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Gun owners will die in Left's Cultural War

Last fall’s election results spurred this “revolution” from those on the hard left. Non-violent “revolutionaries” took to the streets and college campuses, to shout down alternative views and undermine our new president’s administration. They show no sign of throttling-back their anger, and every sign of marching forward. In fact . . .

America has fallen into civil war. A conflict pitting radical malcontents (people who seek to fundamentally transform America into a socialist utopia) against law-abiding conservatives (people who respect the Constitution and the rule of law). Rest assured, the left’s fanciful plans for a socialist utopia has no room for gun rights or other personal freedoms.

The hard left has mobilized to realize their vision. They have the communications network, funding and logistics necessary to wage a two-pronged fight: violent and nonviolent. They’re using violence more frequently. “Black Bloc”/Antifa violent agitators aren’t sitting on their couches, pounding their chests online. They’re breaking windows, beating people, throwing Molotov cocktails and attacking cops.

Make no mistake: there is a violent faction of radicals who want a physical fight. They blockade events and attack the police and those they disagree with. America has seen these fascist tactics at the Inauguration and college campuses.

First responders are dealing with increasingly violent and organized “peaceful protests.” So far, the Left isn’t using guns to pursue their anarchic agenda, but that’s changing. Last year, ambush murders of police reached a 10-year high. In Dallas, a motivated leftist shot 12 Dallas police officers, killing five.

Coming Soon…

Black Bloc types see an escalation of violence as their mission. Their uniform is the mask and black clothing, worn for anonymity. What happens when leftist ideologues begin burning down businesses and/or residences in the middle of the night? What happens when these people are willing to murder their neighbors over political differences? When they start using guns in these “peaceful protests”?

Gun owners don’t want a fight. They want to be left alone. However, violence only requires one party to participate, and that party will be the radical Left. Maybe it’ll be a beating gone too far or a stabbing. Alternatively, it might be an arson-related attack. It might come in the form of the next ambush killing of police officers, or people attending a Milo Yiannopoulos event.

President Trump will respond, sending reinforcements for local authorities. The violent leftists will do what they do. At some point authorities will use deadly force when provoked. Some of those masked hooligans in black will get killed. They will achieve martyrdom for the “Glorious Cultural Revolution,” feeding more energy to their anti-American cause.

Let’s all hope I’m wrong. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail. But a prudent person should prepare for such an outcome, just in case.

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    • Do you maybe mean ” college”, with an “e”? Otherwise all the art galleries with collage collections re in real danger.

        • The minds of the left thinker is a montage of mismatched parts of ideas , theories , beliefs , theories , principles and contradictions ( example ; save all the children and abort at will ) so collage may be quite appropriate .

        • I don’t know, but I do know who is paying for there education’s. I am pretty sick and tired of the lefty’s though. The silent majority will wake up again and put that shit down. I seen some female professor put her hands on a righty and in my books its called a assult, period. and then the lefty’s attacked the kid. Thats all about to stop. We are getting sick of there shit. TIME TO STOP IT.

    • Not ALL the colleges, just the ones that are known hotbeds of radical liberal progressivism (starting with Berkley…)

        • Mainly the ones located in parts of the country that have been heavily infected by liberalism (like the Peoples’ Republic of Californication). The university I graduated from is in a highly conservative area and itself tends toward conservatism, and while it has its share of liberals they mostly keep their heads down. Heck, the local high school even has a rifle team (no fooling)!

        • Having attended universities in conservative Utah and Texas, I attest that leftist academia is not concentrated in left-leaning places.

        • I gotta say, while it has a few wayward faculty, Texas A&M is impressively patriotic in its culture, traditions, etc. It has a big focus on service to the nation (both in research and education).


          Friends don’t let friends send their kids to commy schools. 🙂

      • We need to make college free and mandatory. An educated population would then result in the extinction of people who think as you do. Why do you think Hitler burned all the books? He needed people like you to support him.

    • naive Jim , they have guns too , and they are organize. this will not be confined to campuses. have you noticed the police don’t make arrests at these riots? that means they have government approval to attack conservatives, at some level. this is especially clear when you consider that the GOP establishment is the dog that didn’t bark . Where is the outrage from them?

      • Where is the GOP? They are “Them”.

        I have a very strict policy:

        IS ALSO, MY ENEMY.

        And ‘naïve’ Jim is not so naïve. I think, if you lumped in 300% of foreign sympathizers with the POS lefty liberal-progressive-communist_globalist, (D) and RINO, we would hunt them to the last man and stretch their pelts on the side of our barn. PAX ROMANA.

        EITHER WAY, it’s WAY more dangerous of a wet ca-ca position to say you wouldn’t relish the opportunity.

        WARN the POS LEFT. Tell them to hold their fists in the air, march in the streets, bunch up real tight, we freekin’ dare ya.

      • I would ask you to look a little deeper, before stating they have government approval. Try to see it from the point of the law and law enforcement already choking on bullshit filling up the courts and jails all across the country. What aught to happen is the law aught to have the go ahead and “start kicking some little punk ass;” and “busting some overly privileged entitled to a PHD for participation HEADS”. Think about it, when I broke out in riot gear for a protest at the Naval Weapons Station and “We Marines” did not get to bust some brain buckets; well it leaves you feeling a bit cheated. After All, the gear is hot and restricting and you just get tired of hearing their little “Cocksuckers” running wasting good oxygen. Thanks for your input though, keep the faith.

        • Agreed.

          Law enforcement and military folks tend to be pragmatic because they face harsh concrete realities that do not give way to rhetoric and argumentation.

          Generally speaking, lawyers and academicians have the opposite problem: they deal almost exclusively in argumentation and a good deal of sophistry. Hence, (again speaking generally) they are more ideological.

          Direct your anger at the appropriate sophists.

        • The metrosexual snowflakes today call that “messaging” and “crafting”.

          As in “Our message should beat your substance” and the “crafting” pf regulations and legislation.

          IE: progtards love their BS.

        • Thank you for your service to our nation.

          Were you at Naval Weapons Station Earle in Leonardo N.J.?

          MOTBY in Bayonne N.J. for me, one time home of the Reserve Fleet and Destroyer USS Fiske DD 842

        • The only punk who should have been busted was the punk Nazi kid that started all the trouble. A fast trip to jail and a huge fine would have ended his attempt to start a new 3rd Reich here in America. In civilized European countries hate speech is outlawed as they know what it inevitably leads to. Gas chambers at worst or Racist Pigs like Trump who realized he could win an election by appealing to the unwashed and their racial hate, ignorance and paranoia.

          Now the dim light bulb is going on in their heads as they revolted against the Republican Hacks that held town hall meetings last week in regards to raping them out of their health care benefits so that the Insurance Companies (of which the Republicans are heavily invested in) can once again start increasing their obscene profits by raping sick people into bankruptcy. Too late the unwashed saw the real truth and the real reality of the Republican health care rape agenda.

    • Maybe “Collage” wasn’t for you… also aren’t out there vandalizing and taking action, which is why they are running the narrative, and you, not so much.

      The other side is taking action, this side, not so much

      • What action do you suggest we take? Should we go on to campuses and destroy things? It’s easier to bargain when you have nothing to lose and the other side has everything to lose. So the children throw a tantrum and destroy other people’s stuff. Some progressive talking head may try to blame others for the riots but most people watching will blame the rioters. People will get sick of seeing these overindulged infantile criminals and demand something be done or do it themselves. I pray I’m not put in the situation of deciding between them or mine.

        • Wow, you really need this explained to you? Start with counter intelligence so you know who the local leaders are would be a good start…reading a book on guerrilla warfare would be another. Or just type away on internet and wonder what happened when they come for you.

    • Burn universities? Sounds like a page from Nazi Germany or the Talaban or ISiS.

      Please be careful with your collective stupidity.

      • Please be careful with your reading comprehension. He said let them burn down their own colleges. Sometimes parents need to let their children suffer their own mistakes.

        • Be careful with the analogies.

          These rioters are not children, and we are definitely not their parents. We have no moral obligation to validate their life choices or love them no matter what. We have no moral obligation to bail them out of their own messes. And we definitely have no obligation to take the burden resulting of their actions upon ourselves.

        • “Jim” actually posted: “Let em burn down the collages.”

          Which I do believe supports the good Doktor’s point.

          I’m sure Russia and China would love for us to attack ourselves. Good thing the nuclear launch computer code was all written by a bunch of liberals at Berkeley. They can just shrug their shoulders when the nukes don’t go off in their silos like the civil war proponents would like.

        • Like most Conservatives your and absolute Moron. The people arrested were not Students and did not even live in the area. If you had been paying attention to the news interviews of the students and their face book postings all were appalled at the violence.

          The real fault lies with our laws as when we let Racists and Bigots like Trump use Racism as a way to get elected we send a single to the Right Wing Bigots its ok to burn down churches of all minorities, Black, Jewish, Muslim and even Catholic as they too are hated by the Radical Far Right. It was not too long ago that Bill Graham personally went to U.S. Senators warning that if John F. Kennedy was elected he would turn the U.S. into a Catholic Caliphate. Today the Catholic has gotten a slight break (not much) and been replaced with a new boogey man the Muslim.

          In civilized countries the young Right Wing Nazi that caused all the trouble would never have been allowed to speak if he was going to use hate speech. Its out lawed in many civilized European Countries as they know it soon leads to gas chambers while here in the U.S. the Far Right would only be too glad to try them out here.

      • I personally benefited from higher education because I gained a healthy skepticism of it.
        Do not destroy institutions of higher learning, but tear them down to make them stronger.
        Destructive forces can serve creative and constructive purposes.

        • I will respond to you exactly as my Liberal professor responded to a classmate years ago. He asked, “did you graduate”? The Student said “yes”. The Professor said “You shouldn’t have”

      • Well said Doktor, today there is little difference between Right Wing Nazi’s in the U.S., Right wing Thugs in the Middle East pretending to be devote Muslims (which they are not) and Right Wing Christian Fanatics (who by and large blaspheme their own religious teachings). All of their philosophy is identical. Hate, bigotry and fear of anyone and any religion that is not exactly the same as their own. They believe every other race, religion, and creed is inferior to their own and or is out to get them and that they can learn nothing from them.

