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Maybe this is why people like Shannon Watts and Kris Brown have suddenly shifted their messaging to social justice, police reform, and defunding or eliminating law enforcement.

New York’s Sullivan Act is one of the best examples of gun-control laws that put minorities at a disadvantage, and it has been widely copied. Passed in 1911, the law addressed what was considered a growing problem of gun ownership among minorities, immigrants, labor organizers, and anyone seen as a threat.

The law accomplished this by allowing majority-white police departments broad leeway to determine licensing requirements. Police departments can add their own requirements; even if applicants deemed undesirable checked all the required boxes, the law’s “good moral character” clause could be used as a catchall to deny them.

Reminiscent of practices any segregationist would appreciate, the NYPD License Division, with its perpetually white leadership and the blessings of the New York City Council, has used exorbitant fees, long English-only applications, expansive ID requirements, the need for applicants to take time off from work, and numerous other unconventional tactics to restrict license issuance. The NAACP and other civil-rights groups have denounced these impediments as unfairly putting blacks and other minorities at a disadvantage.

Organizations that support such discretionary licensing requirements, such as Brady United Against Gun Violence, seem to believe that the same police who allegedly beat, shoot, and asphyxiate people of color in the street would turn around and equitably issue them firearms permits. This makes no sense.

And what about background checks, the holy grail of the gun-control agenda? The public seems to have little idea of what goes into them. For example, the NYPD License Division’s background check includes marijuana offenses — and not just convictions, but mere arrests. The ACLU’s research shows that African Americans are 3.64 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession (in New York the figure is in the double digits). You would think that inclusion of such arrests on background checks would raise social-justice concerns.

There is a broad movement dedicated to reforming a racist justice system, yet the gun-control lobby doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Moreover, and perhaps most egregiously, peaceful protesters who came out to support the Black Lives Matter movement and were arrested for minor infractions stand to lose their gun licenses or their right to ever have one. Still, the gun-control lobby remains silent.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, groups like Everytown for Gun Safety were founded by Mr. Stop-and-Frisk himself, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Like Bloomberg, most funders behind gun-control initiatives are wealthy whites who can afford to hire private security. But even if gun-control groups believe that minority groups shouldn’t be armed, why take the additional step of providing special privileges to the police?

– T.S. Furey in Gun Control’s Black Lives Matter Problem

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  1. Because it’s not about making people safer, and I doubt it ever was. It’s about power, and the head rush these people get from imposing their will on others.

    • Disagree. It’s about fear. Fear of firearms as a cause of violence and suffering. It begins as Hoplophobia in the most simplistic sense, then metastasizes like a cancer into political thought, reasoning and goals of those long afflicted by the fear.

      It is a mental affliction.

      • Nah man, it is a bunch of really rich people trying their hardest to remove the pitch forks and torches away from the peasants before the peasants realize they are in the hole they are in mostly due to the rich mulching them for profit.

      • It’s about keep’n the brothers and sisters on the Government Plantation. As long as they can keep them needing the government for all their needs. They’re easier to control. If you want ( Food Stamps, Welfare,Obama care,Obama phone and Free This and That). Vote for US. What is the Goal you ask?

        “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
        ― George Orwell, 1984

        • Spot on. For those who wish to claim the goal is money, that’s just wrong. Given total power, more money than you could ever spend appears as if by magic.

        • Absolutely! Power for the sake of power! As old as civilizations! The quest continues and will continue until the final day of judgment!

      • You say it is about fear.

        That may be true for the useful fools that have been indoctrinated by the left to have an irrational fear of firearms.

        It is not true of the leaders of the democrat party (communist party USA). The goal is total disarmament of the population so they have no means of defense when their marxist government starts the program of eliminating any possible opposition leaders.

        Research history of communist/marxist take overs across the world and how many millions of peoples have been eliminated.

      • enuf…Your usual boring asinine guesswork doesn’t fly. Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide therefore gun control is a racist and nazi based agenda. That’s its dirty little secret clowns like you who talk out their behinds don’t ever mention.

      • Some gun control, maybe. But all? That would mean there is no gun control in racially homogenous countries.

        • Can’t use arguments from other countries unless they have an equivalent of the 2nd Amendment. Without that, gun control is at the whim of the rulers at the time.

      • Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is for gun control, but she’s not racist, she is an elitist.

      • It certainly is according to the leftist doctrine of disparate impact. But Progressive leaders already know their doctrine is garbage, and the useful idiots will just get angry and shout louder if you skewer them in debate. Provided they stop shouting long enough to hear the point at all.

  2. Because they’re racists (among other *ists) who know more than you and are generously telling you how to live your life, and willing to risk your death if that’s what it takes to protect you from your tragically stupid self.

    • When you start calling everyone a racist, you cede moral authority to the left.

      Does anyone actually believe that “Democrats are the real racists”? No.

