michael bloomberg angry johns hopkins
(AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)
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michael bloomberg angry johns hopkins
(AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

By Larry Keane

If you thought Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s public pledge to confiscate AR-15’s was bold and shocking, buckle up for billionaire Michael Bloomberg. He’s again toying with a run at the White House and if he does, he’s already poured millions into turning elections into anti-gun referendums.

This would be his all-out blitzkrieg against guns.

The former New York City mayor, who has switched political parties as quickly as the winds shift, is reportedly reconsidering his previous decision to sit out the Democrat primary. He reportedly sees an opportunity to wedge his way in as former Vice President Joe Biden has been stumbling on the national stage and slipping in the polls and as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren gains political market share.

Gun Control Cash Cow

The 77-year-old never gave up visions of pushing his anti-gun campaign on the national stage. He funds the gun control groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown is leading gun control campaign spending at nearly $1 million. The group pledged $2.5 million to flip Virginia state elections for Democrats who will pass a far-left gun control platform favored by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam to ban modern sporting rifles, standard capacity magazines, suppressors and institute one-gun-a-month sales quotas.

Bloomberg’s also targeting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) because he won’t bring up constitutionally suspect gun control bills that won’t reduce crime or make our communities safer, but they will limit Second Amendment freedoms. He is also targeting Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, both Florida Republicans, Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.) who authored the Fix NICS legislation that actually improved background checks.

Just Waiting

Bloomberg’s presidential apparatus was never really dismantled, as it turns out. Even while he made his public announcement in March that he would not run for president, he’s kept advisors close and on his payroll.

He previously pledged to spend $100 million on his presidential aspirations. That’s on top of the $500 million he dangled to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020, whether Bloomberg jumped into the race or not. That’s not much for the man who’s reportedly worth $50 billion.

That money buys a lot of anti-gun airtime. If Bloomberg jumps in, expect yet another candidate to call for confiscating the more than 16 million lawfully-owned modern sporting rifles in America.

Magazine bans will be at the forefront. Gun rationing would be real. Biden’s clueless ideas of a so-called “smart gun” technology requirement for guns would be adopted and Andrew Yang’s gun licensing scheme to exercise basic America rights wouldn’t be so implausible.

In fact, none of the gun control or confiscation plans would be far-fetched. They’d just be far outside Americans’ price range.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Classic socialist. A filthy rich billionaire that wants to be king. He’ll make it so no one other than billionaires can get ahead.

    • I’ve often wondered what drives such people who are in their twilight years (Bloomberg, Soros, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, et al) to make such tremendous pushes for control over others. I mean, once you hit 80-ish and realize at the same time that (1) you probably have only ten years left and (2) it will take much longer than ten years to change this country’s gun culture, don’t you know that you won’t even be around to command your expected conquests? I mean, are you so power-mad that you want to spend your final chapter on God’s Green Earth trying to subjugate people in time for them to spoon feed you your cup of tapioca and change your diaper?

      Just use your money to hire an attractive nurse in her 40s to do that for you.

      • Tyrants gotta tyrant. Simplistic, I know. But it’s the truth. They’ve spent a literal life time grabbing and building power and they ain’t stopping til they’re worm food.

      • I suspect it’s partly because they’ve been doing it for so long they forgot (if they even ever knew) how to do anything else.

      • They’re worried about their “legacy.” Like the Pharohs, who built ginormous tombs they’d never see.

      • Why 40s? You could hire two 22 year old nurses for the price of one 44 year old nurse…or something like that…

        • Depends upon your definition of what’s better. It’s like the famous gun joke:

          A good woman is like a good gun – A .44 is better in the hand than two .22s.

          Hardy, har, har.

      • It probably has something to do with a desire for legacy. That’s the primary motivator for most people in their golden years; how they’ll be remembered. Unfortunately, this dude wants to be remembered for limiting American’s rights. Whack.

      • Does the ISIS fighter truly believe he will live to see a caliphate in his brief, violent life? Probably not. But he continues to fight because he thinks he’s doing holy work. It’s the same thing with people like Bloomberg and Soros. They think they are doing holy work for their religious melange of socialism and globalism.

      • Yeah, just what we need, a FIFTH septagenarian running for office!
        There ought to be an upper age limit for Presidents, IMO.
        In order of age, here are the five candidates in their 70s:

        1) Bernie Sanders will be 79 on inauguration day 1/20/21
        2) Michael Bloomberg will be 78 (almost 79) on inauguration day 1/20/21
        3) Joe Biden will be 78 on inauguration day 1/20/21
        4) Donald Trump will be 74 on inauguration day 1/20/21
        5) Elizabeth Warren will be 71 on inauguration day 1/20/21

        All of them will be older than Ronald Reagan was in his first term (he was 69)
        and all except Elizabeth Warren will be older than Ronald Reagan was in his 2nd term (he was 73), in which he developed Alzheimers disease (senile dementia).
        The brain does not get healthier with age; it only declines with age.
        All of these candidates have brains that are on the decline.
        Do we really want a commander-in-chief who has a “senior moment” so that when he’s trying to push the button on his desk that orders a Diet Coke, he accidentally pushes the red button and nukes Canada?
        Or a commander-in-chief who forgets that the Kurds are our allies and Russia and Assad are our enemies, and betrays the Kurds to please Putin and Assad without even consulting the Pentagon or the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

        *I know it’s not really a red button, it’s a “nuclear football” briefcase with nuclear codes in it, but you get the idea!