        Its a miracle the Naked Ape erroneously called Mankind has not already nuked itself out of existence as we have 21st Century Technology with a bunch of Neanderthals that have their finger on the Nuclear Button. I apologize to the memory of the Neanderthals because they lasted for 250,000 years while todays Neanderthals have only made it just past 55,000 years. Now, who really was the more superior race of beings. I think the answer is obvious.

        If Herr Trump does not come down hard on the War Dogs of the U.S. Military Generals we are headed for a serious war only this time it will not be bombing a bunch of helpless women and children in the Middle East over control of the oil fields but rather we will be up against the pro’s either or both of China and Russia, and between both, China has the better capability to nuke us than Russia does.

        • Dumphuque , where to begin? Never read so much ignorance & just plain brainwashed parroting of the lib-left-commie lines…..what a phuqueing low grade moron…..
          Typical lefty brainless tactic ……nothing of substance to say , so EVERYONE this dooshbagge disagrees with is either a “racist” , a “sexist” a “nazi”, and must not forget the TOP AWARD WINNER : “NO DIFFERENCE between the psycho islamist terrorists & anyone on the Right” this assclown & his puppet masters like Soros disagree with……
          Paid thugs & instigators like in the BLM BS “riots” wind nitwits like this one up & turn them loose to watch them run headfirst into a walll & back & do it again ,either in the streets or on some “campus”
          Let the snowflakes, mutts, thugs, illegals,& mama’s boys put thier black “hoodies” on & act tough …….
          It’ll ALL wear out & wear on the ADULTS patience & THEN thier dumphuque Azzes will be in the meat Grinder…..

    • We need to declare these marxist sub humans as the terrorists they are, use the NDAA to send them to gitmo.

    • I wouldn’t let myself be self assured that we all have the guns. In fact the Crimals have more. The Left is planning to go to All Out violent War! Weapons, a means to an end! Their ‘End’ will come, but not without a War!

      GOD HELP US!

  1. It’s not hard to stop this crap. Designate ANTIFA a terrorist org then RICO the hell out of them and their support structure. Arrest every last one of them when they riot, and hit them with the maximum penalty on federal rioting charges. Arrest George Soros, freeze all his assets, and extradite his evil ass to Russia or Hungary.

    Do that, and all this shit will get stopped before any innocent, law abiding Americans exercising their constitutional rights end up dead.

    • Extradite him? Soros should be brought up on domestic terrorism charges and executed as an enemy of the state. How many riots will he be allowed to fund before someone does something? Small business owners and poor communities suffer while that billionaire scumbag skates.

      • Nah, arresting and charging Soros here in the States would be useless. He has an army of lawyers and stacks of cash to protect him, plus a massively sympathetic press. Better to rendition him to the Russians, and let them handle him. He has warrants for his arrest there already. Now that would be good international relations, ha ha.

        • So you think Snowden is an enemy of this state?
          I’m assuming you are pro small government, pro privacy, and pro accountablility. How is it then that a guy who supposedly risked his life to expose the NSA for their complete surveillance tactics of EVERY single american is an enemy to you? Are you aware the NSA is essentially an unnaccountable 4th branch of government? I suggest it would be worth your time to listen to some of the whistleblowers talk about how they operate (you know, Whistleblowers… good, honest people trying to inform the American population of how disgusting and corrupt the federal government is? Those people. The ones Obama was the harshest on of any president.)
          I can’t imagine why fellow 2nd amendment and pro-sovereignty folks would ever bash that guy unless you have not invested even a fraction of time investigating what he exposed.

          There is something called the Trivium: it is comprised of Grammar. Logic. Rhetoric.
          Simply put, Input. Processing. Output. I would recommend that you study that method of arriving at truth.

    • It’s simpler than that: once law abiding Americans recognize the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment AND its careful phrasing, they will arm up, and they will put down these terrorists. It’ll only take a few incidents. Once the cost is too high, the crime will cease. As it always does. But, if we don’t follow through and hang a few leftist politicians who have fomented this crap, it’ll be back in a generation. People just don’t seem to keep a lesson for long…

      • While it may have been tragic, Kent State brought a screeching halt to the majority of demonstrations after an initial escalation. In part, I attribute this result to college students suddenly realizing that they were actually risking their own lives for ideologies which were not really theirs but just used as an excuse to do anything they wanted.

        The incident was memorialized in the song “Ohio” by CSNY (Crosby, Sills, Nash, & Young)

        Kent State was essentially a white school. Few recall that about 10 days later, on May 14, at Jackson State University, an all-black school in Mississippi. During a student protest, police and state highway patrolmen fired automatic weapons into a dormitory, killing two students and wounding nine others. No warning had been given and no evidence was ever found of student sniping that might have justified the shootings. Nevertheless, unlike the Kent State episode, this incident evoked little national attention, embittering many blacks who felt that the killing of black students was not taken as seriously as that of whites.

        • Really, you’re going to compare these pissy little cunts! With the VietNam War protest? These worthless so called “Black Bloc” are chicken shits that don’t have the balls to show their face.

          The young men and women in America did see; they found no reason for “that war” over their own lives. They did not riot and burn, they told their government in mass, they cared not to die for their politics or the stand of the then fledgling “One World Government” [UN]. They were lied too about the war, as we have been lied to about war ever since with convincing words flowing out of the mouths of those we believed were elected trustee.

          These so called resistant protesters are of the same lot from the occupy bullshit and just like then half of them are involved because that generation know nothing beyond mob mentality.

          Another example of a fatherless neutered household releasing its wild undisciplined unmolded unrefined animal out onto the poulus. Then society smacks their heads asking; what’s wrong with these children?

        • Like most Conservatives you at best get history backwards or not at all. Kent was the first to riot followed by many more universities. The rioting made Tricky Dick who lied between his teeth when he ran for President about his secret plan to end the war (rather he later admitted he had every intention on escalating it). Tricky Dick along with the other Congressmen were making millions off the Industrial Military Complex and it was all of their intentions to keep the war going as long as they could until the Country was on the verge of financial collapse.

          Of course things did not work out quite like Tricky Dick had planned and when the college students found out about his true agenda they rioted causing Tricky Dick to get his dirty ass the hell out of Cambodia very quickly and it put tremendous political pressure on Tricky Dick to indeed end the war. He dragged his dirty feet every inch of the way when he did.

          The college students and heroic people like Jane Fonda and John Kerry and Daniel Ellsberg soon exposed the whole rotten corrupt obscene war and finally with the American people having had enough of the huge waste of money, and the mass slaughter of Vietnamese civilians and the condemnation of the war by even our closest European Allies, it finally all came to a humiliating end complete with helicopters being pushed into the ocean and a Vietnams Army that literally walked into Saigon without firing a shot much to the relief and joy of much of the South Vietnamese population. But all that happened after the U.S had slaughtered 3 million civilians. At least the French were intelligent enough to get away with raping the economy of Vietnam for over 85 years. The Neanderthals that ran the U.S. Military did not even last a mere 10 years and it was only that long because Congress was making so much money on the war from the Military Industrial Complex they prolonged it long after it should have ended.

    • Is he under indictment in Russia and Hungary?

      If so, why not arrange for the pilot of one of his planes to “accidentally” fly over the Russian border and have to make an “emergency” landing.

  2. “Will The Left’s Civil War Turn Deadly?”

    That is entirely up to the left. Please leave us the hell alone. We don’t want to have to deal with your crap and defend ourselves. Again, its up to the left what happens in the future in that regard.

    • Yes, it will be up to them. But I agree with the article. The main reason they have been relatively peaceful is that they were winning via non-violent means. I hope very much that leftists continue to lose ground in the political arena, both here and in other nations. The alternative is global, collectivist authoritarianism (provided of course that leftism would then go on to contain the other major regressive ideology, expansionist Islam). But, if the leftists continue to lose ground, they won’t go quietly. “By any means necessary” is more than a slogan for them.

      All that said, I share your hope that it doesn’t come to that.

    • The core of them are paid and funded by various big-time leftists. In a “hot” situation, the ones who aren’t in the core would melt away; that is, all the kids who are only into it because they think they are cool for doing it.

  3. Gee… I don’t remember shadow authoring this article. It reads a lot like something I’d write.

    On the up side, the idea of a leftist revolution is laughable. The radicals are outmanned and grossly outgunned by regular civilians with guns, much less the National Guard or the actual military that will get called in to deal with any serious armed uprising. FYI, there is constitutional precedent for using federal troops to put down domestic insurgents. Hell Washington did it only a few years after the CotUS was ratified.

    • Did you drink this weekend Serge? I heard Tolstoy went on a bender and woke up with a bunch of empty vodka bottles and a draft of War and Peace!

      • I don’t drink to that extent anymore. Drinking enough of the scotch I like to get me that hammered would cost more than a new high-end rifle.


      Yes, there are millions of gun owners.

      Who do next to nothing unless directly and personally provoked.

      The left, on the other hand, has a handful of hired malcontents and anarchists who have already demonstrated a willingness to engage. The engage not only in hooliganism, and also violence against their fellow Americans for political reasons.

      Most people have an aversion to committing violence against others. The Left has already overcome that aversion.

      Just wait until a few more start showing up with rifles.

      DO NOT underestimate the enemy. Do so at your own peril.


      • Of course the Left has been mocking 2A supporters for years about our presumably misguided beliefs that an armed America keeps the politicians in line. How our privately-held weapons mean nothing in the face of the US armed forces. We need to be consistent in our beliefs I think: how can we legitimately claim that a police action by an overzealous, tyrannical government can’t contain US, but that same overzealous, tyrannical government (in their eyes) CAN contain them?

        • Because a well armed and trained insurgency is far harder to contain than a bunch of hippie rabble rousers.

        • Because the majority of the ~100 million gun owners and the ~400 million guns are on our side, not theirs.

    • I felt the same. I’ve been having conversations and using the phrase ‘cold civil war’. I really feel the author is on point with his thoughts. I really, really wish they’d pass a law that anyone with their face covered at these ‘rallies’ is subject to immediate detainment, with detention a possible consequence. And use that ‘felony rioting’ charge liberally. (pun intended). My hope is that is does not turn ‘hot’.

  4. They will burn down their own hipster paradise. I don’t see them actually venturing out too far from their liberal bastions of safety. It’s a dangerous world out there, and being an asshat in a mask with a Molotov cocktail will get you shot in the vast majority of the US. Are there an virgins in their version of heaven?

