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“Anytime there’s a shooting, that’s concerning. When an officer-involved shooting involves a death, it’s even more so. And when the person who is killed is a black teenager it taps into deep historical wounds. We can’t sit here today and ignore what’s happening across our country. I’m not assigning blame. I’m not assigning judgment today. What I am doing is this: I’m affirming that the events that happened here in Portland are happening all too often.” – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in Police: teen killed, homeless man wounded had fake guns when shot [via]

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    • “And come election time, don’t you dare hold me accountable for the actions undertaken by those who ultimately do what I tell them to!”

  1. More liberal whining. Blacks are more involved in crime than any other race. but they want a pass on every thing they do or its racism.

  2. I read this as the mayor actually waiting for facts and an investigation prior to rendering a decision on whether or not there was misconduct. More respectable than most other mayors who have been placed in similar situations IMO

    • If he had come out and said, ‘let’a wait for the investigation,’ I would agree. What he did do was repeat the BLM party line that ‘this is happening too often’ when black people are actually disproportionately UNDER-represented in OIS incidents. In spite of blacks committing violent crimes out of proportion to their population, you’re statistically far more likely to get shit as a white male. This was the conclusion of a black Harvard scholar. For this guy to say that ‘it’s happening too often’ IS throwing cops under the bus.

      • Saying these events are happening too often can also be understood as saying that too many people of color are committing crimes which puts them at risk of getting shot.

        Somehow I don’t think that’s what Mr. Mayor meant. But it is a brilliantly ambiguous statement which is a social Rorschach Test.

        • It’s a dog whistle. It will be heard only one way by the left. And on the right, well, we know how the left will hear it.

          Because the alternate interpretation, that too many black kids are engaging in violent crime and being justifiable killed for it, that’s not something a prog will ever come out and say.

  3. How hard is it to understand that it’s still a violent crime to rob someone at gun point even if the gun is fake or real and unloaded. How is a victim or cop to know if a gun is a replica or unloaded? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • Some people like to be the contestants on “let’s win a few rounds from the fuzz”. Nothing more, nothing less. Its like being mad after receiving your “brand new car!” when you spun the wheel.

    • If they had been arrested for the act, rather than shot, they would still have been charged with the crime of armed robbery, even if the pistol was carved from a bar of soap and painted black with Shinola.

      Why the surprise then if they are shot in the act while carrying a replica pistol that actually looks like the real thing.

        • Probably just because it isn’t their jurisdiction. “oh man I can’t hassle this law abiding subject right here! Shucks, I suppose I’ll go back to checking the contents of every red solo cup in my area of oppression.” This only funny if you’ve actually spent a bit of time around the blm people.

  4. “the events that happened here in Portland are happening all too often.”

    This is what politicians say when they don’t understand the real causes and have no feasible solutions.

      • No, but of course large population centers tend to run states. In some cases (like PA) it’s somewhat balanced. In CA and NY, not at all balanced.

      • and those living outside the large population centers, physically and/or philosophically, are left with no representation and effectively disenfranchised. That’s how it is in California anyway.

  5. I’ll wait out the investigation for final judgment but this isn’t looking good on the part of this yout. I think odds are above average he played a stupid game, and won a stupid prize. If he’s robbing people at gunpoint (real or fake) he certainly takes the risk of getting shot.

    Do you think he passed a UBC to get that fake gun? Just wondering if it prevented him from getting shot, or prevented him from robbing someone.

  6. “I’m affirming that the events that happened here in Portland are happening all too often.” No doubt about it. There are FAR too many people doing stupid things and making stupid comments about them. Some of them are even mayors.

  7. He is engaging in the classic politician past time of saying as little as possible with as many words as possible to take up as much time as possible to prevent as many questions as possible before he has to leave for another engagement as fast as possible.

    His statement is meaningless. Traffic fatalities happen with alarming regularity but if you’re getting up to a podium to bleat about it at least have an idea or two about how to do something.

  8. Mr. Mayor, that was a cute way to say please don’t burn down my city because I don’t have the balls to back up my cops.

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