Philadelphia Police Arrest coronavirus crimes
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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When the Great Coronavirus Gun Run first got under way in earnest last week, sneering, sniggering critics in the media made great sport of tsk-tsking at all the stupid rubes, ridiculing them and wondering if they were really so dumb as to think they were going to shoot the virus.

As any non-elitist knew, however, Americans foresaw what a national emergency — especially one that discourages people kept in close proximity — could mean in terms of law enforcement and crime.

Now, announcements like this one from the Philadelphia Police Department have validated exactly what all of those gun buyers were afraid of.

The Philly PD has announced that they won’t make arrests for a range of crimes including drug sales, thefts, burglary, stolen cars and more. Police will detain suspects, determine — somehow — whether they’re a threat…and then turn them loose. They’ll just arrest them later, after we’re past all of this.

“Our mission is to protect and promote the health and safety of our officers and the community we serve to the best of our ability, while continuing to discharge every aspect of our core duties,” Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement to The Hill.

It probably took this news about 14 minutes to make its way around the criminal community in the City of Brotherly Love. The message: it’s now open season for muggings, car theft, break-ins and more.

Similar polices (including releasing jailed non-violent criminals) are being put in place in other cities including San Francisco, Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles and more. Look the strategy to be employed by a city near you soon.

Long story short, there will be fewer criminals arrested and more let out of prisons over the next weeks and months. That inevitably means more crime on America’s streets. And that is why people have been lining up outside gun stores and cleaning out retailers’ inventories for almost a week now.

So the next time a brainless twit wonders aloud if all of these people who are buying firearms plan to shoot the Wuhan flu virus, ask them how they plan to defend their family with far more criminals out on the streets.

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    • I’m not mad. I would prefer not to have people with a gun pushing me around, including those in uniform. Just don’t get in my way when I want to own and carry an AK.

      • Oh this is great; You can just see the police officer with a clip board making checks next to the criminals name and their offense.

        “Ok Devon” says the Officer, ” I have you down for 3 thefts, one burglary, and 5 vandalisms.”

        “And Latisha you have 4 narcotics offenses, and 11 for prostitution.”

        “There goes Marcus in another stolen car, that’s 8 auto thefts for you Marcus!” the Officer shouts out as Marcus drives off.

        Not wanting be left out of all the fun, anarchy, and chaos, the Mayor will declare ” Martial Law ” because of the crime and order the police to confiscate firearms, for the children.

        Welcome to your ‘new’ utopia Leftists!

        • They will happily impose such fascist measures especially when you give examples of the criminals only being black. You won’t be able to stop it like during Katrina. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Last thing you want is pandemic panic where people group up by race (like they do in prison) during a rebellion to martial law.

          Black Guns Matter.

        • to Chief Censor
          “They will happily impose such fascist measures especially when you give examples of the criminals only being black”

          You seem to forget that San Francisco is run by an elected black woman. Or are you refering to the white homoseuals who really run the city???
          The same ones that forced the last gun store to close in the city. A gun store that was owned and operated by a racial minority. An asian man. That business was started by a chinese american who shot for America, on the pistol team, at the London olympics in 1925(?).

      • Chief Censor, but they will get in your way after the crisis. You can bet your life on it. After this is over, in places like Philadelphia they still won’t respond to thefts and burglaries but they’ll send the swat team if you merely scare off a burglar by showing a gun.

    • It’s not new really, just the perception has changed. By the time the police have determined if a crime was violent or not, it’s all over. You have always been responsible for your own protection and safety. It just took something like this for this latest wave to realize it.

      • The real concern is that a change in perception creates a real change.

        If criminals have the idea that they can, say, commit burglary without any repercussions there is a subset of them that is more likely to do it or to do it more brazenly.

        The increase in incidence or brazenness creates more situations where they run into people whose stuff the criminals are trying to steal. Now, add into that people who are terrified of losing what “little they have in the face of this crisis” and you end up with more situations where you have confrontations. Some percentage of those will turn violent and some percentage of the incidents that do turn violent will not end in the homeowner’s/victim’s favor.

        More overall incidents means more confrontations which, almost by default, means more dead victims (and perps but fuck them anyway). That’s just the simple arithmetic.

        If that spins out of control then you’ve either got essentially anarchy or you will see a pretty ruthless clampdown by government and in a place like Philadelphia it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if that included Katrina style confiscation from law abiding gun owners.

