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This week marked the seventh anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin. Even after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, plenty of groups and people use falsehoods, propaganda and faulty narratives about what happened that night to advance their own causes. This includes people who should know better, including presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

On that fateful night seven years ago, Zimmerman found himself on his back with Martin bashing his head against a sidewalk. Fearing that the crazed teen would kill him, Zimmerman shot his attacker once in a clear-cut case of self-defense.

Initially, police declined to pursue charges against him, but then the race-hustlers and the media got involved. Soon the frenzy surrounding the case grew to unprecedented levels. The anti-gun political left gave us a stream of propaganda, histrionics, and defamation regarding Zimmerman. The physical evidence would prove beyond a doubt that Zimmerman acted lawfully, yet some continue with the false narrative that he killed a poor, young, unarmed teenager who was destined to become a pilot.

What’s more, the anti-gun media did their best to perpetuate the false narratives as well. NBC even went so far as to doctor the evidence. All in an effort to tar Zimmerman as a racist murderer in the court of public opinion.

Thankfully, the jury didn’t bite on the multitude of misinformation submitted by the prosecution, and acquitted Zimmerman of all charges.

Yet, all these years later, the anti-gun left continues to use Martin’s death to attack Americans’ right to armed self-defense. Presidential hopeful, Democrat Kamala Harris tweeted this on the anniversary of the shooting:

“Unjustly” lost Trayvon Martin? Maybe Harris was too busy getting stoned listening to rap music to remember the facts of the case.

And then there is Moms Demand Action.

Never mind that in the real world, “stand your ground” didn’t even enter into the case. It wasn’t used by defense attorneys. Zimmerman’s case was a classic “back against the wall” self-defense. Or, more specifically, back of the head against the sidewalk self-defense.

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control Safety got in on the act as well.

Indeed, prudent Americans should commit to honoring the anniversary taking our own proactive steps to protect ourselves from violent criminals like Trayvon Martin.

After all, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. He was being followed around by a self imposed neighborhood watch guard who happened to see suspicious activity(person looking in cars and trying doors). There had been a rash of car burglaries on HOA grounds(private common property in which Trevon did NOT live).
    The police should have been on their way as soon as they were called. But like many other property crimes, they are too busy to get involved. What part of “looking in cars on private property” wasn’t enough to get police there post haste, especially since it was an ongoing problem?

    • Actually, Zimmerman was part of a real neighborhood watch group and was heading back to his truck on instructions from the police didpatcherwhen Martin, egged on by his girlfriend, attacked him.

      • No, he wasn’t. That was a claim he made, but the group he claimed to be a part of had never heard of him. He made himself a “neighborhood watch” of one, though. But that isn’t the same thing, now is it?

        • Man, of all the dopey things you people have made up about this case, this is probably the dopiest.

        • An american citizen has the right to patrol his neighborhood. An if he wants to be armed while doing it, the Second Amendment recognizes his right to do so.

          Do you have a problem with the Right to keep AND BEAR ARMS???? The court trial proved he was a responsible gun owner. I think self hating white gun owners don’t like the verdict. Martin was a violent criminal who the authorities let off the hook. Just like the authorities in Florida let Nicolas Cruz of the hook. Another violent criminal who latter shot 30 people. Mostly children.

          Black children are murdering other black children in Baltimore, Detroit, Chiraq, etc, etc. And white Liberals can’t handle the truth. Liberals no matter what color they are can’t handle the truth.

        • Kenneth – You are wrong

          “Zimmerman was in charge of recruiting block captains for a neighborhood watch program and, after having been asked, was also part of a group to enforce parking rules in his community.

          The president of the homeowners association for the community where the shooting took place testified that he didn’t think a neighborhood watch program was needed and that Zimmerman was in charge of the community’s program from the very beginning.

          Donald O’Brien stressed that the homeowners association had nothing to do with the neighborhood watch program but that he did attend a meeting to start it. Residents were told to “stay away” from suspicious people and call police, O’Brien said.”