    • Black Bloc aren’t Hipsters. They are grungy Anarchists who have been scurrying around the Pacific Northwest for decades. They will secretly plan a flashmob at any number of political events, such as WTO meetings or Milo speeches. They will cause a little destruction and disappear back into their holes. Soros money has probably been directed at their loosely organized organizations, though these are the last people with their hands, given all the more modern hard core Progressive groups screaming for Soros money.

      • “Progressive groups screaming for Soros money”, are the exact polar opposite of “grungy Anarchists”.
        Just saying that accuracy(like in the shooting sports) is always important.
        “Grungy Anarchists” might be a cool sounding insult but it just doesn’t apply to people that demand all the power for themselves. Those are Fascists, among other labels. Anarchy is the state of no Government at all, and that is the opposite of what the rioters around right now want.

  5. “What happens when leftist ideologues begin burning down businesses and/or residences in the middle of the night? What happens when these people are willing to murder their neighbors over political differences? When they start using guns in these “peaceful protests”?”

    Then we shoot back. And we practice regularly.

    • no, they will torch your house at 3AM and slaughter you and your family as you try to escape….wake up NOW and take action.

      • Good story, if you are attempting to achieve glory as an operational operator, inciting revolution and murder, otherwise clearly bullshit. When I start reading of people regularly lit up at 3 am, I’ll start worrying about your crap, if I am not the first one everything will be fine. OTOH, let me know when *you* start just killing people off because of what you say they are going to do in the future. Watch yourself, or I will tell your mommy on you.

      • Aren’t too many antifa types in rural michigan. They’d stick out like a sore thumb if they ever got the stones to venture outside their urban shitholes.

    • Therein lies the issue. I have people from all political walks of life on my Facebook feed. Mainly since I’ve had an account since it all started and the only way to initially advertise things (I use it for business) was to have a personal account and just get a lot of friends. Business pages didn’t come along til later.

      Anywho, the silver lining is that I get a peek at the machinations and bravado of the opposition (and some of what people like us are saying too…) and so on.

      The gun thing comes up more frequently than I am comfortable with from the progressives and leftists. While I support the natural right of anyone to keep and bear arms, I do worry when it’s those who seemingly only will temporarily support 2A as a means to their ends, i.e. they’ll use guns during their “war” and then round ’em all up afterwards.

      But nonetheless the crux is training and a willingness to use the weapon if needed. Very few progressives could use a firearm properly even in a defensive manner, much less an offensive one.

      And for them to use it properly is a big stretch. While I’m sure there’s trained firearms users in the progressive movement (misguided veterans, etc…), they are few and far between as compared to conservatives, moderates, and libertarians.

      In an armed back-and-forth, there’ll be losses on both sides, but I have a suspicion the losses on the progressive side will far exceed the losses on the other sides if this little tiff going on right now gets hot.

  6. I’m more worried that this “movement” is supported by the MSM and political elite. Having support emboldens men to do terrible things and the most terrible men have always believed that they are “right” and the end justifies the means.

  7. Violent revolutions are at the mercy of unknown dynamics. Once started, they travel in unexpected directions, at unexpected rates, and with unexpected results. The Left cannot possibly control what they are talking themselves into.

    • Accurate statement. The hard-left believes they can take down Western civilization and replace it with a “socialist utopia” of some sort. The supporters are promised great and wonderful things if that occurs. The problem for them is that they cannot ensure what will come about if they take down Western civilization. All they can really do is create chaos, and NO ONE can control chaos.

      • “The supporters are promised great and wonderful things ”
        Just as it has always been. Evil men learned long, long ago that talk is cheap, and that promises are easy to make, and they never have to worry about fulfilling them if the ones that they made promises to just so happen to die along the way.
        This is biggest reason to learn history. So that one can avoid falling for the same old scam, over and over again.

    • The best part of leftism is being able to ignore history at every turn. Every time they have torn down society, they’ve paid dearly for it, even in the few cases where they won.

    • Yes. I forget where, may have been National Review or something, but the author was telling people on both sides of the debate that a violent revolution would be chaotic and destructive. Everyone in this country would lose someone they knew in the battle.

      I sincerely hope large-scale violent revolt never comes to this country. I hope we can all talk it out and be happy. Like others have said, all us gun-owning types (of all stripes) want is for us and our rights to be left alone.

  8. We just need more idiots getting shot in self defense situations for the whole sea to quiet down. They are all really tough until some guy gets threatened a little too much and pops one. Notice what happened in Washington( I think that was where it happened) when that guy was being pushed and threatened and pulled his concealed and shot the guy. The people were confused and some were scared and moving away. Most of these people are the useful idiots and will learn very quickly if given a reason to calm down. Some are just the radical fringe and the appeasers have given them too much slack.

  9. Before the Left can stage an effective street war, I’m sure that something fatal will happen to George Soros. And then the Antifa will die on the vine for lack of funds.

  10. Non violent revolutionaries isn’t that an oxymoron? These Hillary Clinton supporters are the most violent people I’ve ever seen in this country. These people Proclaim their Justice to do away with the Second Amendment and it’s anything but non-violent. It’s almost like you have the right wing supporters of the Constitution that are law-abiding gun owners and then you have the left a bunch of fruitcakes liberal progressives socialist with a hint of fascism and all their crap BS that goes with it. It’s absolutely horrendous to think that these people are not violent I’ve seen it all over the country these goofballs lining up to protest and then jumping on people trying to beat the hell out of them and every time you look it is a lefty Progressive liberal preaching we need to get rid of guns because they’re so violent and in the same breath Smash in somebody’s face and because they disagree with their politics I call a huge bull crap on this one. And if we do have a revolution over this socialist fascist Behavior we will stop the life right out of their asses that’s a promise bring it

  11. Good luck losers…we got hundreds of millions of guns. If there was a true uncivil war you’d end up dead. The real war was won on November 8th…

    • Yeah good luck knowing you or your love one are statistically more likely to die with your own legal weapon than stopping a criminal attack.

      How is the rest of the world considered a tyranny to a nutbag like you?

      I don’t see death camps in Europe.

      I don’t see blood in the streets of Japan.

      I don’t see Australia let alone Canada turning into total blood and guts anarchy people like you claim is happening.

      What your reading is nothing but a fake news article that has no logical citations or basis in reality.

      • I don’t see any Moose-lims in Japan either…what’s your point troll? We won …you lose?

        • Ah, I triggered a precious snowflake that doesn’t like being called on his bull.

          This website is what it will always remain to be.

          Fake news.

          No one on this website has provided me any citations concerned “evil leftist groups” when most of these incidents in the US have been caused by radical right-wing supporting nut-jobs like you that believe whatever fake news bullshit this website or the neo nazi hate website brietbart posts.

          I posted links from actual website sources but they were apparently deleted which is ironic as this website is the biggest perpetrator of urban myths, pseudoscience and all around bullshit.

          You people know you lost the moment real americans were fed up with anti-american BS people like you were spouting off.

          Not to mention your More guns, Less crime is nothing but a sham with no basis in logic or reality.

        • We lost? Oh yeah, that’s why, except for a handful of liberal bastions, there has been a nationwide push (supported by the public) away from gun control and towed gun rights. Oh, and why your side has been suffering staggering political losses at every level of government for years. But yes, we lost. Please continue with your delusions; they only help us.

        • Kiddo… Run back to your safe space and post your bullshit there. Nobody gives a shit what you think. We’re in power and every time you cretins burn down more shit we get more firmly entrenched. By the end of Trump’s full term, I expect gun control to be rolled back to the 1920s. The war you’re looking to start is over. The decisive battle was back in November. All that’s left is mopping up.

      • You don’t see death camps in Europe?

        Are you insane?

        Apparently you missed the 20 million murdered under Stalin

        And the millions murdered under Hitler.

        And the 100,000 murdered in the former Yugoslavia AS RECENTLY AS THE 1990s!

        All under totalitarian socialist regimes that enacted gun confiscation.

  12. I don’t think there will be an actual civil war. The left, while deranged, isn’t as stupid as most of us think.

    The real problem is that right now the majority of the righteous anger of the Left is fundamentally misdirected. They’re spending way too much time and energy whinging about Trump when they should be worried about the fractures in their own party.

    Its gonna be real interesting to see what happens when one of the fringe left groups go full out and gets its peepee whacked hard. What the mainstream left does at that point is the hinge point.

    As for violence, bring it. My neighborhood has a lot of retired and active military living in it; you go there looking for trouble and you’ll find it. Hell, I’ve got a jug of ice tea, snacks, a lawn chair, and a stack of mags ready to go.

    As for advice on what to do, if the mob comes have a couple of your guys look for people in the back who might look like they’re in charge. People in the front are useful idiots. The guys in back you shoot first, then take down the first couple of rows of guys in front. The piss will be out of the crowd by that point. They’ll either break and run or you fix bayonets.

    • Either you are an ex-pat Brit or you spent some considerable time there. Your use of the word “whinging” gave you away. The average American says “whining”, without that extra “g”. Additionally, you said “the piss will be out of the crowd by that point”. That’s not how Americans use the word “piss”.

    • They won’t come marching in.

      They will skulk in under the cover of darkness, set fire to your house, and melt away while your family tries to escape a fully-involved structural fire.

      They’ll hit your wife and daughter while they are at the mall or Chick-Fil-A. They’ll set fire to your car after vandalizing it while you’re away from it at a movie or in church.

      These are cowardly bullies. They don’t want a fair fight.


      • Yes cowardly acts but not the acts of a civil way. Anarchists love violence but rarely can come together in a cohesive cause.

        • Yeah, but the PROMISE of violence, in the occurring absence of civility, is its only protection, and that protection only works if acted upon, when necessary, with fearful abandon.

      • This is true. You notice that thus far, most of the violence perpetuated by leftists and those who identify as such has been against soft targets, or in places where they have a more realistic chance of not getting injured or killed by the police or armed defenders.

        • Berkeley isn’t exactly a focus city of armed citizens and the police there are beholden to the politicians who sympathize with the actions of the left. So the rioters did what they were wont to do. Because no one was gonna respond.

        • In cities where anti-police protests have turned violent, the destruction is always visited upon the property of those not involved in the fight. You never hear of any of these so-called revolutionaries trying to trash a police station or even bring the fight there. They parade around in downtown and trash the city park and the local Starbucks franchise. The custodians and the Starbucks baristas aren’t armed, after all.

