what they deserve…with their weak responses….if you need the military…then you should use it…what the hell are we paying taxes for?….

  15. Seems we can at least add Atlanta, Detroit, Houston and DC to the list.

    Almost feel bad for CNN. Their crew gets arrested in Minneapolis this morning and their building is under attack tonight in Atlanta.

    • Meh. Good. CNN fans the flames every possible incident. They made this bed they can lay in it.

      • exactly
        theyre not non combatants
        they will not be given a pass
        they deserve everything thats coming to them
        everything for what theyve done

    • That “arrest” seemed rather odd. It was dubious. It made no sense. White cops arrest black reporter live… Seems more like a stunt.

      • It was odd, especially how there was no reason given for the arrests.

        Still there’s so.ething hilariously ironic about the livestreams from the CNN budding right now. They’re hiding behind a line of cops and you can tell the reporters are nervous as a farmer John pig.

        I dunno what that crowd wants but if the cops line, now inside the building, breaks CNN employees are gonna have a rough one. These rioters don’t seem to fear the cops. At all. Walking right up to the entrance and throwing big ass fireworks at the cop’s feet.

        • The cops are probably thinking right at this moment, “Am I prepared to die for CNN?” The answer is probably “Fuck no.” And they’ll roll out soon.

        • Looks like the country is changing. If the old guard wants to maintain their power over it they are going to have to spill blood, lots of blood.

    • I will not shed any tears if CNN is burned to the ground. We are at war. There are powerful ($$$) forces working to strip you of your civil-rights.
      Over 100 years ago there were media people who were also against civil rights for groups they didn’t like.

    • Was thinking about that this morning. Might be pretty effective. I would like to see it used..feel kinda wrong for saying it….still fun to watch I bet.

      Main stream media talking heads would lose it.

  16. This calls for tactitard neckbeards standing around LARPing in broad daylight flexing in front of news cameras, before running home when it gets dark and the criminals come out!

  17. The sad thing is that country was pretty united in its outrage against the four police officers but that is going to be forgotten in the lawlessness.

  18. this business will get out of control
    it will get out of control
    and well be lucky to live through it

  19. I call bullshit. Where is the video of the officer’s arrest? Or the news media’s video of him being taken into custody after an early morning raid on his family’s home. How about a video of him in booking, and being strip searched ? Do you all ?….. No you don’t really believe he is behind bars ! He’s not , they will claim anything to stop the mayhem , and loss of revenue from destroyed business. The other three officers are accessory to the crime by not pulling the murderer off of George. The powers that be have no intention of incarcerating that officer ,ever. His family will have to relocate and change their names ,but they get to Live , unlike Gentle George. We must now, if you haven’t before now Doubt and Question everything the establishment is telling the American people. The rioting and looting shouldn’t happen, but the anger is being focused on the wrong thing, inanimate buildings. It should be redirected at the so-called (elected and non-elected) leaders of the City and State. Who is demonstrating in their front yards. It’s time to go to them DIRECTLY , post haste. Now !

      • Know the law. You take your victim the way you find him. If he had a weak heart, the cop is still responsible, legally and morally. Case law on this goes back a hundred years.

        • Lol!!
          So you expect a cop to get a detailed medical history of a suspect before they take them into custody? Lol!!

          Funny, but I just read an article that had the same tag line.
          That group had a good rep, but toasted it with that same stupid tag line.
          I’m actually shocked you didn’t copy/paste more from it.

        • Ralph actually is a lawyer unlike the fake Russian one. Why they couldn’t just cuff and stuff this guy into a car is a pretty clear sign they wanted to kill him. Because he was a trouble maker and “disrespected” them while being arrested. Police are getting as bad as the thugs on the street.

          • Ohhh.. an ‘actual’ lawyer?? That and $4 will get him a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

      • WHAT is rhetorical ? I’m just asking you some questions and I’m also speculating on what is most likely going to happen to the bad cops (4 ea.) The medical examiner never said WHAT He DID die from, did he . ? A knee on the neck can cause numerous reasons for death. Especially if the patient has preexisting conditions that would exacerbate that. I’m a first responder, I know about how to kill you with a neck hold or blow to a few choice places on the neck. Like I said , question everything, who paid the medical examiner to say that ? Yea , the same person that paid the rioters and pays retarded communist trolls like you and your momma. Do you still live in her basement or your Dad’s , George Soros

  20. Let ’em riot. The longer it lasts, the more the common and decent people will hate these rioters. If I was the governor of Minnesota I would just say: “You want a riot? Go ahead. Destroy your community. Chase away jobs and investment. Cause tax revenues to plummet. It is you who will suffer in the end, and nobody will care, just like they don’t care now.”

