While Dog the Bounty Hunter Talks, US Marshals Capture a Would-Be Trump Assassin

Image via Twitter.

While Dog the Bounty Hunter ran his mouth from his home state of Hawaii about catching a man threatening to kill President Trump, the US Marshals made an arrest.

Authorities caught Shawn Christy in Ohio, wet, cold and on foot hiding between rocks in a stream bed. Christy, 27, faced a host of charges, including threats to assassinate both a local Pennsylvania prosecutor and President Trump.

Leave it to Duane Chapman to insert himself into the headlines in a search for relevance. Days before the US Marshals got their man, Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman told a local newspaper that he was joining the manhunt. From his house in Hawaii. Sort of like O.J. Simpson searched for his ex-wife Nicole’s murderer at golf courses.

While Dog the Bounty Hunter Talks, the US Marshals Capture Would-Be Trump Assassin

Chapman, above right, claimed to have a “hot lead” to the fugitive’s location.

“I have delivered messages to him,” he bragged to the local newspaper. “My goal is not to shoot him but get him to surrender.”

That’s pretty big talk from a “nuanced” guy who says he’s pro-gun but opposed to lead bullets.

Chapman, who’s a prohibited person following his murder conviction in 1976, can’t legally touch a firearm. Seems his pal and partner in crime “accidentally” shot and killed a man in Texas. Over a marijuana transaction gone bad.

So, not only does the Magic 8-ball read “Don’t count on it” to Dog the Bounty Hunter delivering any messages to Mr. Christy, but even more so to Chapman lawfully shooting anyone with anything other than a finger-gun.

While Dog the Bounty Hunter Talks, the US Marshals Capture Would-Be Trump Assassin

Meanwhile, the actual authorities rounded up the would-be presidential assassin fugitive.

Shawn Christy, a New Jersey resident with a long history of violent threats against government officials, ran his mouth just a little too far back in June. On social media, he posted: “Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump.”  Morganelli served as the Northampton County, PA prosecutor.

Christy’s threat earned him a federal warrant and the attention of federal agents. Suddenly Christy’s local problems with burglary and a probation violation charges became the least of his worries. While Christy continued to elude authorities and lay low, he also spouted off threats to use “full lethal force on any law enforcement officer that tries to detain me.”

In the end, the tough-talking fugitive surrendered like a scared little puppy piddling on itself.

While Dog the Bounty Hunter Talks, the US Marshals Capture Would-Be Trump Assassin

Armed with a knife and a .380 pistol, Christy could have fought it out like he said he would. Instead, he surrendered “peacefully.” Like so many bullies before him, he chickened out of a fair fight.

Mr. Christy will face a federal judge Monday, September 24th.

Meanwhile, Mr. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman will face his fifth wife Monday, awaiting his next feeble attempt at relevance in today’s world.


  1. avatar Andy Buckmichael says:

    The guy and his group are nothing but burn outs.

    1. avatar Rick says:

      Least hes putting himself out there

      1. avatar Ali says:

        Yeah Dog!! Still fighting hard, thank u for the time and efforts u put into every case, even from afar..You and Beth are amazing, wonderful family..Love yas and miss yas..God be and bless you all dsily..in my prayers..Alice

  2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘In 1976, Chapman was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to five years in a Texas prison. He had been waiting in a car when his friend accidentally shot and killed alleged pimp and drug dealer Jerry Oliver, 69, in a struggle during a deal to buy cannabis.’

    OK, how do you get convicted of first degree murder for waiting in a car when an ‘accidental’ shooting happens? And how do you only get 5 years for first degree murder? The only thing that makes sense here is that he presumably smoked a lot of weed in the 70s.

    1. avatar New Continental Army says:

      During that time in American history, very liberal sentencing laws were in place. People have very misconstrued notions that the US has never tried these failed liberal criminal justice reforms. We have. In fact we’ve tried most of them. They all failed. In the 70s very lax sentencing guidelines lead to extremely light sentences being handed down. This lead to a backlash of the “tough on crime” polices of the 80s-early 00s. Tough on crime actually worked though, because at the very least, the Shit bags going behind bars weren’t turning around and getting out right away after a conviction.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        New Continental Army,

        Tough on crime actually worked though, because …

        Because recidivism among criminals is extremely high (something like 90%) and the longer that we keep criminals in a cage, the less crime we all have to endure.

        That is why I am in favor of LONG prison sentences for violent crimes with rock-solid physical evidence.

        1. avatar New Continental Army says:

          Precisely! “Rehabilitation” only works if those in the program want to change. The vast majority doesn’t.

        2. avatar TexTed says:

          Why should there be “long sentences”? Why not just lock the violent bastards up, and keep them locked up, until they are no longer violent?

