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“[Former New York City Mayor, founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, financial backer of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and current jefe of Everytown for Gun Safety Michael] Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25,” reports. “Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive, he said.” Yup, you heard right: Bloomberg wants to disarm African Americans. That’s because . . .

“These kids think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed,” Bloomberg said. “They just don’t have any long-term focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

Maybe so. But it’s not a joke to deny law-abiding African-Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms because of criminal acts. And once again, the doyenne of civilian disarmament is pulling statistics out of his posterior parts.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics show that 6,329 blacks were murdered in 2011 vs. 5,825 whites. While my math skills are notoriously bad, there’s no way you can read that data and claim that “95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25.” Unless you really wanted to.

Worth repeating? Sure! Here’s the FBI’s bullet point on the subject:

Concerning murder victims for whom race was known, 50.0 percent were black, 46.0 percent were white, and 2.6 percent were of other races.  Race was unknown for 175 victims.  (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 2.)

Click here for a chart of murder victims by age. Again, the idea that 95 percent of these poor souls fall between the ages of 15 and 25 is completely devoid of any factual basis. Also note: even if Mayor Mike meant that most victims of firearms-related homicide are teenage to twenty-somethings, he just plain wrong.

Gun control was born from racism. It continues to be racist. And that’s the truth.

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  1. Yep, disarm them all. Because some minority of people in those bad neighborhoods are thugs.

    Just a more localized version of what he pushes everywhere else, where all of America is expected to disarm because of a few urban hell-holes like the one he used to run.

    (and for the 0.1% of you who didn’t realize: /sarc)

    I can’t find the words to describe how utterly despicable this “man” and his “logic” are.

  2. These stats don’t even jive with MDA (his own organization) that is focused on all the women who are murdered (BY GUNS!!!) due to domestic violence. You would think that at least he would try to be consistent in his falsehood.

    If 95% are young African American males, are the other 5% women who are killed by their domestic partners? I guess that means everyone else who is not in those two categories is completely safe.

    • All these groups rely on two things

      1) situational ethics
      2) Nobody who is listening to them talk bothering to seek the truth.

      If people would wise up, these guys would disappear overnight

      • “If people would wise up, these guys would disappear overnight.” That, my friend, is an absolute bullseye, right in the center of the “x”. They totally rely on the ignorance., particularly of the willful sort.

  3. Next he’ll be calling for Planned Parenthood to remove all their ‘clinics’ from black neighborhoods because he’s so concerned with black lives.

    Or not.

    • I thought Planned Parenthood already targeted blacks & other minorities. About 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make about 12% of the population but about 35% of abortions in America.

  4. It’s not the guns that are the problem; it’s the “Gangsta” culture that glorifies being a gangsta and disses those that want to get a good education by putting them down as being like “whitey” or by getting a good blue collar job as an “Uncle Tom”.

    But until the black community is honest about this and stops blaming the larger American culture for their high rate of poverty and incarceration rate of their young men; this won’t change.

    • The thing that always gets me about “Uncle Tom” being thrown around as an insult is that the people who do obviously never read that book. Otherwise they will have discovered that Tom is actually the hero of the story. That doesn’t really jive very well with the poverty pimps and race hustlers, though. You know who they are.

    • This is what turned me off to Rand Paul after Ferguson. Instead of point out that the Democrats have created the conditions that lead to gang violence he went and backed the race hustlers and gangbangers.

      • Rand Paul had one goal through that episode…to gain the good will of black voters. He tries very hard (in a way, to his credit) to come at issues just different enough from the Republican establishment so he might build a much larger tent under which he can become the next president.

      • Rand Paul is the only one actually going into the modern D voting plantations and offering them something other than the tete of institutionalized poverty. He should be commended.

    • Boy, DD, this latest really makes that obvious, doesn’t it? Wanna bet it will happen, even a little?

  5. Typical of the Leftist/statist doofus Bloomturd. The Left are the fathers of modern racism. Good to see that Bloomturd is now outed. The fact that he has outed himself is even more delicious.

