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Daniel Hoffman sends his American Express Carry – as in don’t leave home without it for today’s everyday carry post.  Courtesy Everyday Carry.

Yes, the basic tools for when the world turns upside down.  Look closely.

It’s pretty Spartan, I’ll give him that.  A big-butt SOG multitool.  A equally robust Olight S10R light.

And a Kimber Ultra Carry.  With a laser.  Not a personal fan of lasers, but that’s a topic for another post.  Maybe tomorrow.

Man, I hope he doesn’t miss.  The Ultra Carry is no wundernine in terms of capacity.  The good news however:  It shoots big, fat .45 caliber slugs.  And while a 9mm may or may not expand beyond .45 caliber, the .45 Auto is pretty much guaranteed to never shrink to 9mm caliber.

Beside, we all know that if you shoot the bad man in the arm with a .45 it will make him do cartwheels and possibly die.   Assuming he keeps his arm attached.   How do we know?  Easy!  Hollywood!

Yes, that “Bearded Tribe” minimalist wallet really is minimalist.

How does a person get several charge cards (person debit & credit, corp debit, corp 2 debit, personal account #2 debit), a DL, a CCW, health, dental and car insurance cards, and a host of other important stuff in a tiny little minimalist wallet?  To say nothing of a few hundred bucks in good old US Currency?









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  1. I don’t understand all these wallets made of hard material with abrupt edges. Seems like they’d be uncomfortable to carry and wear out your pockets extra fast.

    • Each to his own and my motto is “buy what you like and enjoy what you buy” but personally I am not a fan of these minimalist wallets. I have been using “Taxi Wallets” for at least 25 years and found them to be the best solution for me. Designed to comfortably fit in your front pants pocket but will hold a reasonably large amount of cards and cash.

      • Hmmm… Front pocket vs. back pocket might make all the difference with some of these different wallet styles. I’ll stick to my old-fashioned leather trifold in the back pocket, but as you say, to each his own.

  2. Most minimalist wallets hold a dozen cards plus cash . I carry 1 debt ,1 cc, dl, work Id,Heath ins card, my gun permit is paper ( very thin ) . Six cards plus five $100 bills. Pretty thin package .

    I know many who carry one card and DL the rest is on their phone .

  3. I also holster up a Kimber Ultra Carry pretty often, and I have a couple of those SOGs (Powerassist in black) but I finally gave up carrying them most days. I carry the much slimmer SOG Pocket Powerplier instead. I’ll carry a much bigger pistol than the Kimber (a full size USP45 is my favorite), but that’s easy with the right holster. To pack that Powerassist comfortably, I need to carry it in a holster, too! (It does come with one from SOG, actually.)

    • Josh,

      Not trying to run a business here but I used to own a .45 USP and I recently found (while moving) a couple of 12 Round Magazines. Both are new/unused, one is a Pro Mag and the other is a Genuine HK USP Mag. If you would be interested in them I would make you a hell of a deal to get them to someone that could use them.

      Let me know if you are interested and we will try to figure out how to communicate the information and get them to you.

  4. If he misses once he’s still got plenty of followup shots. If he misses with all of them a larger capacity probably wouldn’t help anyway.

    Personally, when I’m CCWing, I’m not inclined to get in a gunfight at fifty yards on main street with tumbleweeds rolling around. And while we can not always decide under what circumstances we face problems, we can decide to solve those problems in smarter ways. I’m all up for a tactical retreat if I don’t have the advantage in a situation. The good news is that most bad guys are shitty shots.

  5. Not much of a sight plane, on that little kimber. Kind of similar to my Ruger Alaskan, I had to upgrade to night sights on it, couldn’t see the worthless black on black sights. Hell of a fireball coming out of that pistol with Buffalo Boar bear loads though…

  6. Hey Josh how about you take your Glock Fanboy comments out of this. Those of us who carry .45, I carry a Kimber as well, will never come to the ugly gun club. We KNOW what a .45 can do when used properly, so your smartassed comments wont make any converts it just lets us know why we don’t join.

  7. “Beside, we all know that if you shoot the bad man in the arm with a .45 it will make him do cartwheels and possibly die. Assuming he keeps his arm attached. How do we know? Easy! Hollywood!”

    While I’m sure Mr. Boch was in some way making a jest about the supposed power of the .45 ACP round, I have observed that generally it is true. When I was in Vietnam, I witnessed enemy soldiers getting shot by our troops using an M1911A1. Although they probably weren’t great shots (and hopped-up on adrenaline) and usually failed to get a center-mass hit (i.e., a kill shot), I noticed that a hit by .45 ball on just about any area of the body had sufficient kinetic stopping power to spin the enemy guy around and make him stop what he was doing (like charging) and fall down. Then, if the troop was feeling sufficiently vindictive, he could walk over and administer the coup de grace.

    That is where I see the utility of today’s large-caliber rounds in self-defense situations – they probably won’t blow the bad guy back ten feet/dismember him/kill by concussion of a near miss, but a hit (even outside the core area) will probably make him stop what he is doing and allow you to take further action (shoot him again/take cover/get away/call the gendarmes/call your lawyer/whatever).

  8. Is there anyone, besides me, out there that carries a .44 Magnum for EDC? I like my Colt Commander but am much more accurate with that 29-2 cannon (regularly shoot 2″ groups on 25 yard range). Been told I’m an odd ball and wondered if there are others like me.

    • I actually do occasionally. But, I live in Florida so most of the year I carry my 1911. When it does get cold enough for a jacket I’ll carry my 29 as well. I’ll also carry it when I open carry when I’m hunting or on private property. In certain places out west or in Alaska you’ll run into more people that tote .44 mag or bigger.

  9. Good gun, good flashlight, good Multitool, spare mag? Holster?
    Full size Multitool in a pocket? No thanks. As for the laser. I too at one time poohpoohed the idea, but as age related visual issues have encroached, I’m seriously thinking about it. After 40 (typically) , the cilliary muscles of the lens in your eyes that help you focus between far and near objects begin to atrophy. You loose the ability to see close without some optical assistance. As you continue to age, they atrophy more until you can’t see at arms length either. Without the special quadrifocals I had made, I wouldn’t be able to see the front sight at all. The problems is, those glasses are a pain to move around in, so I don’t wear them except when I’m at the range. A yearor so back I tossed on of those cheap lasers on my P22 Target for grins and giggles, but I was shocked that after I zeroed it, I didn’t need to see the front sight at all. Even at 50 and 75 feet I could keep my shots in the X ring. I’d had Crimson Trace laser grips installed on my wife’s S&W model 36 simply because she won’t practice several moons ago, but the zeroing was done by the gunsmith, and for some reason I’ve never hit the actuator on the grip when I’d fire her gun. Anyway, I’m seriously looking at the Lima365 for my carry weapon, because even though that tritium pops right now compared to the older sights, at nearly 60 I fear I’ll have trouble with it eventually too.


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