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There was already a strong connection between the movement against police violence and the movement against gun violence; some “Mothers of the Movement” like Rep. Lucy McBath have devoted their efforts to the broader gun violence prevention movement. How has the recent movement for racial justice affected the movement against gun violence?

Police violence is gun violence and that’s why our movement must be responsive as well. We’re partnering with leaders and organizations who are experts against policing. We’re committed to working with them to address white supremacy and racism at its roots. We are seeing an appetite among lawmakers to push through anti-police brutality legislation.

– Emma Hinchcliffe in Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts: ‘Police violence is gun violence’

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  1. “Police violence is gun violence and that’s why our movement must be responsive as well.”

    So, that makes the US military…

    Heh. 🙂

    In the latest Leftist news, women speaking out against rape in Europe are now…

    You got it, *racist*…

    “Europe: Rape Victims Accused Of Racism”

    Thanks, Leftists, so that officially makes your position that women “should just lay there and enjoy it”?

    • What do you expect from the people that don’t think abortion clinics don’t need to be up to the same standards as other surgery providers.

      • Find every picture on the ‘net of a Demanding Mom standing next to a cop/police chief, ID who the cop is and how to contact their agency and ask for an official response.

    • Geoff,, that’s not too unusual. Remember Clayton Williams who was running for governor of Texas in 1990 when he stated, ″If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it,″. To his credit, Williams a republican, did apologize and stated he was joking. Mr Williams made a bad joke at the wrong time.

      • “They were totally stunned,”

        B-b-b-but only the government is supposed to have handguns…

        (or pointy things if in the UK)

    • No, officially they should putt on a their no-no square song and dance. Because it only happened because they failed to say no. Because enthusiastic consent is now racist or something.

      People really need to stop, look at what is going on and realize that marxists wielding identity politics and intersectionalism to beat you to death aren’t your friends and re in fact quite dangerous.

  2. Well, that’s a little confusing. Lawmakers are against violence against police? Anti-police brutality or do they really mean anti police-brutality?

    • I snoozed through most of law school but I do recall something about it already being illegal to assault and/or batter someone else.

  3. I wonder if she thinks illegal immigrant violence is gun violence. Let’s say some illegal immigrant that keeps getting deported picks up a gun and shoots an innocent girl. Will moms demand action on border enforcement? Oh wait, they’re just another cookie cutter leftist org…

    • Dude, This happened on pier 14 in San Francisco on July 1, 2015 when Garcia Zarate shot and killed Kate Steinle. Garcia Zarate had been deported 5 times and was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, but was charged as a felon in possession of a firearm; however, that was overturned in 2019. This needless death led to criticism of San Francisco as a “sanctuary city” as well it should.

  4. “We know that women are isolated with their abusers.” I’m glad she thinks women never abuse their spouses, she is a sexist piece of shit on top of being a hoplophobe.

    • And she wants to disarm those abused women as well.

      Moms demand action: “We support spousal abuse.”

      • Anyone remember harvey weinstein saying he was going to go after the NRA after he cleared up all the rape stuff? Makes since, but now that he’s jail he can’t hurt anymore women and he doesn’t have to worry about them shooting him.

  5. There are better camera angles and photos of her right? I mean her words are more than enough to match the picture but sometimes it is good to show the best picture with the accurate message as it helps condition people to the idea that photogenic people can be just as much monsters as the above goblin.

    • Of course there are better pictures of Shannon Watts. All the TV stations and newspapers have them, by the thousands. You have to go out of your way to find one like this, and that’s why it’s special.

      • Ok disregard my previous caution I did not realize it was a particularly rare photo. Too used to Cuomo looking derpy on his good pictures I guess.

      • I just did a Google image search, and I’m not seeing them. Maybe its some kind of suppressed trauma I suffered somewhere, but all I see is “bi c# face” ….. maybe it’s in the eyes? Or, the Hillary hair? Or, that she looks like a snake? I can’t put my finger on it.

        *edit* it just came to me… she looks like a younger, unhealthier Nancy pelosi.

        • It’s interesting how you can see the crazy literally oozing out of certain people, no matter how they dress themselves up. Watts is one, as is Pelosi.

  6. Damn, I never figured I’d agree with Shannon Watts on anything. I’ve despised her for years. But I guess that’s a lesson for me; common ground often exists where you would least expect it.