  6. Those FBI stats are, of course, national stats and do demonstrate that, when sorted by race, blacks are killed (overwhelmingly by other blacks) at wildly disproportionate rates. Bloomberg was speaking about big cities. Here’s an item re Chicago from a Yale study that I saw today:

    “For every 100,000 people, an average of one white person, 28 Hispanics and 113 blacks became victims of nonfatal shootings every year in Chicago over the six-year study period.”

    My math is pretty bad, too, but …

    Source: American Thinker: Who gets shot in Chicago?

    For an explanation of what Bloomberg is really saying:

    Steve Sailer: Bloomberg on the Real Target of Gun Control

    • My thought exactly. I agree with this post in every way except, the writer seems to forget that people of Latino descent are considered minorities but are also considered white. So we don’t know anything based off the FBI numbers. That said, the numbers still probably don’t add up, but with Everytown and MDA, it’s pretty much proven they won’t add up.

  7. While his stats are wrong, he’s actually kind of right. The leading cause of death for male African Americans in that age group is murder because that is the demographic most associated with gangs. He’s still wrong about his solution, of course, because teens and felons (I’m venturing an educated guess here that most gang bangers are felons by time they reach 21, the legal age to buy a pistol in most states) aren’t allowed to be running around with guns in the first place. We need to break the gangs because it is impossible to keep them away from the black market or stop them from stealing guns, which is their primary source of firearms. Unfortunately, he has no interest in this. I have to ad

    • Dam smart phone, I accidentally hit post comment before I was done and then it wouldn’t let me edit.

      Anyway, if Bloomberg would stop with his civil disarmament agenda and start using his money to fight gangs (raising awareness, preventing recruitment, rehabilitation of former members etc), he would go from villain to hero in my eyes.

    • Scott,

      You are on the right track and so was Bloomberg (except for his “solution”). The United States Department of Justice and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation have claimed that gang members commit on average something like 75% of all violent crimes in the U.S. — with rates being even higher in some areas. And when you look at all murder victims in urban areas, I’ll bet a week’s pay that close to 95% of the victims and the perpetrators are minorities — which includes both black and hispanic — in that age range of 15 to 25 years old. Furthermore, if you confine your investigation to only minorities, I don’t doubt that 95% of the murder victims were between the age of 15 and 25.

      Regardless of the exact numbers, a lot of minorities between the ages of 15 and 25 in urban areas have a propensity to commit violent crimes. Then again whites do in that age range as well. Nevertheless making firearms illegal will not fix the problem. Someone, somehow, has to fix the absence of values, the destruction of the family, and the perceived/real lack of financial opportunities for urban poor — regardless of their ancestry.

    • Man, a giant easily pinned down demographic for them to disarm: criminals. There you go legislators, make it a crime for criminals to use guns for crimes. If only laws magically did what they say and didn’t get incrementally more insane as they continue fail to address the actual problem.

      • Spot on. Once they see how well that works, they should make it illegal for NON-criminals to use guns for crimes, as well! Wow, this legislating is easy, huh?

  8. Wait…is a midget Jewish billionaire a minority? I happen to have 2 sons who are half black. So they should be disarmed and victimized even though they have both never been in any trouble of any kind? This has to be the worst kind of plantation racism. Along with that doofus from yesterday…what’s new. Right now my 2 kids are in church too.

  9. i think he meant that 95 percent of murders are committed by whatever his desired minority males between 15 and 25. not sure, since he spoke so eloquently about being a racist.

  10. At least he’s being honest about how he feels…… not like we’re surprised he hates freedom next hell want to give that demographic forced employment for life….. on his plantation

  11. I for one am happy that the gun control groups are finally admitting their racist reasoning for disarming people. Gun control has always been a tool of real racists to not control guns, but to control the minorities.