    • Except libtards don’t think that way, if anything it will increase their sentiment of “white guilt.” White cucks in Minneapolis will spend the next 20 years of their life wondering what happened, and how they can be forgiven by the always oppressed black community. If these folks were smart, they wouldn’t elect retarded mayors and they wouldn’t allow a fool like Omar to seat in Congress. Same logic applies to Portland, Baltimore, and any other city run by people suffering from severe “white guilt,” and their failed experiments. They never learn anything, they just keep getting better at failing.

  21. Remember that random car I burned for “justice?”
    Remember that Xbox I looted for that dude I didn’t even know, who was killed by a cop while I was smoking weed 10 miles away?
    That will teach them!
    I have heard Ferguson, MO is a much better place since they rioted. Just kidding, probably the same sh*thole is not worse.

    • That is a worrisome thought. I agree it will be much, much worse! “he stole the election” nonsense x10

    • Just thinking of 4 years with the retard in chief makes me want to puke, oh well it’s that or Biden anyway, America is phucked.

      • If Trump is still around during the upcoming depression, he is going to cause all kinds of violence as people lash out against his actions. If Biden is president they can’t blame him for all the economic troubles.

        • So you finally just admit you are a Democrat. Bravo for finally just coming out and saying it. Hiding behind a veneer of libertarian/conservative values while spouting your leftist double talk was very easy for people to see through.

  22. When I travel (driving distances) I pack my “get home” bag based on my destination. Sometimes it’s a sig pistol and a couple extra mags. Sometimes I add an at pistol or tavor with 5 extra mags, food, water etc…
    This is driven by my personal rankling of crime in those areas. Does that make me a racist is those high crime cities happen to be high minority cities?

  23. They won’t blame him because Biden won’t remember what he had for breakfast. He would be a puppet figurehead, at very best.

    And remember, you ain’t black if you don’t vote for Biden.

      • I see you. I read your joke.

        I feel like having another four years of Trump will make things worse than they are now. We are so close to a civil war right about now. Trump’s tweets are only making it worse.

        The government is trying very hard not to spill blood. I heard they recently put out a FBI/ATF paper warning of the “boogaloo” situation. They are worried that the people will join together and fight the government.

        • One more day of leftists makes the country worse.
          Funny how it’s not the folks on the right out there looting and pillaging.

        • Prior to Covid, things were pretty damn good! Regardless of the bullshit from people like you, black men were discovering the lowest unemployment in history, not because a pandering liberal manufactured a do-nothing minimum wage job but because their efforts were actually needed due to a real economy. The entire country was getting toward the point where nobody cared about “black men” or whatever, because we were all in this together. After 8 years of the intense racism of Obama/Biden, the fresh air was finally at least a breeze. I’m betting Trump will have us back to there and beyond before his reelection in 2024.

  24. It has nothing to do with the arrest or the incident. The people doing these riots are only doing it to pillage and loot and the exploit this incident as an opportunity. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Oh really? It’s not opportunity and anarchists jumping at a chance to cause chaos? Because that is exactly what it looks like.

        • Do you see them looting right about now?

          What you see is the youth rising up against generation X and Boomer. They are throwing off the society those generations created. They realized those generation failed at fulfilling the promises of the countries founding. They want a new system. They are burning it down as a symbolic move away from the nonsense their parents thought was just fine. They don’t want to hear, “Honey, that’s just the way it is.”

          You are just mad because the youth are going to change America one way or another. You can’t stop it. It will happen. You won’t be alive forever. Change is gonna come. The problem is the Republicans ruined their chances of moving America back towards the Bill of Rights, thus the youth want communism because the flavor of capitalism they have been given is disgusting.

          You created the monster. Now you have to decide if you want to kill it. “It” being the children of America. Are you willing to shoot them? Are you ready to give the orders to the National Guard to open up on young Americans to save your failed system?

          Remember the founders said every hundred years the system needs to be reset? That a revolution will be necessary when the system is destructive to its people.

          People are starting to fire their guns when they see the military. The guns are very close to being pointed at people rather than the air. Are you ready for the boogaloo? Are you ready to kill lefty youths, to go to war with the new majority?

        • That’s funny. I don’t remember rioters conquering the country and installing a new government in 1992…

          They acted all big and bad too… until military showed up.

