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This pocket dump is from someone “up north” – Santa? – and features a Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0. The M2.0 is a nice pistol with some solid upgrades over the original line. Changes include more aggressively textured grips, something that affects different shooters in varying ways but does ensure a secure grip – and a stainless steel chassis within the frame that reduces perceived recoil and improves accuracy.

Yes, there’s more, but you get the idea. Smith made some real changes far beyond the aesthetic in the M2.0 line.

Have you run both the original M&P and the M2.0? Which do you prefer?

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    • Totally Disagree.

      No one needs a bottle opener and a spiderco for EDC. Use your multitool as GOD designed it.

      • Can’t carry it without an extra pouch. I have a Gerber MP600… not keeping it in my pocket without a clip and they are not designed for that. I refuse to buy any other multitool. That said, the bottle opener is a keychain… I just took the keys off for the picture. Nobody intends to tell me how to use anything, except myself.

  1. Shot them both. Like the S&W M&P, but can’t tell a dime’s worth of difference between the two when I’m shooting off my hind legs. Same with the Glocks. What are we up to now? Five, six generations? Finger grips. No finger grips. NY trigger. NY + trigger. My head hurts. It’s a freaking Glock. Same with M&P. Give it a rest.

  2. Yes. Neither.

    Don’t like hinged trigger and oval grip profile.

    Only like my G43 slightly better.

  3. Shot one of these babies yesterday, very nice gun! I might be tempted to buy one even though it is not a .357 Magnum revolver!

  4. Thanks for the feature.

    I chose the m2.0 for most reasons you listed and then some. Swapping from Glocks to S&W because of their change-up, I can honestly say I will never go back. I chose the 3.6″ for AIWB during warmer times of the year, cuz it’s pretty cold and white most the time “Up North”.

    Coming soon is Truglo TFX sights and I want a laser/light combo, so I am looking at the TLR-8, but would really like something that activates the laser when gripping instead. Not sure which route I am going. Through recent training I have learned that simply having the ability to paint a target (especially weak hand) makes a huge difference, and placing the laser on the target being able to pull the trigger without ADS, can save precious seconds and possibly your life. That seems pretty important to me, but no one offers this kind of laser/light combo without having to use your finger to hit the switch first. If anyone knows something like what I am looking for, suggestions are welcome. I don’t care what it looks like, if it functions like I need it to then it will work.

    • Crimson Trace LG-660, lazer grip is a direct replacement for the adjustable backstrap. I have yet to purchase or use one so I can’t give a review. It is on a looong list of future purchases. My plan is the Olight Valkyrie II WML with the LG-660. A few things I have noticed though is where the lazer runs (along the side) will interfere with trigger finger rest position (typically above the trigger housing, my finger isn’t quite long enough to reach front edge of trigger gaurd). Second, from what I can tell, they do not have the same amount of texturing as the 2.0, and it fits somewhat like the medium backstrap. Getting the 9mm version soon and will work on both.

      • That is an awesome suggestion. At first I did not want one like that but seeing how it is a direct grip replacement, that will work perfectly and still allow me to get a light on the rail mount. Since I won’t always need the light, it’s perfect. Thank you for the suggestion.

        My only concern is that it’s too long for the grip on the m2.0 3.6″. And yes, the trigger finger rest too. I’ll have to ask if they have one that will fit my EDC.

        But that sure does knock the price up a bit too, having two seperate mods like that. The Crimson Trace is a whopping $160 and the streamlight tlr-7 is another $110. Kind of more than I wanted to spend having to add night sights for another $120, but worth if you factor the function of it. Hopefully the CT fits then I will get all 3 items at the same time, along with some extra 13 round mags for my .40. I had to email S&W about those because no one has them and even google turned up a blank, so they gave my a part number to ask about when I call them to order.

      • *EDIT*

        listing says they do NOT fit the m2.0 models. I will email CT and see if they plan on making one for them.

  5. I have a M&P Pro Performance CORE 9 and love it. A great handgun, but haven’t shot either 2.0 models.

    What I like about this EDC Blog line is the outfit of tools I see and learn about through this forum. Only thing that is frustrating is the EDC Page incorrectly links usually forward to Amazon. So a deeper dig into the web is needed, but that’s ok.

    I appreciate this forum!!

    • Really? Even with the interchangeable backstraps? Or just the length?

      That was one issue I had getting used to at first coming from a G22, but I also had a G43 and hated it because I could never reload without totally losing my grip and manipulating my hands to a point where I could easily lose control of the weapon. So I met in the middle with the M2.0. Not knocking Glocks, but currently I do think S&W has a lot more to offer especially all the new stuff on their M2.0 lineup that most glock modders spend thousands on or stippling jobs that really don’t change much to justify the labor IMHO. I still love Glocks though, but when I am penny pinching, the M2.0 lineup got me to where I needed to be for cheaper and just as reliable if not more so now with their new inner frame under the polymer.

      • The grip was too skinny. I couldn’t get my hand on it just right. This was just handling at the gun counter. If i had range time with it I might have made it work.

        I have range time with a g19 so that’s what I bought. The Smith was a little cheaper but not enough to be a major factor.

        I still have my j frame for pocket carry.

        • I’m coming to that conclusion as well.

          I like the size of the G43 but I am only pinching the fripmat the front and back.

          Going to a little larger pistol gives more to hold and control.

          I have higher hopes for the g48. If not it’s a G19/23 or a Beretta PX4 Compact.

  6. Only think I like is the flashlight. Carry the same one every day.
    I don’t care much for M&Ps or Spyderco’s.

    • I just recently got a Zero Tolerance 0450CF. Wow. I don’t particularly like the spiderco’s either, it’s just a knife I have owned for a very long time. I honestly prefer the easier openers like the ZT’s and Benchmades, but will never buy a benchmade knife because of their assistance in cutting up guns for police and I don’t care how they spin it. I have a couple gerbers, but TBH, my favorite is my tiny little Gerber Covert Mini because it’s an auto knife, it’s sleek, and its small.

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