  12. And here we have the core of the progressive movement. You’re too stupid and or dangerous for personal liberty.

  13. I think he was Mayor for 3 terms, paid a fortune to get elected and side stepped term limits.
    His accomplishments? No big slurpies, to hell with the homeless, feathered the nest for many friends, you don’t get to carry a gun but I have body guards and my special friends can also carry guns.

    Very successful at appealing to low information voters, just like Cuomo.

  14. By all means, use this. However, Boomberg is an almost equal-opportunity disarmer when it comes down to it. If he doesn’t sign your paycheck, he wants you to be as helpless as possible, regardless of your race.

  15. Ironic that liberals are always the first to scream racist at anything and everything only to come up with a statement so unbelievably racist you think it can’t possibly be true. Just imagine if a right wing conservative had come up with such a statement. The PC generated public outcry by the race baiters would be deafening. No shortage of hypocrisy here.

  16. tonsilsyou guys didn’t know that Michael Bloomberg was a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan! Boy he didn’t try that s*** when he was in office at of mayor of New York City.and where exactly did he get his statistics??? I’m a white guy I live in Florida I’m Scott Irish, & I would have never open my mouth and said something like that even if I actually believed it, just for the negative repercussions from the media and the general public, he’s a freaking moron! We couldn’t have a better opponent this guy will hang himself you just got to give him enough rope! Mayor my ass!!he needs to take all these anti-gun group riff raff and get the f*** out of America!

      • Supposedly, the “new-new-new” Klan is recruiting Jews, blacks and gays. I’m guessing that the Klan must have fallen on hard times recently. Perhaps all the FBI informants and moles quit showing up for meetings.

        Now, in the far-back history of the first Klan, they had some notable Jewish members.

        Remember, one of most important men in the government of the Confederacy was a Jew – Judah P. Benjamin, former US Senator, orator, lawyer and all-round smart guy. He was the Secretary of War and then State for the CSA.

        There wasn’t originally animus towards Jews in the south over the topic of slavery – in fact, there were Jewish slave merchants and owners in the south, and Jews formed an important component of the Confederate Army, as well as the commerce system in the South. This latter issue was so true that Gen. Grant issued his infamous “General Order Number 11,” which sought to expel all Jews from the area of TN, MS and KY, based on the assessment that the Jews were violating restrictions on the trade of cotton during the Civil War.

        Bloomberg’s perspective on blacks isn’t new and it isn’t really all that unusual in some Jewish circles.

        • “Supposedly, the “new-new-new” Klan is recruiting Jews, blacks and gays. ”

          Well, of course they are. They need someone in charge of human sacrifices.

  17. Well I was going post an eloquent reply on this website about most big cities having gun access to minority youth groups mostly illegal anyway , but then I had a crash and so much for that.

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  19. From the Black Codes of the Jim Crow South to the NY State Sullivan Law EVERY gun “control” (ban) law has been solidly rooted in either racism, bigotry or BOTH.


  20. He wants to disarm young, minority males. So why can’t, say, old white women get guns in Bloomberg’s urban utopia of New York City?

    • She can’t have them because of that bottle of Prozac she was prescribed 30 years ago and took for 3 months.

  21. Mikey actually believes that disarming my people will make us safer??? He knows Jack about Dick about Black folks.

  22. ““Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands…”
    Alright. Ignoring the racial overtones for a moment, let’s say the above sentence is true. It leads me to ask… how? How did the guns get into their hands, and how can cities get them out? Did the people in question walk into a gun store, complete a background check, wait until they’re 21, get a carry permit, and only then get a gun?

    Because I’m pretty sure that’s not how the gangs in NY and Chicago get guns. And if it isn’t, then how is the city going to do anything it isn’t already doing?

