coronavirus gun sales store
(AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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As we’ve noted here, Americans are stampeding to gun stores like never before. With a declaration of a national emergency, a lot of people who hadn’t bought guns before have decided that now is the time to procure a firearm to make sure they can defend themselves and their families.

If it it goes bang, people are pretty much buying it.

While a lot of local gun stores’ inventories have been decimated, the big brown trucks are still operating and rest assured, gun retailers will be restocking.

Faxon Ascent AR-15 (courtesy Rainier Arms)

If your local seller’s shelves are empty, though, there are plenty of online options. Rainier Arms has AR-15’s like a very reasonably priced Faxon Ascent or AR-10’s like the Devil Dog MRP-10 in stock.

Brownells has plenty of full-size handguns like a Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 or a SIG SAUER P226 Legion.

Looking for a shotgun? Palmetto State Armory has the Remington 870 Express or a Mossberg 500 Field in stock.

Yes, lots of items are out of stock, but plenty of online retailers have the kinds of guns people are looking for most in their warehouses.

coronavirus gun sales store
People wait in a line to enter a gun store in Culver City, Calif., (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

In short, there are plenty of guns out there to be had. You may not be able to get one today, but depending on where you live and your local laws, you should be able to get one in a reasonable amount of time.

Are you buying? If so, what?

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  1. I actually picked up a Century C39v2 AK-47 shortly before the frenzy kicked in, but I’m not about to panic buy, given that I already have more than enough guns, ammo, mags, etc.

    • Hal, I really hate to be “that guy”, but you really need to hear what I’m about to tell you. That C39V2 is a steaming pile, & quite dangerous. Watch Rob Ski’s of AK Operators Union 5k rnd count testing review @:

      List of GTG AK models & their pass/fail results here:

      Century, & pretty much all USDM (jury is still out on a couple) produced AK variants are garbage. Read the intro paragraph on the rating index page, it’s particularly important w/ regards to safety. Also, Century imports are mostly good, but never, never a domestically produced one without checking that list or AKOU.

        • Likely a lot more due to the entry price barrier, than anything else. Admittedly, that’s conjecture on my part.

          AKOU (destruction?) tests are conducted on their own $$$ though. Which ofc, precludes the inherent biases, or shilling, and that’s a good thing. I like my information in stark, uncolored formatting. Preferably from multiple independent sources that are largely in agreeance with one another.

          Adhering to scientific method, even if science largely doesn’t these days, is important. Larger sample sizes would be nice though, if quite expensive, and perhaps prohibitively so where RD is concerned.

        • So I’m one of the two people that made that wiki and honestly the only reason its not on the list is because we forgot about them. Many die hard AK guys consider RD rifles as over priced toys. Sure they are nice, but they are not the end all be all. The short sight radius, the angel on the side of the rear sight block, and until recently the front sight was ‘tuned’ by filing it. To me that’s just as bad as PSA ‘tuning’ gas pistons by bending them to fit so aftermarket pistons like the KNS doesn’t fit because the rifle was not made correctly. Well add them to the list.

    • WBP (Polish) Fox AK47, always wanted one. Smith PC Shield .45. Couple thousand rounds I should have bought last year.

      • Yup, that’s a good one. I have an authentic FB Radom 80% sitting here whilst deciding which direction I want to take with it. WBP may not be an original ComBlock manufacturer, but they are comparable to the top ones that are. People in the know like them a lot, including Rob Ski.

        FB Radom is widely considered the very best of the best manufacturers, hence my choices. Although AK-74 + stuff on this side of the pond is getting rarer than hen’s teeth these days, and that may lead to some issues. I’ve talked myself into a 5.45 build, & my 80% is an AKM, sooo…

  2. Had a pistol delivered to local ffl. It arrived 3/11. He dicked around and put off letting come pick it up. I text him again this morning and he replies ” he has suspended doing transfers due to corona virus. Hopes to restart soon” Dickhead has lost all my future business.

    • The decision for an FFL is between:

      (A) do a bunch of government paperwork and make a $700 sale; or

      (B) do a bunch of government paperwork and make a small transfer fee

      During slow times when (A) is not happening, then sure, do a few (B)s to pass the time. When there’s a line at the counter, forget it.