        In a situation like this action and reaction are not opposite forces, they’re opposite edges of a spiral. That’s where even minor changes in angle can make a big overall difference.

        • “action and reaction are not opposite forces, they’re opposite edges of a spiral.”
          OMG!! I will be quoting this forever! It’s like arguing that Fascists and Communists are opposites. They’re both totalitarians.

    • What I’ve been telling casual gun-controllers for years now: the cops ain’t comin’.

      • Oh but they are. For YOU when you defend yourself.

        All the crimes listed can be committed w/o a weapon. YOU will have a weapon. You, or at least IT will be arrested, AND they will know more immediately that you have the means to defend yourself…RED FLAG LAW kicks in.

    • The truth is we really always were and remain so, of course those of the Left always try to sell the police are there, you don’t really need arms.
      they are trying anything they cam to get you to sell away your natural civil rights and some are gullible,uneducated enough to do so.

    • The “New Normal”.

      Hate that phrase, should be banned… It’s only NORMAL if it’s accepted by the majority, that cops will protect their own first is not “new” and the mass release of criminals will NOT be treated as “normal”.. when Coroners start complaining about all the extra work cleaning up after these newly freed criminals fuck with the wrong people it will either get cops off their ass and back to work or eventually significantly reduce the number of petty criminals…. win-win either way…

    • Truth be told, we’ve been on our own for quite a number of years now.
      LEOs only arrive after you’ve been robbed/beat/shot dead.

      • I think this is the way it always has been. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere at the same time unless every citizen is a member of “law enforcement.”

  1. Well, congratulations, they’ve upgraded property crimes to capital offenses. Why? Because if someone keeps harming a community without getting punished by the police, the community will take care of the punishment themselves, and it will generally involve a rope and a convenient lamp post.

      • And then “they” will have a displayable reason to BAN EVERYTHING.

        Feature, not bug. If a few bro’s get popped, oh well. Either a martyr or they win the perforation lottery.

      • Rope has the advantage of being reusable without a lot of work.

        If they can, lots of people will opt for the reusable option when bullets are scarce. No sense in wasting a bullet on an already captured criminal when you might need it for the one that isn’t surrendering.

        • Rope requires close proximity and even contact with said criminal, I’ll waste a 40/50 cent bullet keeping that “social distancing” thing the government keeps pushing in mind thank you… Besides, I’ve got plenty of ammo AND I know where the bullet stores are…

          • I fear nothing but at my age my days of wrestling 200 pound punks has passed, FYI a COLD does not have a mortality rate of ANY kind… Tell you what, call me when you endeavor to HANG your first criminal (BTW hanging falls just slightly outside of what is considered as self defense) Anyway, I want to see your reaction when reality hits that in order to REUSE that rope you first have to handle a snot covered, piss soaked body that has most likely shit itself as well, in order to recover said rope.. Go get em badass, my way makes more sense for me… I witnessed several “hangings” and a couple of “live skinnings”) while working with ROK Marines in South Vietnam, very effective way of getting information from others, but VERY messy. I preferred the chopper at 1500 feet, 3 bad guys, don’t speak just grab one and throw him out, then grab number two, just try to get him to shut up, 100% effective.. Enjoy your lynching tough guy, but you might want to keep it quiet….

    • We don’t have too many lamp posts around here out in the farmlands, but we sure do have a lot of trees! I’ll be praying for you all!

      • Better stock up on rope. it’s likely to become a very hard to find commodity soon. just like the TP.

    • You know pop a few bad guys as examples and maybe the others will smarten up?

      A rash of zero degree fevers in certain communities and I bet we see certain crimes go down significantly.

      • Not likely. No criminal believes they are going to get caught. Every one of them is smarter than the ones that did. For that matter, criminals don’t even see themselves as criminals.

  2. Shoot the corona virus? No, you poor little Toni Tone Nitwit. But I may have to shoot the b@st@rd carrying it if he busts down my door. Get it now, genius?

    Proof once again that we cannot underestimate the intelligence of the average American.

    • Americans love their apocalyptic and zombie horde movies and TV shows. They have been educated by them. They have a basic understanding, when the virus spreads in the show and people start turning, you are going to need lots of guns and ammo. Even the popular video games for the millennial and zoomer are about gathering supplies and fighting off others doing the same. Entertainment has mentally prepped them for this type of outbreak.