    • Bloomberg is far from a Socialist. If it weren’t for his stand on gun rights I could live with his other nannyism. He is a market oriented businessman. That is why he has no chance. If he manages to get nominated in a smoked filled room deal, the Sanders-Warren wing will stay home and blacks absolutely hate the guy and will sit out the election too

  2. Rich old white guy? Yeah… not worried. The far left branch of the DNC will eat him alive. If he runs, Trump will win with 400 electoral votes and a super-majority in both the House and Senate.

    • If he proves himself a part of the revolution, he thinks he won’t be among the victims, for now.

      Historically look at the Soviet Union from foundation to the Nazi invasion. How many of the old Bolsheviks ended up against the wall in the late 1920s to 1941?

      • I think he knows both sides hate him.

        One side wants to take away all his money and has an extreme wing that would love to tip his penniless corpse into a ditch in addition. The other side mostly just wants to be left alone, but also contains probably a million people who could put a bullet through his brain at 1,000+ yds if he pushes them too far.

        The solution is threefold:
        1. Buy off the people who want to take your money.
        2. Use your combined resources to convince the people who just want to be left alone that they will be (after we do this one thing, just once).
        3. Utilize points 1 and 2 to play the patriots and the communists against each other, destroying their social credit and their ability to move against you.

        • “an extreme wing that would love to tip his penniless corpse into a ditch”
          The term is “ghadafied”

    • Bloomie is very jealous of Donald Trump, lots of “I could’ve done it” but of course he hasn’t.

  3. Bloomberg’s personality is so awful that even his own mother wouldn’t vote for him and I can’t imagine him getting any votes outside of Nueva York.

    • “Bloomberg’s personality is so awful that even his own mother wouldn’t vote for him…”


      Thankfully, he’s a well-known entity, and not in a positive way. The natural reaction to seeing his face or hearing his name is “ugh”.

      The amusement value in seeing him try would be nice, tho.

      I’ve said it before and will continue to say, we must *beware* a Leftist with little political baggage, like a popular Hollywood personality, like Tom Hanks.

      Someone like him or Oprah would be very difficult to counter…

      • Geoff PR,

        Ahhh! I am shuddering at this very moment. (Seriously, no snark or sarcasm.) The most alarming aspect to your statement: I believe the Democratic National Committee has already approached Oprah Winfrey who politely refused. (Not sure why.)

        I fear that you are exactly right. Although it does not seem to be in the works. Perhaps politics have degraded to the point that not even ardent Progressive West Coast entertainers are willing to lead the charge.

    • The problem is that his mother, fathers grandparents and greats all the way out to 4th cousins will vote for him.

  4. It will be interesting to see if hunter and joe turn on each other to avoid prison. I don’t think either one can count on a pardon from the oval office. Trump will be there til 24 and he ain’t a fan.

    • Hunter still thinks he can explain his way out of his mess. He has a lesson coming he’s not gonna like… 🙂

      • The only reason Hunter isn’t already in prison on drug charges in his daddy. Any other commissioned officer caught with those amounts of coke would be spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

  5. Biden would probably be the best mainstream candidate up there for gun rights. Yes, that’s faint praise for the D primary field, but it’s true nevertheless. Bloomburg would be the worst (I’m not counting Beto as anything because he’s going nowhere).

    The only good thing about Bloomy getting in is that it would throw a figurative hand grenade into the democratic party.

  6. If Bloomie runs, his primary purpose will be to make sure that Warren doesn’t win and impose a massive wealth tax on him. Guns are his second priority, but that is not enough to distinguish him from the rest of this horde, since they are all asking for the same things when it comes to gun control..

  7. Im hoping Biden win as he will be the easiest to beat, but I think it will be Warren. If Hilderbeast can win the popular vote with all her corruption, Warren will do even better. That witch is scary

  8. Be forewarned; compared to Beto, Bloomberg may actually look like a moderate on Gun Control to the average American voter.

  9. Oh … so I guess as the Cherokee vagina gains traction’s he and the other big money boys are starting to worry about their pockets I love watching the left eat itself. Trump by blowout!!!!

  10. Bloomie wants to buy his way to heaven(true story bro). All he’ll get is eternity in hell…oh and $ doesn’t buy respect. Mine ain’t for sale!

      • Of course…Bloomie is an old man who knows he’ll die. But to an azzhole “worth” 50000000000 I doubt he’d like “sharing” like a good commie. So THAT would be hell😏

  11. ‘The 77-year-old…’

    Well there you go. He’ll never be the Demoncratic nominee. He’s too young.