        • You never really see protests turn violent in the South or the Gunshine State. The left know that there’s a fair chance that the property owners are armed and won’t hesitate to take them down if they start trashing and burning things. If you try to set fire to a convenience store in Atlanta, you’ll probably get shot.

        So yes, their tactics are very guerrilla in nature. Now, in genuine warfare, such tactics have their place, but in their warfare, it’s just a way to easily harm soft targets, usually of people not involved.

      • Who says I’ll fight fair? These events do not happen in a vacuum. Even if they come at night you should have enough awareness to take measures. As for my wife and/or kids, not in the picture. You wanna harass some random lady and her kid down at the mall, good luck with that. This is Central Georgia. I know guys who hunt hogs and know all the good spots to hide . . . stuff.

      • Oh, come on. That’s why I have a scoped .308, whether it is for myself or my neighbor, that shit starts and suddenly it will be no fun at all for the min wage employees of Soros and their acolytes, as they wait for sundown I’ll be shooting them in the back, or at 350 yards, until they think of better things to spend their time on.

  13. Micah Johnson killed those officers because he was a racist piece of shit that wanted to, in his words, “kill white people, especially white cops.” He was not a member of any prominent leftist organizations that we know of, and in fact was banned from membership into some of the more prominent “black liberation” movements. He didn’t spout any communist/socialist/anarchist stuff on his facebook page, aside from hating white people. Plus, he did his killings 4 months before the election. That’s not tied into the anti-Trump riots post election at all.
    The other statistic about ambush killings being a 10 year high is absolute truth. That means during the George W Bush administration it was higher than now, and during the HW Bush administration it was almost twice as high as now. And I don’t remember anyone credible saying it was civil war.
    Don’t make something into what it’s not.

      • “The_Resistance…” Cute screen name, bro.

        Since I suspect you’re lacking in clarity, let’s clarify one thing: blogs aren’t news. Feel free to take it at face value or disregard altogether. I, for one, could care less which approach you take.

      • Appropriately enough, highlighting this fruitcake’s name shows a link to Yahoo. Gotta love a joke that writes itself.

      • I don’t think you know what fake news is. Although I disagree with the author’s conclusions, he has cited his sources and provided examples of what he is talking about. That is the opposite of fake news.

        • I’m only gonna say this once:

          Don’t feed the goddamn trolls. That’s what the reddit is for. (Or 4chan or 8chan or where ever you get your jollies with counter-trolling).

          Roll like Pedobear: dirty.

      • Best watch your mouth Libtard lest I tear your tampon out and stuff it down your throat. Now run along, call your boss Bloom-BOIG and tell him you’ve been accosted online.

        Might Makes Right and we ARE the “mighty”.

        We ARE superior to you and those of your ilk the sooner you admit it the better off you will be.

        Deo Vindice

    • Really now.


      He just showed up at a leftist protest and started killing cops because it seemed like a good day to kill people?

      [Scumbag’s name redacted] sure as shinola was no church-going, God-fearing man who loved his country. He was a – scumbag – who let his rifle do his “protesting” at a leftist rally. He didn’t target the leftists. He targeted our civilization. That puts him in the radical malcontent category in my book. YMMV.


      • He targeted the place he knew a lot of cops would be. That’s not hard to figure out. He didn’t target anyone for political ideology, he targeted them for wearing a uniform. He said, explicitly, that he wanted to “kill whites, especially white cops”. Nothing in there about conservatives, republicans, right wingers, etc. Just whites and cops.
        As far as him not being “church going and god-fearing”, are you implying that everyone who isn’t is automatically a leftist? That, by the way, would put the ownership and editor of TTAG in that category.

        • “He didn’t target anyone for political ideology, he targeted them for wearing a uniform.”

          Sorry, JWT, but hating whites and especially white cops is a political ideology.

        • Ralph, that’s debatable, but not in this context. Just because you hate white people does not make you a leftist. Just because you hate cops because you think they kill black people doesn’t make you a leftist. There are also radical right fascist racist hate groups. They are not leftists either. It’s ridiculous.

        • Does it matter? There’s little point in debating the opinions of a dead man who has no real historical significance. The only bigger waste of time is debating the opinions of a dead scumbag who has no real historical significance.

          If you want to debate the opinions of someone who went ape and started fighting the government and it’s agents at least pick someone worth discussing like maybe John Brown.

    • I’m so thankful you’re here to counter Boch’s hyperbolic, clickbait rhetoric JWTaylor. Only a man who’s never been to war will call some rioters a civil war.

  14. On the whole, this stuff is pretty minor. Vandalization, people getting beaten up during protests and yes, some cops getting killed. But, numbers wise, It’s been a hell of a lot worse earlier in the 20th century. You want to see real revolts in the US just look up all the early 20th century labor strikes. They were actually dropping high explosives from aircraft onto to rioters! My real worry is the so called mainstream media stoking these minor so called “revolutions in the streets” into something bigger. In reality this shot would have all died down long ago if it weren’t for the incessant amplification of every fringe element holding a placard and throwing rocks at a Starbucks window.

  15. Let the chaos begin. Let the chaos spread. We saw all this in the mid-60s. What a boon for the Democrat Party. The rioters led directly to Nixon and Reagan, and the destruction (for a time) of the left wing of the Demoncrat Party. Put more of these people on TV to let the country see who they are playing with. Ridicule is the greatest weapon (Rule 5: Saul Alinsky).

  16. I don’t think there are enough of them to really make a difference. After being slapped down a few times they may resort to guerrilla tactics, but so did Ayers’ Weathermen, and they didn’t get a following large enough to move needle, either. People will do the least amount of work to get what they want. If you don’t want a whole lot then the state confiscate to will provide for you as you do nothing. If you think your free-to-you handouts are coming to an end you may fight to keep them, but are you going to fight to the death to keep your welfare checks coming in? Doubtful. It’s easier to get a job and support yourself living self than to fight and die for your mamby pamby do nothing lifestyle.

  17. This article is nothing more but fake news drivel that right-wing nut-ball triggered snowflakes like you eat up.

    Incidents like this are only minor and do not represent real Americans compared to the constant hate crimes against minorities and LGBT, gun attacks, sexual assaults, vandalism attacks by supposed right-wing doomsday nuts and survivalist militias fanatics.

      • And yet no one is mentioning the attacks all over the US caused by these nutbars?

        You cite me attacks caused by “liberal progressives” when there is none.

        You’ll just as usual post me fake news articles as usual.

        • are you saying there weren’t riots outside of Milo events? What attacks by nut balls are you referring to?

        • Where did I cite anything about “liberal progressives”? You are literally arguing with yourself here. I asked you to cite a source. Are you just admitting you have none and are making it all up? Are you high right now?

        • So the half dozen op-eds by Berkley students and staff in support of an act of terrorism on their campus don’t exist? Really?

      • No.

        Not his writing ‘style’.

        This is the same twit with the real long nick that ‘disappeared’ a month back or so…

        • Yes.

          He has been posting here for years under different names, and sometimes pretending to a foreigner from a “safe, gun free” country like Australia or Norway, pretending to be aghast at American gun violence.

    • The highest murder and aggravated assault rates in the country are all in districts where Hillary reigned supreme. You can try to project that level of violence on your opposition, but it isn’t going to take.

      • find it hilarious when elements of truth are exposed about the left, the leftists instantly denounce it as “fake news” (or “Faux news” in libtard parlance), but yet if some juicy tidbit of dubious veracity is spread about conservatives, the left jumps on it as gospel truth. Face it, troll boy, you’re outnumbered here. I suppose, though, that it would be unfair of all of us to fight a battle of wits with you, since you arrived with absolutely NO ammunition…

        • And I find it hilarious that people like you are so brainwashed by every false story from whatever hate propaganda website like this one feds you.

          There have been more peaceful protest than “violent” ones like this BS article talks about.

          This website is what it is. Fake news.

          It’s creator robert farago being nothing more than a fascist, racist, homophobic, sexist, neo-nazi coward.

          The only incidents i’ve seen in this country is from right-wing freaks like you that hurt innocent people, suppress free information and free speech, intimidate innocents americans into silence with your fascist beliefs.

          And face it nazi thug, Real americans outnumber un-american nutbars like you.

          You’ve still not posted any evidence that proves any “left wing” attacks when in reality there are none.

          Your just brainwashed puppet statistic of fake news.

          • “Brainwashed”? I’ll take that as a compliment, as that implies I have a brain to wash. A liberal is someone whose “mind” (such as it is) is so “open” that what little brain they might once have had has all leaked out.

            Best way to “brainwash” a liberal is to give him an enema. Although I suspect you might enjoy that WAY too much…

          • Taking facts and statistics, which may or may not be distorted, and interjecting opinion to persuade or foster discussion is called Editorial.

            Distorting facts and statistics or passing opinion off as fact in order to suit a narrative is Fake News.

            Maybe if you learned the difference, you wouldn’t come off as such an insufferable idiot and people wouldn’t immediately disregard your comments.

        • Resistance, the man you are calling a Nazi is Jewish whose parents and Grandparents were victims of the Nazi death machine. You should apologize.

        • I find it ironic that the “resisitance” claims RF is a nazi when his own grandparents were killed by Nazis in concentration camps, and his own parents were survivors of the holocaust. Yeah, Farago turned into the evil thing that killed his family (Nazis). You know nothing, you fool. If you haven’t seen how many Trump supporters have been attacked by these rioters then you are living under a rock. One example is Portland – how many millions of dollars of damage was caused when Trump won? What about that Trump supporter in Chicago? Beaten up by people who are no doubt leftists (since why would a conservative beat up another Trump supporter for supporting Trump?). You’re blind to your own sides failings of violence.

        • Farago the NAZI fascist…thank you for the laugh of the day! All good fascists seek to avail people of all colors, creeds, religions and orientations to avail themselves of their right to armed self defense.
          You should really do your research, man…you’re not even making C-Level trolling here.

      • Dood. Don’t be coopting well-defined terms and misusing them for troll purposes, though I do understand that that’s what liberals do. I’d venture that most of us here are hardly snowflakes, and “triggering” events don’t cause us to run for Mommy. You’re certainly free to troll here if that’s your desire, but at least try to get part of your drivel correct.

