va capitol open carry
Open carry...formerly legal in the Virginia capitol. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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Gun rights advocates argue their constitutional rights are being infringed. Erik Jaffe, an attorney for Schaerr Jaffe who represents the Firearms Policy Coalition, which submitted a brief in this case, said people treat Second Amendment rights differently because they are afraid of guns. 

“Let’s ask the question, are they being consistent in how they apply constitutional principles to that right,” Jaffe said in a phone call. “I understand they don’t like the right and I understand people are terrified of guns, I get that. … People are terrified of all kinds of things, yet if it were speech, we would never, never let courts get away with what they’ve gotten away with in New York and California.” 

Yet another brief in the case was filed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and 24 fellow Republicans including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who take an originalist view that individuals should be able to carry guns in public because the framers of the constitution said so. 

“The inclusion of an individual right in the Constitution reflects the Framers’ determination not only that the benefits of guaranteeing that right outweigh the costs, but that no future legislature— including Congress—should have the ability to second-guess that determination,” their brief states. 

The senators’ brief argues the framers understood the gun violence risks posed by the carrying of guns and decided to allow it anyway so the court should follow that precedent despite arguments that allowing more guns on the streets leads to more gun violence. They argue that the benefits outweigh these risks. 

“In short, the Framers and ratifiers of both the Second and Fourteenth Amendments knew that the risks and benefits of arms — criminal misuse and defense against the same—were inextricably intertwined in the very concept of “bearing” arms,” the brief states. “They weighed those considerations and chose a broad right to keep and bear arms, rather than broad discretion to disarm the public, as not only the best solution, but one to be enshrined as the supreme law of the land — above any contrary choice made through mere legislation.” 

— Kelsey Reichmann in Justices barreling into gun rights standoff have little precedent to guide them

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  1. Interesting. But that ignores the fact that speech IS treated with disdain. Wether firearms are involved or not, you are not allowed to say, think, or express ANYTHING but your told to.

  2. The existence of hate speech laws, and associated things like increased sentencing if something is considered a hate crime, shows the First is under fire too … and has been for a while now.

    • The 1st frequently is a hell of a lot more dangerous than the 2nd yet the sheeple don’t fear, understand, or respect IT. Because they are mostly clueless sheeple.

      • neiowa, we certainly know that the Socialists would love to stiffel our 1st Amendment rights. Not on my watch.

    • The Supreme Court has rendered the Fourth a dead letter. The police can search you, your car, and your home whenever they want. They’ve crippled the Fifth by letting prosecutors use your invoking your right against self-incrimination against you in court, and they’ve limited your Sixth Amendment right to an attorney.

      They’ve also given the police absolute immunity against committing perjury at your trial. And they’ve given prosecutors the same protection when they send you to prison despite knowing you’re innocent. So the “Justice System” can turn you into a felon cuz they want to, and then take away your guns.

      They’ve given the police Qualified Immunity and made it essentially impossible to sue them for even the most egregious violations of our Constitutional rights.

      But maybe they’ll be beneficent and let us keep our Second Amendment rights.

      • I don’t know what state you live in, but in mine–and most–a prosecutor CANNOT use the invocations of the fifth against a defendant in court, and CANNOT call a defendant as a witness at trial. Doing so is in fact major and reversible error. Police CANNOT search your home–legally–without a warrant or consent. Do police abuse their authority? Certainly. Can they be sued for doing so? Yes, but it is a tough case to make in most circumstances.

      • Excuse me, but when did the Supreme Court render this decision? I’ve been in law enforcement for 35 yrs and never heard of it. Give me the case cite.
        The police can search you, incidental to arrest and anything with in your immediate control. There is no infringement on the 5th Amendment or your right to counsel. If you request a lawyer, all questioning MUST stop immediately until you can consult with counsel. Again, give us a case cite. Your contention that the police can commit perjury at a trial is as bogus as your allegations. While you are being questioned, the police can lie. But not at trial. The police are entitled to qualified immunity. Most law suits against police are frivolous at best. Your allegations are outright lies.

        • Why don’t we ask Gen Flynn about that? or the Jan 6 protesters vs the SturmAntifa in Portland.

          You’re the liar sir. Laws are meaningless in the face of the many times demonstrated realities.

        • SDN, No, “sir” You are a lying like a rug. What do I have to ask Gen Flynn about The Jan 6th protesters wee just that; protesters.
          If the powers that be do not enforce the laws it is up to us the citizens to rectify that problem through the ballot box and by getting involved.

  3. People shouldn’t be saying “courts would never allow…” regarding abuses against the 1st.
    For one they’ve assaulted the 1st in the past.
    For two just about every corporate entity and technocrat ($$$$$) is currently hounding the .gov to restrict the 1st and plenty of useful on the ground are supportive because they’re mentally ill cretins who think hurt feelings are the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

    • The current administration is already in direct collusion with Facebook (sorry, Meta: snort), Twitter, Google, et al. to censor political speech. The 1st amendment is under even greater assault than the 2nd.

      We’re headed to a very stark moment where people are going to have to decide whether we have any lines left to cross, and what will be done about it when the left inevitably, flagrantly crosses them. I would happily sign up to start dumping tea into a harbor tomorrow if I thought it would do any good.

  4. The photo makes me sad. Perhaps Tuesday, we’ll flip the Governor’s Mansion and the state assembly. We have got to undo the destruction wrought by two years of one-party rule.