  7. This eaves the homelymum with the same problem as the BLM facists. They depend on the popo to enforce their marxist dictates.

  8. If she is against white supremacy then is she going to quit that cushy job of hers so some person of color can have it?

    • I would imagine she represents poor oppressed something or another and as an oppressed something or another she is uniquely qualified to receive a paycheck in this critically important endeavor. Or some such doublespeak.

      • Never in humankind’s history has a more derisive snort issued forth upon reading a comment, than just now.

        • Glad to be found entertaining as intended….. even if it is not even satire at this point.

    • White person holding a job is white supremacy now?
      If you think that a person of color isn’t able to get a cushy job unless a white person gives it up, aren’t you a definition of racist?

      • I am waiting for work ethic and educational achievement to be used as signs of white supremacy (but only if whites do it).

      • Because that job should have gone to a non-white, gender diverse, LGTBQ…. person, just to be fair. Double-downed for public employees.

  9. No surprise there as Marxist’s of a feather stick together,Demanding Commie mommy’s demanding the end of the republic.

    • Each to their ability and each to their needs. Will Shannon use her ability to service the needs of those oppressed POC?

  10. Police violence is not always gun violence, but it is always violence. That includes when it’s directed at enforcing gun control laws.

    We find ourselves at a rare and critical place in our public discourse when the public is this close to looking at our mountains of laws, ranging from murder statutes to regulations against the wholesaling of non-square meatloaf, and questioning whether we really, truly, need to send armed agents of the state after fellow citizens for absolutely all of them.

    But we won’t be having that conversation. Instead we’ll pretend the problem reduces to some black/white or left/right axis, and have slogan-shouting matches leading up to the next election. Because for people like Watts, it’s never been about reducing violence, it’s always been about using state violence against political enemies.

    • The only laws that are necessary are the ones that destabilize the republic. Murder? Only for those who exercise legal self defense. Violation of health decree? Only for people who go to church or a Trump rally. Hate crimes? Only for those who aren’t burning AMERICAN flags (because rainbow flags are protected) and AMERICAN monuments (because painted words on the roadway are protected)….. ya, they looked at the laws alright, and they like what they see.

    • Hey DaveL – “against the wholesaling of non-square meatloaf”

      Thanks, when I read that I laughed so hard I had to go change into clean shorts!

  11. Funny that she’s anti-police. Daddy Bloombucks surrounds himself with a couple dozen retired ones as his bodyguards because they get to concealed carry regardless of state laws. He spend a $1B and didn’t mention his anti-police feelings when he was running for President. He claimed to be a “law and order” mayor, and now his mouthpiece is throwing them under the bus. I’m all for removing police overreach, like no-knock raids. George Floyd’s death started the latest wave of protest, but it seems more like “knee violence” than “gun violence” and past relationship over white supremacy and racism — two charged officers are Caucasian (including the one actually kneeling), one is Asian, and one is African (at least partially).

  12. But if you’re black gun violence is okay because you are a victim of racism. You were forced into internment camps during WW2. Um, no wait that was the Japanese. You were brought in as slave labor to build the railroads in the 1800’s. Er, oops that was the Chinese. Your fishing boats were burned in Texas when you immigrated to the U.S. after the Vietnam war. Uh, no that was the Vietnamese. So anyway blacks are the only ethnic group in America that were persecuted because of their race. Therefore blacks are innocent of any crime.

    • Do not forget that the Italians and the Irish also drew the short end of the stick in the late 1800s and early 1900s,

    • And the polish too. The reason neighborhoods were created in big cities consisting only of one nationality is they couldn’t live anywhere else. Most of the time they got the shitty houses and areas then they built them up, starting with the churches.

      They didn’t sit around and cry about it like today.

  13. “We’re partnering with leaders and organizations who are experts against policing.”

    I wonder if that’s what she meant to say. Looks like a Kinsley gaffe to me.

  14. Is she against pressing-knee-on-neck-until-perp-chokes-out violence? I thought that’s what all the riots were about?

  15. Police violence is gun violence and that’s why we claim George Floyd is an innocent victim of gun violence.

    FIFY, Shannon.

