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Johnny "Joey" Jones
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Johnny “Joey” Jones is a retired United States Marine. He suffered a life-changing injury while deployed to Afghanistan as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD/Bomb) Technician. Since his recovery, Jones has dedicated his work towards improving the lives of all veterans and their families.

“I was stopped by the FBI at a New York City airport because they thought my passport was in Baghdad last year,” (Johnny “Joey” Jones) said. “My point is the government can’t use their own systems correctly… if you apply for a ‘Class-3′ firearm it could take three months or 12 months, under the same name, so the point is we can’t use the systems we have today correctly, why would the American people hand the federal government the opportunity to screw it up even more.”

Second, Jones contends that many Americans, who support the 2nd Amendment, don’t fully understand the gun control debate, and Democrats take advantage of that.

“[Democrats] use universal background checks because they know the American people — the portion of them that aren’t experienced with firearms, believe that means what happens today, which is when you walk into a gun store you do a background check to purchase a firearm,” concluded Jones. “The American people believe that’s what they’re trying to sell now… a lot of those Americans that aren’t experienced on the issue do believe in the 2nd Amendment and support the (Americans’) right to use it.”

– Matt London in ‘They’re giving a master’s degree on misinformation’: Retired Marine rips O’Rourke’s gun confiscation plan

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  1. Even CNN commentators could not believe their ears when O’Rourke just keeps on saying that Americans will just follow the new law he wants and turn in their guns, mass murderers included. The back and forth with CNN starts about 48 seconds in:

    • CNN: tell me the steps in your plan.
      BO: people will follow the law
      CNN: cool coolcoolcoolcoolcool. But how do we get from here to said law. What are the steps
      BO: im confident my fellow americans will follow the law
      CNN: (crickets) right……but you’re not breaking down how exactly u plan on doing this
      BO: Trump is a racist
      CNN: i……i……i dont mean to be glib or anything. But are you autistic? Like, u serioulsy seem to be incapable of answering basic questions.
      CNN: there is no hope for america. ( proceeds to put mussle of AR15 in mouth, takes of high heels and uses her toe to pull the trigger.

    • “America is so different from other countries, so we should do what other countries did!”

      Why there is never anybody to remind these gun grabbers that the 2A is not about hunting or personal protection? We, the people need these semi auto, military style rifles to keep these politicians in check. That’s why they want to mandatory buy them “back” with our own tax money.

      • A Beto happens when you mix extreme privilege, stupidity, arrogance and no self awareness, with a huge participation trophy. Which, ultimately equals, no body will win and everybody will lose.

    • And then we have this gem from early in that interview:

      We are a nation of laws, and no person is above the law, no matter how much they may disagree with a given law. — Robert O’Rourke

      Our United States Constitution (which includes the Second Amendment — our right to keep and bear arms) IS the Supreme Law of our land. Therefore, Robert O’Rourke’s objective to remove firearms from the populace without their consent is AGAINST THE LAW which is clearly stated in the United States Constitution.

      Robert O’Rourke’s own statements make it crystal clear that he considers himself above the law. And that makes it crystal clear that we would be foolish to entrust our nation’s highest government office to him.

  2. That’s sure as shit what happened here in WA with I-1639 and 594 before it.

    I am gobsmacked that they have gotten away with creating a legal definition of “semiautomatic assault rifle” that includes the 10/22.

    It is scumbaggery most foul.

  3. “Democrats Are Taking Advantage of the Average American’s Unfamiliarity With…
    (insert anythin historical, factual or political here)”.

    That’s really all you need to say.

    • Youte right, burley! Many Americans are ignorant of said subjects due to the communists having control of the public indoctrination system. Otherwise known as the public education system. Only communist ideology could produce such poor results in the greatest and wealthiest nation that has ever existed! If you care about your children you should immediately remove them from this devilish system and home school them.

    • The Democrats are taking advantage of the average person’s ignorance of firearms laws and processes, but by the same token the prospective law makers are equally, if not more, ignorant of the technical matters of what they are trying to legislate.

      Examples that turned into memes: magazines are consumable and the infamous description of a barrel shroud as “the shoulder thing that goes up”.

      • Exactly my thoughts. Maybe half of the anti gun dems understand what they are saying but the other half have no clue. All they no is GUNS=BAD.

    • Yeah, if you think about it, a President will need the ability to diplomatically *own* the leaders of other sovereign nations. If Buttyg…Butiigieger…Butterfinger…ah, whatever his name is…can own Beto in a simple debate, then Beto has no chance of taking on the world stage.

  4. I just have to wonder, is O’Rourke only doing this act to keep campaign contributions coming in? Is it a debt thing, just trying to pull in enough $$$ while doing as little as possible so he can get out from under his campaign debt? So he says the most outlandish crapola to get the media to point cameras at him?

    I see he was into punk rock in his early years, had a brief music career, a fan of something called “Bad Brains”…

    That is what you might call “Prescient” … “Bad Brains”, very prescient about O’Rourke and his Presidential hopes..

    Yup, Bad Brains alright.

    • “just trying to pull in enough $$$ while doing as little as possible so he can get out from under his campaign debt?“

      Well… he is a liberal… so…

      • Or he’s trying to jump on the Bloomberg gravy train. But with Mikey B waiting in the wings for his own candidacy, the train may have already left the station.