    Funny, I don’t recall any incidents of “gun violence” in the Capitol before that.

  5. What courts never get is a confusion free brief…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

    • That’s absolutely correct, Debbie. The visionary and empirically knowledged Framers Knew too well since nothing could ever be perfect in flawed social humanity, the solution lies in the combination of the lesser of evils and the greater benefit and good. Specifically, that it was far, far more important and critical to maintain general populate superiority in arms and control of their government to prevent the much worse consequences of an emerging and ultimately tyrannical dictatorship, over the potential increased relative incidents of criminal misuse of firearms if everybody was freely carrying them. A simple, and reasonably objective paradigm to maintain a free, egalitarian Capitalistic society with abundance and endless opportunity for individual choice. Especially, when it subsequently became evident that total disarmament would never preclude violent criminals from obtaining any firearms they required, and better, more advanced methods of education in crime prevention could be implemented in an advanced society.

  6. Limits on speech.
    Destruction of statues and monuments.
    Firearm confiscation.

    What more can be done to prove they are like the Taliban and less like people who believe in the Republic or a Democracy?

    • To the Wanabee Paratrooper.

      Normal and well educated Americans see the racist Confederate Monuments for what they are and that was an affirmation of White Supremacy and racism. Most were actually put up in the 1960’s to intimidate Blacks who were pushing for equal rights, especially voting rights. Today decent and well educated people, even those who live in the South know that Confederate Flag Wavers and monument lovers of the Civil War glorifying the racists who started it to preserver slavery were traitors to the U.S. and the lowest form of despicable beings. Notice I did not give them the title of human beings.

      Its not any wonder the American people are trashing such insults to our Country as fast as most cats can scratch their ass. Both a cats ass and Confederate Monuments stink to the same degree.

      • Dacian, how in God’s name can a stone statue be “racist”? No it is not an ‘affirmation of White Supremacy” nor “racism”. It is commemorating great leaders of the Confederacy who fought for what thy believed it, i.e.: states’ rights.
        Normal? ROFLMAOBT! You Socialists are anything but “normal” using any definition of the word. “Well educated”? Don’t you really mean well indoctrinated with your socialist ideology? I supposed you include your ANTIFA and BLM thugs as “decent people”? For your edification may people of color fought on the side of the Confederacy. Where they being racist too?
        Your Socialist ideology and rhetoric is what really stinks!

        • to Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies.

          quote—————-Dacian, how in God’s name can a stone statue be “racist”? No it is not an ‘affirmation of White Supremacy” nor “racism”.————–quote

          If you do not understand what it meant then you are not even aware of your own rabid racism.

          The Statues represented and attempted to glorify traitors to the U.S. and that if they had succeeded and won today the U.S. would be comprised of a series of constantly warring and very weak independent States which would be vulnerable to domination or complete take over by a foreign government.

          The Statues represented the right of the South to perpetuate slavery and racism.

          You must live in the South and be one of the few last hold outs of the “good old days” of whipping slaves to death and raping black women who were used a sex slaves.

          quote———-Your Socialist ideology and rhetoric is what really stinks!———–quote

          It has nothing to do with Socialism it has to do with upholding the rights of all U.S. citizens to be treated equally something you Far Right Racist Nazi’s detest with a passion, you just proved it with your nut case reply.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies

          Well my response is being moderated but look for it because I really exposed you for what you are. I cannot believe you even asked such a question i.e. quote————-Dacian, how in God’s name can a stone statue be “racist”? No it is not an ‘affirmation of White Supremacy” nor “racism”.————-quote

          My question is did you rally believe what you just posted????

        • I can understand why your diatribe was nixed by the moderators. It was full of donkey dust and villainy.
          The only thing you have ever exposed is yourself and your socialist ideology. I am still waiting for your “challenge” on our knowledge of firearms.
          As to whether or not I believe what I wrote, you are darn right I do. And you spelt really wrong. You must be Common Core educated.

        • Dacian, actually it is you who is the racist. Your Socialist ideology preaching racism and has since it’s inception. One of your most virulent racist socialist was Woodrow Wilson. Even the founder of Planned Parent Hood was well known as a proponent of eugenics as she considered people who were not White to be inferior. You modern (sic) socialists try to conceal your racism. You spread it out amongst everyone in wanting to control the populace. If you consider the Confederates to be “traitors” that makes you one as well as you Socialists want to render the Constitution into nothing more than a relic of the past. None of your socialist programs that you and AOC and Sleepy Jo want to pass, pass Constitutional muster. What you Leftist-Socialists really want is complete control by the Federal government over everyone of us from cradle to grave.
          The statues do not perpetrate racism except in your beedy socialist mind as you feel your own guilt over your blatant racism. AS amy living in the south? ROFMAO, I live in Central New York State. Our neighborhood racially diverse and most of the Black folks here are very Conservative.
          American citizens are being treated equally except when you Leftist-Socialists try to impose your perverse view of society on the rest of us. the persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse is a prime example of prosecutorial overreach to protect criminals who were assaulting the young man.

  7. quote————–The senators’ brief argues the framers understood the gun violence risks posed by the carrying of guns and decided to allow it anyway so the court should follow that precedent despite arguments that allowing more guns on the streets leads to more gun violence————-quote

    Historical farce. MSNBC did a special some weeks ago proving that anti-gun laws that were on the books before the Revolution were not rescinded after the revolution but actually increased in the large cities and even small towns had anti-gun ordinance’s on carrying weapons concealed and even carrying them openly.