  16. So, we’ll soon see them opposing carve-outs for law enforcement from their “assualt weapon” bans, “high-capacity” magazine bans, microstamping requirements, etc., etc.?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • They won’t be ordinary police. They will be special political police. Imbued with the power of Social(ist) Justice. Righting historic wrongs. Redistributing the wealth to the oppressed proletariat. Imparting “people’s justice” or “party justice” to class enemies.

  17. This lady is now against white supremacy and racism at it’s roots. Do we expect to see her out on Chicago’s streets trying to get gang bangers to turn in their guns? I hope she spends all of her time supporting BLM and has no more time for repealing the second amendment.

  18. Can’t have their cake and eat it. Moms demand action is just a front for Bloomberg, Mr “Stop and frisk every minority”. They either support private ownership of guns or they support the baconators. Can’t have both and you can’t have none. This is why we haven’t heard much from Gabby or Shannon (or David Hogg) in a while, they have no soapbox to stand on now that the masses are pissed off at the pigs.

  19. Man all y’all sex starved losers would lay pipe if she gave you the chance. Stop frontin’.

  20. Without Police I guess it’s going to be vigilantes upholding the law. Street Justice. The Punisher.

    • She was a corporate whore for Monsanto. She can provide those services to ANTIFA and BLM.

  21. Weirdly, there’s a weird consistency… in that latest from Watts’ cue cards.

    Mothers Against Only Some Violence really doesn’t want people with the agency to take care of themselves. They dislike “gun violence” *because* it’s mostly defensive. Disarming peaceful, responsible people not aggressive n criminal is a *fearure not a bug* of their proposals.

    Of course her puppeteers are against *policing*. Against “police” is a convenient, over-broad smear, that plays into the good people / bad people trope feeding another two-minutes’ hate.

    They want, and especially want you to know: you have the range in life that we allow you, for some value of “we.” No sticking up for yourself before the mob brains you with a bicycle lock. Especially no demonstating agency and ability beforehand, say by showing that you personally hold personal defense weapons. (Just spit-balling that last one. No idea where that came from.)

    So, of course they’re in alignment with Only Some Black Lives Matter. There’s 14 ways to make the “systematic oppression”, “skewed non-justice”, “selective enforcement”, and similar points without that egregious, intentionally dismissive and provocative, one-up / one-down power-game turn of phrase. There are 50 ways to do something better than disarm or defund “the police.”

    Some of us always knew there was no limit to the “policies” that would get advocated under that umbrella. Now, they’re demonstrating that plainly.

    I do thik The Screaming-D’s and their Cabal deployed early. What’s the Matter With Kansas, there could move some votes with her concerned fact, say 3 weeks before the election. Doing it now, there’s time to process: “What’s the reasoning behind that position? Where does it end? Where do we end up?”

    • On a related note, your comment system’s content filtering continues to work.

      So, that’s …. a good thing?

  22. So are Red Shirt wearing Moms going to take our guns away or are they going to partner with the anarchists?

  23. Amazing though it is, Shannon and the line she peddles seems to be an ongoing attraction for some.

    • Bloomberg has a thing for defiling innocence. Nothing more innocent than motherhood or youth. Did Bloomberg get his money’s worth with David Hogge?

  24. Shannon can’t help being mentally challenged. She had a lobotomy by the Marxist Democrats….

  25. I am so tired of hearing stupid liberal phrases like “gun violence”. Do we now have to label everything with some catchy slogan or some weird name that offends the English language such as “woke”, which really doesn’t mean anything, but the young and brainwashed love to use it to sound clever and to validate themselves although demonstrating their stupidity. It’s much like hearing educated people say, “assault rifle” or terror attacks”. Just say what you want to say using the HUGE vocabulary of our language. These made up words allow them to be vague and often incomprehensible.

    In regards to “gun violence” I would ask do we now have “knife violence” or “crowbar violence”. What about “Bare fisted punching violence” or “choked to death violence”? You see how stupid it all sounds. Violence does not occur predicated on a societies weaponry. People use what they have and/or are familiar with. If they desire to kill someone they will do so by any means. How many people stab each other during Thanksgiving dinners? Every year, someone grabs the carving knife and attacks.