        • Even if he was “a neighborhood watch of one,” so what? If repeated property crimes were happening in your neighborhood, wouldn’t you be keeping a watchful eye on things?

        • That’s contradicted by the State’s own witness Wendy Dorival who was the police department’s neighborhood watch lead.

        • Wendy Dorival testified that Zimmerman was “eager to serve his community”, not that he had ever been accepted. She also testified that; “she trains volunteers… to stay away from suspects “. Zimmerman fail #1
          The condo pres., Don O’Brien, also testified that: “it was his understanding that neighborhood watch volunteers never followed suspects.”
          But Z never did follow rules, which is probably why he was rejected for volunteer work along watch lines, despite his desperation to be in one. I seem to also remember that was in one once, but was fired, if one can fired from volunteer work. Perhaps “released” might be the better word.

        • Despite the claims of the USA Today:
          ” the parent organization of USAonWatch-Neighborhood Watch — it has been revealed that Zimmerman was not a member of any group recognized by the organization”

          Now unwad your panties and man up. I made clear that I thought they were BOTH career fuck ups. I’m that thing you heard existed, but never saw one of before. A neutral. I haven’t taken a side at all, despite all the venom here that assumes otherwise. All I said was that the “crime watch” story was false. As it was. And that Martin was likely casing the joints. But we can’t ever know that now. Only speculate.

  2. Findings of fact from the trial… contradict every above quoted assertion by Mothers n the rest.

    In the BSG remake Kamala Extract makes you see things. Just sayin.

  3. I like how all of the pictures show “I wanna be a pilot” Trayvon and not pot smoking, gang sign flashing, FU world Trayvon.

    • My favorite was the People Magazine cover with the day-after photo of Zimmerman looking all bloated and criminal-ey next to the eight-year-old Martin looking like a, well, like an eight-year-old kid. The media-spin made the magazine almost impossible to hold because it wanted to dive to the left so hard.

  4. Being factually correct is irrelevant, if you are morally correct.

    An’ ‘dats the name of ‘dat tune.

  5. And scum like Spikey Poo Lee tried to get George’s parent’s murdered…is ANY young brown thug EVER guilty?!? Oh and K’moana Harris’ ancestor was a SLAVE owner 😩

  6. Just tweeted this reply to Kamala Harris’ tweet – ‘Remember when that girlfriend of his went on Piers Morgan and claimed that Treyvon was putting the ‘whoopass’ on Zimmerman because he thought he was gay?!? Ah… if O’Bama had a son…’

          • “Likely meaning that one was a would be criminal looking for something to steal, and the other was a vigilante looking for trouble. You know; “of low moral character”. Low lifes.”

            What has any of that to do with the episode, with the laws of Florida?

        • Kenneth, you know *nothing* as to what you speak.

          You’re just embarrassing yourself.

          But please, keep on yapping…

        • Geez, what a horde of identity politics. And ya’ll have the nerve to accuse the left(they do it worse, but that’s no excuse! Somebody has to be the grown-ups here) of it.
          Ain’t even a one of you ever heard of “neutral” before? Its not a very big word. Look it up and see.

      • I think Zimmerman was a good guy. By all accounts he tried to do good in his community more than others. That doesn’t mean he’s not a little bit of a DB. He certainly made tactical errors that failed to prevent him becoming a victim.

        Martin was by any serous account a thiggg kid with a bad attitude. I wish he would have gotten the shit beat out of him or even been permanently injured by the shooting instead of being killed. But live as a thug die as a thug.