    Remember that later in time Wyatt Earp the great fake hero of the far right was anti-gun to the core and did not allow concealed or open carry in town. It was the same in many other Western Towns. People in power have always wanted absolute power and laws against concealed and open carry increased substantially as the nation grew more populous.

    And the politicians back then were as big a hypocrites and liars as they are today. Jefferson and Madison and other disingenuous lying politicians feigned gun rights but did nothing to abolish the myriad of anti-gun laws already on the books and the new ones constantly being passed. It was all a game of smoke and mirrors to fool the pro-gun hillbillies. Nothing much has changed today with Republicans being masters of the big lie that they are all pro-gun.

    We have surviving letters from both Jefferson and Madison that proved that they were worried about the unrest among the slaves that was growing more and more violent in Haiti and finally erupted in a full scale revolt. Both men pushed the adoption of 2A as a carrot to convince the states to all sign on to control by the Federal Government but promised them an independent militia to slaughter slaves if they revolted. This had zero to do with the individuals right to own a weapon. Some Militias even confiscated guns from members who did not obey their masters who ran the Militias. Some Militias kept the guns locked up in armories as well.

    The entire 2A myth has for years been built up on deceit and outright lies by the far right for decades and decades. Most Constitutional scholars agree 2A had zero to do with the right to own weapons but was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms to make people think they had such rights. The gun hating courts took full advantage of the vagueness of the document and have been restricting, banning and blessing the majority of gun laws ever since. Their history proves it all the way from the lower courts up to the Supreme Court.

    The history of the power mad naked apes proves people in power want absolute power and they have always restricted or outright banned weapons and history proves it in the U.S. as well.

    The gun hating Supreme Court has changed their minds 4 major times in ruling on restricting weapons in the U.S. proving what an absolute farce 2A is and always has been.

    History has always shown that any area that has more guns has more homicides as its just too easy to lose your temper and blast your neighbor because his dog pissed on your lawn or kill your wife when she loses her temper when you bought a case of beer instead of food for the kids.

    If more guns meant a safer country then the U.S. would not have the highest homicide rate among all the Industrialized countries who have far less simply because they do not let anyone who wants a gun get one like they do in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable. An Iron clad case for Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws both of which take no ones guns and never have. The Brady Bill has proven it despite the lies the NRA told about it before it was passed.

    Failing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and psychopaths only guarantees that more and more restrictions, red tape, and outright bans will increase and already have even since the much ballyhooed Scalia Decision came down which was again a farce and yet another game of smoke and mirrors.

    • dacian the dim,

      Way too much crazy to unpack in your long, ungrammatical, illiterate, unhinged, ahistorical rant, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least address the low points (there WERE no ‘high’ points – other than you were probably high when your verbal emesis hit your keyboard):

      1. There is certainly existing correspondence by TJ, Madison and others expressing their alarm over slave riots, in Haiti and elsewhere. I have repeatedly acknowledged the slave owning history of the Founders, expressed my opinion that the decision to defer addressing the slave issue at the time of the Constitution was a gigantic mistake – that we paid for less then 90 years later with the bloodiest war in our history. As I’ve frequently said, our Founders were human, and thus flawed.

      There is literally NO RECORD WHATSOEVER asserting any of the other slanderous accusations against them. NONE. Once again, you prove yourself an incoherent, ahistorical liar.

      2. Please tell me that not even you are stupid enough to cite MSNBC as a legitimate news source. Never mind; there is almost NOTHING that is beyond your ignorant stupidity. I also note you didn’t even cite, or provide a link, to this alleged ‘brilliant’ piece of historo-legal journalism. So all we have is your unhinged summary of YOUR interpretation of a video report by a known cabal of Leftist, ignorant liars, without the ready ability to fact-check your and their worthless asses. In Rhetoric, Logic, or Debate classes, that would be ruled a “giant public fail” – but you wouldn’t know that, because you are FAR too stupid, ignorant, uneducated, and psychologically damaged to complete ANY of those classes successfully (see below).

      3. You love to come on this site, full of p***, vinegar, and stupidity, and (pathetically and ineffectually) attempt to browbeat us with your alleged ‘education’. I have called you out on this, repeatedly. PUT. UP. OR. SHUT. UP., cretin. Just what IS this alleged ‘education’ that you are so confident in??? If it is as impressive as you imply, you should be happy and proud to throw it out there (no personal details needed; don’t even need to name the institutions, to avoid disclosing personal details). But lay it our, or S. T. F. U.

        • Hi, nameless troll!! Geoff says he misses you – to paraphrase Ron White, Geoff’s d*** ain’t gonna s*** itself. Take care of your business, troll!

        • Sure sign of a nameless troll – make a giant public fail, then double down. Welcome back, troll; MinorIQ has been quiet, so only having dacian the dim to punt around gets boring. And, you are the only one here demonstrably stupider than dacian – even MinorIQ, as dim a bulb as his is, is far brighter than dacian. And my dog takes s***s that are smarter than you.

        • Not angry AT ALL, troll. I’m enjoying stomping the pluperfect s*** out of you AND dacian the dim. I will freely admit to a sufficient dark side that I can take pleasure about rhetorically and intellectually abusing two such embeciles as yourself and dacian. A fair critique of my enjoyment would be to say that it is the equivalent of kicking a helpless puppy (and it is), but your junior high critique??? I bet you tell 2A supporters that their support of free ownership of guns is “compensating”, don’t you? That seems about the limit of your ‘intellectual’ achievements.

