Cordaryl Lewis
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In a somewhat atypical defensive gun use out of Walnut Hill, Florida (yes, it is always Florida), Cordaryl Lewis was pistol-whipped by an anonymous person who found that he had strangled his girlfriend.

According to reports, Lewis and his girlfriend were “arguing about leaving the house they had just bought” when Lewis decided to grab the woman’s throat. He choked her to the point of unconsciousness before an anonymous third party walked in on the scene, saw the woman on the ground and pistol-whipped Lewis in the face. When authorities arrived, they found Lewis bleeding profusely. The woman had sustained injuries consistent with the allegations against Lewis, and the man was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

Why pistol-whipping? Nobody knows. Maybe the person with the gun was related to Lewis, or maybe the gun wasn’t loaded. Whatever the cause, we would have preferred the girlfriend, who is the mother of a 1-year-old, to have been armed herself. It’s lucky she survived.

Self defense against intimate violence is very common. We report these kinds of stories all the time. Anyone who claims to stand for the rights of women or their bodies should stand for their right to defend themselves against this kind of assault, to which roughly 1,000 women lose their lives every year.


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        • Truth: 20 years ago when I went from a revolver to an auto pistol, and 5 or so years later when I went to a polymer frame rather than steel auto pistol, one of my serious concerns was the diminishing capacity to administer a pistol whipping. It’s not text book, not orthodox, but a great many fights have been ended fast by the judicious application of a heavy handgun to the face/head.
          I love my G19, but it isn’t nearly as good a bludgeon as a 1911, which is a little less weildy in my hands than a Mod. 10 Smith. I suppose I could hurt someone with a Glock…but that 1911 is a skull cracker and facial bone breaker that made tough men get down on the ground…and while it did more damage than a model 10, I could make that J frame whip like a boxer throwing a jab…only just about every hit was a KO. Now I carry a blackjack along with my Glock, but there was something to be said for having a pistol at the ready while administering a sudden beat down. I’m sure such tactics are frowned upon by LE and the tacticool crowd these days…but that split second hesitation you get from putting a gun in someone’s face, capitalized upon by putting that pistol into their face, was sure a great means of gaining control of an otherwise amok situation. Do not discount the pistol whip…it has it’s uses.

  1. If he’s close enough to choke she’s close enough to gut and nut him with a decent knife. It ain’t rocket science.

  2. Maybe because walking in on your sister(?) after some jerk has choked her is not a legal time to shoot the guy, since the choking part is over, so he decided to beat the crap out of him before calling the cops?

  3. Two reasons for pistol whipping: Instant justice and victim’s gratification. I hope he let her get in a few whacks, too! Good job, hero!

  4. “Staff Writer” should be a bit more careful with pronouns.

    “Cordaryl Lewis was pistol-whipped by an anonymous person who found that he had strangled his girlfriend” Whose girlfriend? Lewis’ or the pistol-whippers GF?

    English. It’s what’s for language.

  5. Sadly, I doubt a few lumps and contusions will help that attacker see the errors of his ways and reform his life.

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