      Unfortunately, the so called gun community has not done their part in educating them about the real world and guns. They don’t know how to properly use guns, what guns and ammo to buy, how to carry guns, what are the laws, etc. They’re aimless first timers, straight noobs.

      Maybe Youtubers should jump on the opportunity to make videos to educate and inform noobs during this time. The government won’t allow any classroom type environment right now. Instead doing all those videos complaining about panic paying, shortages and pricing.

      Don’t let the government and celebrities win during this great TP shortage of 2020. The way things are going with Trump’s government we are very likely to get pass the virus just to find America is now in a recession worst than 2008.

        • The Japanese know best. They have high tech butt cleaning toilets. Their toilet seats are heated and there is a sink integrated to prevent dirty hands touching handles.

          Other people still depend on old world dry wiping and touching of their sink handles to turn on the water to wash. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them lick toilet seats for views on the internet.

      • Chief,

        You clearly aren’t familiar with YouTube’s TOS regarding firearms instructional videos.

        • I see a lot of videos on Youtube about gun safety and gun laws. You can’t teach people how to build guns, you can’t live stream guns being handled, you can’t do dangerous things with guns…

          There is no way Google would prevent educational videos intended to teach new gun owners how not to kill themselves or others.

          Don’t make excuses. Google would be more motivated to remove panic inducing corona content than firearms content for safety and legal info.

        • “There is no way Google would prevent educational videos intended to teach new gun owners how not to kill themselves or others.”

          You’d almost be right, except for the fact that they’ve already done exactly that.

          Not systematically to all of them…yet…but they’ve done it and they intend to keep discouraging anyone who dares to treat those icky guns like ordinary tools (or, God forbid, have *fun* with them).

      • “The government won’t allow any classroom type environment right now.”

        Oh you wanted to attend class for your carry permit? Sorry about your luck! Call back in a month or two…

      • How is the gun community supposed to educate anyone until they actively seek out the information? There are plenty of resources out there for those who have the intelligence and interest to seek it out. More than there was when I started, and I had no trouble finding a basic pistol class.

        • Before I was interested in guns, I wasn’t interested. No amount of “community” would have changed that. When I was interested, I found a boat load of videos, articles, classes. Just like finding God. Hitting someone over the head with a bible ain’t gonna make a convert.

    • It’s not the average American who are the problem, Ralph. It’s the elites, or those who perceive themselves to be, and the scumbags. BUT, I repeat myself.

      • “It’s not the average American who are the problem”

        Well, they’re certainly not the solution.

  3. I have non-firearm friends, that while they know me and don’t mind that I shoot regular, they don’t believe everybody needs a gun. They sure don’t. They have no desire to go to the range with me. They have questioned why I have a ‘Fort Knox’ which safely and discretely stores my firearms and ammo. Why do you need so much ammo? Because its much less expensive to order it by the 1,000 round case.

    So far only two of them have come to ask me ‘the secrete of getting guns the same day’ or over the InterWeb. It’s called a CCDW, a license you get to carry a concealed firearm, expect it to take six weeks to obtain, classes and background checks. Then when you go to the store to pick up the gun, fill out the form, pay for the transfer fee and you get to walkout the same day (in this state).

    No, I can’t lend you one. No, I can’t sell you one. No, I can’t buy you one. Those would all be felonies and I would lose my license, my guns, my freedom and my ability to protect my family. You should have thought sooner and you wouldn’t be wanting one right now.

    This Corona-gedden will blow over, the Nation will return to as close to normal as it gets and I’d bet I have a couple more friends wanting to go to the gun range with me. See, it’s not all bad news.

      • If your state has universal background check requirements, depending on how the law is written, loaning someone a gun can be deemed a transfer. And then it’s a felony if you don’t run a check through an FFL prior to the loan. And then again getting it back. In New Mexico, for instance, this is the situation now.

      • In Illinois, it’s illegal to loan anyone a gun if they don’t have a FOID card; even your mother.

  4. You people have obviously never heard of the .45 ACP. All you have to do is graze a person and the virus just vaporizes. If you graze them a bit too much it may vaporize the person as well so be careful!

  5. “Delay arresting”?
    So, by this verbiage we can assume the Philly LEOs are following/observing all these criminals, just waiting for the “arrest now” command from HQ?

    • They’ve just given the criminals a green light to commit crimes and room to destroy.

    • In many places you can charge by citation or by applying to a judge. The term “delay arresting” doesn’t make much sense to me, though. Unless it’s a felony police generally can’t let someone go and then arrest them weeks later without going through a judge. Maybe that’s what they mean.