          If you want to insult someone, rookie, at least bring a little wit to the duel . . . oh, I’m sorry, that wasn’t meant to be an insult; I should have realized that you are incapable (of intellect and SOOO many other things).

        • Real man remember that the pompous “Lamp that went out in his head” is one of the biggest jokes and pompous morons on this forum. I enjoy making a fool of him and in the future he is now my number one target. I will not let him get away with any of his wild right wing storm trooper remarks, his hatred of immigrants and refugees and his lionization of Republican greed mongers and their racism and their attempts to establish a one party state.

          If there ever was a certified Nazi on this forum its “The Lamp that went out in his head”. Hitler would have made him his right hand man.

        • Dacian, Talking about “pompous”, are you the worst of the lot. The only fool here is you with you Socialist ideology. You tried making me your number one target. How did that work out for you? Not so good! I’ll venture a guess you are an ANTIFA acolite. One of those guys who sits in the background while your Nazi storm troopers riot, loot and murder.
          I remind you that you Socialists are kin folk to Fascists and Nazis. Remember Giovani Gentile?

        • Oh, dacian the deluded, you are a constant source of easy yuks.

          In the first instance, moron, I said I had been studying U.S. history for 60 years, not that I taught it. I was very specific; I was an adjunct/guest lecturer at a couple of law schools, and a couple of business schools.

          But I also am educated enough to understand the difference between education and becoming credentialed. I am beginning to see your problem, and the basis for your pathological defensiveness – you CLAIM to have an “education”, but you are quite reluctant to cite your credentials. Let me guess – you ATTENDED an institution of higher learning, purported to study some (Leftist) history, and failed to attain your degree. So you are shamed by your failure, and mistake your few years of ‘learning’ for actual education. That’s so cute!!!!!

          The more I learn about you, dacian, the less impressed I become. A little more humility about your own ignorance, and a little less hubris, would serve you well. Think Socrates.

          And, whatever your opinion of Diogenes of Sinope (he was, after all a prominent Cynic philosopher of Ancient Greece), the significance of his lamp is the ‘joke’ in the handle, simpleton. BTW, like your “grasp” of history, your knowledge of Diogenes and Greek philosophy is inaccurate, ahistorical, ridiculously simple, and slanderous.

          I would suggest you “do better”, but that ability clearly eludes you.

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head

        You are a real joke. You denigrate MSNBC in your total ignorance and often site wild far right news sites none of which ever received not one accredited news award. Fox News by the way has never received even one.

        And part of my quote was from a new book out about 2A that was well researched historically about the Haitian slave revolt and what the criminal Founders of the U.S. said about it.

        Of course far right nut cases like yourself reject all well written research if it contradicts your prejudices and your myths about 2A and the Founders of Capitalvania who you regard as sitting on the right hand of your sky God.

        Your philosophy is simply” I wish to remain ignorant so do not confuse me with the facts”

        • OK, dacian the dim, name ONE (just ONE) “far right” news site I have cited. I reject any research that does not observe rigorous methodological and statistical analysis. You should if you fail (as YOU always do) to cite or link your evidence, it is impossible for your readers to make that determination, so we have to take YOUR idiot word for your summary. Yeah, not happenin’ nitwit.

          And, finally, you keep running from my challenge to document your ALLEGED ‘education’ – put up, or shut up, idjit.

        • Dacian said,
          “Of course no documentation only a wild claim”

          “Again cite documentations. They do not , I wonder why?”

          Why? Well stop wondering. It is because your reading comprehension is at a second (maybe first) degree level.

          Really sorry you failed basic reading and don’t understand how to read the full report that includes ….. 134 footnotes!

          But why would you? As a mentally unbalanced leftist (ask me Miner49er all about it) you can simply scream and attempt to project your racism upon others. Again, point of fact, you are the racist.

          Here is the page on their website you either ignored, or because of your current reading comprehension level could not locate.

          It has 134 endnotes you can click at (but will be unlikely to understand), like this one; Joel Gherke, “Report: U.S. Spent $1.87 Billion to Incarcerate Illegal-Immigrant Criminals in 2014,”
          National Review, July 28, 2015

          Illegal Immigration Cost the U.S. over $115 Billion a year. That was in 2017 what is the true cost today $150 Billion? $250 Billion?

          Happy reading….. your “tear it apart” skills is nonexistent… and seek some professional help ASAP!

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote————–And, finally, you keep running from my challenge to document your ALLEGED ‘education’ – put up, or shut up,——–quote

          Have someone explain my post to you that has some reading comprehension. I gave you documentation on 2A and its history and the recent book about it and you rejected it all. Naturally since you only hang out on Nazi right wing web sites you have never heard or read about any of this.

        • dacian the dim,

          You ‘documented’ absolutely NOTHING, witling. You repeated, WITHOUT ELABORATION, naked assertions that you CLAIM were advanced by a known Left-wing propaganda outlet. You neither specified the ‘research’ on which these assertions were allegedly based, nor provided links to allow intelligent folks to check for themselves.

          Oh, and you’re STILL running from my challenge. What are you bona fides that entitle you to claim educational superiority, halfwit?

      • lil’d washed out of Kent state. He lives in Canton, Ohio and according to his facebook he has an unhealthy obsession with the then still minor Greta Thurnberg.