  23. “Three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg harped on the importance of vocational education and blasted Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana as stupid…”

    Why am I not surprised? If you ever needed an example of the epitome of a nanny-state politician, it’s Michael Bloomberg. Not to mention the fact that the claim that marijuana is more dangerous today is a myth [1]. Also, while it is true that the leading cause of death for blacks in that age group is homicide [2], that’s a far cry from saying that most homicide victims are black [3]. Almost half of all homicide victims were black, not 95% (in 2005, which was the most recent year that I could find stats for, from the Bureau of Justice Statistics as it’s more reliable than the FBI’s numbers). In addition to that, it’s hard for me to believe people like him when they say that they are not anti-gun when they say stupid shit like “It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.” Oh, and one more thing: how does expanded background checks and “assault weapons” bans prevent people under 18 from getting a firearm? It’s already illegal for people that age to purchase a firearm.




  24. Wonder what Bloomberg knows that we dont…

    Slightly OT, but relevant- note that the FBIs numbers are only as good as what is provided to them.
    I wont even mention DOJ AG by name, but obviously we havent been getting the truth out of him, for a long time…

    Note the FBI itself couldnt use the 2014 numbers from Chicago, because they were underreported so badly:

    Here is a very good story on corruption in the numbers by Chicago PD, and numbers changed for the better, after they installed a program that could be manipulated:

    LA was busted not long ago for same, using same CompuStat program:

    Makes you wonder what Mayors Against Illegal Guns were really up to, doesnt it…

  25. PS: California is undergoing an “experiment” where Gov Brown, ordered by SCOTUS to release 10,000 prisoners a year due to overcrowding in prisons, came up with a plan to push them to county jails,
    which of course, over-strained most of them which are not set up for the numbers, or the time frames- given that county jail is for penalties under a year. So the jails have to let people go early, and prosecutors downgrade crimes as needed, for a win, vs another body in jail, that will just be released.

    Digging into it a bit, the story on the ground is much different than the story told by the politicians.
    Stanford Law got the federal grant to collect information, and write studies…I think we all are a little jaded about FEDGOV data manipulation, given the firestorm over Climate Gate lately, and the fake numbers on employment…

    Buried in the report was this gem:
    “Murder, for example, increased only 1.5% nationally but 10.5% in California. Rape declined by 0.3%
    nationally but increased 6.4% in California cities. And property crime is even more
    dramatic: California rates were sharply higher in every property crime category when
    compared to national rates over the last year. Auto theft increased just 1.3% in large U.S.
    cities, but in California, it increased 15%.”

  26. Sample article from the city and county level:

    and Stanfords first set of reports:

    kind of blows a hole in those “More guns equals more crime” PR spin, huh….
    once again, its not the gun, its the person…which is simple “common-sense”…and the proof from Stanford is:
    You put more bad guys on the street, you get more crime.

    And when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

    • Interesting site, and I tend to believe it. However, they don’t do themselves any good by proclaiming such scandalous behavior with absolutely no evidence offered. Of course, one of the big fears I have is that the EVIDENCE may be being erased.

  27. Oh my, the rhetorical shit storm that would explode from the Left had any republican uttered such racist bilge. Wait a minute…aren’t the republicans supposed to be the racist, bigoted, fascists, keeping the black man down with imperial white privilege? I’m either badly slacking in my monthly quota of keeping the black man down, or I’m not the racist that all the democrats ardently proclaim. I’m so tired of being routinely slandered by democrats and their accomplices in the media/news complex. I’m not a very religious man, but one political party has made bearing false witness almost an enshrined core value. How can anyone who believes that, or practices it be counted on the side of good?

  28. Bloomberg will adamantly deny his remarks are racist because he qualified what he says with “concern” for saving the lives of these young minority men by getting the guns out of their hands. What he’s saying isn’t patently “racist”, it’s a patently insidious “shell game”. What’s more maddening is he’s right these young people have little to look forward to and no worthwhile future, but follow Bloomberg’s advice and you change nothing except they’ll have to club, stab and strangle each other (which could save the lives of the numerous bystanders they manage to injure and kill with guns). Again, it’s a “shell game” because the root of the problem is NOT the guns (or other weapons) but lives where no better alternative is available. Bloomberg doesn’t give a damn about that, though. He’s so blinded by his intention to disarm people he is incapable of seeing what the real problem these kids have is. He could better spend his billions developing means to help these young folks and getting others to fund those programs. In the end his failure/refusal to address the real issues proves him to be a conniving, delusional hypocrite rather than the great leader he imagines himself to be.

