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The Congressional Investigation into Operation Fast & Furious was a damp squib. Despite incontrovertible evidence that the feds channeled firearms to the Sinaloa drug cartel, despite the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry at the hands of a “rip crew” enabled by the ATF, despite Attorney General Eric Holder’s Contempt of Congress citation, those responsible for F&F walked scot-free. The upcoming movie Sicario . . .

isn’t based on Fast and Furious, but it “reveals” U.S. government complicity with the Mexican drug cartels. It won’t change U.S. policy, but the action thriller will highlight the desperate situation south of the border and open some eyes to American hypocrisy and perfidy. Mightn’t it?

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  1. I’m glad you put revealed in quotes. It’s a movie. It won’t “reveal” anything. Open some eyes? Doubt it. Everybody already knows about the hypocrisy and perfidy(?). Some care. Some don’t. And so it goes.

  2. Nah, it will get interpreted as a work of fiction and dismissed by 99% of viewers.

  3. It’ll have the same effect “Elite Squad 2” caused in Brazil-a greater awareness of a problem the average Joe would rather pretend is someone else’s.

    If you’re clueless what the movie “Elite Squad 2” is about, square yourself away immediately & watch it TTAG’er!

  4. If the movie in any way was harmful or revealing about a Democrat administration’s wrongdoings, Hollywood wouldn’t have made it.

  5. So you don’t recognize that anything coming out Hollywood is propaganda? That’s hard to believe.

    • Hell yeah!
      That trailer summed up why people should have military grade firearms in just a few exciting minutes.
      I can’t wait to see the full two hours.

    • I wonder if they will cover the fact that many of the autodefensas developed into gangs and cartels, themselves.

      Some of them were created just for that purpose, under the guise of protecting the citizens, while simultaneously running protection rackets, transporting drugs to generate revenue, etc. Many of them are no better than the larger gangs of which they claim to be in defense.

      A lot of the initial movement was sincere, but nowadays they are just as corrupt as the police or any other Mexican organization.

  6. LOL Josh Brolin is a younger Sean Penn who is a younger male version of Jane Fonda. Josh don’t get involved with anything that portrays the US in a positive light. From the trailer it looks to be as Alex Jonesian as can be. Truth will have little room in this script I suspect.

    • The guy who tried to make Che Guevara look like a hero of the people, rather than the sociopathic murderer that he was?

      It’s people like Benicio who turn “never again” into “yes, please.”

        • Did he shoot a hagiography of a mass murderer who makes Manson look like an juvenile delinquent?

          Who cares who wrote the script. If he got a script extolling the virtues of Joesph Goebbels as a voice of freedom in Europe, he would somehow be absolved for producing that film by your head-in-the-sand pretzel logic?

  7. I think you’re expecting a lot from the entertainment industry and the American public.

  8. I know that freedom will out. It’s called evolution. Those that are easily led and easily manipulated will die by the hands of thier masters, it is in their nature.

    Those that think for themselves and follow natural and spiritual law, which is counter to man’s law, will survive and prosper. It is in thier nature. These are the ones that will inherit the world.

    It is inevitable. At least, that is what I think. We will find out, I believe, shortly.

  9. Did “Traffic” open eyes? It seems like a lot of the same elements (including Del Torro) were in that. The U.S. has been aiding the Mexican military for decades knowing full well that many/most of them are in bed w/ the cartels (also shown Traffic).

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