  12. Has any one else noticed that this is the second article to slide in praises about the Fix Nix BS? I may have to start getting my gun news somewhere else. Any gun law is a iinfringement on our God given rights.

    • This article wasn’t written by TTAG. It’s actually a press release from Larry Keane, president of the NSSF, which lobbied hard for FixNICS.

      TTAG might need to do a better job of indicating where they got their material.

  13. Bloomberg as the serious democrat nominee in 2020? I predicted it here months ago. He has more name and “career” recognition than Steyer and will just wait until the rest of the pack eat each other up or the IG and Barr reports finally come out and really make a mockery of the entire democrat establishment, of which he is not a part. That he’s not a democrat won’t matter, neither is Bernie…

    The primary thing against him? No one in their right mind likes him and it’s pretty clear he hates the flyover types, let alone anyone else who isn’t a zillionaire and connected. He’s arrogant, mean-spirited and just plain nasty to most Americans and makes no bones about wanting to control every aspect of our lives. Imagine him trying to fill an areana with pumped up peeps like Trump does. Let him spend more of his money, it’ll be a waste, but will be fun to watch. Could be more protesters outside his “rallies” than supporters inside, but that won’t hold him back.

  14. I dont think people realize how much of a threat he is whether he runs or not. It would arguably be worse for us if he didnt run. 500 million dollars, trump’s entire campaign cost what, 700 million in 2016?

    And who’s to say he wont go higher? Hes worth 50 billion. 1, 2, even 5 billion wouldn’t mean much to him.

    • Bloomberg could buy Trump out ten times over. He thinks he has to create a lasting legacy other than making his children idly and stupidly rich.

  15. Bloomberg will be waiting in the wings for the call for a long time. He is too pro business; he is a Jew; and very strongly pro-Israel. Guns alone will not entice people to vote for him because all the candidates support gun control. And typically Jews fear a Jewish president more than anybody else. If things go South they fear it will blamed on all Jews.

  16. Im getting up there in years. But compared to Blummberger Im a kid.
    Now who in hell besides all these old fart Libitardas thinks they can/should be president???
    Sanders is bad enough hes 1 more heart attack away from his grave. Bidden has one foot in it already and now 77 year old Blummberger wants in yet again.
    Well I for one don’t want anyone over 60 to ever run for President.
    That includes Trump on the other end.
    But if the Dimwits insist on a say a 75 year old +.
    I do hope they drop kick the bucket before inauguration day.
    Who ever runs should at the least reasonably be able to complete 1 term without dropping dead.

  17. Best thing to do now is cash in some savings and/or max out a credit card or two and stock up on a couple of extra Dream gun AR’s. Just had me another one delivered today! If you’re a reloader keep yourself knee deep in brass and topped off with 40+ pounds of powder and a minimum 5 to 10 thousand each primers and bullets. Rock and roll!

  18. Americans will give up a lot of things to defeat Trump on the coasts, but do we think obese Americans anywhere are gonna give up big gulps etc. to put this tool in office? Man I hope I’m not wrong.

  19. Bloombag won’t get elected. All the money in the universe and all the gold pressed latinum can’t make people like him and face it, being liked is 99% of it. Bloomberg isn’t about to go up against a charismatic Donald Trump because Trump would make it look like a short little unlikable dweeb. Trump is 6’3″ and Bloombag is 5’8″ Can you imagine them on the same stage!
    Bloombag won’t do it because he knows it would shatter his ego. He’s making noise and trying to stay noticed just like Kim Jung-Un does. Hey look at me!!! The only difference between Kim Jung-Un and Michael Bloombag, Bloombags helicopters don’t have rockets and missiles.

  20. You Hillbillies and Jethro’s are so silly. It makes no difference if Bloomberg runs or not. You fools don’t vote anyway. You’re disconnected from the politics that run this country, not to mention the internet of which you have no control over. The gun industry will be bought out by people like Bloomberg. They won’t even manufacture guns in a few years. Meanwhile the local police and the military will go door to door and confiscate any and all guns and gun related items. 2021 will see a blue tidal wave of socialist reform unlike anything you hicks have ever seen. Guns, gone. Trucks, gone. Knives, gone. Your children, reeducated. Don’t want to comply? Not to worry. Kamala will give you a new home in a “special” camp – and you will get your mind right. We socialist aren’t fooling around. POC, immigrants, indigenous peoples, ANTIFA, BLM, LGBT, we’re all together on one big team. You Hillbillies and Jethro’s are going down – hard. Have a nice day.

  21. Too old, too rich, too egotistical, too abrasive, too short, too New York and too Jewish. He lives in thirteen different countries. And he’s an arch capitalist too. Nah, I’m thinking he can run, but he can’t win.

  22. Late to the party, but I had to comment. In presidential terms, Bloomberg is a lightweight and not at all a Biden replacement. If he did jump in, his polling would measure in fractions. It’s like claiming, in reference to boxing, “With Mike Tyson sinking, Steve Urkle is waiting in the wings.”

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