  29. Great logic, disarm all the lawful people in an effort to disarm the unlawful people.

    Is there a way to put this guy in prison? He’s the epitome of stupid!

    How is it sensible, let alone lawful, to take self-defense means away from any lawful person?

  30. This storm will continue to grow in magnitude until We as whole decide enough is enough. As long as these cities unemployment continues to rise, big buisness is either driven out of country over greed of profits or shutdown due to either environmental misconceptions or cheap import of goods or workers. We also have to look at our Import/Export ratio. These things along with a large portion of the Moral fiber of this country is and will continue to degrade this nation as a whole. We top that off with now generations of people and Ethnic Minorities living hand to mouth daily if not weekly and many of these youth do not see anything worth living for but many things worth dying or killing for. Many have seen immediate family die over a pair of shoes, a fix or $20.00 in a pocket. Never seen a parent or role model clean or perhaps sober. Best Friend, Brother, Sister or Parent Die in a Driveby! Drugs are a way of either making money or numbing ones self from reality to say nothing of the life style many of the female sex see or do to get by day to day and so many are stuck in this cycle but yet they continue in it and bring there own children into this same world of horrors.
    There is still no excuse for what they are doing to one another but when addressed most claim this is there ethnic issue and only there race should address it or try to fix it any other putting there .02€ Are RACISTS!!!
    It is not the Gun and never will be!!
    What is needed is for We The People to Make and Demand Change. Society as whole is going to have to put a boot in the Asss of those who are making decisions like out sourcing jobs to foriegn countries, importing almost all
    Consumer goods, keeping people and generations on welfare and try to add more and more Illegals to the workforce and adding them also to welfare lines. Environmentalists bringing whole Industries to Extinction!! This may seem off topic but in truth this is and what brings about the The Cause and Effect!!! These things must change and Jobs that will support ones person or Family have to become available or crime will be there answer until the mindset is changed and some security with positives results are part of there everyday lives. If not well don’t expect any change as they will continue down the there path that there fathers n grandfathers.
    We As A Society Must Bring About Change both in Government, Buisness and Personal Involvement.
    We are Failing Our Country and Its People and We Must All Get Involved and Change it For the BETTER!!
    Keep Your Powder Dry!

  31. There’s no way to make that number even come close to working. Blacks do suffer a disproportionate amount of gun violence and violence in general when you consider their population numbers with rate of homicides vs white population numbers with rate of homicides. Their is no way to pull 95 percent out of any of the data though.

  32. more of roberts sensationalism. you really should go work for Fox News or the liking, you would fit right in. I really like how they say minorities and all robert talks about is blacks, like that is the only minority in this country.

  33. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that you lived in a nation that had a large number of people trapped in a generation-spanning cycle of poverty and hopelessness, resulting in crime and broken families. Suppose also that you had more wealth thank King Nebuchadnezzar and wished to use a portion of it to address this issue. Which of the following would you do?

    a) Personally support missions work, so that this group could learn of their own worth and the worth of those around them, and so that they could gain true hope and peace.
    b) Support better education, so that this group could learn new skills and have a better chance of getting a satisfying job without resorting to crime, and also improving their self-image.
    c) Work with the community to crack down on crime while at the same time investing in legitimate enterprises, to bring more jobs to the region.
    d) Some combination of the above.
    e) Work hard to restrict the rights of every single person in the nation, without actually addressing any of the underlying issues causing the problem in the first place.

    You have 30 minutes, and you may use your notes on this test.

    • I believe that “e.” would have the highest probability of success, when “success” is defined as myself accumulating enormous wealth and power at the expense of peons I care nothing about.

  34. While we’re at it, why don’t we forcibly sterilize them, too? Then these violently predisposed – umm, what was the word? – ah, yes, “feeble minded” could be weeded out of the gene pool. That would certainly help civilization to pivot appropriately.

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