  18. “America has fallen into civil war.”
    No it hasn’t. Not even remotely close. I suggest actually going somewhere engaged in a civil war before comparing it to the US.

    • +1. Thank you for the reality check. Let’s not fall into the same trap of ridiculous, emotional hyperbole that some on the left side of the aisle are in currently (“literally Hitler” and all that).

      • If you do not think the complete capture by leftists of the entire education system is not war, you fail to understand war. Read a bit of SunTsu.

          • Not everyone who experienced combat is familiar with Art of War
            – to wit:

            “therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.”

            “Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to paces where you are not expected” (note here – good guys are always on the defensive; offense works best)

            And the piece de resistance:
            “…only attack places which are undefended. you can ensure…your defense if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked.

            The enemy owns and holds the education system, and constantly attacks traditional values from there; that is war.

          • What I understand is the war is on, and most people are locked-up reading messages from fellow twits(ers).

        • Is the “culture war” against Western civilization really a war? Not literally. In the long run, however, leftist control of education, media, and entertainment is far more of a threat to life and liberty than 100,000 armed leftist revolutionaries.

          • Too many people think of war as restricted to gunfire. Not so. A naval blockade, stopping shipping without firing a shot, threatening to obliterate ships, that is war. It may turn to gunfire, may not. Devaluing currency of another country is a form of economic war. Preventing access to natural resources is a form of war. Destroying a nation/culture/society from within is a form of war. The most excellent way to win a war is to dishearten the enemy so that he poses no threat. The intentional attack upon another nation’s ability to survive, whether by gunfire or not, is war.

    • Agreed. While there’s certainly a topic of conversation along these lines, the last time I checked we were most decidedly NOT engaged in a civil war.

  19. There is a big difference between most of the actually peaceful protesters and Black Bloc/Antifa forces. The latter often do not even claim to have peaceful aims. They use violence to create spectical and thus attention.

  20. The dehumanizing rhetoric directed towards those with whom one has political disagreements is purpose-built to justify violence.

    The thing that really bothers me is overhearing otherwise-intelligent leftists privately discussing this stuff. They honestly buy into the ridiculous “Nazi” rhetoric. And these reasonable people doing so suggests to me that there will be a large number of less reasonable people willing to use it as justification for letting out some of their frustrations, in fairly extreme ways.

    • +1. The left defines “hate speech” on the internet and at university speaker events as “violence” in order to justify rioting and bringing actual physical violence to anyone who disagrees with them. Congrats on escaping to Texas.

  21. It’s not a civil war, but there are definitely a lot of angry Lefties out there. I’ve been on the line personally dealing with these A-holes blocking city streets and freeways. The overwhelming majority of these losers can be cleared with a simple high pressure fire hose and a whole lot of flex cuffs. Put out a news release and a new law that anyone arrested for blocking roads gets their welfare benefits suspended.

    • George Wallace was a racist S.O.B., but he said something decades ago I can wholeheartedly agree with:

      “If any demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it’ll be the last car he’ll ever lay down in front of.”

  22. So far they are attacking unattended limousines and vacant Starbucks. They wear masks and run in crowds.
    These are clearly characteristics of cowards.
    They will not stand up and face their adversaries. They may change tactics, but their character flaws remain.

    • I’ll preface my comment by saying that I think the claims that we’re in the midst of a cold-civil war are hyperbolic but these fascistic “anti-fascists” have done worse than merely destroy property. They’ve assaulted numerous people because they think differently than them. There’s plenty of footage of Trump/Milo supporters being bearing with metal poles and pepper-sprayed during the Berkeley riot. Granted, simple assault is just that but once people start violating the non-aggression principle over mere speech…even mere thoughts then the social contract breaks down. The threat posed by these assclowns are local and existential, lets hope it stays that way.

      • I meant to say “being beaten with metal poles.” Sometimes my fingers and my mind aren’t on the same sheet of music.

  23. They still think it’s all one big party. Smashing windows, burning cars, assaulting people even assaulting police.
    When somebody hits back they always scatter. Even in a 20 to 1 mob the moment that 1 hits back the 20 flee like roaches in bright light.

    Then they’ll have either arm up if they wish to continue assaulting people and property or they’ll have to dial it all back to true protest and none of this riot=protest nonsense.

    I personally like them rioting and hope to see lots more of it. Working well to ensure the (D)’s remain irrelevant for the next decade despite any Trump insanity. As crazy as Trump might be he’s not marching through your neighborhood in black masks, waving red flags and setting your cars on fire.

    • “I personally like them rioting and hope to see lots more of it. Working well to ensure the (D)’s remain irrelevant for the next decade despite any Trump insanity.” These riotous idiots are pushing the center to the right and they don’t even seem to realize it.

      • “These riotous idiots are pushing the center to the right and they don’t even seem to realize it.”

        Ssshhhhhh !! Quiet.

        When your enemy is making mistakes, get out of the way.

        • Eh, it’s not like they listen anyway. Even when a few leftists out there who can at least fake having two neurons to rub together say “Hey, knock that off! It’s making us look bad!” (f’rex Piers Morgan) no one on that side pays any attention, and keep on with the hysterical hyperbole and generally acting like they’re literally retarded (as in sub-70 IQs, not the generic insult) children in adult bodies who throw tantrums because they aren’t given their favorite candy bar.

          While like jwtaylor I’m skeptical of the “civil war” description in the article, I don’t think that the rioters and other violent a-holes on the left are going to get a clue until they get their heads bashed in or are assisted in assuming room temperature by little bits of lead moving at multiple hundreds of feet per second. They’re too wrapped up in their own fantasy world of Righteous Revolution(tm) to realize that the universe is the ultimate honey badger: It doesn’t give a [excrement] about anything, including their delusions of importance.

  24. Peaceful around here, seems to me the only places burning are places run by liberals.

    What can we learn from this?

      • I’d invite you to try harder when spouting off canned buzzwords to get a rise out of thinking adults, but something tells me you’ve never made much of an effort at anything in your life.

      • There you go using the term snowflake again. I do not think it means what you think it means.
        He won. Get over it. Remember that? Time to take your own advice princess.
        You keep coming in with this fake news bs. Yet not once have you cited a source to prove it’s fake.
        Also as this is a blog and not an actual news source your arguments from before and here on out are invalid.
        Thank you and have a nice day.

      • You know how I know “Resisitance” is an uneducated moron? Lack of spelling and grammar skills. He can’t even spell his name correctly. It’s “The_ Resistance”. It’s you’re, not your. And then there’s this gem “like every other snowflake sheeple believe on this website.”

      • Dude come out of your mom’s basement, stop drinking the Redbull and get a life. You wouldn’t know reality if it slapped you on the face.

  25. It’s my estimation that it might get violent and a few people might be killed but what the widespread violence that a few of the anarchists and “anitfa” want will not happen. Yes a beating might go to far or there might be a stabbing or perhaps a few CCW holders will lay a few of these assholes out on slabs but that’s where it will end.

    There aren’t a lot of these people who have the courage of their convictions to actually die for their beliefs. A few, but not many. The American Left is generally soft when it comes to real, true bare knuckle violence and society will only tolerate so much. A few riots are something society will tolerate. A few businesses lit on fire, a few windows smashed, a few cars flipped and a few people seriously fucked up. People generally see that as the reason for insurance. See LA in 1992.

    What the larger society won’t tolerate is widespread violence of that type or a concerted effort to make widespread violence a reality. At a certain point society will look at this as an “uprising” of violent fucktards that has crossed the line into being an insurrection. At that point the gloves will come off and the full autos will come out with the approval of the vast majority of people in this country. At that point the Left will reap the whirlwind and, quite frankly, I don’t think they have the balls for that. Looting a sports store or smashing a Starbucks while chanting slogans and dodging tear gas with your milk-soaked bandanna is fun for some of these folks. Very, very few of them will think it’s fun when the tear gas turns to live ammo. Getting arrested is a badge of honor for many of them. Few see a GSW that way.

    You can see this in the way these “antifas” work. If they were willing to die they’d shoot bullets at the cops rather than fireworks, which are generally meant to distract so that they can move somewhere. They know where the line is that will provoke a truly violent response against them and they actively try not to cross it.

    Are there people who want to see such an insurrection? Yes, but there are very few of them and fewer still willing to put their ass on the line to make it happen.

    Now, if race manages to get injected into this, that could change the dynamic. That could provoke blind rage in a segment of the population and blind rage is, well, blind. Those people might actually not think about what they’re doing and they might push it farther than they really intended to. I hope that doesn’t happen.

    Stay safe out there folks.

    • I tend to agree on the violence. I hope it remains limited to local skirmishes that flame out when the leaders are arrested. What is more worrisome to me is the radical politicization of EVERYTHING. Normal, everyday life is becoming a minefield. I have friends and family that have taken to the progressive/liberal POV so much that we no longer know what to say to each other. (Can’t even talk about the politicized weather any more.) Those of us who don’t care to live in a constant state of verbal combat tend to withdraw, and when we do radical elements move to fill the void. Every public discussion becomes overrun with shouting mobs that are MILES apart. No compromise seems possible. I wonder if we haven’t already become ungovernable, at least at the federal level.

  26. It’s kind of a bummer. They rarely venture out in really rural areas, so I’m pretty unlikely to find a crowd of them at my local Rural King, Tractor Supply Company or Walmart. It would be awfully amusing to see how that went for them. First mom with kids in tow who got hassled would pull out her CCW and send the whole mob packing (never bother a mama with cubs).

  27. Yes.

    How far they will get is difficult to say, but I wager not very far.

    Why do I say yes? On election night, the left curled up into the fetal position and cried like babies because Hillary lost. That is the type of blind loyalty and devotion you see in followers who will murder people on the orders of their leader.

    • Prove it that they were riots caused by “Evil Liberal Progressives.” when they’re are no factual news articles of it.

      When trump won the election there was an increase of hate crimes, vandalism, riots, sexual assaults, thefts and physical altercations caused by his nut-bar supporters.

      While the rest of us went on with our daily lives sadden over an illegally rigged by Russia election. People like you were out in force causing trouble for the rest of America.

  28. “Will The Left’s Civil War Turn Deadly?” We can only hope, and they better pray (daily) not. And all the sorry foreign mfs and “funders” better stay out of it too, because it won’t end until we bury a flag pole in their asses too.

