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Our good friends at cobbled together this graphic — and the one below — to illustrate the nefarious influence of the NRA, and urge gun control advocates to take the fight to the states.

Needless to say, it’s enough to warm the cockles of a gun rights advocate’s┬áheart. Still, must do better! And nationally, too. The fight continues….


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    • The NRA has been bragging about that. Corellation /= causation, and all that, but the NRA was one factor in getting out the vote, and their early support of President-elect Trump gives them the right, I suppose.

      • Correlation does not automatically equal causation, but it many cases it does equal causation. If not completely related, I would argue that it was definitely one of the many things that helps secure a Trump victory. Others being, social media, Wikileaks, Obamacare, poor economic growth, etc.

      • From the start the NRA and it’s members have been the first and the strongest resistance to obama and the left. The NRA delivered more votes and more enthusiasm to resist these last eight years.

      • ” . . .and their early support of President-elect Trump gives them the right, I suppose.”

        Wow, talk about damning with faint praise. A revolution in American politics takes place, fundamentally influenced by NRA counter-arguments against gun-control at a time when the political elites were all for surrendering 2nd amendment rights, and the best you can come up with is . . .this? That says a lot, actually.

        • The NRA is not THE reason Trump won. The Hideous Rotten Criminal is the major reason. The MSM is another. Trump was (and is) a deeply flawed candidate. But as I said – the NRA was an early endorser, and has earned bragging rights.
          I just wish they didn’t use it as an excuse to ask me for MOAR MONEYZ!

    • The NRA can claim that, but I think it’s more the other way around in that the people that elected Trump, the demographics that have been shit on for 8 years, are more likely to align with the NRA…

      • Alaska has pretty liberal gun laws, which is why I was also surprised to see that Alaska wasn’t among the 32 states. Vermont also has generally liberal gun laws, but they are deep blue so it was a milder surprise to see them grouped with the authoritarian states in this analysis.

        • The Anti’s keep trying but, since there’s no real “gun violence problem” in VT, they also keep losing. Our new Republican governor Phil Scott is pro-2A but the house and senate are controlled by Dem’s. I don’t expect much will change in the near future.

          I attribute a lot of the Vermont Governor election results on what was happening nationally. The Democrat candidate, Sue Minter, echoed Shrillery for the most part and went down with her sinking ship. The Vermont 2016 electoral map looks eerily similar to the national map with higher populated areas colored blue; the rest of Vermont colored red.

          The “Vermont guns are killing people in Connecticut” canard didn’t help the communists Democrats either.

  1. NM has a typical Democrat infestation: 2 significant cities and a few rural concentrations of career dependents. 95 percent of NM is occupied by camo green versus tree hugger green voters

  2. I guess that I understand Colorado, what with all the influx of left wing-nuts pouring in from California, but New Mexico? What is going on there?

    • Albuquerque is a large metropolitan area with a lot of citizens who like free s***. Santa Fe is largish, populated by immigrants from San Francisco and Portland who couldn’t afford property there. Most of the rest of the state is cowboys and Indians – rural. Cowboys vote (R), Indians tend to hate both parties pretty equal. No surprise, there.

  3. The NRA has all the right enemies. They hate their guts.
    In Kentucky nearly every elected republican and most democrats are NRA members. And that has made Kentucky number 5 on the Guns and Ammo list for best gun owner states in 2015.

    • The fact that Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham actually pay money to lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde in Illinois to sell out armed citizens to be executed by police criminals like Philando Castile in Minnesota shows that NRA, Inc. is a corrupt front filled with traitors and rats.

      State Rep. Brandon Phelps 2013 concealed carry bill was written by police unions, not gun owners. Criminal penalties of SIX MONTHS or ONE YEAR for hundreds of gun-free zones, an unelected Star Chamber Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board where any cop in the state can “object” anonymously to your application and jam it up for over a year while you wait with thousands of others (no help from NRA) a public transit carry ban (that only affects blacks in Chicago, not good old boys who drive) and of course Vandermyde’s crowning achievement, Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties, so police criminals and police impersonators can disarm, abduct and kill armed citizens with legal cover. Thanks Todd!

      NRA, Inc. does not have all the right enemies, NRA is the enemy.

      • Since you mentioned Chicago, it’s Rahm Emanuel, the great Jewish democrat, son of a terrorist, and former Obama “white lash” house, chief of staff, that runs the third largest city in America.
        Talk to him about blacks killed by his police department.
        Long live the SAF!!!
        Long live the NRA!!!

        • Does Hillary Clinton’s METHODIST affiliation have something to do with her opposition to the 2nd?

          Rahm Emmanuel is a JINO D-bag, but you are a nazi-trolled idiot for whining about him being Jewish, and you are jihadistinian-symp for whining about his father being in the Irgun.
          NRA Member
          SAF Donor
          JPFO Member

  4. 7 suprises – Five states representation that are lacking (AK, NV, NC, NM, MN), one that is not (WA)…
    And the sheer number who received an “A” rating… (or no rating at all, new? or oft absent or obstaining?)
    Merely not endorsing or engaging in open plans of subverting the Bill of Rights is not a measure of being an outstanding public servant.
    Still, insightful, but surely somehow skewed, considering the source.

    • This article is skewd! NC is still a strong second amendment state. Just because Roy Cooper “somehow” got elected doesn’t hurt a thing because the right still controls the house and senate so he can’t do shiit! Cooper may think that he can change things in favor of the leftist agenda but he’ll be blocked at every turn!

      What really needs to happen is a full investigation into Cooper’s win. It makes NO SENSE that the state house and senate remained stongholds of the right yet a corrupt libturd beat out McCrory. It’s also strange how at the last minute tens of thousands of votes came in from Durham county which put Cooper in the lead!

  5. I’m sure NRA’s boy in Illinois state Rep. Brandon Phelps has an A rating. Phelps is a good old boy and previous union rep. who resides in Harrisburg, IL, thirty miles from the southern (as in Confederate) tip of the state in “Little Egypt.” Harrisburg has no industry, but it does have a large juvenile prison, so Phelps the phoney sucks the asses of the prison hacks and police unions.

    That’s why Phelps let NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in his “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013. The police are your friends if you live in southern Illinois! Why wouldn’t you want to tell them that you’re armed? The cops might invite you to the local turkey shoot and barbecue to hang out and discuss guns n’ gear. After all, we’re all “on the same side.” Yes, NRA members really are that stupid.

    That’s why Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ ILA continue to send a 1099 to NRA contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. The inbred retards can’t figure out that Phelps and Vandermyde are their worst enemies. Yee-haw!

  6. Note the recent moves by AG Healey in Massachusetts. Attacks on gun rights can come from any direction–the executives, the legislatures, the judiciary.

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