  7. One must understand the defective pathology that exists in the minds of almost all urban underclass blacks. You see, “young master” trayvon felt “disrespected” for being asked what business he had in that community. (Any ordinary civilized person would have stated that he had relatives there and would have been on his way). His only possible response (due to his defective black pathology) was to pummel and murder Mr. Zimmerman. In this way, he would regain his “respect”. If “young master trayvon” had been successful in murdering Mr. Zimmerman, it would not even make the evening news. It would definitely not be reported as a “(racial) hate crime”.
    Mr. Zimmerman was being railroaded at the behest of the race apologists, poverty pimps, and race hustlers. The prosecutor should have been brought up on charges of malfeasance of office for charging Mr. Zimmerman. . .without convening a grand jury. . .
    Why was the so-called “news media” so intent on persecuting George Zimmerman?? It is evident that Zimmerman was “jumped” while heading back to his car and that the “thug” trayvon got what he deserved . . . the urban black “underclass” has a disdain for education, finds “disrespect” under every rock, does not know what REAL “respect” is, and is generally a “menace to society”. The sad part is that the few “decent” blacks out there make “excuses” for the feral black “underclass”. trayvon was “casing houses” NOT going to the store to buy “skittles”. Trayvon was walking between houses, not on the sidewalk . . . he was “up to no good” at 3:00 AM. Any civilized person would have answered the neighborhood watch guy that he had been visiting relatives, but not trayvon. . . trayvon’s feral underclass upbringing led to his demise . . .
    “saint” trayvon was a thug, casing houses, looking for trouble. Looks like his feral black upbringing did him in. Look at that whole trayvon “family” . . . human garbage at its finest. . .they already hit the “racial lottery” with a million-dollar “settlement” from the “homeowner’s association”. How many people are unaware that they did not report their “son” missing for three days?? I am sure that his “family” was aware of “young master trayvon’s” criminal activity, benefiting from trayvon’s criminal activities themselves.
    As far as I am concerned, Zimmerman made his community safer by “taking out the garbage”. . .

  8. He wasn’t “WALKING HOME” when he was shot. He was actively trying to kill Zimmerman. Lying scumbags.

    • Last time I checked, “walking home” did not include trying to splatter some dude’s brains over a sidewalk because you think he’s gay.

  9. What does it say about an entity when facts are irrelevant, or worse when that entity purposely lies?

    • Right, gives you an idea of what they consider ”common sense” when they talk about anything from gun laws to public health laws.

    • Getting close to Godwin’s Law here, but Goebbels did say if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth.

  10. When exactly did “lies” become “falsehoods?” We are watering-down the language.

    The Left does not spread “falsehoods.” The Left lies.

  11. Kamala, who do you call when you dumb ass is in trouble, SOMEBODY WITH A GUN. You, Democrats, are lying SOBs. You lie so much you can no longer recognize the truth. Why are you so concerned about guns when you have politician voting to permit the killing of born-alive people. I used to say that comparing someone in the United States to the Nazis meant that a person was a historical moron, BUT, unfortunately, that is no longer true. Hitler was opposed to abortion but he did kill the lame and infirm, both the physical and mentally infirm as well as Jew and other “unsavory” minorities. What’s next, the killing old people which clowns have accused the GOP of wanting to do, in order to reduce the cost of “Medicare for ALL”? Scary ignorant people like re-enforces my admiration for the Founders and their foresight of the Bill of Rights particularly the Second Amendment.

  12. The media saw initial pictures of GZ that made him look like a bald white skinhead named Zimmerman and the narrative was on from there.

    When he turned out to be Hispanic without any Aryan associations they should have backpedaled but by then it was too late. NBC even edited the audio of the 911 call to make him as racist as possible

    GZ wasn’t a saint and no ones hero but he got the shaft anyway. His life disintegrated after the acquittal and today he hides where he can. It could happen to any of us under varying circumstances. But at least he’s alive today thanks to a cheap Keltec handgun

  13. “My truth”, not “The Truth”.

    Unless that changes, these people will get the fight they’ve been begging for. And it will be their fault, just like it was Trayvon’s fault for making it necessary for Zimmerman to shoot him.

  14. Remember the black guy who was ACTUALLY killed by police over a non-violent crime? The one that was quickly ignored by these “protestors”?