      • I’m not calling everyone a racist. I’m saying the people who are currently standing up screaming about how they want to help minorities in order to help pass their statist garbage that will hurt those very minorities are racist control freaks.

        Maybe they’re not wearing klan hoods and burning crosses, but they’re no less sure of their superiority to others and the righteousness of forcing others to act in the way they have chosen, upon pain of death if need be.

        Further, I never said “democrats”, much less “all democrats”. I would include in my statements a large percentage of republicans, too, along with all the fringe types who act the same way. Statists gonna state, no matter what color their neck tie is.

        • “Maybe they’re not wearing klan hoods and burning crosses, but they’re no less sure of their superiority to others and the righteousness of forcing others to act in the way they have chosen, upon pain of death if need be.”

          Yup, kinda wraps that up rather neatly…

      • Democratic policies in their cities haven’t been good for minorities the last 50 years. They also treat blacks as their children no matter how old . It would be transformative for blacks to vote out their overlords and try someone new.
        Are democrats pols racist? I suspect unconscious prejudice is a large problem without a cure. The voters are the only cure for it. However the voters have been told for decades white republicans are the devil and they should never consider voting for any of them.

      • Yes the Democrats are the real racists and fascists. They divert attention from it by trying to putting those labels on anyone who tries to disagree with them. Anyone that has a basic knowledge of history knows it. Even those without deep historical knowledge but a instinct for freedom understands it.

      • Dems are advocates of the soft racism of low expectations. They think the minorities need the elitists to provide for them, i.e. the minorities are inferior. The elitists “know” what is best for them. They think minorities can’t make it on their own, so they need affirmative action and welfare. The elitists “must” take care of them and prevent them from making bad decisions and hurting themselves. They don’t outright say hateful things or advocate separation, like a white supremacists might. Instead, they implement harmful policies. They ignore the facts that affirmative action doesn’t address deficiencies in education. Instead, it ignores the problems and either 1) makes the unprepared compete against superior peers or 2) gives the false assumption that those who are qualified fit into 1). We need to improve failing education systems and provide remedial assistance to bring people up to the level they should be. The welfare system has destroyed black families and self-worth. It encouraged single parents and removed motivation to be contributing citizens.

        The latest Facebook boycotts even show it. You’ll see people saying that the “false” and “hateful” content must be removed from Facebook because their users are too stupid to realize it’s bad and make a decision themselves.

    • No surprise, since the ‘Brady Bunch’ is in cahoots with “Trained Marxists” :

    • Brady is just another cookie-cutter Leftist org. They’re probably all in on Planned Parenthood and climate hysteria as well.

      Yep, just checked their website. They’re pushing the black trans women murder epidemic lie. From their site: “Transgender women of color are exceptionally prone to the deadly consequences that arise from the intersections of RACISM, sexism (how does that even work?), transphobia, and unchecked access (to gunz?).” When you check the wiki list, those people were killed by people of their own race, so racism?

      • Black trans women tend to be killed by black men, so I don’t see racism being involved at all. It’s not like there are homophobic misogynistic KKK members going for the hat trick with one victim. White supremacists also aren’t running through the streets of Chicago gunning down young black teens and men. Covering up the real causes hurts the communities they claim to be supporting and is the true racism.

  3. I personally think Bloomberg’s (and others) blatant grab for power here to limit or eliminate the ability for Americans of any color to obtain firearms is driven by fear of potential uprising of the “masses” against the wealthy elite. Take all the guns from the people and you pretty much have the same situation as you do in Mexico; only the government (Policia & Federalis), drug lords, and private security protecting the wealthy have guns. And, btw, what groups do you think control the government? It’s not the common people, that’s for sure. Wake up, Americans and fight this NOW before it is too late. Support your pro-2A organizations with your real dollars that are fighting in the courts constantly to knock down 2A-violating legislation that are popping up and making it like a deadly game of whack-a-mole. And get the word out for those few that still will listen what a danger this is to our liberty.

    • Bloomie has already blamed the problem on young minorities. He can’t take guns just from them, so he’s trying to take them from all of us.

  4. As long as enough people are too stupid to understand they’re bein played, it’ll continue to work for the scum like Doomberg!

  5. Every American who passes a background check should be eligible to legally purchase a gun. If the person purchasing the gun has ulterior motives then the the law should get involved and investigate. Understanding that some people do have a different agenda other then hunting, home protection or target shooting: that person or persons jeopardizes their second amendment right to bear arms.
    New gun laws are not required. Enforcement of existing laws are the key. Anyone who draws on a peace officer deserves lethal recourse.
    The politicians try to complicate a very simple issue with more laws and more government. No, increase budgets for the peace officers with more updated training and selective hiring. That’s all I have to say about that as a True American.

    • Every American should be able to purchase a gun.