          What kind of sense does it make to turn a violent criminal loose on society just because a certain number of calendar months have passed?

        3. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          My recommendation of “long prison sentences” implied the idea of keeping a violent criminal locked up until they are no longer violent/dangerous.

        4. avatar Jackass Jim says:

          Prisons and jails are for shoplifters, tax cheats and traffic law violators.

          Burglars, wife beaters, drug dealers, robbers, . . . that is what the gallows is for.

      2. avatar Southern Cross says:

        It was a fad in criminal sentencing and education that if you treat the miscreants with kindness they will see the error of their ways. It is still ongoing in juvenile justice with a touch on the wrist and a warning ( because a slap on the wrist was seen as too assertive) instead of an appropriate sentence.

        The kindness fad only worked when the perpetrator had a conscience (which most didn’t) and the person understood their actions (most didn’t care anyway). The result was people realizing they could do bad things with little no no consequences. A legacy we are still living with.

        Progessive’s heads are so full of wool it is child’s play to pull it over their eyes as they are so blinded by their ideology.

        1. avatar bryan1980 says:

          Bring the chain gangs back, and work those cons from sunup to sundown. They’ll be too tired to riot or try any other mischief. Solve the overcrowding problem with tent cities on the prison grounds.

          Or, do it like they did in the Minority Report; put the perps in suspended animation for the length of their sentence, reliving their crimes via the Halo.

        2. avatar Thom Ream says:

          New Continental Army said:
          “During that time in American history, very liberal sentencing laws were in place….”

          Dammit! That’s the best review of the libertard’s failed social justice “scheme” I’ve heard in a LONG time – and as I live in Kali, that’s saying something! Well said, and right on the money.
          Now, getting back to Dog: go lick yourself.

    2. avatar Bill says:

      To my understanding the way the law works is.

      If Doggy had been the reason they were there to snatch the weed it would be his fault for the struggle and thus responsible for the “accident”, then by throwing some friends under the bus he could take his murder conviction down to a few years by pleading no intent.
      You need the rest of the timeline and statements for it to make sense.
      For instance, did Puppy man give his buddy the gun and send him in to get the weed? Hiring a hit-man is still murder, even if you aren’t performing the crime.

      1. avatar Sandy says:

        Oh for those who don’t know he was waiting in the car while his buddies went for the. Regardless of accidental or intentional, the man died. The law states any party involved in the commission of a crime. Would be found at fault. Rather he was driving the car or just a passenger.

        As for the Dog and manhunt last week he said he would join them on Sept 28 I believe. If your going to join the hunt you do it NOW not wait thst being said I’m still a big fan of the dog n crew

        1. avatar Andy Buckmichael says:

          You are an idiot.

    3. avatar jwtaylor says:

      It’s a little more complicated than the answers above.

      First, understand that in Texas, to this day, if you aided in the commission of a crime, in any way, you can also be charged with that crime, and the charge usually sticks. That includes capital cases. We’ve executed a getaway driver for a murder that he didn’t even know happened until he was arrested for it.

      Also, until fairly recently, Texas didn’t have “life without parole”. It was, oddly enough, constitutionally prohibited. (Texas has a weird and convoluted constitution, we put all sorts of stuff in there.) So for major crimes, you saw what were generally short prison terms for what the paper said the person was guilty of if the judge and jury didn’t think they deserved it, or the death penalty.

      And boy, did we use the death penalty. Hell, we executed a retarded dude even after the Pope himself begged the Governor not to. (Do note, the Governor in Texas does not have the power to stop an execution, only to temporarily delay it, and only very temporarily, until the Board of Pardons and Parole’s reviews it.)

      We now have “life without the possibility of parole”, and because of that, and the recent cases where scientific evidence and DNA has proven that we executed men innocent of the crime they were convicted of, and you’ve seen the death penalty doled out less. At the same time, we’ve built more prisons and incarcerated more people for the same crimes for longer periods of time. We just kill them less often now.

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          At least 46 states have a felony murder law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felony_murder_rule

          This typically even includes situations like: bad guy 1 and bad guy 2 armed rob a store. Armed citizen 1 shoots and kills bad guy 2 in self-defense. Bad guy 1 is charged for bad guy 2’s murder. Armed citizen 1 is not charged with anything.

          Basically, if anybody dies — even if it’s a heart attack! — during the commission of a felony that you’re involved in, you’ll be charged with murder.

    4. avatar Ralph says:

      The gun did it.

    5. avatar The Insider says:

      He knew the man was going to be killed and that makes him a party to murder.

      1. avatar John in AK says:

        According to the record, he did NOT ‘know’ that the person was going to be killed; The killing was ‘accidental’ and took place during a supposed ‘struggle.’