    Aside from his death being an actual problem (As far as I’m aware it was “cop was a power hungry jackass”, not “cop was a racist”), the only difference I can see with Eric Garner is that he was killed in the middle of New York. Wherever the “protestors” went riots and blocked traffic followed. Only possible explanation is that their handlers, who live in or have interests in New York, don’t want their day disrupted let alone property damage. Who cares if it’s fly over country though?

  15. Trayvon Martin was not an unarmed teenager. In fact he had two very good arms with him. And well-armed teenagers like Trayvon Martin regularly Rob, beat, and put in the hospital people of all ages. They sometimes even kill people, just with their two good arms.

  16. Listen to a gun lawyer explain why Martin If he lived, would have been charged with attacking george zimmerman. If you don’t know who Andrew Branca is, you need to find out. He has been on TTAG many times in the past.

    Andrew Branca – The Zimmerman Files, Fact vs. Fiction 103 minutes long. The interview part starts around the 24 minute mark.

  17. The case is summer up like this:
    A wimpy Walter Mitty wannabe neighborhood watch guy who refused to back off following Martin when police told him to was acquitted because he was too wimpy to defend himself with his fists against a kid he aggravated so he resorted to using a gun.
    If people wouldn’t play pretend cop and be man enough to handle themselves, this would never happen. Unfortunately, you cannot legislate that a man actually ACT like a man!

    • So I assume that what you are telling us is that if you are not built like Arnold Swartznegger in his prime, than you do not get to defend yourself? Only big buff folks who can tear up a bear with their bare hands should have the ability to stop violence against themselves?

      • Yes, and an elderly citizen or handicapped person should simply succumb and take the beating and possibly die. As for me I am too old to take an ass whipping and running is out of the question…… guess what?

  18. Geez, those tweets from those twits are painful to read. I get it: in politics, as in pretty much every aspect of life, you want to put your best foot forward. Still, it’s one thing to spin the facts your way, but it’s entirely something else to deny pertinent facts and insert outright lies.

    Really, if you’re new to the firearms freedom debate in this country and don’t know yet what side to take, then start with taking a look at which sided lies through itself f’ing teeth nonstop to make its points and advance its agenda. It’s really hard to square their claims of being on the side of angels, when activists on that side are running train on the truth.

  19. Even anti-white AG Eric Holder passe on federal charges…
    Trayvon had PLENTY of opportunities to NOT go confront the “crazy ass cracker”.
    He was at his Dad’s place. He could have stayed there. He could have called the cops. He could have had his girlfriend call the cops.
    TM chose to go seek conflict.
    After that is is anyone’s guess as to who started what…but we know how it ended.
    Not that I think that highly of GZ either…but the thing went to trial.
    Live with the outcome…like we did with OJ and Casey Anthony.

  20. Liberals have one goal . . . the destruction of the Bill of Rights. They want to control speech, religion, gun ownership, search and seizure and every other right guaranteed under the Constitution. Period. They are Totalitarian Fascists.

  21. Nobody brought more discredit on Zimmerman than Zimmerman. Autographing Skittles? Posting pictures of the corpse online? Selling his handmade confederate-flag artwork? This guy’s cause is not the hill anybody should die on, and the RKBA movement should stay as far away from him as possible.

    • “This guy’s cause is not the hill anybody should die on, and the RKBA movement should stay as far away from him as possible.”

      Scratching my head here. Are we saying that deplorables have no Second Amendment rights? That we should not pay attention to court battles over self-defense if the defender or projectile recipient are not of our character?