        He is a mess. Which is why I run my PSA, Do not engage.

        • OK, dacian the dim, name ONE (just ONE) “far right” news site I have cited. I reject any research that does not observe rigorous methodological and statistical analysis. You should if you fail (as YOU always do) to cite or link your evidence, it is impossible for your readers to make that determination, so we have to take YOUR idiot word for your summary. Yeah, not happenin’ nitwit.

          And, finally, you keep running from my challenge to document your ALLEGED ‘education’ – put up, or shut up, idjit.

        • quote———— he has an unhealthy obsession with the then still minor Greta Thurnberg.———–quote

          Jethro you are one sick demented fiend. Its admirable to admire a young woman who drew international attention to the the destruction of the planet by greed monger Republicans with their obscene pollution of the environment.

          And by the way now its your turn in regards to what you just started with me in regards to your obscene comments. Remember it was your buddies and maybe you too that raped and murdered teenage girls with infants in their arms at the Mai Lai Massacre and many , many similar massacres that went on for 10 years in Vietnam and that is Historical documented facts not off the wall accusations like you just made.

          Now do not you wish you would have kept your big obscene lying mouth shut. I am really laughing on this one because it was one of your biggest screw ups yet.

      • Quote————-There is literally NO RECORD WHATSOEVER asserting any of the other slanderous accusations against them. NONE. Once again, you prove yourself an incoherent, ahistorical liar.———–quote

        Again flunk out have someone explain my post to you. I quoted the book written by a scholar on the history of 2A in relation to the Haitian slave revolt which of course you naturally rejected with a wave of the hand “Do not confuse me with the facts” it runs counter to my far right Nazi ideology.

        Other info was also quoted from the history of the U.S. and the founders actions. If you are too ignorant to study U.S. History then keep your mouth shut you are making a complete fool of yourself.

        I spent four long years studying U.S. and World History. What are your credentials Jethro. Until you get a degree keep your ignorant mouth shut from yapping nonsense and right wing myths.

        • You spent four years studying U.S. history??? Hmm. Well, at this point, I’m up to about 60 years studying U.S. history. And I previously posted my EXACT quals, and challenged you to put up or shut up. (Since you would be incapable of finding my post, I’ll make is easy for you – TWO undergraduate degrees, a Master’s, and a doctorate. Of course, some of us are intelligent enough to realize that only a moron confuses credentials with education. Some one capable in intelligent interaction with the world around them is aware that ‘learning’ (the process that LEADS to ‘education) SHOULD continue throughout life. In your case, it appears ‘education’ deserted you in kindergarten.

          S*** IT, idjit.

        • Lamp that went out in your head,

          you are a damn liar. No one who is a product of higher education could have or would have made and continue to make the idiotic comments on U.S. History and Economics and Political Science that you have made. I have held discussions with high school students that knew more about these subjects than you do.

          I have burned your ass so many times on this forum I have lost count and you claim you have degrees coming out your ass. You really went over the top this time.

          Sorry you do not qualify for even being a professional liar. Try again with another lie.

        • to Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote————-Of course, some of us are intelligent enough to realize that only a moron confuses credentials with education——-quote

          Oh brother that was a rich one. That describes you to a “T” because you have proven you have neither. Your childish and far right wing nut case posts really prove that.

          Only a starry eyed child lionizes and worships historical figures as Gods without any faults or dark deeds in their pasts. To you they are perfect in every way and every truth I revealed about them you rejected with a wave of the hand, even the documented letters of Jefferson and Madison which you knew nothing about. Tell me again abject liar that you have degrees in history coming out your ass.

          As one of my history teachers once said to a Moron much like yourself “If you received a degree in anything you shouldn’t have”.

        • Oh, dacian the stupid, you make this too easy. Graduated high school in 1971, graduated college with a B.A. in liberal arts, majoring in Rhetoric and Debate, minors in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, in 1974 (unlike a dimwith like you, by taking a heavy load each semester, and classes during the summer, I was able to finish my degree in 3 years) – and I worked part-time the entire time.

          Went to law school on a full-tuition academic scholarship, and received my Juris Doctor in 1976 (same program – heavy schedule and summer classes – also while working part-time). Practiced law for three years, deciden an MBA would be useful, went back and got a B.A. in Finance and Economics (since I already had all the general education requirements, I managed that in two years – while working full time). Completed my M.B.A. in two more years. Taught and was a adjuct at two different law schools, and one business school. Now, any other stupid comments you want me to rub your face in, you brainless, ignorant nitwit???

          Again, you are too ignorant and closed-minded, and your confirmation bias too strong, to enable you to understand that your pathetic reliance on your “credentials” means diddly-squat to any educated person. I assume you are aware that Abraham Lincoln had only intermittent grammar school education, did not attend college, and did not attend law school. I GUARANTEE you that Old Abe had more intellect in his toenails than you do in your entire body. And more education. And INFINITELY more common sense.

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head.

          quote———–you “don’t get it”——-quote

          No you do not get it. Your pathetic attempt to squirm out of your Moniker was laughable. You got burned on it. If you had been such a great genius on History its a moniker you never would have chosen. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. College Professor of History Huh. Give us all a break.

    • Our homicide rate is exclusively due to a certain demgraphic, located in a handful od zip codes. I f you demove the murders and shootings committed by young black males, our numbers are actually LOWER than virtually every European country. I know math is alien to you, but you really should run the numbers. ‘Course, your entire worldview, pathectic as it is, would collapse.