  6. Yep, the criminals are just so misunderstood and they were just on their way home to shelter in place when that nice man just handed over their wallet and then fell down. Oh and that old couple really didn’t need all that stuff they were hoarding, so he just helped himself to some of their stuff, oddly they both fell down too.

    When I do go out, I am leaving the micro 9 at home and carrying the Glock with a red dot and a spare mag. Except for the red dot that is what I have carried day in, day out for years.

  7. Back in 1918 Philadelphia decided to go ahead with the Mummers Parade. I guess they forgot what happens when you do somrthing stupid.

    • Philadelphia has a history of historically bad governmental decisions which have resulted in deaths and destruction. This is just another.

  8. It’s not hordes of hungry looters looking for food so much as hordes of looters looking for big screen TVs, just like every other riot in recent history.

    • Pete, you’re kinda sorta right. When I worked Katrina there were lots of home invasions of isolated homes where the bad guys wanted TV, jewelry, cash, etc. A couple of weeks into it the bad guys began demanding food. You can boil a flat screen all day and it won’t get tender. Don’t know if that ever hit the media as I had no access while I was there.

      • Agreed, and that’s the real turning point, if this COVID hits the next level.

        For now, most people are okay and breathing a sigh of relief because the farmers, processing plants, distribution warehouses, and trucking companies are still running just fine, and the food’s still coming. So last week’s panic buying is understood to be a temporary thing, as the more cognizant among us know everyone will soon fill up their pantries again and the panic will subside. It’s the hope for tomorrow that still holds society together.

        HOWEVER…as this things spreads and selected companies are taking measures by sending some employees home, all it will take is for ONE(!) story to come out on the newswire that a trucking company will see major delays in its deliveries because one of its employees tested positive and management made the decision to shut down an entire depot out of an abundance of caution. The hope that “the food will still be coming tomorrow” will evaporate overnight, and the inevitable Panic 2.0 will make last week’s run on stores will look child’s play.

        THAT’S why I’m going to be gently buying more (within reason, but with purpose) over the coming weeks to augment my inventory at home.

        • Society did not fall apart. That is the point. This not the Zombie apocalypse. If we are at the point where something like a serious epidemic is the end of civilization we got bigger problems than a virus.

        • I never said EOC. I said Buying Panic 2.0. Two weeks ago, the suggestion of a buying panic would have been laughable, but that all changed within days. Do not kid yourself into thinking a bigger buying panic can develop upon the release of dire news.

        • tdiinva
          This country (and world) was a totally different place in 1919.

          The country was much rural, and people knew how to grow food. The country was more religious (understood that stealing and murdering people is wrong). People still had pantries and stored some food. Heck, they even knew how to cook. They also lacked student loans and credit cards. There was more community connection, and less diversity.

          More unity

          The people were much more hardy. They weren’t the pitiful stupid fat lazy broke dependant wankers we see today.

        • tdiinva,

          If we are at the point where something like a serious epidemic is the end of civilization we got bigger problems than a virus.

          I believe we are at that point — and I wholeheartedly agree that we have much bigger problems than a virus.

        • Art Out West,

          The people were much more hardy. They weren’t the pitiful stupid fat lazy broke dependant wankers we see today.

          Hear, hear! I could not have said it better myself!

          We’ll see how quickly women realize how worthless all those metrosexual things “men” really are.

        • The world seems to dived into two extremes:

          It’s all overblown/a hoax which can be translated as “where is my March Madness?”


          It’s TEOTWAWKI which can be translated as “Oh boy, now I get to use my toys to kill people.”

          It’s neither, well unless you catch it and die.

        • Trucking is going to be very resilient after going through a freight rate recession the past few years. Many truckers I know are grasping at any load to make ends meet.

          There is also short term over capacity in the market right now due to all shows/entertainment being canceled, fast food restaurant deliveries down, and many non critical manufacturing including automotive shut down today.

          I have a truck and a van and flatbed trailer fueled and I am ready to go anywhere in the US besides California and Hawaii if rates pick up, but I won’t hold my breath.

  9. I was at Walmart yesterday because my daughter wanted to stock up on bottled water. While she was doing that I sat down on some the benches near sporting goods (a brilliant place to put benches).

    I was watching a line of people buying, what was clearly their first, guns. There was actually a line.

