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Some of them are finally starting to catch on.

It happens with distressing regularity: A deranged person slaughters innocent victims. Gun control advocates call for new limits on firearms. Then, it is disclosed it was not lack of enough laws but, rather, failure to enforce those already on the books that resulted in the tragedy.

This is not an argument against consideration of new limits, such as those intended to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unbalanced.

But it is a suggestion that more attention needs to be given to compliance with existing regulations. What good are gun safety laws — those in effect now or those being proposed — if enforcing them is not a priority?

– Winchester Star Op-Ed: Make Existing Gun Laws a Priority

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    • Yep, they’re not intended to regulate the criminals or the criminally insane, they’re intended to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens. Even members of the Imbecile Party know that criminals can’t be controlled.

    • CT gun laws prevented the Sandy Hook killer from acquiring a rifle at retail. Granted, ultimately he murdered his mother to obtain her firearms. That’s a separate issue. Maybe people should keep their firearms locked up, voluntarily, or maybe they should boot crazy people out of their homes. Maybe not eveyone denied a retail purchase would have a ready cache of weapons they could kill to obtain and those individuals would be the ones impacted by the law?

      • because as soon as lodging is denied the voices will quiet. and once mom locks up her guns all alternative avenues to acquiring weapons are exhausted.
        ok, real good then.

      • You seem to be arguing that gun laws would work if only they restricted the law-abiding even more (through safe storage laws, red flag laws, etc.). It doesn’t follow: this kid MURDERED his mother to gain access to her legally owned firearms. Magazine bans, retail restrictions, and all the other nonsense WILL. NOT. STOP. SOMEONE. LIKE. THAT.

        How on earth can you not see this? Why on earth would you blame and seek to punish victims for the actions of an insane person?

        • yep and from what i heard she had them in a gun safe so safe storage laws dont help prevent tragedies such as this either. It would still have been a tragedy even if he had stopped at just his mother

    • With the added bonus of selective enforcement potential against people who are not sufficiently submissive.

    • This and as the second amendment prohibits the government from creating them,that and Shall Not Be Infringed is just so many words.

      • Green Mtn. Boy……. Infringing on peoples rights is a sign or trait of the tyrannical government that our founding fathers warned us about. We in Texas have a constitutional carry bill introduced in the legislature and there are so many liberals in there that it will be a tough battle. As we as we all know, the criminals already are carrying so why not law abiding citizens.

        • It’s not the “liberals” in the legislature that have killed CC in Texas. It’s the Republican Governor and Lt. Governor.

        • Why do you say that? In years past it has been and always was the RINO speaker of the house Joe Straus who refused to let CC even come up for a vote.

          The new speaker, Dennis Bonnen, has appointed two avidly rabid anti-gun Democrats to chair the two gun-related committees. He put Panic Button Poncho in charge of the Homeland Security committee, and Nicole Collier in charge of the Criminal Jurisprudence committee. Both appointments have pretty much guaranteed that no Constitutional Carry bill will even make it out of committee.

          So how can you possibly blame Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott for that?

  1. This is stupid because the “existing regulations” not being enforced are merely incremental steps towards revoking the Second Amendment entirely. We know it, the gun grabbers know it, anyone with a few points IQ above a monkey knows it. Not enforcing “existing regulations” is a deliberate ploy to create a false narrative to rationalize outright disarming the people.

  2. Its all a game. The gungrabbers point to the failure to stop gun based violence or crime as the reason to make it harder for them to get guns, at our expense. And frankly, most legal gun owners dont want to rock the boat, so they keep trying to find compromise and let the GG’s whittle away our rights. The NRA does it and we do it. We say, Ill accept restrictions on magazine size if you leave us alone, oh, Ill accept background checks if you leave us alone, oh, Ill accept restrictions on how much ammo a person can buy because who really needs more than 1,000 rounds anyways and you promise to leave us alone.
    We are the enemy, we keep voting these people in, we do not mobilize, we do not fight back legally…

  3. Unenforced and unobeyed gun laws allow crime to demonstrate the need for more stringent laws, up to and including confiscation. You can bet the latter will be enforced.

  4. “It happens with distressing regularity: A deranged person slaughters innocent victims.”

    “It happens with distressing regularity: The trillionaire jewish banker OWNED intelligence agencies and mainstream media hoax mass shootings, usually in schools, featuring a deranged ACTOR who, usually, but not always PRETENDS to slaughter usually NON-EXISTENT innocent victims.”

    There, I fixed it for you. Let’s not pretend trillionaires and their psychological warfare intelligence agencies are not behind every last thing you hear or see in the mainstream… and I’m solidly part Jew so don’t even go there!

    • That’s my area of residence and, while the Ed. is conservative, most of the writers are blatant Leftists. The city itself is well on the way to a full blown SJW meltdown, particularly the school system. It ain’t looking good…

  5. “What good are gun safety laws — those in effect now or those being proposed — if enforcing them is not a priority?”

    Enforcing them generally, effectively, consistently is not a priority.

    As done now, more laws is more oppy for harassment, selective enforcement, graft and extortion, and criminalizing those “deplorables” so we can use law enforcement, that they pay for, and still mostly respect, to do all that.

  6. “Moar laws will make things safe, or something.”

    “Well implemented like the stuff we already have, it’ll do less than no good. So, a non-starter, really…”

  7. How will more background checks that don’t work stop some BG the checks we have ought to catch already?

  8. What good are gum laws when their not enforced? What good are laws when they’re not enforced. I see the problem as to many laws, in my mind only laws of morality should exist. It is not immoral to defend ones life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. However there’s a shit ton of laws that try and prevent that.

  9. “What good are gun laws when they’re not enforced?”

    That’s not the question anyone should be asking. The real question is: “What good are gun laws when they are enforced?”

    The real answer is: “Not much good at all.”

  10. There is no such thing as a “good gun law” . Since they only target those who are lawful US citizens trying to exercise their constitutional (God given rights) . If you keep asking law enforcement to overzealousy enforce everything. You can guaranteed that will backfire the citizenry. Since the new age of enlightened police will take the easiest path for their job quota and target the complacent us citizens. Because it’s “easier” to create criminals than it is going after hardcore violent Gangmembers that would disembowel their grandparents…The doughnut 🍩 patrol, after all just wants to go home at the end of THEIR shift….So screw the public….That acronym one of my relatives picked up when they were working within the law enforcement community…. (P.O.P.=Pound On Public …. )

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