      • He’s a home FFL. No counter, no stock and apparently no balls. Cabela’s is open and also the local gun shops.

      • If you have a local shop you do business with, he will do the sale. He may not open the shop to the public, but if he knows you, he will have you stop by and transfer the gun. Mine will not say a word when I have a gun come in as long as he knows I want it and it is not in stock.

        Of course, he also knows he will get all my GunSmith work, and all my purchases of things I need that he stocks. And he generally gives me a discount. I don’t mind paying an extra two or three percent to his business.

    • PUBLISH his NAME WS!!! I gave a shoutout to gunshops who did good. Like Cheaper than Dirt needs to be shunned so does your guy! BTW I’m not buying a damn thing…

  3. NADA. Well stocked on ammo and guns. Now is NOT the time to be buying, that time has already passed. Got any toilet paper? 😉

    • Not buying. Advising neighbors, but the time to buy gins, ammo, TP, and soup came and went. I’ll be long dead before I run out of gun stuff.

      • I’ve been slowly accumulating for the last decade. I really picked things up over the last nine months or so. I’ve had more cash lately and was pretty confident that hard times were coming.

        I’ve got plenty of guns, ammo, mags. etc .

        Maybe I should buy a few AR spare parts, and I still have a stripped lower that needs building.

    • Agree to disagree. It’s always time to buy more ammo, though I myself also stocked up long ago, starting during the Obama Ice Age.

      This buying wave must have the Left going apoplectic. Curious to see if it makes any difference in November.

      • I’m hoping that those long lines in California and the east will make people realize that a gun in hand is worth several Cops on the beat or in the cruiser and pay close attention, rejecting the left’s calls for extremist gun control, or confiscation.

        As to gun and ammo purchases on 9/11 I was between crash sites, felt surrounded, evaluated my existing collection, and found it lacking. I then vowed to never let that happen again.

      • A bit behind the curve…Ha Ha. I started during the Clinton reign. Military surplus 30 cal. mostly for M1 Garand and Carbine. Still goes bang even now. It was ridiculously cheap in those days and could be bought by the pallet lot. Be Safe Out There and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Yup!

      $0.10 a square…10 square minimum purchase…you pay shipping…usual FedEx or UPS rates apply. Would you like that overnighted Sir?

      My apologies Grumpy, couldn’t resist the smart alec answer.

      • Some Wally Worlds still have the Hillary Clinton book in remainders for $0.98 each. Best deal around right now for hundreds of pages of TP and it’s not like a high demand item.

    • I have a couple of extra cases of 12ga incoming, mostly because a little extra never hurt anyone, & mag fed can eat ammo at a prodigious rate. Wish I could find tungsten #1 buck elsewhere w/o having to pay Hevi premiums, but c’est la vie.

    • Re: Grumpy. There is really no bad time to purchase another firearm. We shooters can always use one more pistol or rifle or shotgun. My spouse used to say that I had one for each hand and that was enough. How wrong can she be? Even at my advanced age (!) or 70, I still see the wisdom of purchasing more firearms. My most recent is a .22 mag pistol, which after a trip to the factory and polishing and fitting of various parts together, gave me a very reliable pistol. Now, I’m working on collecting mucho ammunition for ALL my pistols and rifles.

  4. Live in a small town with a local gun store. Went down yesterday to top off on some ammo and to give some business. City Folk are starting to swarm out to the shop to buy up existing stock so I let them have it. I have my own arsenal and enough ammo to last a lifetime.

  5. Got all the guns I’d ever need. Just a couple of “wants” on the list, but no cash to buy them. I’d actually sell a few off, but with Washington’s new screwed up universal background checks, no chance of that happening either.

  6. No new guns for me, but I did get a few part upgrades that I can install while I’m working from home over the next couple weeks. Also grabbed two cases of range ammo while it was still cheap and plentiful.

  7. Mounting scopes and sighting in. Sight in E O Tech 512 this afternoon. Reloading this weekend. Have what I need already. Stay healthy everyone. Time to go feed the chickens.

  8. None. Already well-stocked.

    Being neighborly and letting those who just realized the might have to protect themselves a chance to do so.

    Welcome to the 2nd amendment club.