      There, I fixed it for you. Real criminals don’t obey the law and buy guns illegally, thereby evading and avoiding background checks. Background checks have a lot of false positives and false negatives. Various government entities fail to submit relevant information to the background check system. Various government entities actually do submit things that should not be submitted. A lot of things are prohibiting that shouldn’t be. Various government entities misinterpret whther various things are prohibiting. We have seen time and again that the only people stopped by background checks are people who shouldn’t be stopped, while people who should be stopped pass background checks easily or avoid them entirely. Put simply, they don’t work. They deprive people of their basic human rights and do nothing to stop crime or mass shootings.

      Just let everyone buy, own, and carry guns without a government permission slip because that is the only way to level the damn playing field between all races and all social and economic classes when it comes to self defense and defense of ones rights.

      • So back to what we were doing at the beginning with everyone included this time. Sounds good.

    • I agree with Crimson Pirate:
      Every American should be able to purchase a gun.
      The government has no business “regulating” our right to own and carry weapons. As a matter of fact, it shall not infringe it. I read it somewhere…

  6. Didn’t check to see if it was covered but in general they are actual racist freedom hating commies.

  7. Because the goal is to keep the poor minorities just that; poor and minority. Its the reason for gun control laws, for laws that help erode the nuclear family, welfare systems designed to attract as many people as possible, policing laws and policies designed to encourage crime among low income and minority communities, even for the culture that exists to disparage deviation from the victim mentality. All of those are intended to keep those who are poor or a minority in a disadvantaged position so as to obtain and maintain ever increasing levels of control. Its even why celebrity jobs like athletes, musicians, and actors are so exalted; they represent a visible way for a poor minority to get rich, yet are not professions that require critical thinking and are industries largely owned by democrats. Which also lets them ostracize any of those professionals who attempt to leave the plantation. Need proof? No one tells minority kids that they should aspire to be doctors, engineers, machinists, welders, actuaries, etc; they only advocate for aspiring rappers or footballers.

    • “No one tells minority kids that they should aspire to be doctors, engineers, machinists, welders, actuaries, etc; they only advocate for aspiring rappers or footballers.”

      Do you want to raise a loser? Then tell your kids they’re losers. Do you want your kids to feel hopeless and oppressed? Then tell your kids they’re oppressed, and it’s hopeless to think otherwise because of white supremacy. We’ll just ignore the fact that there are more poor white people than black people because that’s inconvenient. Let’s just pretend that all white people are privileged and all black people are oppressed. Who would say that sort of thing? Democrats would.

      How do poor immigrants (of varying skin colors) come to this country with nothing and thrive? Because they were told that America is the land of opportunity.

  8. Don’t worry, “minority” organizations like Burn, Loot, Murder will get their guns. The self-loathing wealthy white liberals and hard core communists will see to that, and more innocent people like Jessica Whitaker will be slaughtered because of the color of her skin. It is only whites that will be left defenseless.

    • They already get money via laundered donations from Act Blue and NGOs – like the one overseen by one of Bill Ayers comrades. What makes anyone think they’ll abide by firearms restrictions when push comes to shoving around people they don’t agree with when law and order collapses for real?
      The time for talking to these people will soon be over. They don’t want to negotiate. They want the Joanne Chesimards on the street and in your homes taking your property when the time comes.
      Prepare accordingly.

  9. Because no matter what the democrat party does to minorities….the minorities will vote 95% for the democrats.

  10. They promote laws that disadvantage minorities because, if you make enough of them targeting different minorities, eventually it adds up to a large majority.

  11. ‘cuz furriners ar skeery. espeshully that yuckapuck nexdo, he ain’t rite. now ol’ beenz an’ diseez on t’other side, he’s awright. them empanawdas ar yummee, too.

    • Furries can be nice.

      But, I have to admit, the ones with butt-plug ‘tails’ raise my eyebrows…

  12. Goonberg is on the record as a racist. He fought the courts to continue NYPD harassment of Blacks and Latinos. He was recorded saying Blacks shouldn’t have guns because they’ll just kill people.

    But he’s a billionaire media mogul and neoliberal so nobody who publicly pretends to care about stuff like that cares. Hmmm. What do we call people paid by powerful rich devious racist and do their bidding?
    Everytown For Racist Oligarchs

    • If you ever need to know who controls you just find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

  13. Links please. And a better framework for your argument so we can understand what you’re talking about and follow your reasoning. Healthy debate – even for a topic such as this here at TTAG – is always good, but incomplete and unsupported accusations are not.

    And see if you can work in the subject of, oh, I don’t know…guns?…into your argument. You know, since you’re here on a gun oriented forum. Don’t just pull the pin on the “racist” grenade and toss it into the center of the room.