  25. think about this…. if the violence, looting, and arson spreads to all the cities, and the perps are getting shot by the cops and “everyday people” who fill in for the limited numbers of cops, and instead of being pushed back and dissipating, the perps/ANTIFA/thugs/gangs decide to fight back, the “everyday people” will get really involved. and so could the other side. it could turn into a war.

    the start of Helter Skelter.

    • The National Guard is bringing in over 1700 armed troops. Trump is planning to send out the Army throughout America to use necessary force to get rid of the Americans from the streets and lock them down.

      Sounds like martial law is about to happen. If that happens are the “patriots” going to start shooting military like they said they would?

      This is worse than Katrina. You saw what happened there. Katrina was a hoax situation when it comes to crime. This is the real deal.

      The governor said he ordered the government to protect the Federal Reserve, the big companies downtown and power stations as the priority. Everyone else has to get on the list for the fire department to save their business.

      • Yeah this is NOT the Revolution 2.0 that you’re looking for.

        These are rioters. Every generation has them, too. It happened a few years back in Baltimore and Ferguson, and in LA before that, in the 60s before that.

        If you want to go die in the street with them, by all means have at it. But these people are not our friends. They are basically barbarians that only want to wreck shit for the sake of doing so. They have no concept of what a republic, constitution, gun rights, history, or freedom even means.

        Hell they don’t even really know what communism or socialism means. They just like the edgy and offensive memes.

        They’ll continue to burn and expand until the real military shows up, and they’ll die or scatter like cockroaches.

        But I’m sure you won’t know, because you’ll remain at home safely ranting from your keyboard.

        • The military is already there. The rioters only got more embolden, they set fire to every building and random parked cars. They have moved to other areas that are getting close to residential because of the military. The day before the military hit the streets the rioters were very selective about what they attacked. Now rioters are firing off some rounds to scare the military.

          The government said they have credible intelligence that there are factions of armed people plotting to kill soldiers. They have said white supremacists are traveling down to the area to cause more problems.

          Why would I go out there to help communists? Republicans won’t even stand up to socialism already. I will wait…

        • The military isn’t there yet. If you think that’s the military you need an education.

          Actual federal combat arms units are gearing up to deploy. That’s a whole different ballgame.

  26. South Vietnam in early 1968 the US had many base camps spread across much of the rural landscape……Hueys were constantly ferrying in more troops and supplies to the camps to help establish perimeters and to fortify their positions……always sending out “search and destroy” patrols with the orders to ‘kill as many of them as you can’…….it became a war of attrition ….then came the Tet offensive in early ’68 with flash mobs of VC and NVA in coordinated attacks on US base camps, small towns and villages and yes…Saigon was also under attack…..all of this effectively done WITHOUT the use of cellular technology… flash mobs can suddenly appear, do extensive damage and disappear like a fart in the wind so any National guard outpost or any US military units would be mostly ineffective against any flash mob which can mobilize much quicker than your national guard or military can. The need to protect food and water supplies as well as transportation networks and the national power grid should be the primary objective of any standing army or national guard units…..state, county and local police units to protect businesses and the armed citizens of these cities to protect their communities, but in these liberal/socialist run larger cities the armed citizens are few and far between and cannot depend on police protection and are at the mercy of the roving bands of street thugs so if army units roll into a large city near you expect the looters, arsonists and gang bangers to move away from business districts and into residential neighborhoods and prey upon those disarmed citizens of those helpless communities…..good luck to all my “Blue” big city counterparts and stay safe out there.

    • These rioters are also a FAR cry from the Vietcong or NVA. They’re barely armed, barely trained, survive off only what they steal, have no organization, command structure, and aren’t cohesive in any way. It’s roving bands of anarchists. They have no outdoor skills and have never even spent one night sleeping outside. They aren’t a third world hardened guerrilla force ready for real combat. The second one of their heads explode they’re all going to scatter like cockroaches.

  27. I certainly hope they make it into Dallas where I live. That’s what I’ve been waiting for my entire life.

    • To get your business / house robbed and burned by “protestors” ? That’s a pretty bizarre thing to be waiting for, but I wish you the best of luck.

      • you’re only twisting your own nose, not his. he knows what he wasn’t talking about.

    • Thank you for your honesty, I am sure the sentiment you expressed is shared by many on this forum.

      Sad, twisted little minds.

  28. Let me guess…. Twitter and Facebook are not censoring the organizers of these riots. Their censorship is reserved for anyone organizing a peaceful “open up” protest.


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