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Yes, it’s been a while since we posted the last entry to get in under the deadline of our annual Summer Content Contest, but it’s been a busy end of summer/beginning of fall here at TTAG Central Command. Patience is a virtue, though, even if it’s not one all of our readers share in equal amounts.

Still and all, we’re here to tell you who will be taking home the two fabulous prizes we were able to offer thanks to the good people at Remington and ZORE.

As is always the case we had a load of excellent contributions this year which made choosing a winner very difficult. But choose we must and the first place prize goes to Anner for his North American Arms Mini Revolver Roundup post. He’ll be receiving a Remington 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive.

The runner-up, for his post, Project Appleseed: My Daughter’s First Shoot, is Jay Mundy. He’ll be receiving a ZORE X Core gun lock.

If you didn’t catch all of this year’s entries, the rest are listed and linked below in no particular order.

Congrats to both winners and thanks to everyone who contributed again this year. Your continued readership and support of The Truth About Guns and what we do here is appreciated more than you know.

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 360J Japanese Service Revolver

The Anti-Gun Left’s Dead Horse

Stopping Power: What It Is and Why You Shouldn’t Care

In Defense of Israeli Carry

Customizing My Stoeger Coach Gun For Cowboy Action Competition

Gun Review: IWI TAVOR X95 in 5.56 NATO

Get Fit for the Fight

Don’t Just Shoot, Train – 3 Drills for a Static Range

Gun Review: Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade .45 ACP Pistol

The Moral Argument Against Gun Control

Deer Hunting Stories: Guns Aren’t the Only Potential Danger

App Review: Posted! and CCW Laws Apps for iOS and Android

The Defense Distributed Settlement Isn’t a Done Deal…Here’s What’s Next

A Compromise National Concealed Carry Permit Proposal

A Campus Safety Administrator’s View of the Efficacy and Morality of Concealed Weapons on College Campuses

Gun Review: COP .357 Derringer Pistol

Something I Cant Understand: Why Don’t You Own a Gun?

I Didn’t Grow Up With Guns: This Is How I Got Started

I Didn’t Grow Up With Guns: Defending Gun Rights – Part 2

.22LR Ammunition Shootout: Two Rifles, 17 Brands

AK Fever: Century Arms C39V2 Zhukov

Brisket – A Hunting Story

Gun Owner Control Laws Aren’t a New Idea

A Match Made in Heaven: My Rossi M92 and Ruger Blackhawk

My First Year in Cowboy Action Shooting

About That Call to Your Attorney After a Defensive Gun Use . . .

When Is It OK To Violate The Four Rules?

Home Defense Tip: Wear the Proper Attire

Personal Defense Tip: Train Not to Shoot

The Siege of Minas Tirith or How to Turn Fudds Into Gun Rights Supporters

The Truth About Derringers

Gun Review: Hi-Point JCP 40 Pistol

Getting Started As A New Shooter: Try, Try Again




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  1. Congrats to both winners.
    There was darn good content this year.
    “And anyone who says otherwise is wrong and eats crayons”

    Great line.

  2. Congrats to the winners, and a sincere thank-you to all the writers. That was a lot of good reading.

    My personal favorite, both for title and content: The Siege of Minas Tirith or How to Turn Fudds Into Gun Rights Supporters.

  3. WTF?

    I didn’t win? I was robbed!

    You stole that prize I didn’t earn just because I didn’t submit an entry!

    I demand you apologize to me!

    Oh, I’m very sorry! I was channeling my inner Serena Williams crybaby tennis melt-down.

    (Never mind!)… 😉

  4. Well, poop.
    Guess I’ll get to work putting together a few more pieces to submit next year. Might require a couple of field trips.

  5. I didn’t get to read all and hope to find time to get to the rest of them.
    Mundy’s article about Project Appleseed made me want to go and it’s now on my bucket list.

  6. Well I’m glad them fellers won. What happened to my “There’s More Then One Way To Skin A Possum” article, that was a winner

  7. I think the Japanese revolver article should have won. It’s the only one I was interested enough to read it start to finish and it was great.


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