  14. Ever notice how most gun control effers are Lilly White privilege types? None live in dangerous areas.

  15. Who needs a gun? I don’t have one and I’m still here, right?

    Standard Communist playbook. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  16. New York’s Sullivan Act was enacted to protect the Irish mob by disarming the Italian mafia. Sullivan was a notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall Democrat and New York’s major vice lord. Under his law, planting a gun became a useful tool for “law” enforcement.

    BTW, Bat Masterson, who was a newsman in NYC at the time, was a major opponent of the Sullivan Act.

    • They dropped the “O” from O’Sullivan. That is one way to change the historical record. It looks much better when you make it look like,
      there is not ethnic mob on mob violence involved.

      Instead of one mob getting its guy elected. And then passing laws to disarm their criminal rivals.

  17. It’s all about preventing the second line of:
    First American Revolution over taxation without representation.
    Second American Revolution over taxation by representation.

  18. No race or ethnic group constitutes a majority of California’s population: 39% of state residents are Latino, 37% are white, 15% are Asian American, 6% are African American, 3% are multiracial, and fewer than 1% are American Indian or Pacific Islander, according to the 2018 American Community Survey.

  19. The nra supported blacks the right to have guns For protection!!!
    The dems don’t want people to exercise their constitutional rights!
    And if you vote democrapic you get what you deserve!

  20. Step back from the RKBA issues and look at this issue in the fuller sweep of American history.

    Why do gun control organizations want laws that will disadvantage minorities?

    Because the Democrats have hated the Republicans with the heat out a thousand suns ever since the first Republican POTUS freed the Democrats’ slaves. In today’s political landscape, the NRA is the single most effective lobby group that keeps Republicans winning elections. Ergo, if the Democrats could break gun owners, they can gain full, uncontested control of the federal government.

    And then the Democrats could have slaves again, so they wouldn’t have to mow their own lawns or pit their own olives for their martinis.

    That’s why.

  21. It makes rich white people from the north-east uncomfortable to be called racist. Same for the racist white people who run the Silicon Valley. The only racists are supposed to be from Southern parts of the United States. Or people with no college education.

    There are plenty of very racist people with a PhD. Or racists who run multibillion-dollar corporations. Also very racist white people who are college professors. Or racist whites who run ivy league universities.

    It’s the racist white Democrats, socialist Progressive. The atheist. The sexually liberated. Who created and maintained the welfare industrial complex. Paying single mothers to not get married. Replacing the father and his guns with a government check. And replacing his guns with the guns of a big city police department.

    Or they will support, $$$, to a woman who has five children from 5 different men. They support consensual sex.

    They are all very racist people. And they don’t need to wear bed sheets in a hood. To disarm racial minorities.

    It was a racist white lgbtq XYZ man. Tom Ammiano. Who got himself elected to the San Francisco School Board. To specifically destroy the high school rifle teams and 2A education programs in that public school system.

    His successful efforts denied poor students, blacks, Asians and other racial minorities from being able to have education about their second amendment civil rights.

    • The Leftist racists don’t use the N-word, burn crosses, or call for lynching. They are elitists who think the inferior minorities need their help, guidance, and protection. They’re also afraid the savages will assault them if they left their gated communities, bodyguards, and majority white neighborhoods.

      • Malcolm X thought all white people were racist. That’s not something that I believe. And he would later change his mind even about that. But he also said that at least the conservative whites were honest. It was the white liberal that was the worst. They were the ones that seduced blacks into lowering their defenses. And then will stab a black person in the back.

        Just talking about guns. Its white conservatives who are passing constitutional carry. Its white liberals who pass gun control in cities were most blacks live.

    • “There are plenty of very racist people with a PhD.”

      I used to live with the illusion that racism was the morally depraved position of only the uneducated and the stupid. Many years ago I met a top chemistry professor with two doctorates who took me on a tour of his town in Virginia. “Over there,” he said, pointing out the window of his car, “that’s Ni@@ertown.”

      I was disillusioned. And believe me, disillusioning a lawyer is pretty difficult since we usually have no illusions. Well, I had one, and now it’s gone.

      • I’m glad you found out the truth. Even tho it was very painful. I’ve also discovered truth that has been painful. The democrats I voted for in the past. Never really cared about black people. And some were in fact closet racists.

  22. Joe Biden

    In the quote, which appears to come from a congressional hearing related to anti-busing legislation, Biden emphasized wanting to “insure we do have orderly integration of society,” adding he was “not just talking about education but all of society.”

    He then said: “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.”

  23. It’s never been about Safety, or Whose Life Matters, it’s always been about the “Control” exerted by usually one elitist group or the other, of the thoughts, actions and lives of the “Peasantry” regardless of color. They are the real and only “Systemic” problems in any society since history first began to be recorded.

  24. “Why Do Gun Control Orgs Work to Perpetuate Laws That Disadvantage Minorities?”

    Because they are inherently racist/bigoted/elitist orgs…

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