    If everybody can be armed, it levels the playing field a bit when you have good people face to face with those intent on killing. And often times, criminals, thugs and scumbags in general will ambush, blindside, over power and out number their victims. Back in the wild west, there was much less violence than today. People were more respectful and hesitant to engage in a fight, but now we are disarmed by liberal pacifists who are always quick to prosecute the victims and the criminal is shown all the sympathy and respect.

    How much research have the gun grabbers really done on the subject of killing? And what is their solution to assaults besides hoping that we can call the police or scream for help and we are not killed before the police arrive. They don’t have one. They don’t care as long as liberal agendas are fulfilled, we can all be murdered and they’re happy…. until it happens to one of them and then they want law enforcement to mobilize and be at their beck and call. We need more enforcement, more attention to mental illness, greater appreciation for teaching civility and respect and more police officers including in the damn schools and support of the Second Amendment.

  26. oh yeah Commie Mommies Demand Action 2020 an original PornHub flick. Watch these lusty Karen’s scissor and bump each others donuts raw mmm mmmmm 🍩💦🍩✂

  27. Shannon Watts is such a khunt.

    1. #BlackLivesMatter
    2. Police are violent, racist sociopaths who habitually gun down unarmed black men.
    3. Police (but not the general public) should get to have high-capacity magazines.

    Pick AT MOST two.

    nly the cops need guns” simply could not live forever alongside, “The cops are racist and will kill you.” And so, at long last, the two circles of the Venn Diagram have filed for an amicable divorce. In the end, the differences proved irreconcilable.

    At least, they proved irreconcilable without descending into farce. I have been told more times that I can count that “if you want to own an AR-15, you should join the army or the police.” Oh, really. Why? So that I can be pulled back when the rioting starts, lest I inflame those wielding bricks and Molotov cocktails? So that I can be called a fascist, acting in the service of a dictator? So that I can be part of the problem? In light of the new fashions, these old injunctions look rather silly, don’t they? “You don’t need 15 rounds; you’re not a cop! Also, the police are corrupt from top to bottom, and should probably be abolished.”

    Pick one, perhaps?

    In The New Republic, Matt Ford argues that the police were a mistake per se. They have, Ford writes, “become the standing armies that the Founders feared.” As it happens, unreconstructed small-r republican that I am, I have more sympathy for this idea than many might expect. But I’m sure as hell not going to entertain it at the same time as I subordinate my unalienable right to bear arms to the personal prejudices of the bureaucracy and commentariat. Don’t call the cops! Also, wait three months for a gun permit! Again: Pick one.

    In any case, the idea that the existence of police officers in some way negates the right to bear arms has always been a ridiculous one. Police are an auxiliary force that we hire to do a particular job — there to supplement, not to replace, my rights and responsibilities. Every time we debate gun control in the United States, I am informed that the Sheriff of Whatever County is opposed to liberalization. To which I always think, “So what?” My right to keep and bear arms is merely the practical expression of my underlying right to self-defense. That, as a polity, we have decided to hire certain people to take the first shot at keeping the peace is fine. But it has no bearing on my liberties.

  28. So, who does Shannon the Idiot think will enforce the gun laws she so eagerly wants placed into effect? The anti-gun clowns already think we are incapable of protecting ourselves, though they don’t seem to understand that’s not the job of police either, but if your goal is to make gun ownership illegal, who will enforce that? What a dope. This is just more grandstanding to make MDA seem relevant in the ongping political effort to undermine America.

  29. This goes a long way to explain why these Karens are conspicuous by their silence whenever BLM/anQUEEFa a-holes arecseen brandishing AR15s. It’s the same as it ever was. I grew up near where the Brinks murders took place in 1981 at the old Nanuet Mall in NY. Remnants of the weather underground, an early incarnation of antifa used ILLEGALLY OBTAINED FIREARMS. To this day every Clarkstown, NY police officer, every NYPD detective and FBI agent involved in that case have very good reason to believe Bill Ayers and Bernie Dhorn, friends of 0bama had some involvement. Yet not one peep of outrage from the gun grabbers at the time, not from Handgun control, Inc, the Brady Campaign or any hack politician or a-hole celebs, the same ones who were still raising holy hell over the murder of John Lennon a year earlier. I learned early on how the left thinks they’re slick when it comes to picking and choosing their battles

  30. Moms Demand Action? Sounds like a granny porn site! How about something more catchy, like Moms Impugning Legal Firearms, MILF

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