        On the OTHER hand. . . The Killing was 1st-Degree Murder because it took place during the course of a drug transaction; Even without ‘knowing intent’ on the part of Poodle, the mere fact that he ‘knew’ that there was a drug deal taking place, and had the reasonable expectation that one or more of the parties to a drug deal would be armed with a gun AND that drug transactions have an enhanced expectation of violence, he could reasonably have ‘known’ that SOMEBODY might very well get shot and killed.

        Too bad he wasn’t executed. Alas!

  3. avatar RA-15 says:

    Dog the bud hunter & not the kind you drink , the kind you smoke. Not that I give a shit. There’s more wrinkles around his eyes than on my dinkle 🙂

  4. avatar Warlocc says:

    LEO has a big CamelBak on.


    Does he get dehydrated on his long walks from the office to the MRAP?

    1. avatar chris. says:

      Tactically Re-hydrating. So when he pisses his pants, he lets out a powerful stream to intimidate his attacker.

    2. avatar arc says:

      Its something done to demean new joins in the military, if you wear a camel back, you are fresh meat, new, stupid, and ripe for abuse. It basically ostracizes you from all the piece of shit “seniors”, combined with wearing mixed uniform clothing and forbidden from having hair. I wonder if the practice has been stopped yet. Along with blood pinning, boot in the box, and mop handles up the ass.

      I get it, they are cops and not military but I wouldn’t be surprised if some retarded practice exists there too to tell everyone around him that hes the bitch to kick around. Doesn’t look like its filled so I doubt its even used. It probably got shoved on his flak and left there or is a relic from a previous kit policy.

      You will have your strap cutter on your flack at all times!

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        “Its something done to demean new joins in the military, if you wear a camel back, you are fresh meat, new, stupid, and ripe for abuse.”

        I’ve never heard of that in my life, and I served multiple combat tours in the Army. Our rule was, if you don’t have at least 2 quarts of water leaving the FOB, you’re going to walk point until you explode. Everyone wore a camel back of some type.
        A man who doesn’t carry his water is a blue falcon extraordinaire.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      They were combing through heavy woods in a large radius around where he went to ground after ditching a vehicle and going to ground, trying to track him using dogs.

      Bet they were hiking more than you did that day.

      1. avatar Warlocc says:

        Someone took that comment personally.

        People wouldn’t call out cops if they dialed it back, even just a little. I don’t care if he hiked for a minute or a day, he’s wearing more tacticool gear than guys fighting wars in the desert. It’s silly.

        1. avatar Andy Buckmichael says:

          Typical idiot scum cop.

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          “he’s wearing more tacticool gear than guys fighting wars in the desert.”
          Not even remotely close. He’s 20lbs of gear shy of passing a PCI, at an absolute minimum. He doesn’t even have as much gear on him as the other guys around him.

          You’re complaining that this guy is carrying water in the woods.

        3. avatar Warlocc says:

          No, I’m complaining that he’s wearing a tacticool loadout to do it, when his car and his buddies aren’t far away. It’s overkill.

    4. avatar EnDangerEd says:

      Designated ButtWipe hauler, all that TP takes up a lot of cubes in a pack…. seriously. There were a lot of a$$holes there… including the perp.

  5. avatar manny says:

    Since they have some free time now, how about going after Madonna, Robert de Niro, and Maxine Watters for the same thing? Hopefully in the same manner.

    1. avatar ColoradoKid says:

      My thoughts exactly…and depp, griffin, rourke, and others.

    2. avatar EnDangerEd says:

      Those idjets are EZ to snag…. just send’em a script for a great new movie where they are all playing the best parts. They wiil beat a path to your door and save a lot of tramping through the woods.

  6. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Seems to me that it would be quite foolish to be a bounty hunter if you cannot be legally armed for self-defense.

  7. avatar jimmy james says:

    They always had those big tanks of pepper spray on the TV show. Why do I know this?

  8. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    I always thought he looked like a drug user to me…

    1. avatar The Insider says:

      Bingo. I read a story about a private investigator who went up to their hotel room at a conference to call them down and Beth answered the door with a crack pipe in her hand. She was rude, he left and they were not invited back to that conference again. Someone else said one of the children knows they do meth.

      1. avatar Kathy says:

        I love rumor mongers Prove it big shot, prove it.
        This is how so many evil lies get started by the infamous words “I heard”. Lol.

  9. avatar Vitsaus says:

    I thought people never get killed over pot.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      They don’t. It’s the money that they get killed for.

  10. avatar Cj says:

    Grow up button up your shirt no one wants to see your chest.

    1. avatar PATRON49IFT says:

      I think she has a nice chest; from what I can see of it.