  8. Intentionally harming someone with a gun, or any other weapon, outside of self-defense, comes down to knowing the difference between right and wrong. Take a look around at the priorities in our society today. If you really want to fix the problem, then stop focusing on the inanimate object. The people in charge have no incentive to fix the problem. The “problems” are working just fine for them. They feel no moral obligation because they only worship their own power.

  9. Tyrants who wish to deny the ordinary people arms, do so to preserve and increase their own power and to render the people unable to oppose their dictates.

    Rulers don’t hate guns, they hate other people’s guns and the freedom it protects. They have plenty of soldiers, mercenaries, criminal thugs and cadres who are usually armed and ready to do as they are told. In the modern sense, New York City is the perfect example of what the beginnings of this tyranny look like.

    In New York City, to even have a pistol in your home, the “permit” process is so long and onerous, you need to employ a law firm that specializing in navigating the approval process, or you are doomed to be rejected after the 8 or 9 month application process. Generally, 3 broad types of permits are issued, for the possession in the home, for possession in your place of business and “Unrestricted” which allows you to carry a firearm in public for your own personal protection. It is no surprise that Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer and Howard Stern, among many other rich and powerful people have “Unrestricted” Permits. Their lives and those of their families are deemed by the state to be more valuable than that of the common people.

    If you want to read what Socialists and Communists believe is reasonable “Gun Control”, that should be required in all of America, check out this link

  10. I can get this take away from this article is that 25 Republicans do not care about our 2nd Amendment rights and 25 Republicans do care to a certain degree about our rights. It should have been 50 Republicans submitting a brief to the Supreme Court to send a strong message of support for the 2nd Amendment. I have written this many times on TTAG that if they really supported the 2nd Amendment they would have done something to make it stronger when the Republicans have had the House, Senate, and the White House. Talk is cheap and action on the Republican side is cheap also. Where is the legislative action over the years? No where to be seen from where I can see and read.

  11. A County Judge came to our door a few days back; he is running for re-election, out pounding the pavement, soliciting votes.

    I asked him about the 2nd Amendment. He said judges, while campaigning, are not allowed to offer opinions on specific Constitutional issues or on case law. He is only allowed to speak in general term, such as “I believe a judges job is to apply the law, not make law, not apply his personal beliefs”. He said his endorsement by the police local evidences that he is for applying the law.

    He is most likely a Dem since he is not on the flyer the GOP sent, listing their candidates. Given the putrification of the DemmoCommie party, even if this guy is a law-and-order judge, I just cannot vote for him.

    Disclaimer: I am still a registered Dem, although I have primarily voted GOP since Regan.

    • quote———-“I believe a judges job is to apply the law, not make law, not apply his personal beliefs”.———quote

      Your judge that you quoted was an abject liar because that is exactly what judges do day in an day out. They play politics and are as prejudiced as anyone else is. They are no more credible than the dope dealer on the nearest street corner. As a matter of fact I would trust a dope dealer way before I would trust a judge

      The latest lie and decision by the Supreme Court that made it legal for Republicans to deny the working class the right to vote proves my point beyond all doubt.

      • Well, dacian the dim, ANY of us would trust the neighborhood drug dealer more than we would trust you, but you should be used to that, by now.

        As for this judge you are slandering (he MAY be deserving; you have adduced nothing but mindless, ignorant prejudice), he is correct in one regard, at least – judges, when campaigning or acting in their official capacity (by both State Bar ethics rules and the ABA ethics rules) from expressing opinions or commenting on any pending cases, or disputes that MAY come before them in the future. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about that – it involves both ethics, which you wholly lack, as it applies to a profession which is so far beyond your intellectual ability it would be as meaningless to you as quantum mechanics or string theory.

        Now, those ethics rules are entirely unconstitutional, but you wouldn’t understand that, either. In fact, it is becoming difficult to identify a subject about which you are not abjectly ignorant. You CLAIM to be knowledgeable about guns, but your comments render than claim suspect. My guess is that you are an ignorant, uneducated “keyboard kowboy” – you certainly come across that way. You are the living embodiment of Reagan’s observation that “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that they ‘know’ so much that isn’t so.” Describes you to a T, dacian the demented.

        • to the Lamp that went out in his head

          quote———–It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that they ‘know’ so much that isn’t so.” Describes you to a T, dacian the demented.———–quote

          This is the typical remark of the far right that never spent a day in an institution of higher learning or even a day in a library for that matter. You reveal your level of education which is very low. I have heard such remarks for way too many years from the Far Right and their loathing and fear of institutions of higher education. Give up you are out of your league.

        • 10 years (not counting years as faculty) in “institutions of higher education”, brainless. Once again, you prove yourself a biased, uneducated, illiterate, nitwit. S***s to be you, dunnit??

        • To the Lamp that went out in your head.

          You are in over your head on this knuckle headed comment

          quote—————-You CLAIM to be knowledgeable about guns, but your comments render than claim suspect.——–quote

          Look big mouth I dare you to tangle with me on the subject of guns because I will burn your ass good. If you knew anything about guns it was only because someone knocked you over the head with the butt of one.

        • Dacian, what you know about firearms could be stuck in the bottom of a thimble and not found. Your ignor ance if mind boggling.

