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While Americans continue to mourn the murder of twenty innocent school children in Connecticut, Mexico continues its descent into a narco-terrorist state. Ruthless cartel members armed with fully automatic firearms largely supplied by the U.S. government (through seepage of sales to the Mexican police and military) are killing tens of thousands of defenseless citizens. Defenseless because the Mexican government has neutered their constitutional right to armed self-defense. Luckily, Americans have not (yet) suffered that fate. Especially for border state residents. Can you imagine trying to defend your land, your life, the lives of your loved ones and your livelihood from gun-wielding drug thugs without an assault rifle?

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  1. This is an excellent reason for owning an AR-15. Well, a couple of them, actually. The Mexican cartels are absolutely, positively operating north of the US – Mexico border. Add the facts that the border is not secure, criminals are going free, and a whole lot of hardware is already in criminal hands, and you certainly do not have a recipe for safety.

    I invite anyone who does not believe me to spend some time just underneath the border. It truly amazes me that the violence south of the border gets so little media attention. It is a sad state of affairs that few Americans give a sh!t about deaths that occur in other countries.

    • It is a sad state of affairs that few Americans give a sh!t about deaths that occur in other countries.

      I’m one of those Americans, and it’s not because I’m callous. Okay, I am callous, but that’s not why I don’t give a sh!t. The fact is that Mexico’s problem is Mexico’s to fix. There’s not a damn thing I or any US American can do about it.

      I had a lot of business dealings in Mexico and spent a lot of time there for pleasure as well as business. I like Mexico and Mexicans. If I could help, I would, but I can’t. Besides, we have our own battles to fight.

      Sorry, my friends south of the border, but you are on your own. Straighten out your mess, let me know when it’s done and I’ll be back with my inflated American dollars.

      • Wrong! We could legalize drugs and solve a major source of the crime problem north and south of the border, including eliminating the vast majority of “gun crime.” The cartels would lose their revenue, and their power very quickly.

        • that would be ideal but it will never happen.

          illegal drug profits are one of the pillars keeping Wall Street afloat. is it any mystery why a certain useless three letter agency has been caught dealing drugs in the US several times?

        • You have no idea how cartels work. They are a business.
          Their operations would not change, only shift.
          They will continue to work until the federal gov. ACTUALLY stands up and stops letting their players go free. They literally know about these criminals but DO NOTHING.
          We must fend for ourselves it seems.

      • I’m not saying that it is the job to of the US to police the entire world, I just don’t believe that the death of 27 Americans in CT is MORE tragic than the death of some 60,000 Mexicans. It is certainly getting more press coverage, though.

      • “There‚Äôs not a damn thing I or any US American can do about it. ”

        Are you crazy, or just callously stupid? We could, just for instance, send our Drone-loving President and his AG to PRISON for sending those guns down there IN THE FIRST PLACE. Because they were a calculated, and, like you, CALLOUS attack on our Second Amendment rights.

        And, to be sure, we could also legalize drugs. LEGALIZE, DON’T DECRIMINALIZE.

    • i have empathy with the mexican people being caught in the crossfire between their rotten government and the barbaric drug cartels.

      Our own government is just to blame in my opinion. our policy on drugs and our seemingly unfettered military arms support programs to the mexican government help create a perfect storm of violence.

  2. I don’t need a 4 bedroom house, but I have it. We don’t need two cars, but we have them. In a free country our possesions are not based on what we need. I decide what I need and if I can find the means to purchase it, I have it.

    I don’t want an AR. But I would not be adverse to owning an FN/FAL or an M1A. My needs may be a little different from yours. Isn”t that one reason we celebrate diversity in this country?

  3. Actually I have to take TTAG to task for this article,because “need” is not the poin of the 2nd Amendment at all.We can discuss a ” need” for AR15s when we can also discuss why women should need the right to vote.After all, in a family of 4 we all know only the husbands vote matters. It’s common sense sufferage.

    • Within several months in 1920, the US made two monumental mistakes. Only one of which we had the good sense to repeal.

    • RF was refuting the wingnuts’ incessant “why would anyone need an assault rifle” bullsh!t.

      For my point of view, I believe that the issue of “need” is expressly answered in 2A. Not the need for any particular firearm such as an AR, but the need for firearms generally. Right there in the preferatory clause of 2A, it says that arms are needed “for the security of a free state.” What could be more clear?

  4. It is too bad Mexico is so tragically screwed-up, but it is their business, not ours.

    Insofar as does any American Citizen “need” an AR-15? It’s a matter of choice exercised under the 2nd Amendment. The whole question of “need” is nearly impossible to argue with a dyed-in-the-wool gun prohibitionist (many of whom seem to recognize this and cling to that line of argument like stink on you know what).