  9. I got a few hundred dollars worth loading components I had been holding off on now that I will have more time for loading for awhile. I don’t have a lot of assembled ammo (probably more than enough for the amount of “real” shooting I could likely live through) but I have a shit ton of components.

    • Same here Vic. I picked up a sleeve of small pistol primers. I’m good with all my other reloading supplies.

  10. The answer for me is ALWAYS, “buy another shotgun”. To wit Rem 1100 LT20–for my wife—snort.

    Bought a used MEC Jr shotshell reloader, wads, #9, Hodgson Universal, etc.

    • That is a VERY nice gun. A few years ago when I decided I was good for the SHTF and zombie scenarios and had the hunting firearms I wanted, I decided I was going to buy all those guns I had no way to get when I was a kid or didn’t have the money for when I was a teen and just never got around to acquiring. One of the first was an 1100 in 20 gauge (I don’t shoot any 12 gauge – plate in my neck doesn’t like the recoil). That is still the best pointing autoloader I’ve ever shot. I wish they offered one today that doesn’t have the high gloss stock.

  11. After Newtown I got frustrated because I could not just go out and shoot a 22 for fun without serious hassle. So I vowed that when the shortage was over, I would stock up, so next time I would be ready. I kept that vow, and now I have plenty of ammunition and no plans to buy much of anything. This time I’m the ant, not the grasshopper.

  12. 1200 rds of 62 gr .556 saved for me Saturday my dude is only open sat and sun owns an AC service business. Just hoping (stay in order) doesn’t come before then…don’t need it but that’s not the point.

  13. Not buying any gun stuff right now. Already did all that, built up slow and steady over the years when what I wanted was plentiful and on sale. Have a walk-in closet well stocked probably for the rest of my days.

    Of course there are guns I would enjoy buying and shooting. That’s not the point. Point is all the contingencies are covered, more than that, buried in big stacks of boxes and full shelves and gun lockers.

    Why wait on the latest emotionally driven, fear fueled, sphincter loosening panic to stock up? I just do not comprehend all that.

    • Strongly agree. I’ve been in this game a while, and I identified my needs long ago. My collection is tight, and while I don’t have stacks of stuff I do have everything I reasonably need. There is only one thing on my “To Buy” list and it’s an IDPA competition handgun, so I expect it’s not exactly flying off the shelves. 🙂


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  15. I’m buying the new Lysol Yeet Cannon with a 2 nozzle muzzle flow director in +P+ canister, with a N95 100 round clipazine of course equipped with a 200 NW UV Light and pinhead size bayonet in my new IWBA Kydex EDC holster from Greyman Solutions in Mustang Oklahoma

  16. Nope. I hate crowds. I don’t care if they’re giving away chocolate. I’m not standing in line for anything.

    • Oh no, not chocolate…;)

      No “lines” here, just MT shelves…LGS has a wall full of long guns, and counter cases full of handguns, sold out of some ammo though…people rather have TP than protect themselves from those who will come to take their TP…

  17. I learned from the last panic attack. Have all the guns I need at the moment, all the factory ammo I need to get me by, and enough brass/bullets/primers/powder for another couple thousand rounds per caliber ready to reload.

  18. 2k rounds of 7.65×21 (30 Luger) for a few twin barrel gun packages (9para/7.65para) I own, and my 1900 DWM Luger.
    This caliber is popular in Europe for target shooting, similar to 357SIG (necked case), but around 1mm smaller. Really flat trajectory.
    I keep my safes WELL stocked with firearms, mags, ammo.
    Always been the 🐜, not the grasshopper.

  19. My wife says I am overstocked. I only have several thousand rounds of ammo I tell her. Do not need any at the current time.

    • My wife thinks that anything more than one gun is enough. I have a few more than that, and half of them she doesn’t know or need to know about. I feel a bit short on .45 ACP and .308, but everything else is well stocked. And I can reload the .45 ACP. So I have avoided the stores, and will continue to do so.

  20. I’m good… I refuse to buy when stuff gets weird. I only buy when I feel like I’m “getting away with something.” I didn’t plan on buying a gun last Saturday, but I took home a Sig P225 proudly made in West Germany that looks like new and came with the original case and 7 mags because it was a “Why the hell WOULDN’T you buy it!” price. I didn’t need to get a piece, I’m satisfied that I am adequately prepared regarding self protection tools and ammo for said tools… but it’s a great companion for my P220! Big bro, little bro.

