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“Eagles linebacker Brian Rolle was fined $10,000 for his actions following a play against the New York Giants on Sunday night,” reports. “Rolle dropped Giants running back DJ Ware for a loss on a running play and then proceeded to do a machine gun celebration.” What exactly did that look like? Aimed at whom? Stance? Grip? Duration? Combat reload? Where’s the pic? The YouTube video? The T-shirt? The NFL’s Powers-That-Be have put the lid on this one, but good. Anyone TiVo the game? [email protected]. UPDATE: Jefferson sent me this link to a [literally] endlessly annoying animation of the blessed event (still above).

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  1. The NFL forced the players to stop using a throat slitting motion a few years ago, so this is nothing new. It is their game, and they can do what they want to make their product more “family friendly.”

  2. offers GameRewind for $20/Season – you can watch every minute of every game for the entire season (Playoffs are extra).I am not sure how to capture the flash to make your own YouTube video.

    I just went and check, and it is there – it is brief and hardly worth the fine… although he had some “crazy eyes” going on. That’s probably what it was.

  3. I am not a football fan. I don’t like it at all and don’t consider it a sport.But that doesn’t matter as on Turkey Day my TV is on what my guest desires, Green Bay v Detroit. Best part of the program was when Ndamukong Suh pounended the head of of the opposing player in the ground, then stomped on the guys arm. Excuse me, I though this was a firearms forum.

    • First, it is not a forum, at least not in the typical design of a forum with threads created by anyone.

      Second, it is all things guns and guns-related. The discussion on this article was about a fine for someone mimicking the shooting of a machine gun and an editorial on the thought-process (see? I spelled “thought” correctly) of a major sports commissioner (and if Football isn’t a sport, I don’t know what you think is – figure skating perhaps?) and penalizing someone for even “play-acting” like they have a gun.

      This blog covers societal issues surrounding guns and the cultural acceptance and non-acceptance of our guns and rights – in all its flavors.

  4. He must have been firing the new stealth version of the Evil Black Rifle Death Machine.

    Can’t be too careful. If ending air guitar gun shenanigans saves even one life…


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