  11. avatar Danny Mann says:

    Why are people like SHAWN CRISTY, justly so so quickly sought out and arrested for these threats, when celebrities (Cathy Griffin, Madonna, etc…) make even more blatant, public threats of the same nature, hardly turn a hair?! It’s not like they are hard to find. Just curious.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Would *you* want to touch Cathy Griffin?

      (didn’t think so)

      1. avatar Andy Buckmichael says:

        She may not be that bad.

  12. avatar MizzSki says:

    Why ya gotta be such a hater? geeshMizz

  13. avatar DDay says:

    Yeah Dog is a lot of talk, so is every celebrity, it’s self promotion. Not sure why all the hate, Dog did catch serial rapist andrew luster who fled to mexico from CA during his trial.

  14. avatar Dawnshea says:

    Are there any “journalists” now that can just report the facts without interjecting their opinion?

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      Not anymore. It’s profoundly disappointing.

  15. avatar Dawnshea says:

    Are there any real journalists that can report facts without interjecting their opinion?

  16. avatar Tim says:

    My Lord, no offense, but Chapman looks like he drank a liter of rotgut just before being hit by a bus.

    1. avatar The Insider says:

      He is a drug addict.

  17. avatar James J. White says:

    Half of Hollywood threatened to kill the President. What’s so special about this guy?

  18. avatar The Insider says:

    I wonder why no one writes about Beth Chapman being charged with felony embezzlement last year?

  19. avatar Robin says:

    He was in south Alabama this week. So when did this take place?

  20. avatar Sean says:

    This is a particularly rude and bias article. I mean heat is heat, the more the guy thought people were looking for him AMD his face exposed the better chance of him surfacing to move and hide, sooooo helps help right? I will take a neutral on personally insulting the guy. And point of fact he paid his debt in jail so that’s just out of bounds raking him over the coals over and over. Let he without sin cast the first stone right?

  21. avatar Kelly says:

    He did his time and made himself a millionaire. Hundreds of thousands love him. I am sure the author of this article is also a millionaire and a loved celebrity, NOT. As for the wrinkles, the man is up in years, has been exposed to sun and sea for years. More important topics to discuss.

  22. avatar Anita says:

    Why so much hatred?
    Sounds to me like too much testosterone and a pi**ing contest. There IS plenty of room for everyone. We’re supposed to be good examples for kids to follow….don’t fall out now

  23. avatar Cynthia says:

    What’s got your panties in a wad over Duane Chapman? He is high profile bounty hunter and him ‘being on the case’ or even having the fugitive think that, could have been helpful to law enforcement. With all the personal digs in this article, one might think you went to elementary school with Mr. Chapman and he took your lunch money or something. I think most people try to ‘stay relevant’ in their careers so where’s the harm here? He’s already wealthy and so is his wife. They seem to be happy too. So what’s your deal? Petty? Bitter? Jealous? Or just an a$$? Negative people like you are part of what’s wrong with the world today, in my opinion. ✌🏼

    1. avatar Bruce says:

      Amen,I agree 1000%

      1. avatar EnDangerEd says:

        So you’re a DEM. voted 10 times? Hmmm

  24. avatar Bruce says:

    Reading this article, too me, it sounds a little bias,,, the author seems to not like doing the bounty hunter, because all he does is demean him,, now im no super fan of dogs,but I like the fact that he’s making a positive influence with his life,, by catching criminals, and treating them with kindness, .. but Its your article to write,,, and my choice to read…

  25. avatar Randy Elsbury says:

    This guy is arrested for threatening to do harm to our president . I get that , but how bout Madonna threating to blow up the whitehouse , DeNero , Cher , and numerous other Hollywood types have made threats . Heck our own Gov officials have made threats . Why haven’t any of them bee arrested

  26. avatar Kathy says:

    The real problem that I can see here is the scribbler of this original gutter type blip on the page of bulling media tripe we have to keep from vomiting over daily.
    Yes you, JOHN BOCH. You are not reporting news, you are a rampant bully, making anyone you can get in your gun sights look like garbage, like a fool. If the people of this country believe the Enquirer, TMZ, Radar Online, CNN and you, we are all lost. You perpetuate disgust, lack of respect and dignity in true reporting and have the morals of a filthy wolf who goes for the jugular just to gleefully watch people bleed. You are a horrible little thing.

    1. avatar Andy Buckmichael says:

      Is Kathy a man or a woman?

  27. avatar DON TAYLOR says:


  28. avatar Erik Weisz says:


  29. avatar Mikal says:

    And another Liberal bites the Federal penitentiary bullet.

  30. avatar Mike Bratisax says:

    Time to put the Dog to sleep.

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