    • Saw an old used W German P220 (SS or Chrome) at the local Cabalas on Sat, the gun wait was ridiculous so I didn’t get to handle it. Drove back yesterday (Wed) and the line to enter the store was over 100 people long. Ft Worth FD is limiting the Cabalas location to 125 occupants.

    • My thinking was like yours, I own a few P6s (P225s/little bros), this old P220 would be the big bro.
      (Need edit function here on TTAG)

      • Just check the “save my name, email….” checkbox when you post then you can edit. My EDC is a German made 220 in 38 Super. Favorite handgun of all time, bar none.

        • Good to know, thanks.

          I had a 227 that used to be my EDC. A good friend/range buddy offered me more then what I paid for the gun, holster, mags package. Had to sell for that price.
          The W German 220 and a Swiss 210 are currently on my radar now.

        • Edit test.
          Well paint my horse red and call me Susan, the edit function works.
          Thanks again.

        • Went and grabbed that West German Sig P220 this afternoon, took almost an hour to get into the Ft Worth Texas Cabalas.
          An almost 35 year old/near new condition ST model, with both ST mags, owners manual, test target and box. Was priced at $749.99, got it for $699.99 (plus tax) out the door (I’ve purchased several firearms from their classic gun library).
          Who sez there are no deals to be had during the Kung Flu gun buying spree.
          More classic German stainless steel in my safe is ALWAYS a good thing.

  21. Ordered a new ESEE-3 knife with Dark Earth blade and the cool nifty contoured G10 grip in Coyote/ Black. Not for any particular reason, I was just smitten with it. Who really needs a reason to buy stuff?

    Spokane WA

  22. I’ve been well stocked since the ’80s so not buying anything. I believe the media has blown this way out of proportion. They must be dismayed that they’ve caused a surge in firearms sales.

    • In other words the 1st you heard of the chicom flu was 3wk ago when the MSM woke you up. They are stupid. It’s real and for 2 months it has been obvious that it was coming here. We will be fortunate if it is not as bad as 1918 (when US got off light).

  23. Guns? Don’t need guns. Need more ammo, buying some components. May start reloading some stuff up in the next few days.

  24. Nothin’ really, acquired a new wheelgun(Taurus Tracker 692 3″ SS) cpl weeks ago, had nothing to do with covid-19…bought some 158gr Hornady XTP HP’s yesterday to load up, other than that, just everyday “normal” for me…

  25. My concern is not with gun count or ammo count; it is that I am the only person in my household that will handle a gun. I have been recruiting my wife and daughter, but neither are there, yet. Home defense will be solely up to me. My house has a lot of windows and 4 doors to the outside. A lot to defend. Picked up additional slide bolts, will be installing them this weekend.

    • I got my wife a handgun (and holster) that really fit her and got her to do five or six hours of range time with it and our long guns a few years ago, but she hasn’t touched them in over a year. She does seem to grasp the potential danger but hasn’t got it through her head that it is quite a gamble that I will be able to handle a confrontation alone. It is very frustrating. I fear that she is still conditioned to think that preparing for violent confrontation is an ‘extremist’ thing to do.

  26. I’ve always been a gun freek , so I’ve been buying them for years, new ones, old ones, ugly ones , pretty ones, any of them, Got some I’ve never even shot, soooo, I’m not falling for the panic buy on guns, after this is over there will be plenty of time to pick up the weapons that the new people will want to offload.
    & ya I get lot’s of ammo too. I qualified as a expert at 500 yds in the Corp, so I don’t need to waste ammo on things like paper or cans like a lot of people do. I do pop off a few rounds with whatever I’m packing in the backcountry, but most of my stuff stays on target most of the time….

  27. Nope. I have myself well-stocked. If I needed 22s, they are still available for normal prices.

    I am personally waiting for LCRs to go down to 300 again so I can pick up another.

    May be a while…….

  28. I don’t need anything. I’m waiting for some dirt-bag to go to court so I can get my stolen SR-22 out of the property room. The case has already been continued three times and is several years old and now with the COVID-19, district court has cancelled all cases and the who knows what’s going on in Superior Court. I’m quite sure it will get continued past the June court date again. It pisses me off.