        • To Walt

          quote————-Dacian, what you know about firearms could be stuck in the bottom of a thimble and not found. Your ignor ance if mind boggling.————-quote

          Hey Walt lets go head to head on firearms knowledge. I dare you, and I will enjoy burning you down on this subject. Try me Walt, just try me.

          Put up or shut up.

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head.

          It is amusing that you chose as your moniker one of the biggest losers of the Greek World, Diogenes. In many ways he was just like you. A crook who was caught and barely escaped execution and who disgraced his family and was banished from his home town. It was only after he was forced out of a life of luxury to abject poverty that he tried to glorify poverty.

          Its also interesting that the man you so admire was ostracized and laughed at by the most famous of Greek Philosophers and the ruling elite of those years. None attempted to preserve any of his works or replicate them because he was considered a fool and a lunatic and his ranting’s just trash.

          I would say its even highly doubtful that a person who was much like you ever attempted to write anything down. In the first place since he was living in poverty he could not have afforded the expensive volumes of paper and ink necessary to write books and he was so shiftless he did not have the intestinal fortitude to do it anyway. He spent most of his time begging for food because he was too lazy to work for a living.

          And like Diogenes you are a fake as well. You claim to be a successful college professor and lawyer yet such people seldom retire fully, especially lawyers and those that do, do not spend all their time ranting nonsense on far right obscure racist internet forums while lionizing the criminal Republicans that have prevented the working people from getting affordable health care as well as passing laws taking away their basic rights to vote. Like Diogenes only a fool and a lunatic would at your age support such despicable crooks and criminals like the Republican people.

          Yes you did indeed chose the right Moniker.

        • dacian the dim,

          Gee, I didn’t realize that, in addition to your failure to grasp history, economics, political philosophy (or much of anything else, for that matter), you also failed to comprehend humor. Your PATHETIC attempted insult based on my handle fully proves that you not only “don’t get the joke”, you ARE the joke. To quote from the late, brilliant Jimi Hendrix “Your mind is so narrow, if you fell on a pin you’d be blind in both eyes.”

        • MSNBC? ROFLMAOBT! No there is a “source” for information which is fraught with socialist propaganda. Any time you want to go head to head with me on the knowledge of firearms, you just let e know. Again, I repeat, you don’t know squat about guns. You are afraid of them. I don’t think you have even been in the same room with a loaded firearm. If you were, you didn’t know it.
          Yes, there were “anti-gun laws” before the revolution. So what? Is that supposed to add fuel for your “fire”? Not hardly. The Founding Fathers in their wisdom decided that such laws were designed for control of the people, not for anyone’s safety.

        • To Lamp that went out in your head

          Your pathetic response on trying to refute your Moniker is ludicrous. What humor? There never was any from start to humiliation.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies

          quote————–Yes, there were “anti-gun laws” before the revolution. So what?———–quote

          Your response was laughable. You missed the entire rest of the post that emphasized that the existing laws were not rescinded and actually increased after the Revolution proving what a joke 2A was and still is. Now genius boy what part of this do you not understand. You must enjoy making a complete fool out of yourself. Are you masochistic by any chance, it sure looks that way.

          And denigrating award winning MSNBC News really shows how uneducated you are. Again your house of worship “Fox News” has won zero news casting awards yet you mouth all of its cockeyed Nazi propaganda. Again you prove yourself to be the uneducated fool.

          And after I threw down the gauntlet in front of you to debate me on firearms you ran away and hid. I am still waiting to debate you on firearms at anytime and I will look forward to tearing you apart and humiliating you.

        • Dacian, YOu bring stupid a whole brand new meaning. I didn’t miss a damn bit of your diatribe. The 2nd Amendment rescinded those law. Much to your chagrin I am sure. The joke is on you. Have you bothered to read the Heller decision or any of the other Supreme Court decisions.
          Apparently masochism is your bread and butter. “Award winning MSNBC News”? ROFLAMOBT. Who gave them an award? More Socialist propagandists AGain, I point out that it is you Socialist who are kind to the Fascists and Nazis.
          I did not at any time run-a-way from a wannabe like you on the subject of guns. I have your gauntlet and I slap your face with it.
          Bring it on, little fella.

        • dacian the clueless and demented,

          Your reaction unto being scolded on your lack of a sense of humor is akin to your reaction unto being schooled on your political and historical ignorance – you “don’t get it”, so that means there is no “it” to get. The idea that you are a clueless dunderhead never enters your mind . . . but, then, neither does anything else. Must be a lonely place, that empty mind of yours.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          So pick a subject on firearms big mouth lets go at it.

          quote————-The joke is on you. Have you bothered to read the Heller decision or any of the other Supreme Court decisions.
          Apparently masochism is your bread and butter. “Award winning MSNBC News”? ROFLAMOBT. Who gave them an award? More Socialist propagandists AGain, I point out that it is you Socialist who are kind to the Fascists and Nazis.———quote

          No Moron History is on my side which you always ignore if it does not fit your right wing fantasies. Facts are facts and Scalia by the way was a rabid conservative and put the screws to gun owners in his final decision which read “The Courts have the right to regulate guns”. Its obvious you do not know what “regulate” means and you refuse to admit Scalia was a rabid Conservative. Now Moron try and blame that one on Socialists.

        • DACIAN, what you know about “history” is about as much as you know about guns. Which is in the negative column. That fantasies are all yours along with your Socialist demigods. The courts do NOT regulate guns. The law does. And the law is supposed to be guided by the CONSTITUTION, you know that document you Socialist want to do away with as it gets in your way. Scalia was a CONSTITUIONALIST! Again, you are an enemy of this country and the Constitution.