    • enuf,

      I am thinking along the lines that a United States Presidential campaign is a great way to make a bunch of money. Where do those 20 million+ dollars of campaign donations go?

      A candidate can easily defend spending that money on campaign office space (rent), employees, a public relations agency, and an advertising agency. The fact that the candidate’s close friend John Doe owns the building with the office space, close friend Jane Doe is the campaign manager, close friend John Q. Public owns the public relations agency, and close friend Jane Q. Public owns the advertising agency is neither here nor there. Nor is the fact that those close friends later pay the candidate huge amounts of money for “consulting” or “speaking engagements”.

      Yeah, that means the donors are the suckers.

    • Bad Brains has never been fond of being labeled “punk rock” or “hardcore punk,” coincidentally. They’ve been all over the spectrum over the years and were originally a jazz/rock band under a different name. They have a pretty storied history

  5. The gun community is simply just not honest. The only way to solve this problem long term is to reinstitute 2A education and rifle teams in public high schools. The only way you keep this Republic of ours is with a educated population of young people who as adults become defenders for the Constitution and all of the Bill Of Rights.

    But try and explain this to gun owners who aren’t married and have no children.

    Interesting how rifle teams were eliminated and story time with a tranny was introduced into schools. Priorities? Some in the population see “sex” as a priority. Not gun civil rights education.

    • The problem with your suggestion is communists control the public education system from bottom to top. They will not allow anyone else have any say about what is presented in schools. Nothing can be allowed to interfere with their well thought out indoctrination program.

        • Thanks for the Link!!!
          So California has a Clay Target Shooting League for High School kids. Great!!!
          This is what I’m talking about. So now all you unmarried gun owners with no children have a place to give some of your dollars to. Or you can donate your time like I do and volunteer to help these kids. I volunteer with my local 4-H shooting group.

    • Well hell, that’s only fair. After all, that’s exactly the same deal on how the Republican Party keeps going. The stupidity of half the population thinking a political party is somehow a good idea.

      Our two big parties are two sides of the same StUpId.

  6. The root of the problem is that the American Constitutional Republic (via the Constitution and original Ten Amendments) was founded on the concept that rights and liberty originate with the individual person and flow into the collective of the People consenting to being governed by the system established and agreed to as framed by the Constitution. Over the intervening two hundred plus years and additional Amendments to the Constitution that original concept has been inverted to the idea the Government owns those rights and liberty and controls their effect and application on the People. Until we straighten out this perversion none of our individual rights and liberty can be considered safe or real. THIS is what most Americans do not understand today and this fundamental misunderstanding screws up much more than our Second Amendment rights.

      • That’s quite likely, and terrifyingly, an impossibility these days. The amount of historical revisionism by the left combined with general inaccuracies, as well as distance in time and loss of the living generations who where there, will lead to a loss of what really happened. Even in this day of “information age.” And this is how history repeats itself. I’ve become convinced It’s a lesson humanity will never learn. Everyone’s heard the phrase “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, but the problem is, the vast majority of people don’t truly understand history or the forces that drive our world. It’s so bad, globally, not just here, I believe that within the next 100 years, Europe will have another holocaust of the Jews.

        • Yeah, it’s pretty sad. The “information” age is basically a diversion from real life, when you can keep everyone’s attention on the “shiny object”, you can do pretty much anything you want. I don’t know about another holocaust, but if people don’t remove their heads from their rectums, we’ll be learning Mandarin, or Arabic in our alleged learning institutions.

        • The universities through government backed student loans, grants, and federal funds is sucking an enormous amount of money from the people, and placing generations of students in dept.

          In 2005, the endowment for the top 100 universities alone totaled $219.37 Billion. At the end of 2015 the table totals $394.96 Billion, an increase of 80% in billion dollar university endowments. The total increased to $479.232B in 2018-9, for 101 institutions.

          Princeton University’s endowment is $2.8 million PER STUDENT. Harvard’s endowment is currently nearly $40 Billion dollars!

          Then these students (for their overpriced indoctrination) want the government (aka the taxpayers) to forgive their debt, while placing zero blame on their university. Ain’t ‘socialism’ grand?

          • Yeah, but Bernie et all say “it’s all good”. We’ll just force the billionaires to foot the bill, it used to be the millionaires till Bern got his first million!

  7. I’ve been saying for years now that the public school systems are the dumbing down of America, started way back when they tried to get Ebonics established as a official language,,, like another person up there ☝️Said, if you got kids, put them in a private school or home school,,,

  8. EVERYBODY seems to forget it’s not about the frigging wood, steel, and plastic, it’s the concept, the right, the unalienable right that connot be legislated away. Somebody also needs to remind the misinformed Beto how well people “respected” the Volstead Act which had NOTHING to do with an unalienable Constitutionally guaranteed right. ( that was Prohibition).

  9. Most Americans are ignorant because they have been poorly educated and thoroughly indoctrinated by the American education system. That’s a societal problem.

    Unfortunately, a large minority of Americans are also stupid, so stupid that I’m surprised they can even dress themselves. Come to think of it, judging by their appearance, they can’t.

    The first issue can be fixed, but nobody can fix stupid.

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