  22. I thought this was put to bed a long time ago. Sort of like a vampire that keeps rising out of the casket.

  23. I watched that liberally biased trash documentary about the case and it was amazing the amount of black people just going all out to play the victimized minority and they went all out to analyze George Zimmerman and everybody else yet they still neglected to mention how the Martin parents never spoke to each other and that they were separated. They never mentioned the money given to them by the home owners association or how the two went all over the country making public appearances.
    And Mrs Martin sure got herself dolled up from the mess that she we saw during the trial and shortly after. The same for Tracy, the broken Daddy who was too busy going out with his girlfriend to stay home and straighten out his son. These two grieving parents are sure living a nice life of new clothes, nice haircuts, makeup, jewelry, and all the adoration and sympathy they can suck up from all those who feel sorry for them because of their loss. Seems to me they lost a problem child and gained fame thru their cause. Their son was a violent punk and they were failures as parents. And now they have the audacity to pretend that Treyvon was a good kid and that they are so torn up over his death. Looks to me like their lives are pretty sweet. They’ve been rewarded for being FAILURES.
    Zimmerman may be a fool, but at least he was making an effort to protect his neighborhood while others hid inside their homes like cowards. Many view his use of a pistol as “unfair”, but prudence dictates that if some idiot is trying to crack open your skull, and you have a gun, you shoot them and not worry about looking tough or weak to Monday morning quarterbacks. His life was ruined. George was setup to be the “bad guy” for the sake of excusing criminal behavior by a little asshole boy trying to be a big man.
    Treyvon had the body of a man, but the mentality of a child who fantasied that he was a gangster or some kind of macho guy who beat people up for any offense and everybody feared him. He had become so arrogant that he thought he was untouchable and indestructible.
    In the end we have a guy who tried to make a difference and slowly self destructed and then a kid whose parents failed him and who was a problem to many, hailed as a martyr, yet his death and thus his absence improved the life of others.


    After the fact, George Zimmerman was given specific instructions by a police dispatcher not to pursue or engage Trayvon Martin, which he knowingly and willfully ignored and the result was the death of young man who was committing no crime other than being in the wrong place, at the wrong time with an individual who had zero authority to detain, or exert any legal authority over Trayvon Martin.

    • Actually, he was ADVISED by a CIVILIAN dispatcher to retreat. Ultimately, it was nothing more than a suggestion as he dispatcher had no way of determining the severity of the situation without being an on scene, eye witness. At the end of the day, Obama’s son was the violent aggressor who got exactly what he earned.

    • False. Zimmerman was on his way back to his truck when Martin engaged Zimmerman. If Martin just went home he would have survived the evening.

    • I’d say every word of that was untrue, but…

      straddling a smaller guy you’ve tackled, while you beat his head into the sidewalk actually is a pretty wrong place and time to be. Probably best to avoid that. One might get hurt.

  25. I have a question. Nobody got shot, but even so…

    Did I kill this guy? Vigilante for no reason? Stupidly risk my own life? All of the above?

    /A true story…

    Night before last, I’m walking home. It’s coming up on 8 P M, dark, windy, and a balmy 20 degrees or so, with a bit over an inch of new, blowing snow. A car or two goes by every minute; the sidewalks have a person or two on each block, the few doing doing their thing, buttoned up against the cold.

    It’s hard to describe, but anyone who’s been in one of the wintertime small, Northern cities will get the scene.

    As I’m coming to cross a one-way something’s weird at the far corner. The guy on the sidewalk there is having trouble getting up. Balance off, parts not moving where they ought. It takes him 4 tries to get to his feet, then zig along the sidewalk like a movie drunk, except it’s real, dark, and killing cold.

    I wait in the building shadow until there’s enough stumbled distance. When I cross to the corner I notice the plate-sized puddle of fresh blood. And I can hear attempted words to himself from the formerly fallen, a dozen yards along, leaning on a sign pole, now.

    This guy’s not tracking enough to maneuver himself through this weather all night.

    I step back, and call 911. (Interesting experience, but that’s a side issue.) I keep the guy in sight, n try to get the message through the interrogation. He’s leaning on a tree, now, a few yards further along.