  29. Don’t make the huge mistake of ignoring any of this as inconsequential. 160 million people have been murdered by leftists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot in the last 100 years ago.
    You probably won’t have to really worry until they form a national organization, open offices and start recruiting.

    Oh, wait, they have already have done that. Founded by James Messina and Michelle Obama, the Organizing for Action committee already has 30,000 members and has opened 250 offices:

    and guess who the leader of this merry little band of unicorns is?

    Barack Hussein Obama
    Follow the link and see where they want to take this

  30. Sporadic protests and minor rioting =/= civil war.

    All the sensationalism, melodrama, and vitriol oozing like pus from a festering boil on the collective anus of humanity is getting really tiresome.

    The cultural divide in this nation is now a chasm and I don’t ever see that changing. Why not agree to an amicable divorce, so to speak? Maybe the best thing for the nation to do would be voluntarily separate into a number of smaller nations along cultural lines. Maybe we’re just too big and too divided to exist.

    I mean, if we all hate each other this much (to the point where spiting the other side is the primary objective of life) why continue to play this game?

    • Because certain brands of evil should not be allowed to exist. Communism and socialism are at the top of my personal list.

      • Canada got its freedom from Britain without a blood bath or without squandering millions down the shit hole of war. Canada ended up with a superior form of government as well, a parliamentary system. We were led down the garden path to war by greed monger merchants that were to stingy and cheap to pay a few pennies in taxes and we ended up biting off the hand that was feeding us, Britain. We lost access to world wide markets and the country was set back a good 20 years and we ended up with an inferior form of a weak Central Government and we have been paying the price for that stupidity for the last 241 years.

        The solution to all problems from the Far Right is the glory of war, death and destruction. Unfortunately history has proven it is no solution at all.

    • It just makes rational sense to me. For example, a left wing nanny stater up his own ass with self righteousness doesn’t want some bible thumping hillbilly from Kentucky dictating policies that apply to him and vice versa. It makes sense just to part ways and let everyone wallow in their own their own particular brand of awfulness (west coasters can self righteously congratulate themselves on how very progressive they are while at the same time passing more and more anti-homeless ordinances while the rich/poor divide grows ever wider and people in the deep south can establish the white christian hegemony they’ve had hardons for ever since the first plantation was founded) .

      Of course, that will never happen. No one really wants freedom. All factions want to impose their own particular worldview on everyone else. Yay authoritarianism/totalitarianism!

      • This is exactly what our federal system was designed to avoid. Unfortunately, people with power always want more power; the further away from public accountability the better. This is what has given us our all powerful imperial government in Washington D.C. In part this explains the rancor and animosity evident in American politics today. We’ve changed the nature of our government such that whoever controls Washington can impose their will on the rest of the nation. It was not supposed to be this way.

  31. Leftists are poison to civilization no doubt. However, I will point out that gun rights in my state of Florida are not so hot because of Republicans. They love “gun free zones” , waiting periods (enshrined in the Constitution)and hate open carry. So screw them too.

  32. Don’t make the huge mistake of ignoring any of this as inconsequential. 160 million people have been murdered by leftists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot in the last 100 years ago.
    You probably won’t have to really worry until they form a national organization, open offices and start recruiting.

    Oh, wait, they already have done that. The Organizing for Action committee already gas 30,000 members and has opened 250 offices:

    and guess who the leader of this merry little band of unicorns is?

    Barack Hussein Obama

    • I’d have to guess this will turn into something like the Clinton Foundation. In other words, a way for Obummer to get richer.

  33. Here’s the deal: they can demonstrate all they want, in conjunction with their First Amendment rights. As soon as they become rioters trying to overthrow the government by force, they are seditious terrorists, and at that point discussion is over. They will have ceded their rights to protection by the country they seek to overthrow. I will not stand by and watch it happen. I lived through the ’60’s. Remember Kent State? At some point, just on the basis of odds, a gun is going to go off. But there are no martyrs here; they are not protesting injustice. They are protesting the right of free people to select their government. And that’s not negotiable. Civil war, indeed. The last one didn’t work out so well for those seeking to change things by force, instead of at the ballot box.

  34. I challenge the resistance to a bare knuckled brawl. I would love to beat the shit out u, leave u bloody in the middle of the street. Anytime, anywhere u little girl.

    • Go easy, man…that’s exactly what the left wants. This whole ultra-left shit show seems to be all about provoking a confrontation, provoking action by law enforcement or “extremist gun nuts” that then becomes undeniable video proof (that can be replayed by CNN for days on end) that conservatives are indeed fascists.

    • You’ve likely just challenged a person who is legally a child and scores a couple standard deviations below the average on most standardized tests, literally a retarded child.

  35. “Rest assured, the left’s fanciful plans for a socialist utopia has no room for gun rights or other personal freedoms.”

    I would go further and say that in fact, it has no room for anyone who disagrees. Meaning, they will murder every last person who is “an evil fascist” which is everyone who opposes their agenda.

    Ironically, many of them have read 1984 and cannot make the connection.

  36. Upside down / top side down and inside out , Rules for Radicals , Saul Alinsky is admired and strictly adhered to by the leaders of the Progressive Party ( formally Democratic Party ) Obama , Hillary and their crews . George Soros also supports these principles of anarchy . We need to ignore these anarchist movements and go about the processes of dismantling the tentacles of Big Government slowly and surely , the foundations of their power . Ignore them , they mostly play with orange tipped air guns .

  37. Anyone ever read the history of the events that led up to the 1973 coup d’etat in Chile. Interesting reading, if you’ve a historical bent.

  38. Woe unto the mofos who try to burn down the college I attend while I’m in class, either Antifa types or otherwise. Burn down what you want AFTER I’m done. Yes, I am selfish which is better than shellfish.

  39. “What happens when leftist ideologues begin burning down businesses and/or residences in the middle of the night? What happens when these people are willing to murder their neighbors over political differences? When they start using guns in these “peaceful protests”?”

    Nothing, unless government backs them up by harassing those who protect their business from wannabe burners.

    The government is always the problem. Not some spoilt brat so hopelessly clueless he thinks he can fight a realistic “war” today, while being against guns, of all things.

    And, in addition; the only way these clowns can morph their terrible twos tantrums into something relevant, is to thoroughly immerse themselves in gun culture. And then, they have become one of us, no matter what they set out to be in the first place. It’s not like that famous Blackhawk was shot down by a bunch of college kids with black masks and cheesy slogans, out too show the world how they, too, can dream of getting laid by joining a “protest movement” like their parents did, after all.

    So, stop fearing those clowns. The threat is government. Who may very well back up the clowns, as setting people up against eachother and then “protecting” one from the other, is what government always does. But that doesn’t mean the clowns are the threat. Just that they are the latest in the eternal series of excuses governments employ to justify itself to the poor saps to dense to realize where the real threat lies.

  40. These nitwits are going to start getting shot. One of them already has been in Washington.

    Like their SA and SS ancestors, they’re tough beating up people who can’t or won’t fight back.

  41. Im serious. Im tired of liberal scum hiding behind masks, crying about everything. Wearing vagina hats, safe spaces, puppies, rioting. Again, my offer stands. Resistance, hit me up.

  42. I’m just going to sum up the article and the entire comments section right now: liberals suck, circle jerk, circle jerk, confimation bias.

    • And your utterly pointless remark contributed nothing of value to it whatsoever.


  43. will end up taking care of or selfes,, the cops work 8 hours a day,, an there going to go home at night, so when the shit hits the fan,,Iam ready for those leftys,,, alll the way

  44. “What happens when leftist ideologues begin burning down businesses and/or residences in the middle of the night? What happens when these people are willing to murder their neighbors over political differences?”

    We call that a “target-rich environment”, and it will constitute an excellent reason to respond with equal force.

  45. We do need an organized Patriot Guard. As a veteran I was curious if there was already something like this for vets.

    We need a group to Crack down on the riots when the police fail to act.

    We are not safeguarding the Republic and many of us know it. Victims of our own success we have grown complacent.

  46. What’s up “The_Resisitance”?

    Did this story hit a little too close to home for you? You’re sure pretty wrapped around the axle on this one!


  47. I don’t know what will happen.

    But I do know that I’m thankful that I have guns, ammunition, and the training to use them.

    I hope we don’t see all-out war. But if it comes to war, the side with the most weapons, ammunition and training will win.

  48. I’m not worried. Social liberal extremists (Democrats) hate guns and wouldn’t touch them to save their own lives. Got nothing to worry about.

  49. Its because resistance is a liberal pussy. Tired of this shit. Go worship ashley judd, michael moore, madonna, pussy. Need more people standing up to these fetus killing, godless assholes.

  50. I see multiple outcomes to this:
    1: they will burn themselves out, go home, and go back to bitching on Twitter and Facebook (the one option I will be hoping for).
    2: an Antifa thug will get handy with the wrong person, and will get shot for it, which will
    A; will make an example to these jerks that they should seriously reconsider their methods, or
    B; fuel the fires even more, and make them act even more violent and destructive preeemptively.

  51. Well the left has never tried the “Revolution” in a country with half a million firearms in the hands of it’s citizens.

    I say do it, just do it.

    You can’t fix stupid but you can sure as hell kill it.

    • Half a million? I bet there were at least half a million civilian firearms in many of the countries that have gone through revolutions.

        • In any event I will not be slaughtered without a fight, as probably anyone who reads and comments here.

          The Alpha males and females just aren’t going to lay down.

          They have no idea who they are picking a fight with. They are thugs who commit cowardly acts of violence.

  52. We are now encountering the newest generation of Bolsheviks, they shouldn’t be treated any differently than their predecessors.

  53. What we have here is a precursor to a potential low-grade long-term civil war. What’s going on today in terms of violence is nothing in comparison to the racial and class violence of the late 60s and early 1970s. Weatherman, etc…those guys actually carried out assassinations and bombings on a weekly basis.

    And for the most part, it fizzled out after awhile. Society adjusted and people moved on with their lives.

    Why? Because most of the revolutionaries were opportunists. They weren’t there for “the cause”, they were there for short-term gain or some momentary catharsis.

    Anyways, I don’t think the low-grade civil war will play out with the teams aligned as they are now. Why?

