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  1. The entire concept of gun control is fundamentally racist. Gun control says that “Person X” should keep and bear arms,but “Person Y” should not by law. It’s no different then Person X being denied use of a drinking fountain meant for Person Y.

  2. @TTAG – you guys need to do a write-up on the racist origins of gun control (ie, the Black Codes of post-civil war) and the response to the race riots of the 1920s. As a Black man, I think those calling for “control” need to see they are the real racists.

    • Here is GA, Georgia Carry was able to push a lot of CCW restrictions back by pointing out the wording of the then-current codes were explicitly racist and from the Jim Crow era.

    • IN ALL FIFTY STATES. Not just, as is the popular errancy, just in the “Jim Crow” Soufland. IN ALL FIFTY STATES.

      It doesn’t GET any more racist than that. It is DEFINITELY worth republicizing that.


    • I think this is a job for the almighty Bruce!!!
      Bruce, calling Bruce you there over??
      Once the argument is framed we need to get it in front of everyone, preach it from the highest mountains. They called us N haters for not voting for Obama, we can certainly do the same to them..

    • Well said and we need to paint those who are anti-freedom/guns as racists, because they are! Blacks are disproportionately subjected to violence in their communities and they need access, as much, if not more than anyone else.

    • Once upon a time he did a video responding to how “gun owners are racist”. He is/was in law school, I’d love to hear him deconstruct the origins of gun control, from Jim Crow, to the mafia, revenue agents looking for work after prohibition.

  3. Interesting example of using the Anti’s race baiting play against them. I’m not sure we should go there though… IMHO, we need to get people to start thinking again, not just drum up more emotional knee jerk reactions…

  4. Gun control has its origins in racism and xenophobia. But today, new gun control is motivated by fear of young white middle-class men. It may be politically correct to hate on the privileged, but it’s just as irrational and unacceptable as past motivations.

    Instead of accepting the premise of “those kids and their video games,” the NRA should be running ads speaking to what the American people know in their gut — “We get it, playing video games and watching movies doesn’t mean your sons and brothers are monsters, it means they’re typical American guys. We teach them safe an responsible marksmanship, like many generations before them.” Maybe to turn the stereotype on it’s head, close with an AR-15 being put away in a safe, by what turns out to be a young woman serving her country in the armed forces.

    This is a culture war we should be able to win easily.

  5. This picture, on a shirt, on mr. Colion Noir-from you tube. Put these three together and send into Feinstein’s office with a camera crew and watch her sweat!!!

  6. Lol. Good one!

    To a previous poster: This issue has facets that are not apparent to the casual observer. Jim Crow and “gun control” have much in common, not the least of which is that these issues were, and are, championed by Democrats!

    Toujors l’audace!


  7. The AR-15 may be the black rifle, but this quote would be better applied to a blued ‘Saturday Night special’ (i.e. .38 snubbie revolver) with a black rubber grip, the simplest, easiest, and cheapest gun to use and defend yourself with.

    I love me some .38 revolvers and everybody should have at least one.


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