  29. About a week before the panic set in TSA had Red Army Std steel case 9mm for 1000/$120.00 otd. It was stupid not to buy. and now? well now you cant find any 9mm for any price really.
    I have guns in 9mm and 1 in 40. and one ar15
    i have alot of ammo but enough is never enough though.
    I’ve started looking into reloading bec frankly it will prob be cheaper in the end and more importantly, easier to find.

  30. Like a lot of folks here, I don’t NEED anything. Over the years I’ve collected enough firearms for me AND my brother, along with somewhere in the vicinity of 10k – 12k rounds in a mix of calibers. Needless to say I also have page long wish list (I keep threatening to buy a lottery ticket but never seem to get around to it)

    • Save the $2 you would spend on the lottery ticket for something on your wish list…it seems to work better that way for me.

      Shot a friend’s CMMG Banshee 300 Mk 57 recently. One of those in Midnight Bronze is on my wish list…*sigh* a coupla dollars at a time….I’ll get there.

  31. I got my AR15s and shotguns years ago. Now the priority is small concealable guns. Including concealed long guns. And no, I will not tell the gun grabbers who monitor TTAG what these guns are. But they are out there.

  32. Not buying guns or ammo now nor over the last few months. I achieved training and Prep inventories between panic cycles. Also encouraged others to buy $9 PMags and sub $500 ARs. Remember when Mfrs couldn’t move their huge “Pre-election” inventories based on a Hitlery Win. Lol.

    Soon those smart buyers will be able to recoup their expenditure and offset some of their own keeper inventory costs.

    Anybody that saw $100 mags, $1500 for budget ARs and didn’t learn a lesson is a dumbass.

  33. Oddly enough, I WAS planning to buy something new, just couldn’t decide what, but now I think I’ll just wait.

    I’ve got more ammo and more guns than I need, I recently took an inventory and was about to buy more ammo and perhaps another gun, but things went crazy so I’ll just wait.

    • Roger that on your line of thinking. I don’t need anything. Of course, there are always “wants” but those can, and will, wait.

  34. I am not buying anything gun related. I already had a decent amount of what I needed and don’t plan on overpaying for whatever is still left in stores.

    I will be saving all the money I can! Many people in our lives will start feeling the financial impact of this soon and it will be good to have money you can lend to friends/family in need.

  35. Another plate carrier which doubles as a workout vest since im working out at home more often. Great deals right now.

  36. I am in good shape with respect to firearms and ammunition so I have not tried to purchase anything and have no plans to purchase anything unless I run across a great bargain.

    Like many others who have commented, I added to my supply here-and-there over the last six years as bargains and finances allowed.

  37. I just checked my “Fort Knox”. Oddly enough, I don’t need anything for at least six months, maybe more. I think most of us ‘deplorables’ that ‘cling to our Bible and guns’ are going to be that way. But I was thinking a Lever Action Henry 44mag in Stainless would be a nice addition….if I can just distract the wife long enough.

    • Henry’s are nice, got some, but don’t overlook the Rossi 92. Got some of those, too. My last one is stainless in .44 Mag/.44Spl. It’s a good shooter and was a lot less expensive. The inevitable scratch or two won’t break my heart. Unless you’ve just got to have a Henry. I can see that, too. Their actions are buttery smooth.

  38. There are a couple of things I want, but not enough to be out in those crowds. Gonna sit this one out for a bit. It’s not like I’m gonna need more than I’ve got at the moment.

  39. I’m good. Might spend a little more time reloading with components I’ve already purchased. Powder might become a need at some point. Really pissed because my club has closed due to the virus including the outdoor ranges and I want to develop some new loads but have no place to shoot right now.

  40. Just ordered a Glock 19 replica BB CO2 pistol for some basement shooting fun. Just in case forced to stay home.

  41. I have more guns than I can shoot, more ammo than I can lift, more canned goods than I can eat, more TP than I can flush and more booze than I can drink.

    And I’m still looking for more.