  10. My local dumbazz Barney Fife 5-O didn’t believe ME when I reported 5 or 6 gunshots on Halloween(wife & son also heard it!) South of Chiraq…I will never call the local po-leece again. Fire department sure. Cook already coddles criminals. Crime abounds. We’re on our own!!!

    • That’s okay. Not too long ago, I witnessed a drug deal going down on private property (that the owner gave me permission to investigate) and got it all on video. The two players, the drugs, the car, the license plate…everything. Called the local Sheriff station and reported it, plus offered the video as slam-dunk evidence.

      “We’ll see if we can send someone, sir.”

      I waited literally for hours. Nobody ever came.

      • It’s funny how you can get top priority when calling the Police.
        I had a Florida neighbor who used to let his son drive a go-cart on the neighborhood streets, almost ran the kid over turning onto my street one Saturday. Went over to the kids home and tried to talk to the Dad about how his kid almost got run over on the go-cart, Dad was drunk so I disengaged and went home.
        15 minutes later I noticed LEO had arrived, and was talking to the drunk Dad. Went about my business for around 20 minutes until there was a knock on my door, opened my door to find the drunk Dad, holding a baseball bat (LEO had left). He proceeded to SCREAM profanities at me (in front of my wife and 2 sons), accusing me of calling the police on his son, also made threats to beat me with the bat. I remained calm, told him to stop making threats, and remove himself from my property. Closed and locked the door.
        After 10 minutes of him yelling at my closed front door, I called the St Pete PD, explained the sutuation to the operator, and was told the PD was MUCH TOO busy to respond to this situation.
        I informed the operator I was a legal handgun owner and have the tools and ability to handle the situation, then PROMPTLY hung up.
        Within ONE minute THREE St Pete PD cruisers were in front of my home. The first LEO on scene pushed the drunk neighbor off my porch (into my shrubs) and asked me where my firearm was when I opened the door.
        I told him dispatch must have misinformed him of the details of the call, it was for a threatening, armed drunk trespassing, not a legal firearm owner prepared to protect his family from the armed drunk.

        • and, and…. What’s the rest of the story? Don’t leave us hanging. Did they arrest the guy?

        • So the St. Petersburg 911 Dispatch doesn’t record incoming calls for playback, and you got off scott free for lying to a uniformed LEO? Care to revise your story?

        • I explaned to the officer that if the drunk neighbor had forced entry into my home (and acted on his verbal threats of violence), I was prepared to defend my family and myself with a legal firearm. My comment to the operator reflected that. The drunk neighbor was arrested for making threatening statements and trespassing.
          The main point is how St Pete LEO was NOT willing to respond to a threat by a drunk neighbor they had just spoken to minutes earlier. Only stating my firearm ownership brought the LEO response. I was WELL aware of my legal standings in the situation, and informed the LEOs when they played the “you are our problem” spin after attempting to ignore the situation unfolding at my front door.

        • “you got off scott free for lying to a uniformed LEO?”
          Please explain this comment. What “lie”?

    • They assumed they were firecrackers and you didn’t know the difference. In my town they assume anything that pops is firecracker, anytime near Halloween. Most people can’t tell the difference. (I can if there’s a whistle before the pop, lol)

  11. Another proof positive Gun Control useful idiots talk out their politically inept history illiterate behinds.

    • Did you hear about Trump wanting to impose socialism because of the Wuhan Flu? That’s the worst part of the communist’s cover up of their released virus, which lead to the spread. America wants to Andrew Yang the nation by printing up a trillion dollars and handing it over to corporations. Yang said Trump’s people contacted his team on how to implement “his” ideas during this time of panic.

        • CNN? Not a reputable source.
          What is being outlined is NOT socialism you idiot. GAFC.

        • I don’t want to ever see James Campbell, pwrserge and jwm complaining about Democrats being socialists after they have openly defended socialism as not being socialism. They support Andrew Yang’s, AOC’s and Bernie Sanders’ take money from one to give to another.

          I don’t want to see them ever mention Obama’s name to blame him for ruining the economy now that Trump is working to do worse things to the economy.

          These socialists want to steal my money to hand out to themselves. They only complain about Obama socialism because he is half black. Trump is doing worse things than Obama.

          Don’t forget the revolution against Britain was started over the government taking a small amount of people’s property… Tiny compared to what Obama and Trump did. Even the civil war was over economics.