    Too many opportunists on the left. Most of them are looking for cheap thrills or a to make a quick buck for a smash and grab. The revolutionary ideal isn’t in them. They’ll smash a Best Buy, take a laptop, and go home. They’re not gonna hang around and go collecting signatures to raise taxes on the rich or ban guns.

    A real civil war could be precipitated if there’s a progressive authoritarian government installed in this country. When guys and girls with government guns come to take our rights, that’s when the war would start. Right now it’s just hooliganism.

  54. This isn’t a civil war. The left is having a tantrum cause the annointed one lost an election(Hail Lord Trump. Blessings upon his house and issue). All this will do is help install more right leaning pols come mid terms.

    As for balkanizing the US. We have way too many enemies. A fractured US would last about 30 seconds and then the vultures would be picking our bones.

  55. Right now they have a strong tendency, much like BLM, to destroy their own stuff and places.

    Let’s see em start marching into places that aren’t liberal havens.

  56. They, “the Left”, comprised of Socialists, Communists, their violent Anarchist (AntiFa/AntiRa) stormtroopers getting their marching orders from Globalists want it, a “revolution”, but they are woefully unprepared for battle. Sure they are effective en masse when police are ordered to “stand down” by superior officers and elected officials but once, just once, they come face to face with law enforcement not hampered by burdensome “Rules of Engagement” and feel the impact of copper-jacketed lead rather than rubber projectiles they will be forced to “up” their game or submit.

    Make no mistake Globalist puppetmaster Georgy Schwartz aka “George Soros” is quite adept at financing and engineering “revolutions”, he’s successfully done it numerous times before with the latest being Ukraine where his paid thugs ousted the duly elected leader. Don’t be fooled, contrary to what the previous administration and the Liberal Media claim they are far from “bloodless” coups just look at Syria and Ukraine today, both are products of the Cultural Marxist/Fabian Socialist/Globalist “Left”. The Ferguson and Baltimore Riots were Schwartz/Soros’ handiwork as is every other “Leftist” protest/demonstration but now that we were victorious in November 2016 and President Donald J. Trump is sitting in the Oval Office the situation is more critical for our adversaries, the true enemies of freedom.

    The Globalists/Socialists/Communists (Russia is no longer “Communist”) will always use rely upon the Anarchists to do their, ‘the Left’s”, dirty-work but as I have said before in numerous comments here once the Anarchists then the Socialists followed by the Communists have served their purpose they are eliminated this time the Globalists being the top of the food-chain rather than as before the Commies.

    What the Hell, let them, the Left, fire the 21st Century’s “shot heard round the world” what they will receive in return is a fusillade from unrestrained law enforcement and law-abiding citizens of ALL races after all what are we to do with all that ammo we’ve been stockpiling for the last eight (8) years.

    In the end we WILL emerge the victors, sure “urban” areas will suffer the most (as they should) for they are the centers for stoking unrest, they are responsible for electing the tyrants, their populace actively promotes the Liberal policies while at the same time financing and sustaining those that seek to erase our existence.


  57. Lhshtr, Its time for the right to wake up again. the lefty’s think 10 people voted for Trump, not. We are sick and tired of these politicans taking advantage of the people. Its time to throw them out. Sounds like the politicans don’t understand that nor doe’s the fake news. It’s time for us to kick ass (again). I hope and pray it doesn’t come to a revolt, but it may and then it will be over, quickly!!! All be careful and watch our backs for the devil is there.

  58. ” It’s a revolution forced upon the lower classes that gets corporations to signal their allegiance. The colleges are at the center of this revolution for a reason: they give the credentials. If the kids ever start rejecting the college system then we’ll know something has changed”

  59. An armed citizen was forced to defend himself at a Milo event already. The “anti fascists ”
    Picked the wrong victim that night and one of them left in an ambulance with more holes in their body than they had before picking that fight.

    • If I remember correctly the police in Seattle have determined that the shooting at the Milo event was “black on black” (note the small “B”) violence ie. AntiFa/AntiRa scum shooting Occupy refuse. It appears Leftist #1 saw only a portion of Leftist #2’s anti-Swastika armband (red circle with diagonal stripe ala Ghostbusters over a Swastika) and thinking he was a “real” Nazi shot him in the stomach.

      Leftist #2, the supposed “victim”, is now charged with multiple counts of “Weapons Possession” ie. brass knuckles and knife and “Battery/Assault” for his actions in attacking Milo event goers earlier that evening. Police had been trying to identify and track Leftist #2 but had lost him in the crowd of similarly dressed (all black) Anarchists.

      The best part of all this is Leftist #1, the shooter, is still NOT in the clear, detectives contend he armed himself and attended the riot with express purpose of shooting a Milo supporter or Milo himself thus the investigation is still “Open” and we may see yet another indictment. What I find hilarious is the shooter appears to be “Asian” so there will be no outcry from BlackLivesMatter thugs.

      You just CAN’T make this $hit up, if these are our enemies our victory WILL be a quick one but as always we MUST watch our backs as they are a cowardly bunch, they will ALWAYS attack in a group and from behind then flee or disappear into a crowd.

  60. All I’ve got to say to anyone that puts up an ambush or law enforcement First Responders is a straight up pussy. They don’t want to fight like real men they want to hide in the shadows and shoot at people that don’t know they’re being shot at. If I was that Chief of Police in that area where that happened I would have told the officers to shoot first ask questions later. Now I know that will never be issued as an order but these people are starting to come unstitched and they’re working themselves up into a big frenzy eventually it is going to escalate.. I can’t even understand how a peaceful protest can turn out into an ambush Massacre?? These people are really big pieces of shit. This country is going to hell in a handbasket for a fascist socialism something needs to be done by our president as soon as possible. He’s letting these people get away with murder and violent outbursts Molotov cocktails and burning Flags it’s a bunch of shit.
    I would really like all of this fruitcake liberal Progressive types be run out of town the sooner the better. But if they want to start a revolution and start burning buildings that’s their choice it will be mine to take as many of them out as possible if they start breaking the law and hurting people it’s all up to us. When will the administration start stomping these people out?? If you don’t believe in the Constitution or the American flag or all of the traditions we have held dear to us then you shouldn’t be living here it’s a simple as that. Will get one of those real crappy Airlines like JetBlue to fly mall to Mexico let him live there for a couple of years they’ll be cutting off their fingers trying to get back into our country by climbing over that big wall I expect to be built hopefully. Keep the illegals out and get rid of the ones in this country that don’t deserve to be here. We’ve got a real problem in this country with these leftist morons. nothing good is going to come out of this post. This is going to be a crap storm coming keep your powder dry and your guns clean it’s a-comin.

    • Sorry Herr Hauptman but the Police in this country are getting what they deserve. Due to the fact that they receive little or no training and that they know that the system is rigged in their favor they then know beyond any doubt they can solve any and every even minor problem by murdering people. I guess this is one time the excess amount of civilian gun ownership was a plus. Even the Cops began to realize that when you are exposed on National TV committing outrageous murders there are people that are going to come to get you in revenge. Its a shame that Obama did not have more time to change our corrupt Police protecting courts and start imprisoning these Cop thugs that commit so many wanton murders. As this would have put a stop to it damn quick and actually saved police lives as there would have not been the retaliatory killings against Cops. But that is way over the heads of the Far Right.

      As far as deporting people who do not deserve to be here. Your at the top of the list. I would point out a real American that was a Muslim and held up a copy of the Constitution which he proved Herr Trump obviously never read. Its often proven that refugees that come here and immigrants that come here have a far more appreciative view of America and actually believe in all of the Constitution unlike people like you who only pick and chose little of it when we are speaking of supporting all of it.

      We need more Refugees and lots less people like you. Please go back to your country of origin. We need fresh blood, we need more real Americans and that means more Refugees.

  61. “Make no mistake: there is a violent faction of radicals who want a physical fight”

    It wil end when their leaders are shot or imprisoned.

  62. The ANTIFA and BAMN are pussies used to meeting no resistance and no law enforcement.

    They won’t start a civil war, they’ll just jump indivials 20 to 1. they’ll just scream down conservative speakers on college campi. they’ll just use their authority as school teachers to silence dissent.

    They are the real “fascists”, using their own definition of fascism.

    But ending them is really easy: start prosecuting them for terrorism, civil rights violations, and RICO. The reason they still exist is simply because sympathetic democrat politicians haven’t enforced existing laws.

  63. The ANTIFA and BAMN are cowards used to meeting no resistance and no law enforcement.

    They won’t start a civil war, they’ll just jump individuals 20 to 1. they’ll just scream down conservative speakers on college campi. they’ll just use their authority as school teachers to silence dissent.

    it’s funny, because one dared any conservative to fight in the octagon and boasted that no one took him up on it. until Tim Kennedy literally said “I’m your huckleberry”, and the violent leftist promptly disappeared from the interwebs.

    They are the real “fascists”, using their own definition of fascism.

    But ending them is really easy: start prosecuting them for terrorism, civil rights violations, and RICO. The reason they still exist is simply because sympathetic democrat politicians haven’t enforced existing laws.

  64. While I don’t believe it will be a traditional civil war with actual uniformed forces, squaring off against each other in the burbs, I do believe it will go alot like Ireland circa The Troubles. Or for those of us a bit young to remember that-Iraq circa 2007-now

    You have a small fringe group who was at least half of their part of the country neutral to their actions, if not, out right supporting them. They have the MSM who will run their stories and give it a good white washing. You have Higher Education who allows this type of crap to start fomenting on their campuses because their professors supported it back in the 70s. And last but not least, you have the Entertainment media who walks out on the red carpet and tells middle america how terrible they are and how the coasts are the truly enlightend ones.

    So yes, the left will motivate itself to start doing dumb stuff at some point. The only things stopping them is a trip to Club Fed.

    I expect car bombs, assassination attempts on right sided socio-political figures etc. The left wants to have a very safe fight. They want symbolism behind their moves more than they want actual military effecincy…effincey…eff..affi..however you spell the damn word. But it still works, because it causes fear, and it motivates the bench sitters on their side.

    I could be wrong, but I watched the samething unfold in the sand box. It might take a while. but it eventually works.

  65. “At this time, there appears to have been one gunman with no known links to or inspiration from any international terrorist organization,” Homeland Security Secretary Johnson said Friday afternoon.
    This quote describes the shooter of the Dallas officers. He was veteran. He is only a “Leftist” if you are typing this article with your head up your “Far Right” a**!