  42. I stocked up on ammo here in California last year before the they made it really hard to purchase ammo. The new background check procedure makes buying a box of .22s a fifteen minute experience at the least,

  43. Nothing. I am waiting, we’re all going to die or become an inmate number in a re-education camp anyway, it’s coming. This virus is obviously a biological weapon, I am not sured if it was launched by our evil government or the Chinese, that probably doesn’t e be matter as globalism is globalism and we’re a bunch of worthless sheep.

  44. I gave into the panic, bought one of those fancy Japanese toilet lids that rinses of the old undercarriage!
    HAH to those toilet paper hoarders.
    Food, water, guns, ammo all good.

  45. It’s not gun related but there are great deals regarding vacations to Italy right now. It’s a great time to travel if you can afford it.

  46. Not buying guns, although if I get bored I might put together an AR from the spare parts box. And I have one to finish assembling as it is. And somewhere in the workshop there’s a Polymer80 frame kit…

    Re gear, if I see a good sale on LPVOs I might upgrade a rifle or two. Maybe. But again, no pressing need.

  47. Just another 3 bricks of 22LR since I suffered in the last drought. Can load almost everything else if I get around to it and create some more spent brass.

  48. It’s easy to look at the current histeria and point fingers/laugh at people, but overall I think this is actually a really good thing… some parts of the industry were hurting so this gets them back well into the black and scaling production ahead of the elections in November.

    If the media/establishment succeed in torpedoing Trump this time, at least the firearms companies will be back into fighting shape and flush with money. There will also be hundreds of thousands more guns in circulation for Beto and his goons to try and round up if given the chance.

  49. For whatever reason, at Thanksgiving I went on an ammo buying/reloading rampage. I’ve acquired a ton of pistol, shotgun, and 22 since then. I mean a bunch. I just bought a bunch of antimony and tin ingots to mix with the lead I have on hand and picked up another Lyman lube/sizer and an CH Swag-O-Matic to get a little more sophisticated at casting bullets. I kept it up till the middle of last month. I haven’t shot any of it so I’m better set on ammo than ever before. I have one hunting shotgun to pick up in a couple of days when it gets here (Rem 11-87 Sportsman Wood). I haven’t bought any guns since the Henry Pump 22 in October (which I have yet to shoot which is aggravating).

    All in all – I think I’m set for the Kung Flu and I’m planning to weather it as much as I can in the Green Swamp hunting turkeys.

  50. I’m good, for the most part. I need to renew my range membership, and I’m thinking about picking up a used shotgun, but that’s about it. I’m waiting on some body armor I ordered back in January, and a couple of small things for my emergency bag, but I think for once I’m ahead of the game. Or at least not way behind it. 🙂

  51. I sold my entire collection (324 revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns 8 years ago and moved into a a guarded locked community in Florida. I now have a “Judge” and a few Combo cases of PDX1 45 Colts/PDX1 410, I really don’t think I need anything else. Looking back I wish I had kept my 3 Weatherbys I used in Africa. I lived and worked on 3 different continents and think the Judge is one of the best inventions for a personal weapon.

  52. More parts for the stuff I have. Mag springs & followers, striker assemblies, guide rod assemblies, various & sundry springs & roll pins, etc. Not all of what I have is new, but it’s good, and maintainable.

    Would love to find an extractor, spring & pin for an S&W1911PD Scandium 5″ mod 108293 (not that that’s a blatant hint, mind you).

  53. Just ordered a couple of single stage, 3lb, drop ins for AR15s at excellent price (2 for less than the regular cost of 1)… looking at a new .308 upper 24″ with M-lok at more than 50% off…

  54. So many comments! I’ve been a collector and reloader most of my life. I took a break from reloading so I’m spending my retired time reloading. I should be caught up in a year or so. I think all the panic is way overblown. My local OUTDOOR range closed in Fairfax, VA.

    One good that comes out of this is that many folks who were not interested in firearms are now buying, in a few months they will either want to sell or learn how to shoot. In any event, may of those who were anti-gun have a new prospective and will, hopefully, vote that way.

  55. Im not buying anything. I learned during 2012 that you buy it cheap and stack it deep in the good times, so there is nothing to worry about during times like this.