          No wonder these guys are the biggest trolls here. They are straight socialists. They hate free market capitalism. They hate property rights. They hate a sound money supply. They believe taxation isn’t theft. They have do not care about putting future generations into debt for their personal gain and the profiteering of corporations. These men are not conservatives, they’re neo liberal Republicans.

  12. I’m thinking some of our 2A brothers and sisters can help philly in court cost by helping thin the herd then, I’ve spent alot of time in the burgh working on pipeline and it’s kinda liberal round there. I’m hoping philly not the same but if it is grab that old trusty 2iron you been bragging bout for the last ten yrs ( for intruders) instead of spending 200 on a shotty, And good luck yank

    • Kracker, let me tell you, the Burg may be liberal, but Philly is worse. Practically impossible to get a LTCF in Philadelphia County.

  13. Why Americans are Buying Guns: Cities Not Arresting Criminals for Many Crimes

    Why have Americans been buying guns since before there even was an America?

    Let’s not forget that there are wild animals out there. Some of them are human.

  14. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Be prepared. there is already some talk on the Right and left coast about the need to empty prisons. As a safety measure against virus clusters. Gov. Cuomo side stepped this question 3 days ago in a news conference. Members of the MSM have already been talking about the probability of such a action Make no mistake boys and girls. If they won’t answer. The idea exists. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  15. To the rest of the country: Welcome to California. We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, both because of a federal court decree concerning prison overcrowding and because of a law passed that transferred “nonviolent” state prisoners to county jails and probation systems to complete their sentences, leaving little room for anyone other than violent miscreants. But do not worry overly, there have been no riots and mass larceny, just an uptick in property crimes. As with the nation, violent crime is unchanged or decreasing.

  16. Th rural areas, so blessed with common sense, have been ready for this for a long time.

    If the WuHan zombies stagger too far our of their preferred urban and suburban nests, then they will be facing an entirely different mindset.

    • @Obidon
      The rural areas so blessed with acreage..but can’t make it to town to vote….you know like Virginia? Northam what a great man RURAL VA let take office..absentee ballot anyone?…anyone?

  17. The fear and closing of everything is insane. This is Covid-19. That means there were 18 others that you never heard of. All blown WAY out of proportion. It’s a cleaning house Flu that has gone after the elderly and previously sick or currently sick. That sucks, but destroying the world economy to MAYBE do something is just dumb. That recovery will take possibly years to reset. Anyway, the real truth is that no one gets out of this alive. Period.

          • Just send $500.00 cash (to cover shipping and handling) to me to receive your 100 rounds of 62 grain 5.56 sometime in the future (please allow three to six years for delivery)…

        • Each one of your .556 rounds is a destructive device with a $200 tax stamp. Not much of a win. 😁

    • “This is Covid-19. That means there were 18 others that you never heard of…”

      Isn’t it fun when people act like the have some sage knowledge about a situation and then immediately prove that they couldn’t do so much as google it?

    • It means that a lot of people are going to come to understand how a lot of old folks already live….

    • This is Covid-19. That means there were 18 others that you never heard of…

      The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). While the U.S.

    • A jail full of sick inmates is bad news. Not only is that how guards get sick, it’s how riots happen. At some point it makes more sense to release those that have transgressed non-violently than to risk losing control of the situation or having to provide medical attention for a bunch of people.

      • Lock them up and let nature take its course.

        Don’t get arrested and convicted next time. Behave.

  18. This is not the end of civilization. There will still be police… but things are going to be different. City folks are going to start realizing what it’s like to call 911 and be told that someone will be there in an hour.

    I wonder if they’ll learn anything.

  19. “The Philly PD has announced that they won’t make arrests for a range of crimes including drug sales, thefts, burglary, stolen cars and more. Police will detain suspects, determine — somehow — whether they’re a threat…and then turn them loose”

    Why is this a problem???
    Libertarians Liberals and the left have all said there are too many people being locked up in the USA. The Libertrains and AOC both agree. They say let from be free.

  20. Our local basket case community just arrests and releases non violent felons anyway and only prosecutes gun felonies if in the words of the DA, “it is a slam dunk”. This is going on all over america and I dont know why anyone would now all of a sudden be buying a gun unless it was just way down on their to do list.

  21. So , don’t want to crowd them into jail / prison , OK .. Virus thing .
    that means you on your own , that’s why people are also buying up weapons , protect yourself and family at home , on your own as always , same on the street , stay safe , be alert . Take Care ya’all

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