    • Are you referring to the BLM shooter of Dallas cops?

      He most certainly was a leftist. The stated policy demands of BLM are so fsr left that they sound like a 1965 radical. They include “free” college, “guaranteed” minimum income, reparations, etc.

      There are leftist veterans. Usually they were suck-azz troops while on active duty.

      • I’m not saying I condone his methods, but it sounds like you are saying that if you care about cops killing unarmed black kids in the streets it makes you a leftist. You can’t deny that it is happening.

        • what do “minimum gauranteed income”, “free college”, and reparations have to do with concern over police shootings of blacks?

          And since the vast majority (90%) of black shooting victims are shot by black thugs, rational people would concentrate on THAT first.

          BLM is histrionic and irrational. It is nothing but a front to justify looting and racial shakedowns for more handouts.

          • Aaron, what do any of the things you irrationally put into your response have to do with the guy who shot the Dallas cops being, in your terms, a leftist. Sounds like you could benefit from free college so you can make a rational argument.

  66. They are doing all in their power to discredit Trump. The media is against him and will try to get the non voting criminals and the diddonuffins to follow along, but when they can get the right to agree that Trump is not working for them, it will be time to turn up the fire and try to force Trump out.
    While I am a freedom guy and think that it is all about control over the populace and would like to see the freedoms we hold dear to be sacrostant, I still have to be suprised that Trump is doing what he said he would do. I hope he keeps up with it and then goes after the states that are denying our rights. We have the largest part of 2 years to get things done before the house can get in new blood.

    Keep it up, Trump.

    • Mr Trump is doing enough to discredit himself with his traitorous contacts with Russia. And you Donuffins comment is racist…but I think you know that.

  67. I think this will be like Venezuela. The Left will keep pushing, every election will let them drift farther left, they’ll kick and scream when out of power, keep things frozen, and keep pushing with the bureaucracy and judiciary.

    The lower house in Venezuela cannot remove Maduro or undo anything he has done because the Left granted him emergency powers when they held it. Maduro won’t sign anything they pass, and even a recall will just put his VP in, and not for the rest of his term, but for a new, full term.

    People are starving to death, there is no medicine or toilet paper, but the right is still too polite to fight in the streets.

  68. The paranoia of the Far Right amuses me to no end. The majority of terrorist violence has come from the White American born Far Right with Dillon Roof as their chief cheer leader and poster boy. Attacks on Minority churches read that Black, Jewish, and Muslim are becoming an almost monthly ritual.

    A few Far Right Wing Christians are even calling for a Christian Caliphate (Catholics not included) which will outlaw all other religions, force Christian teachings on public school students, force Christian religious symbols in and on all public buildings. After all in the past it was Bill Graham that went before Congress warning that if John F. Kennedy got in as President he would form a Catholic Caliphate. Today the Catholic boogey man has been replaced by the Muslim boogey man but the far Right is so Blind that if they would just choose to open their eyes they would see that Muslims have not only fitted in here in America they have become very successful at many professional occupations. There are doctors, dentists, postmen, convenience store owners and the entire city council of one Michigan city is now 100 per cent Muslim. And the man who invented the “I” phone came form horror of horrors Syria. You know the boogey man state that so far has about 10,000 refugees here and none of them has committed a terrorist act.

    As far as the trouble at the university the people arrested turned out not to be students there at all. And the young Nazi that was to speak did it only as a publicity stunt. He knew he would win no converts at that liberal University but rather he was there to draw attention to himself so that he could draw more fanatical Far Right Wing Nazi’s to his cause. America actually embarrassed itself amongst the rest of the Civilized countries of the world because they have outlawed hate speech. Free speech in the civilized world does not include hate speech that deliberately is designed to incite violence and murder. But of course Trump proved that was the best way to get elected in America. Just prey on the uneducated, make outlandish untrue accusations such as the ridiculous Birther baloney which Trump himself later admitted was an out right lie. And of course prey on the ignorant Far Rights fears of the boogey men which include millions of immigrants on welfare when in actuality they come here to work for corrupt Republican Businessmen who lure them here and prevent any immigration reform such as guest work programs which would make the corrupt Republican Businessmen pay at least minimum wage, or benefits or workers comp. Heaven forbid treating human beings in a civilized manner.

    The Far Left knows how to win politically and that is their key to booting out the Republican majority in Congress in just 2 short years. Lets face cold hard facts if the Republicans fuck up health care they are guaranteed to be booted right out of Congress. They found out how mad their own Republican constituents were this week in the Republican Town Hall meetings. But no matter the corrupt Republicans are heavily invested in the Insurance and Drug industry and the more they rip off and bankrupt sick people the more millions the Republicans make in blood money.

    There is only one drawback to the Republicans being kicked out in two years and that of course is Second Amendment Rights but lets face facts we gun owners are not only a minority but the majority of gun owners are Senior Citizens. Doubt my word than just go to any gun show and you will see very few young people. So what are Seniors most worried about, well you should know and that is health care, college debt for their children or grand children and a “European Livable Wage” for millions of their relatives still working. All this the Republicans are dead set against. You can bet that in two years millions of Seniors will be voting Democrat and the gun issued will not be in the forefront of their worries rather going bankrupt because of inadequate health care will be.

  69. The south would win the next civil war. The south now has the industry. The south has firearms manufacturing. According to Guns and Ammo magazine only two gun makers are in California and may be a few gun parts makers. In the south “there is a gun behind every blade of grass.” In the North and California “they” know where your guns are. Coastal California will burn. Seattle will burn and so will Portland. But eastern California, eastern Oregon and eastern Washington State will be ok.

    The culture of California has changed. I don’t think Oregon and Washington state are there yet. They might be saved. Those in California, you all need to learn Spanish and get prepared to have only a 22 rifle and a 38 revolver, if you are allowed to have them by the new Mexican government. Since there is only one legal gun store in all of Mexico you will have to travel there to get permission for a bolt action or break action 22 rifle.

    • The South Would not win the next Civil war as the South of today has much changed since the racist days of the Civil War. In recent survey’s taken the majority of Southern People said they thought the various Civil War flags were a disgrace and should be moved to museums only. Although there are still pockets of the Southern Appalachian archaic racist mentality they are slowly dying out.

      • Southern racists???
        Wow, when I was a kid in the 1970s in California there were KKK rallies and cross burnings from Sacramento to San Diego. California is as racist as any other state in America. The difference is in Kentucky I have no limits on gun types, no waiting period. And there is no state registration system here. But you have to register your guns in California.

        When the tyrannical city government of Berkeley lets people be attacked. The police do nothing. Just like what appened in the south in the 1950s. Only the city government workers in Berkeley have guns.
        Now what are you going to do??????

        • Yes I agree with you that there are Right Wing Racist Nazi’s in all states but the difference is when the Governments of those states are populated with Racists too.

          A recent study down in South Carolina proved that the foreign country of Iran actually had a more Democratic Government than the sham Democracy in South Carolina. Now that is shocking.

          Although Texas is considered the most Racist and has the most brutally sadistic Government, Kentucky is not all that far behind.

          As far as Kentucky’s free wheeling lack of gun laws this is exactly what feeds the blood bath in big cities like Chicago. More than one study as well as police gun tracings have found that states like Kentucky are a conduit feeding second hand guns into the world of crime, rape and murder. Although we have had gun registration since the 1968 Gun Control Act it never covered the sale of second hand guns which turned out to be a disaster and a blood bath. By being able to vet all gun sales with back ground checks the amount of guns getting into the wrong hands would cut the underground gun trade drastically. No, its not a panacea but the way things are now its insane not to pass such a law.

          Also there is the responsibility factor. When people own guns that are not traceable back to them they often make no effort to keep them from being stolen either and when they are stolen often fail to report them to the Police as well. When a person has a gun registered to him he is far more vigilant and careful to prevent it from being stolen such as not leaving it in plain site on a table by a window or on a car seat because he knows if it is stolen and used in a crime he is going to have the cops at his door. Therefore besides being more careful such as using a safe to store them in he will also immediately report a stolen gun as well. As you can see the full registration of guns has more benefits than one might realize as it has been proven in other countries to have contributed to less guns being stolen and most of them being reported when they are stolen.

          The idea that you can keep your gun if they outlaw them if its unregistered is a fantasy as well. The average citizen has a job, a house and a family and investments. If such a law were past the average citizen would never risk trying to keep and hide a gun he could never even use anyway. For if used even in a legitimate self-defense situation he would go to jail right along with the criminal and be even worse off because the criminal has no assets while the citizen would lose everything he owned or would ever own. So as far as keeping your guns it does not depend on having one being unregistered but rather preventing politicians from passing such laws in the first place.

        • cisco kid
          You need to enter into the 21st century. It is left wing racist who want to take guns away from black people. You mentioned South Carolina. They have some of the worst gun law black codes still on the books, in the southern region.
          You brought up Chicago. Do I have to remind you it is run by a Jewish democrat and former white house chief of staff. Blaming others for the poor decisions the mayor and city council made only makes the city leadership look weak. But they do have plenty of government guns to protect them.

          The NRA is doing a fine job in Kentucky. All the right people hate their guts.

          “And with Republicans now in control of both legislative chambers, Louisville Democratic Rep. Jim Wayne said the proposal is likely “dead on arrival”

          “I don’t think in this state when you have as many NRA members in the legislature as we do, then it’s impossible to have them loosen the state laws regarding more strict gun safety ordinances in metro government.”

          • Nice to hear things are turning around down there. The former corrupt, lying Democrats of the Commonwealth of Kentucky still owe me $6000.

  70. I don’t really meet a lot of leftists in the hood. I meet libertarians. And then plenty of anarchists.

  71. I would LOVE the “tolerant left” to push their socialist agenda and see what happens.

    They say they want a war, but they do not fully appreciate the war they are asking for. The military is mostly on the right, as are most police officers, not the appointed “talking heads” of the departments.

    I say bring it on, the sooner the better. Then we can gather up all their regressive asses which survive and deport them to their new country of KKKalifornia!

  72. he left wanted God and prayer out of our schools. They wanted to have children raised without the burden of morals and ethics. They encouraged children they were never at fault for their own actions, someone or something else was always to blame. Now we all suffer because of it.