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I have to say this seems like a far more realistic carry than a lot of what we see. A GLOCK 43 with a spare mag in a Kydex holster with a good folding blade are a nice choice. If it were me I would replace the folder with a fixed-blade knife, possibly a mini Bowie from Valavian Edge Craft (just a favorite of mine for custom blades). It’s great to see a daily carry that reflects so many facets of realistic carry from the model of gun to caliber to the spare mag.

How realistic is your carry? Do you have a concealable firearm with a spare mag? Where do you carry the spare mag? How about a tourniquet?

Take inventory of your daily carry…if you have one. If you don’t carry your gun daily, ask yourself why. Can you dress around your gun or do you need to make adjustments to the gun to fit your work life needs? Remember, your gun does you no good if it’s home in the safe and you can neither predict nor schedule the moment you need it.

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  1. My EDC looks a lot more like this than it does to many of the dumps we see! Usually the gun, a folding SOG, and a small Led Lenser flashlight.

    • +1. Yup, always have illumination.
      The author would rather carry a fixed blade, which in some cases is a good idea, but if it’s concealed, may pose a legal issue in certain territories.

  2. The spare mag is backwards yeah? Anyway, I have 2 AnR Designs holsters. Exactly like this one (for Shield and LC380). They’re good quality, ride height is a tad higher than typical.

  3. This evening’s micro ‘Daily Digest’ :

    ICE Arrests Woman In Viral MAGA Hat Attack For Being In Country Illegally

    “A 41-year-old woman who assaulted a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat last Monday inside a Massachussetts Mexican Restaurant was arrested Tuesday morning by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.”

    A nice double-hit – A violent Leftist gets arrested for a bigoted attack, and ICE gets to escort her ass right out of America. What’s not to love?

    Former Federal Prosecutor: “We Are In A Civil War… I Buy Guns”

    “Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova says civil discourse is over in America, and recommends voting and buying guns because “we are in a civil war.”

    “There’s two standards of justice, one for Democrats one for Republicans. The press is all Democrat, all liberal, all progressive, all left – they hate Republicans, they hate Trump. So the suggestion that there’s ever going to be civil discourse in this country for the foreseeable future in this country is over. It’s not going to be. It’s going to be total war. And as I say to my friends, I do two things – I vote and I buy guns.””

  4. Simple list is a a reliable gun you can shoot well, a holster that works and that does mean your gun doesn’t fall out on you. At least one spare magazine properly located for free-hand access without changing hands on the gun. A good flashlight, certainly. Your wallet and a cell phone. Your keys, gotta’ have your keys. Everything after that is optional.

    The Glock I would never own. If given one as a gift I’d sell it and buy an American gun, because I’ve no need to spend one cent more than I have to benefiting foreigners in far away places.

    The spare mag is nice to see but how in the hell does that location make any sense at all? I’d need to see a video of that placement working well for the guy before I’d very reluctantly accept it.

    • The foreign Glock you would never own is probably made here. The American Car you buy is probably made in Canada or Mexico.

      • Glock originally opened the Smyrna location to serve an export market more friendly to guns coming out of the USA than out of Austria. Some polymer frame manufacturing was done in Smyrna, but all metal components arrived as finished parts for final assembly from Austria. In 2012, Glock began making metal parts in Smyrna.

        But they did this in a way that still keeps substantial work and economic benefit in Austria. They do not buy American sourced steel or other materials. All the raw materials come from Austria. All the machine tools come from Austria. To run electrical power to machines a conversation is needed as American and Austrian electrical supply is different voltage and frequency.

        They actually brag about this shit:
        There have been detailed write-ups on this, I didn’t save links have haven’t time to search for them again right now.

        Glock has devised a system to hold back from the USA as much of the benefit of making their guns here as they can, and still be able to mark some as US made. If you can find a US made Glock, as most are for export, most of the money you pay is going back to Austria and a great many of the jobs that would normally be in a manufacturing plant are retained back in Austria.

        Obviously buying most anything 100% made in USA is difficult to impossible. Cars, trucks, computers and much more. But why use that as an excuse for a product where it is easy to support your fellow Americans from raw materials thru to finished product?

      • We are not talking about cars which have thousands of partthough.

        The clear fact remains that Glock creates/maintains less jobs in the US, less profit in the US per gun.

        There are a lot of makes of gun law where much more if the labor and profit stays in the USA

      • Since 1986 as something of a shell game, slight of hand. Assembly finished parts from Austria and shipping all of it back out to other countries that had lower tariffs on American goods than Austrian. Or because Glock wanted to sell to countries that Austria prohibited weapon sales to.

        Since 2012 a more sophisticated game where enough is done to mark the guns as MADE IN USA, but the bulk of the benefits of manufacturing is held back in Austria. Still, most of the production is for export, not USA sales.


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