    • We MADE it our business when we sent fully-auto M-16s and M-4s down there. Or did you not HEAR about that?

      • exactly.

        the part about that situation that really pisses me off is our own government sending military packages (of M16s, M4s, rocket launchers, etc) to mexico and then trying to shuffle the blame on american gun owners as being a primary source of mexican cartel arms.


  5. Yeah, but a 3 round “clip” is plenty to hold off a cartel. Word to the bradys, ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. I think you understood that already though didn’t you, lol, Randy

  6. I would end the article with without a Ar-15 platfrom rifle yes I would like to use a real “assault rifle” like a M-16 which we should be able to own also without the high prices due to ban on new manufactured ones

    • Yes – RF needs to revise the close on this article and correct the term “assault rifle” unless his intent was to refer to a fully automatic rifle. This kind of slip up can happen when one is working “Fast & Furious” on the forefront of defending our rights. RF – Thanks for the good work!

  7. It would be nice if the pro gun crowd would sharpen their semantics and quit using terms like “weapon” and “assault rifle” in their own articles.

    Adolf Hitler coined the term “assault rifle” upon reviewing the STG44. As appropriate as the term may be for mid calibre military arms, it has such a stigma now it would be wise not to bandy the term around in the current debate.

    “Military style rifle” seems a decent replacement, or the good ole “carbine” would fit.

      • While I would ordinarily agree, in this current wave of anti gun oppression the terms “AR15, AK47, assault rifle, machinegun, etc” are being used as pejorative codewords by the usurpers to cast a particular style of firearm in a bad light.

        Words mean things, you have to control the conversation or lose the arguments.

  8. Gun control has its origins in racism and xenophobia. But today, new gun control is motivated by fear of young white middle-class men. It may be politically correct to hate on the privileged, but it’s just as irrational and unacceptable as past motivations.

    Instead of accepting the premise of “those kids and their video games,” the NRA should be running ads speaking to what the American people know in their gut — “We get it, playing video games and watching movies doesn’t mean your sons and brothers are monsters, it means they’re typical American guys. We teach them safe an responsible marksmanship, like many generations before them.” Maybe to turn the stereotype on it’s head, close with an AR-15 being put away in a safe, by what turns out to be a young woman serving her country in the armed forces.

    This is a culture war we should be able to win easily.

  9. This is a really good point about needing one with the spreading violence from Mexico and the immigration into the US. I probably would buy an AR if I lived in the southwest. Oh boy, now it has me more visualizing the spread of such conditions north in the PNW and wondering for the first time if I should have bought one….

  10. I need an AR 15 or a fully automatic M-16 because the government has them. They give up theirs, I give up mine, fair enough?

  11. Is not an American problem?

    Do you guys realize there are Mexicans being killed trying to stop the Cartels from bringing drugs to the USA?

    Do you believe this big Narco problem in Mexico is just a product of happenstance? that it has nothing to do with our drug consuming habits here in America?

    Jesus! We need more people with brains in our side, some of the responses here are proper of the typical….well, I will keep that last word to myself.

  12. Those who say we don’t need AR rifles haven’t been paying attention to the growing problems south of the border. We are supposed to believe the police or military will take care of this problem but I don’t see it that way. As terrible as it may seem, we are looking at a future where self defense will be the only option. And not just in border states.
    Let’s hope we have the means to show we mean business. Only force or the threat of it will deter those who seek thrills by harming others. Even legalizing drugs is not going to stop kidnapping as a profit motive.

  13. The last paragraph says it all. If we loose our 2A rights, we will all be “neutered” and defenseless….

  14. Well I just have to mention Luke 22 verses 35 thru 38 Jesus asked the disciples how manny swords where among them they responded two swords then the funny thing is instead of telling them to turn them over to the government he says “that is enough” if god in the flesh though he needed a weapon then we mere mortals need them too also I believe that Jesus could have called for god to send his army’s to obliterate enyone who attacked him but even he respected the fact that god gave man a right to choose his own path witch is why salvation is a choice Jesus shows he respected that choice his father gave to us and went ” high profile” so to speak to detour eny would be aggressors from getting the whey beat out of them by Michele the arc angle just more proof our constitution was god inspired.

  15. Thank you addressing this situation. Families in California, who do not like guns for whatever reason, are hiring Hispanic gangs to protect them, their children and property. Our border agents are out gunned now. I can only think that the cartels are waiting for a ban on guns in the USA so they can have an upper hand and take charge.

  16. As the drug cartels grow stronger, they are watching the gun control issue in the US closely. This will provide them with an upper hand as they invade America. Visit

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