    Do I close and converse? He’s taller than me. I don’t see well enough to drive. Nor am I so mobile. The half-mile walk carrying groceries in the snow is about my limit. I needed a cane to walk in the warm n flat for the first couple years post-TBI. I don’t limp, or stumble any more, even in winter build-up, but even zig-zag-guy is gonna be inside my dodge-loop if we’re close enough to talk.

    Eventually, a cop comes n pulls over a traffic stop closer to the guy than I am. The stumbling guy registers the lights n reverses course, all movie-slow drunk pantomime, except it’s real, and killing cold. I get to the cop, who waves me to the fire truck pulling in: “You can tell them.”

    Other side of the street, with the lights n myself avoiding the occasional car to get there. By the time I tell them, I lost the fallen guy: he’s disappeared. Fire cruises half a block. We talk before they depart.

    “He was right here. I lost him talking to you. I wouldn’t have called except he gets stuck out here tonite, he’s gonna freeze to death.”

    “You’re probably right.” and they drive off.

    Home, half a block away, I can’t leave it. There’s shrubs n shadows, n alcoves in the buildings. I take a lap of where fallen-guy disappeared. If he’s on his feet dodging the cops, probably well enough to not die. And it’s his choice, with whatever brains are working. If he’s out, betrayed by his body, he’s gonna die.

    I spotted neither stumbling-guy the E M T’s n I missed, nor a body-shadow on the ground. Nobody tried to jump me, so, that’s one benefit of the cold.

    My obvious error was losing sight as I engaged with the cop n fire guys. Maybe stay where I was and wave them to me vs. go to them. Possible every other thing I did was also wrong.

    Did I kill this guy? Vigilante for no reason? Stupidly risk my own life? All of the above?

    I haven’t checked the paper for “guy found dead.” Of course, if I engage him directly, what business is it of mine, n I probably deserve a beat-down. Chances are, “guy fiunx dead” would be me. Sic the cops n I’m messing with his life. Or racist. How annoyed was 911/when I couldn’t tell them black or white — it’s dark n he’s got a ski mask on. It’s cover-your-face cold out.

    I’m friends with the crew at the neighborhood coffee shop. One of them is a black kid named Treyvon.

  26. Lets be real. Zimmerman was a keystone cop and has proven since this occurred through multiple incidents that he is indeed a moron. However, that does not change the fact that the shooting was justified.

    A justified shooting does not change ones character and we should not hold him up as some exemplary person or we are just as bad as the mom with the thug son talking after a drive by killing going, ‘ he was such a good boy’.

    Don’t be a hypocrite, hypocrites are bad see.

  27. Lets review. Teenager, and not the angelic face on the pictures displayed, high on pot, jumps fence (trespasses) into a private gated community to avoid a long walk to buy some munchies. Runs into overzealous block watch person, proceeds to beat the hell out of him (assault), watch person defends himself. Trayvon is the victim in this, how?

  28. “falsehoods, propaganda and faulty narratives” Sounds like the MSM doing their job, To hell with the truth lets throw this at the wall and see what sticks. But no they are to busy to jump in what ever someone posts online and taking it as truth even after the facts are in, But by then the damage is done and going up.

  29. Regarding….After all, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.
    The sequel to that is; A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a guy.
    He only controls the good guy, which is his true agenda.

  30. “Creepy ass cracker”

    On the fucking witness stand. Racism is a beautiful thing and a great political tool if you are anything but white.

  31. I have no problem with Trayvon being given a ticket to the afterlife and screw all the liberals that do. Far as I’m concern the fact that he is dead means one less POS out there to break into someone house or car. Trayvon wasn’t anything but a waste of joy juice who was going to live off the government by either being in and out the court system or getting some foul womb hood-rat knocked up and costing money from all the welfare the baby’s momma’s were going to consume. I don’t have much use for Zimmerman because he seems like an idiot but have no problem with what he did. Trayvon was a criminal and wasn’t quite the bad ass he thought he was and I feel as bad about that situation as I would if a drunk driver ran over a rat crossing the street then crashed into a tree.

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