      • Dacian, You are partly right. It seems that the judges appointed by your Leftist-Socialists buddies do rewrite the law to suit their own Socialist agenda. Your allegation that all judges do it is erroneous at best. Good judges on the bench do not rewrite the law, they enforce it.

        • Read my above post on Scalia the Conservative Supreme Court Justice. And do not start yelling he is dead we all know that.

          By the way the above post on Scalia is under moderation but will appear so watch for it.

          And again pick a subject on firearms or shut up about your accusations on my expertise on firearms. Lets here you do a critique on firearms so I can tear you down. It easy to accuse people about their expertise but more difficult when your ass is on the line. I am waiting.

        • DACIAN, Any time you think you are frisky, leap? I repeat what you know about firearms could be stuck in the bottom of a thimble and not found. Most of your posts are “under moderation”. Gee, I wonder why?
          I doubt you know which end of the gun the bullet comes out.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          Still to terrified to do a firearms critique and you accused me of knowing nothing about firearms. You got your ass burned on this one.

        • dacian the dim,

          “You got your ass burned on this one.”

          To paraphrase Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that [phrase]. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

          Dacian, having a discussion with you is akin to trying to debate a pigeon. The pigeon struts around the board feigning importance, knocks over all the pieces, s***s all over the board, and walks away loudly declaring VICTORY.

          You have literally NEVER debunked, disproved, or even legitimately questioned any point made by any of your LEGION of mockers on this site. You speak in (Leftist/authoritarian) talking point generalities, NEVER adduce ANY citations to support your claims (hint, dunderhead – CLAIMING that you saw some story/video/study on some (reliably leftwing) alleged news source, without citation or linkage? NOT evidence.), and always claim that you have owned some one of your mockers. I personally find it the most amusing of your (many) ‘tells’ of your psychological dysfunction – but you have so many that it becomes difficult to choose among them.

          IF you are the galaxy-brain you claim to be, let me issue you a challenge – go and figure out what the ‘scientific method’ ACTUALLY is, contemplate the inherent beauty of that framework, and apply it to other disciplines. Then toddle on back and give us your thesis, hypothesis, experimental proof, analysis of results, and synthesis of your view of the ideal government. I, for one, would get weeks of laughter out of it. You MIGHT (this is aspirational, not likely) actually learn something. Which might actually start that process of ‘education’ that you claim to be superior at . . . and have never indulged in.

        • Dacian, the dunce, Bring it on, little fella. Just be prepared to look like the fool that you are.

      • GU,

        Pretty severe criticism about a mis-spelling. Do you have one of those “Hate has no home here” signs in front of your home?

      • Gun Expert, I doubt you can even spell the President’s name correctly. But being you probably have Common Core Education, who would be surprised?

        • To Water Jed Clampett

          Put up or shut up. Let us see you do a firearms critique like I have many times. I have never seen one from you and never will. Again its easy to throw stones at someone’s critique on firearms but it takes a man to do one yourself and then feel the heat and brave the stoning you will get and not just from me either.

          A real critique is not just a slobbering rant of “Gee I just bought this new blaster and its perfect in every way and now I am in heaven”

          Again big mouth braggart put up or shut up.

        • Dacian, again, your critiques, are stupid evaluations. Typical of you. You have the inflated ego of a squirrel and the mind of a dummy.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          Still to terrified to do a firearms critique and you accused me of knowing nothing about firearms. You got your ass burned on this one. I am still waiting, :”chuckle”. Can you hear me while you are still hiding under your bed???

        • DACIAN, the Dunce, anytime you think you ar frisky, leap. I know more about firearms than you have ever learned, and forgotten. You don’t know which end of the gun the bullet comes out.
          Don’t go away mad, just depart.

  12. Y’all let me know how this goes. In the meantime I’ll be out in my back yard practicing a little bump firing with a few of my firearms. 🙂

        • Each and every one of Lamp’s posts shows why his wife left him, and further why she had to pursue a no contact order against him. Such anger is very dangerous….

        • Projection and pathetic efforts to deflect are truly signs of a sub-par intellect – but we already knew that about you, troll.

          Go back and harass Geoff; he enjoys it (and he says you give almost as good a b*** job as a cheap hooker).

        • “Each and every one of Lamp’s posts shows why his wife left him,…”

          Now we know why my little troll (very little, I bet!) has so much time to troll TTAG, his 400 pound wife got tired of his crap and left him… 😉

        • Geoff,

          And she probably stomped a mudhole in his worthless @$$ on the way out the door. Hard to imagine why any woman would have had him in the first place, however.

        • Wow “Lamp that went out in his head”. You have got a lot of people hating your pompous ass, but its for a lot of good reasons.

        • Gee, dacian, I find the “hatred” of your worthless self, and the nameless troll, surprisingly easy to bear. I would give a s*** what you and nameless think, but . . . took one this morning; have none left to give. In fact, I find in your mindless, uneducated hatred of me a strangely warming sense of validation – if two such idiots as yourself and nameless find me that offensive? I HAVE to be doing something right, no? In fact, I would be rather more worried if you ever DID agree with me about . . . well, anything. I enjoy your hatred and disdain (and my mocking of you) like the sweet taste of Leftist/authoritarian tears.