  56. Nothing. I live California, you should already have all the ammo you need and bought all the guns you need. Now the wants that’s different. PSA has a deal on the Vortex red dot this week and i picked up a holster for my Glock 19, worried that if things got sporty the S&W Shield I normally carry wasn’t going to cut it.

  57. I’ve had all the guns I need for years.

    So I’m pretty much only buying the ones I want these days. Now is not the time to buy the guns you want. So I’m just sitting tight.

    In fact, if things get crazy like they did in 2013, I may thin heard a bit.

    Now is the time to sell scary black rifles.
    And if the economic fallout becomes real and long lasting, it may be the time to buy that fancy FUDDY gun you’ve had your eye on.

    I practically stole a Parker double after Sandy Hook. Everyone was buying Ammo and scarry guns. So the not so scary guns were very weak on resale.

  58. Nothing exept for the annual reloading resupply. I dont need anything else. Shame that it happened now at the beginning of sage rat season. Guess 10k of 22 LR ammo will have to last for a couple years.

  59. I don’t “need” another gun but I wanted another gun…I have a vintage Smith &Wesson Model 39-2 at my dealer tomorrow.

  60. I bought two boxes of 147 gr 300blk just because it was cheap. I did order the very last item needed for my hand loading setup i got a lee 2017 2nd edition manual brand new free shipping on ebay 15 bucks. Might use my stimulus check to start rolling out 300blk too.

  61. Guns: 0. Ammo:0. Gear: 0.

    Spent the last few days, having the time off, to set up stuff I already had to organize this new house.

    Already owned virtually everything I could need. What I couldn’t do was find it all in an organized manner.

    Not that it much matters at this point. Doc in France made the chloroquine/hydrochloroquine logical jump and it seems to work very, very well. Nice since those are first line antimalarial drugs which are fairly cheep and widely available.

    Panic was always going to be the killer here.

  62. Not buying a thing. In the process of reloading about 1K for my M1A. After the range this morning, thought I’d swing by Sportsmans Warehouse just to have a look around. When I saw the line out the door, I just laughed and drove home. After all, I need to get finished with reloading, and get rid of some of the stockpiled powder and primers I already have. I’m not standing in line to look at empty shelves. Besides, the way Washington State has buggered the firearms purchase process, you’re going to wait anywhere from 10 days to 30 days before you can take your piece home. If you decide you need a self protection firearm now, you have already waited too long. If you have shot up all your ammo and waited until now to replenish, well, you waited too long. Same can be said for toilet paper and food.

  63. I loaded up on Friskies Gourmet Cat Food. It’s the only thing I was short on, and I gotta keep the princess happy.

  64. I bought a bit extra 5.56 and 12 ga, the latter because I just bought a new pump-action. Other than that I’m sticking to accessories (optics) and maybe put together a couple of lowers that I already had purchased.

    I’m in the mode where if I see something I want, I’ll get it, but I don’t feel like I need anything. And I have a feeling I’m not going to want to pay the prices now.

  65. The only thing this panic (and previous panics ie 2013) has proven to me is I seriously need to go buy a handgun in .40 S&W.

    Don’t even like the caliber (and I already have cases of the most popular calibers on hand), but frankly I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth when I walk into local gun shops and sporting goods stores and notice that even when 9mm, .223, and .22 are out of stock, with .45, 7.62×39 and .308 not that far behind, there’s still literally piles of .38/.357, shotguns shells and .40 on the shelves. And seeing as I already got a .357 and a shotgun, it just means I need a .40 just so I can afford to go to the store and pick up ammo at my leisure if I just want something to take to the range in the middle of a mass panic.

  66. Buying now? Nothing.
    Why buy now when I can wait until the panic-buying idiots start reselling that stuff later for pennies on the dollar?
    Besides, I’m already set for most of what I need. Learned to stock up high & deep after Slick Willie’s gun ban expired back in ’04.

  67. I’m converting a bottle of hand sanitizer into a flame thrower. That will flush out any food stealers or leprechauns hiding behind my furnace.

  68. I’m looking for a new handgun for steel shoots, but haven’t decided whether to get the Sig 320 Legion or wait for the Dan Wesson DMX to hit the market. Either way, I can’t find one to handle before I buy yet.

    Fortunately, I bought a case of 9mm just before it got crazy, and I was already stocked up on everything else.


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