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“Dennis Nielsen, owner of Freedom Arms, a new gun store on U.S.70 Business in Clayton [NC], requested a machine gun permit in May,” reports. [Johnston County Sheriff Steve] Bizzell refused, saying he needed more information, including the type of automatic weapon Nielsen needed a permit for, where and how it would be stored, and why Nielsen needed the weapon.” Neilen’s suing; and it sounds like the Air Force vet doesn’t like playing games. “Nielsen responded to the sheriff’s first letter explaining that he required the machine gun to protect his business, but he would not provide the serial number, the make of the weapon or how it would be stored. ‘I said I have adequate storage for all firearms because I didn’t want to tell them, because everything you write to them is public record.” Fair enough?

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  1. Every freedom is dead or dying except gun rights. I never thought I’d see the NRA agitate for repeal of the suppressor laws. Maybe people are starting to wake up to the ridiculous automatic weapons laws as well. The logic, such as it is, behind suppressor and automatic weapon regulations is the same used to regulate semi-automatic “assault” weapons. Treating full auto’s the same as regular guns is an important step to reclaiming our rights.

  2. We as citizens, should not ever have to ask permission to purchase something. Especially a tool to help protect one’s livelihood.

    Also, more pics of the girl please.

  3. So thats what people mean when they say a handgun that shoots 45mm bullets. They are talking about the one the girl in the picture is holding.

  4. Does the girl come with the gun purchase?

    I actually think the machine gun laws are a joke.
    The Navy Seals in Vietnam could have picked any weapon for Point and Break Contact positions.
    What did they choose?
    Ithaca 37.
    A totally legal weapon in most States.

  5. I think you have your freedom arms web sites confused…. You linked to Freedom Arms in WY makers of the .454 Casull, not some shop in NC

    • That’s my question as well. I think he was just doing the regular ATF tax stamp paperwork but the “journalist” didn’t know what to call it.

  6. As some of our military members may know, full auto is not the be all and end all of weapons technology. Aside from actual machine guns (I mean the bipod or tripod mounted belt fed versions) they don’t have a tremendous amount of use for a shooter that is trained and skilled. Well aimed fire beats difficult to control fully automatic fire. The U.S Army and U.S.M.C, of which I was a part, teaches to fire aimed shots. Not three round bursts or full auto.

    Plus, do you really want a fully auto rifle with ammo running $10 for twenty rounds?

    Machine guns are cool, but they eat ammo at an alarming rate, are not particularly more effective for self defense (As opposed to actual military combat, which is very, very different.) etc. I see no reason aside from the novelty to own them.

    But heres my question. Maybe its a state law thing, but why did the owner not set up a trust or legal entity or register the ‘machine gun’ to his corporation or business? It is my understanding that with NFA items, at least in some states, doing that allows you to keep the damn sheriff from poking his nose into your business.

    • I agree that full auto has limited real world defense use. But I have run through a shoothouse with VERY close quarters targets(5-10feet) with a full-auto .300blk supersede rifle and I found the F/A to be dead useful. It was alot faster to just run through the rooms and point the gun at center mass and pull a 2-4 round burst than going through and double/triple tapping in semi auto. Granted, I was just running through the rooms as fast as i could, not pieing the corners or anything since we were just messing around after a competition with this Remington reps gun and ammo.

      But most guys don’t want a F/A for defense but for fun, it just doesn’t get any better than letting one rip. Especially Its its chambered in .22lr!

  7. I want a full-auto weapon simply because the Constitution says that the government has no authority at all to tell me that I can’t have one. Nor have they any authority to tax or otherwise infringe on my Right to own or use one for any purpose which is not otherwise illegal (murder, robbery, intimidation, etc.). 99.9% of gun law is unConstitutional and should be repealed.

    The ATF are, and have always been, an organization with one specific purpose: infringement of the Second Amendment (among other basic, protected liberties). That is all they do today and all they have ever done! Their “rulings” and testing and all that nonsense is geared toward one end: flexing their own muscles.

    The BATFE needs to be abolished. They serve no legal purpose according to the Constitution.


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